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Gotta love the attitude. Wonder if it would be the same if it involved

Posted By: you. on 2005-07-16
In Reply to: oh well. no one said life was fair - andromeda

Most likely not.

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    My attitude is production-minded for all involved
    I have worked under some absolutely wonderful, great MT managers in my many years doing this job and watched myself and others working under them flourish. When I managed transcription I took steps to do the same from that experience. Is that a bad attitude? I don't think companies are "out to get me." I think many are disorganized and ignorant of the everyday workings of transcription and the MT pays the price for it. My current assessment of disgust for what I am seeing now being called management of transcription is not good, and I am not the only one who recognizes this downward trend. The difference in the past few years is day and night.

    It's not personal. It's fact. So I'll take your personal insult with a grain.

    Gotta love that! - nm
    Gotta love em, or want to strangle them

    I transcribed a dictation earlier with the word salpingo-oophorectomy in it.  Now, this is not a new word for me, I have transcribed it many times.  The funny part is that later in the document the dictator said the word "chunks"...and then spelled it out!!!!  All I could do was laugh.  It just makes you wonder about their thought processes sometimes. 

    Yup, me too - 25 yrs experience - Gotta love it! $$$$$
    just gotta love taylor!
    I will watch this over and over--putting it on my favorites!
    Thanks so much for sharing this! Gotta Love It nm


    You gotta love it! Thanks for the post...nm
    You gotta love 'em
    I had a CNP who prounced epistaxis without the "s" - epeetaxis.  I won't even tell you what she did with some drug names.  The really fun one was when she stumbled three times over cerumen, never did pronounce it correctly and then spelled it for me.
    Gotta love the dictators
    The "Um, Um, Um, Um........" drives me batty!  I have one lady that will seriously have a 15 minute report and probably 5 minutes of it is dictation, the other 10 minutes is "umming" and shuffling of paperwork.  So aggravating.
    gotta love your ID "MQ Slave" says it all.
    Tooooo funny.  My daughter stopped in the other day and headed right to my office.  She said, "OH MY GAWD!  MOM'S IN THE KITCHEN!" 
    Newbies, you gotta love 'em
    That bubble will soon burst! I don't make 16 cents per line, and I have 10 years of experience in all specialties, acute care, ER, clinic...Ah, to remember the newbie days...I had that "go get'em" attitude. I miss those carefree days.
    "girlie car with an attitude" Arnold Schwarzenegger would love you!!!
    Cool.........Love it! Go Steelers! Gotta root for my State team! nm
    You have got to be kidding! Philly food is the ultimate! Gotta love those "real" cheesesteak
    I am involved, but that
    has never kept me from seeing all sides of any issue.  Getting a CMT may not be for you, but it is worthwhile if you feel you want to do it.  I think that the nastys you see here are only an opinion and that people should research the issue .. whatever it might be .. and make an informed decision.  Having a CMT has worked for me and I know as many MTs who are very proficient at what they do who do not have one for whatever reason they chose not to test.  I do not get in their faces about it nor do I expect them to get in mine.  Some days I think we forget to respect each other as professionals.
    Try 12 cpl and no sweating involved. LOL
    I'm happy.

    I'm not allowing myself to be taken advantage of at all.

    What a sucka** attitude you have.
    I don't think much talking is involved, if ya know what I mean.
    hi, i'm not involved in this argument, not trying to be mean
    in?  Congrats on getting a degree, I think thats wonderful!  A lot of hard work.
    There is no equipment involved.
    I use my own computer. I don't use any of their stuff.
    I wish I could, but it would implicate others who don't want to be involved
    Ok, she was a parent when she got involved w/ a


    There are several factors involved
    I believe the average line rate is anywhere from 100 to 200 lines an hour. The software platform you are using, what type of report you are typing, whether you have templates you can use, whether you have an expander, all factor into this. If you type letters only and have no expanders, for example, expect the lower range. Those with many standard templates and heavy use of Expanders can expect to type much more than that.

    The other poster is correct in that a lot of the national companies expect 150 lines an hour.
    Get him involved in either a hobby, or doing

    volunteer work.  Let him do for those less fortunate and maybe his life will seem pretty good.  If he feels needed that may change his whole attitude and everything else with just fall into place.  

    He might also need some adjustments in his meds.  It s/l there is some depression involved, but it could just be situational and the counseling will help with that.   Meds could possibly diminish his libido and it would be worth talking to his doctor to see if that could be the case in his situation. 

    Maybe you could make him a list of little things to do to help out, or plan the meals and have recipes on index cards so that he can actually prepare the meal.  If he is home all day he needs to at least be doing the daily chores. 

