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Great idea except you wouldn't get any work done!--nm

Posted By: xxx on 2005-09-14
In Reply to: Depends what you smoke. - Felicity


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That wouldn't be such a bad idea IF sm

And ONLY IF the company gives each of its MTs, in writing, all the rules, templates, additions, and subtractions to reports that the MTs are expected to follow. If the company wants to use the BOS, great. But don't dock the MT when she/he follows the BOS and a QA, for whatever reason, disagrees.

Also, on the subject of incentive, not only should MTs be rewarded for maintaining 98% or better accuracy (for whatever period the company chooses), but they should also receive cumulative bonuses for the number of times they find errors that the doctor has made.  For example, today one of my radiologists said, very clearly, "carpal-phalangeal" joint. There is no such joint. He meant "metacarpal-phalangeal" joint, and that is what I put. Fortunately the platform I'm working on allows us to write a note to the docs, and the docs cannot approve the report until they have deleted the note.

I have found similar errors four or five times in the past week. It's just carelessness on the doctor's part ("nephrolithiasis" instead of "cholelithiasis," for example), but if the radiologist doesn't read his/her reports carefully, it will go out with the error and if the attending physician catches it, the radiologist will look bad.

So how about a little bonus pay for babysitting the docs?

I entertained the idea of moving there, but DH wouldn't go. Did you like it there?

Good idea although you really wouldn't be able to "feel" the marker but you would feel a st

Wouldn't that be great?
Yes, wouldn't it be great if they are finally seeing
Most people willing to work for those rates aren't experienced and need either a lot of QA or training or they just aren't very good. The MTs who know they are good at what they do typically hold out for a rate that is worthwhile. I hope these companies start seeing that in order to get quality workers, they will need to start upping the ante!!
That is a great idea!! Thanks
I think it's a great idea, but---
Since most of the ships are owned by foreign companies, that means they would have to help the US-- God forbid they should do that! They only TAKE from us, not GIVE to us. I think it would be wonderful if they would do that. They could certainly accommodate a lot of people that way.
Thats a great idea, we already though of that.
Maybe, but there is a federal law against offshoring teaching.
Thanks, great idea. nm
Thanks for the great idea!! I just sent an
email to them, also.  I don't know if it will do any good, but it sure felt great sending it!!  Thanks again!
I think that's a great idea!
Let them know what's going on at home.
I think it's a great idea!
... as an IC, then you need (a) more clients or (b) a different job. Just squeaking by as a self-employed person without being responsible for your potentially expensive health care is totally irresponsible.

MA will have to be careful about deciding who can "afford" what, though. Might get sticky. But overall, I do agree that if you can afford it you should absolutely have it, no excuses.
That's a great idea! NM
That's a great idea, as well!...nm
great idea, but...

I use timestamp by syntap.com.  Free.  It's a clock that I shut off and turn off.  When, I stop typing to take a break of any kind, I shut it off, and then I turn it on when I am back to work.  This lets me see just how much time I can waste - like time I take to come to this board when I should be working. 

You can set a dollar amount that you earn, too, to show how much you are making in the time you work.

No "kaching" sound, either, but I keep it running where I can see it as a reminder of my time.  It has improved my line count during the hour so I am not goofing off so much.

Great idea! sm

I transcribed an x-ray report yesterday that was 1 minute 59 seconds long. For 1 minute and 53 seconds, the radiologist was on the phone with her child trying to explain the concept of time, as in how long it would be before she got home. Then she had a conversation with one of the x-ray techs about explaining the concept of time to children. The last 6 seconds of the report, she dictated a chest x-ray. And yes, she gave it a full dictation - this lady talks fast.

Once in a while I overhear something juicy, though....when I worked in-house, I heard a conversation between two radiologists about a new doctor they were hiring, and another time I heard a discussion giving their not-so-great opinions of some of the other doctors at the hospital. After all, we were told to always listen to the very end of the dictation to make sure we didn't miss anything.

A Great Idea
Something has to be done. There are so many of us out there that get treated this way. I worked in a small hospital for 2 years and and loved it and now at home work is making me hate my profession. So many other fields are covered by unions and other agencies to protect the worker rights but there is nothing for us. Everyone is complaining but nothing is getting done. Something should be done and I know that we all have free time at our computuers!!!
Great idea!
Now THAT'S a great idea! Thank you!!
GREAT idea. Thanks!! nm
That is a great idea!
You know in the past I wondered if I had ADHD. I asked the doc, he said no, the job is probably just boring and my mind was wandering. I have to ask him about Adderall though to see if he would prescribe. A while back, I got an OTC supplement which was an alternative to Adderall called Attend. I took it and it worked (for when I worked during the day). But after the doc said that I stopped taking it. It is in my cabinet. I am going to try it again. Thanks for reminding me about this. I really appreciate it!
What a great idea!
Thoughtful and practical (for all concerned!)
Thanks for the great idea!
Thanks -that is a wonderful idea!
Great idea!
This would be very appreciated!
Great idea!
Your suggestion of sending the work to the country of origin makes perfect sense. A large number of ESLs are from India, and there are plenty of MTs there. What will we do with the American doctors who are bad dictators? I wish all of these lousy dictators had to take classes in med school and learn how to dictate!
Great idea.
I think it's a great idea.

Much Luck; you may be surprised!  Be flexible, that's what I say! 