    Because of all the variables involved, sm

    I think it's ridiculous that your team leader would post such a thing.  Every MT's situation is different--different accounts, shifts, work types, hours, etc.--and a team leader should know that.  As far as working for a national goes, I feel less "communication" is better.  Why stir things up?  These companies ought to just let us transcribe and keep their silly emails to themselves.  Don't they know the old saying, "Familiarity breeds contempt?"  Maybe your team leader needs more real work to do.  Don't let it bother you.  Just do your part and forget about it. 

    One time I told a national bigwig (because my opinion was requested) that if I were asked to draw a cartoon which described this company's relationship with its MTs, I would draw the MT in a cage, sitting at her computer, with a (particular) "suit" poking the MT with a big stick, saying "They produce more when they're angry." 

    Fortunately now I am a happy IC with a very nice company that treats its MTs with respect.  Ya have to kiss a lot of toads in this life, ya know? 



    Just what would be involved in copywriting our
    LOL There is alcohol involved in that
    message. Lucky girl.
    There is a lot of training involved.
    I'm not sure a 16-year-old would want to go through that much training. I know I wouldn't have. Are you a transcriptionist? I could be way off base here, so please don't be offended if I am, but I'm wondering if you believe some of the hype that a person can just sit down and do medical transcription. If you've been misled that way, I apologize, as it is much more difficult than that. It's a very common misconception that it's an easy job.
    There are so many variables involved that you

    really can't compare things.  A lot of the people making that money have their own accounts or are working many hours.   You don't know if the person making 60,000 is an IC and has to pay their own taxes.  IC positions generally pay better than an employee position.  One acccount may not pay for spaces or headers.  You might actually be doing the same amount of lines, but they aren't being counted. 

    At one time it wasn't that difficult for someone to make that amount of money if all the variables were favorable.  These days it is harder because line rates are overall lower and companies are always reconfiguring how to count lines in their favor.

    If you are pleased with the amount of $$ you are making that is all that really matters and I would not feel that you are inadequate. 

    the wifey involved is always, always

    and I mean it.  Every time I've had contact with an office and the wife works there, things are not as they should be.  They like to hole the money up as if they'll miss a shopping spree they could take on that cash or something!  It's sooo true!

    These physicians are loaded, and the wives don't take kindly to the money flying out of the window or at least that is their perception. 

    I'd leave that sucker like he was yesterday's trash....  He deserves nothing and didn't even deserve the cut in rate..  what a jerk!

    Yes,, I know that there is no 'plastic' involved!

    Are you a naive blonde?

    I meant 'plastic' is short for 'plastic surgery'.

    BTW in this 'face lift' the sutures with the 'hooks' are left in place.

    It is very seldom that the surgery or lift or whatever the expected results are achieved.
    Either no results are seen at all or it is so obvious that one can spot the 'plastic' miles away.

    I would NEVER do it.

    Are you so desperate to improve your looks?

    My job for the past 18 months involved this sm

    Worked in a local office for one doctor and took a laptop with me into the room and documented the encounter while he and the patient talked, etc.  I learned a lot and I LOVED that job.  I had to quit due to babysitting issues at the end of May.  He then bought the Dragon Nat. Speaking and told me he was very impressed with it. I heard this week that he now has an ad in the paper for an MT......LOL.   The DNS slows him down and he hates to type so having an MT in the room with him was faster.  I think there is a chance this type of thing will really start becoming the norm.  Every doctor's office here is already using some type of EMR.  Most of the time it's the nurses that do the typing from what I've seen.  I'd love to go back to that job because I always felt I was working in the future of MT.  I still have a hard time thinking that it  will work in  a hospital setting though.  I can't see a doc there taking the time to sit down and log in and do all that, but then if you think about it they're already having to stop and dictate, so who knows.......

    You think there are no responsibilities involved in driving a bus? sm
    What about all the lives they are responsible for in the bus and on the ground?  Most bus drivers are considered "professional" drivers.  They must study for, pass tests (written and driving), and maintain a CDL license (commercial driver), pass regular physicals.  This also entails no drinking, etc., on time off work as they are subject to random testing.  Very insulting.  That is the pay scale in NYC, everybody there makes more money. 
    Maybe get one of your local TV channels involved?
    There are lots of factors involved. Do you
    use an expander/macros, are you able to be disciplined and work and not up and down or on-line frequently, do you have good quality sound files, do you have good dictators, how does the company count lines, etc.    Most companies require 1200 lpd for FT, so use that figure as a minimum and do the math. 
    Has anyone ever done steno transcription? What is involved? Is it
    most importantly, are there jobs out there available? Toni
    There are lots of factors involved.

    How easy is the platform, how are lines counted, do you have reference books or do you use Google to do all your research?  Do you have lots of normals/macros, do you use an expander, do you spend too much time on-line or are you up and down frequently? 

    I make $40,000/year working 5 to 6 hour days/5 days a week.  I have an easy platform, lots of macros, an expander, multiple reference books.  I do work for a national, but I am also an employee and get paid by gross line, so my $40,000+/year is better than an IC making $40,000/year. 