Great idea!!!!!
Considering this is one of the most sedentary jobs around, it seems weight gain tends to come with the territory! LOL! That's a great idea to have a board focused on weight loss, healthy eating, getting more activity in your day, motivation, etc. I love the idea! :)
Great idea...sm
I could use some motivation myself!!

We can't actually put on new boards, but I will pass the suggestion on to Admin and MT Stars Support.
Great idea
I am wondering if we are allowed to put negative things about specific companies on here? I'm relatively new, so I don't know if there are legal issues with that (slander suit, or whatever you'd call negative publicity for a company). Do you? If it's okay to do, it's a great idea.
What a great idea
Wow.  What a great tip.  I'm going to give that a try.  My handwriting is not what it used to be! 
GREAT idea.
That is really a great idea...
Great idea
do you think there should be specific points that we make in our letters other than the obvious?
Great idea!

wouldn't it be great, if it were real??hahah, thanks! (no message)
One of the guys on Fox had a great idea and I don't
know why they are not taking him up on it.  I don't know who said it because I've watched more tv in the last week than I have all year. Why not send these people to closed military bases? They have everything there that they need - barracks, kitchens, hospitals, etc.
What a great idea! How will you get the stranded pet to you?
But how would I get the animal here?
Great idea - Absolutely!
The above sounds like a great idea for you
Good luck. Hopefully the friends invited are there because they'd be alone otherwise. Maybe water down the booze hehe.

This year Christmas Day and Christmas Eve are me and my roomie (plus the ankle-biters). Quiet day, small dinner (i.e., turkey roast instead of turkey, just a couple of veggies, rolls (pre-made yikes), and dressing (cornbread, and she's anti-cornbread - sheesh!!!, but tough luck, I'm cooking LOL).

I'm having Christmas with one son and the grandkids the Thurs. before Christmas (he's a roughneck so will be working, plus trying to fit in 2 more sets of us grandparents), one son is in FL (just moved there, I can't afford to visit yet), one is overseas in the warzone. I just lost my dad last year, and lost mother in '91, so a quiet Christmas with my friend/roomie, watching FUNNY movies (and some football!!) is the order of the day.
Great idea! Sounds like fun!
I hope moderator will consider it!!!
Thanks! Great idea! (see message)

Ooh! I am the world's biggest dummy.  I didn't even think of just keeping the email from my boss saying I am to keep it off the log.  Thank goodness for gmail, I have that archived somewhere. 

Thank you! As a former schoolteacher turned MT, it just makes my head hurt to keep typing "equivocable".  Ouch!

(Oh, and he uses "henceforth" when he means "therefore".  Drives me nuts.  And these people are writing prescriptions for narcotic medications.  Yowza!)



That is such a great idea! Thanks for sharing! Off I
go to file 1 or 2 complaints...
That's a great idea. I'd love to see him too.

If you don't know how to post his picture I'm sure there's several people here who'd be more thanhappy to show you how to do it. 

Come on. We're all waiting with bated breath to see your hunk of a husband because we know he probably puts Tom Cruise to shame.

Does anyone have a great idea for a gift...sm
that a young bride can get her husband who is in the military overseas?  My neice and her husband are coming up on their first anniversary, they can't be together, and she wants to get him something nice, but has no idea what to get him.
I think it is a great idea to offer
form completion by a skilled transcriptionist.  I really think you have something there.  I have often wondered if there would be a need in our medical community for this especially since some physicians do not like to dictate.  The account I do though I've transcribed his voice and I pretty much know what he wants.  I did post before asking if anyone else did this type of transcription, and I'm so glad to see that I'm not alone.  Good luck to you.  I agree with what you are saying in that you feel that the patient may suffer for the inadequacies, but I charge $2.00 per page, and the second page is usually only half.  Of course, you have the canned text portion, which is great.  I kind of like it actually.  It is such a great change of pace yet it is not VR. 
I think that's a great idea, but something about the pencil (sm)
Something about the very act of writing something down on paper helps commit it to the brain. I'm a bit ADD myself (which the OP mentioned she had a problem with) and it seems to help me more if I physically write things down rather than enter them into a program.

For example, when I worked in an oustide office, I would sometimes think of things during the day that I needed to pick up on the way home, so got in the habit of keeping an ongoing list on a post-it note. Half the time I'd leave the note laying there on the desk, but would remember most if not all of the items I had written down anyway. I "got smart" and tried to keep a running list on the computer (so I could toggle over and not take my hands off the keyboard) and of course, I nearly always forgot to print it out before leaving the office. I would get to the store and not remember a thing I was planning to buy.

I just concluded that for me, old fashioned pencil and paper works better for things I'm going to try to remember or memorize. I thought maybe the OP might be the same way.
another reason this is a great idea...
I have not done this with the memory stick but have the same problem and have been running Instant Text on my company computer. But... another reason this would be great is you have your dictionaries or glossaries on an external thing that can be transferred to another computer if you change jobs or your company changes out your computer. That happened to me not too long ago and what a hassel to transfer my saved dictionaries over to the new computer! I will be picking up one of these soon!
Ohhhhh, that's a GREAT idea too!!! (nm)
The company I work for said cable phone wouldn't work, just FYI.
That is a GREAT Halloween costume idea! LOL. nm
What a GREAT idea! Good for your company. nm