    I guess I was blessed.  In my entire 20+ year carrier I've only worked for 3 companies and each one has been better than the previous one.  

    Is $40,000 what you think you s/b be making based on the TV commercials say you can make or is that what you need to be making?   If you don't need that much money to live on then don't worry about it.  You have to look at pros and cons of what you are doing versus working in an office and you might come out even by the time you factor in clothing, food, gas, etc.  (I'm assuming you work at home.) 

    Doubt this board would become involved sm
    Anything negative usually gets deleted. I'm surprised your post stayed on this long. I don't think they would offend the service people who place ads here. We shall see!
    where did you get the idea we were involved in patient care?
    We are typists with a specialized vocabulary. If we were doing this for NASA, it would not make us rocket scientists.

    I am neither advocating, nor participating in, low quality - I do the very best I can with the experience, knowledge, and tools that I have. The fact that employers do not want to pay me enough to survive, thus making my trips through *QA* a little more thorough, ensures that I will get through reports as absolutely expeditiously as possible.

    My bottom line is MY survival. Good luck with altruism - it doesn't buy much at Safeway.
    I see thru that big ole elephant and around it as do the people involved in lawsuits and SEC.

    Very upbeat about MQ being FORCED to comply by law enforcement.

    That is awful. Anyway the police can get involved? These kids need
    My niece was involved in a similar situation..sm
    This man, my father-in-law, her grandfather recently grabbed her breast and butt and tried to kiss her. We all thought he was a saint and could do no wrong. I find it hard to believe that your stepfather just started this behavior. He may have done things like this before. I told my niece to tell her grandmother. It did not go over well but in the end, she believed her granddaughter. She chose to stay with this jerk, but she also still has a relationship with her granddaughter. The granddaughter does not go over there anymore but grandma goes to see her. We've warned other family members to stay away. Later, it came out that he fondled his stepdaughter when she was 14. We have also found pictures of a neighbor in her bikini on his computer. My niece was 25 when this happened. The incident with the stepdaughter was 25 years ago. That's why you should be very careful about your stepfather. I would just tell your mother and stay away from your stepfather. Don't be afraid of the person with the big mouth. This shouldn't be kept a secret. Tell everyone. My husband's family wants to hide this from everyone because they'll think badly of the grandfather. Too bad for him. I've told everyone who will listen. He at least admitted to it. I think everyone who comes in contact with him should be aware that he's a pervert. I wouldn't even talk to the stepfather. Just stay away from him. Good luck in what ever you choose.
    I was involved in a class action suit
    against PayPal, probably 2 years ago, haven't seen a penny.  I was in a class action suit another time, can't remember who, and I did get some $$, I think about $15.00.   I don't initiate anything, just get e-mails or letters about them. 
    AAMT doesn't get involved in these issues, nor should they. sm
    These are matters of style according to the institution.  I have worked for a lot of hospitals through the years and they were all different.  Why all of a sudden are we turning to AAMT regarding these kind of questions? 
    Never for a minute thought parents were involved....nm


    Yes, but this situation involved falsifying information. The above did not. NM
    anytime a doctor's wife is involved in the
    practice, it's always something...susan
    There is a cost involved to have FTP server space.
    If you have your own webpage, there is FTP space available to you, although it may be limited. Additional space can be had for an additional cost.

    My experience has been that the doc's office doesn't want to/care to understand or work with FTP so I found an easier solution using a secure web site.

    Bottom line, make it as easy and user-friendly as possible so that you can "sell" this doc (and possibly other accounts) on using this method.

    As an aside, the digital quality is superior to the tape quality.
    I took a test that was so long and involved that it was hardly worth

    I took a test that was so long and involved that it was hardly worth the effort.  I got through the test and did well other than a couple of silly mistakes that I probably should have caught, nothing major, but I had listened to that long voice file and read and reread the report so many times I finally sent it on.  Anyway, I got the results back and wow, talk about PICKY!  Again, I had only missed a couple of small things, but I got reamed in email over it.  I should say that the dictator and the sound quality were absolutely horrendous.  The dictator spoke with an incredibly thick foreign accent and with the "far off distance" sound quality it was amazing that I could make out any of it.  This company should be thrilled that anyone bothered to even try to transcribe the test file, especially as long as it was, and I also can't imagine they have many people who want to work for them or stay with them.

    the idaho case was botched. so maybe the arubans can fix it. who knows who is involved?
    there is NO LIMIT to the Texas searchers and the person in charge of the search said the Aruban government was FULLY COOPERATIVE. As far as the FBI, are those the same crack agents who managed to let 911 slip by without noticing? Yeah right. Our government can do things so much better.
    We are not involved in "patient care". The dictator is responsible for that.
    Then you are an absolute FOOL. Down the road, you'll wish you were never involved