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I'm original poster -forgot to mention that I do.

Posted By: txmt on 2005-09-14
In Reply to: How many of you smoke while working? See message. - txmt

I quit twice in my life, the last time for about 3 years.  Both times just made up my mind to - and cold turkey.  Just can't seem to do it now. 

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Forgot to mention...
Also how many lines you average per day and hours per day.  I'm at about 9 hours and 1400 lines.  I used to do 1200 in five hours, go figure
Forgot to mention
my hat is off to you for that. I know that you do a lot of extra work with the pick-up/deliveries, printing, and just "account maintenance". That IS the toughest part of our environment.
Forgot to mention ......(sm)
That the insurance plan I chose is not even the cheapest one they have to choose from.  Really, check them out.  I think you'll like them.
Forgot to mention...sm
I was allergic to the wax.  Broke out in hives, so that didn't work for me.  I still think the Vaniqa is better anyway because it is constant and don't have to let the hair grow back between waxings.
oh, and I forgot to mention--sm
that one of the persons who took their own life was the father of my three children, who are still trying desperately to deal with his death, much less the way he did it, or the reason why. Perhaps some empathy on your part would be more in order before you make those kinds of remarks about a computer problem.
Forgot to mention

that I have been an MT for a year now.  I did not start off with that type of line count.  In the beginning I was struggling just to keep my goal of 1200 lines per day but that would take me about 10 hours to do.  Now that I know my account, the same account and same doctors, that I have been working on for this year it helps me to be faster as well.  Just hang in there and set a goal for yourself everyday.  THere are so many things you can do depending on your software program that you use.  My company uses Editscript and there are a lot of shortcut keys to doing things and this helps my line count as well. 

Try doing split shifts.  This will probably help your production as well if you work during your highest production hours.  For me afternoons are impossible for me because I am so tired by that time.  I am lucky if I get 300 lines during the afternoon.

You forgot to mention in your
an independent contractor you cannot make more than 50% of your income from one company, but I guess you were not properly informed of that little piece of information.  I personally do not use an accountant.  I use a tax professional, not turbo tax or anything else that I do myself.  Therefore, all of these years if I were to be audited, I have back-up with a knowledgable person that knows what needs to be provided to the IRS.  There are also claims being made that the 1099 does not match the income given, so how would you answer that?  The bottom line is an employee is one thing and an independent contractor is another, and there are markers that the IRS uses to delineate the two.  If the company you are working for is crossing those lines defined by the IRS, then they should be employing you and not defining you as an independent contractor. 
forgot to mention

that each day I thank God for the two services I subcontract for. 

If you read the boards, you realize I am in the small minority.  It is a blessing that I found myself in this position.

Forgot to mention...

...I live and work in the San Francisco Bay Area, where costs are higher than average.  I've been doing this type of transcription for just over two years now and have had to turn down requests for this service (lack of time).  I am also an MT and, IMHO, meeting transcription is more challenging, overall.  But I have found it is easier to obtain my own meeting trans. accounts than MT accounts.  Check out RFPs (requests for proposals) for city, state and federal government.

I forgot to mention, once I put it in there I use it sm
Especially at first so I get it in my brain that it's there.  I will even go back and "undo" what I'm typing if I realize I have a shortcut and didn't use it and then use the shortcut...I figure I'm reinforcing it more or something.  Whatever...it works most of the time. 
Forgot to mention (sm)
I work 60-80 hours a week, PT at a hospital and FT+ at home, so need more help around the house (than usual).  Anyway, you get the point :)
Forgot to mention
Keep yourself hydrated, stop pounding on the keyboard (if you do), get a GOOD chair (not a cheapie), set yourself up with proper ergonomics (arms at 45 degree angle to keyboard (google ergonomics).  Those mouse mitts that another poster mentioned are very helpful too (keeps the muscles/ligaments warmed up kind of like leg warminings for dancer's legs).  Good luck!
Forgot to also mention, SM
It's extremely important that your dictionary belong to you and that, if you work for a company on their equipment and especially in their offices, you be in a position to walk out with a copy. It should be backed up frequently and a copy kept at home.

Word's AutoCorrect/AutoText functions are a poor substitute for a good word Expander program, but they can be used if you can back them up on a disk and take it home. I've always used those functions just to store templates and report text specific to accounts I would have no reason to take with me anyway. They're extremely good for that.

Ideally, although more employers are supplying expander programs, your program should be your own property, and in any case it should be clearly understood that the dictionaries you develop are your own property. Mine are worth tens of thousands of dollars to me each year and would cost thousands to replace, if I didn't just give up in horror start selling herbs instead. :)

I've put more emphasis on this owning your expanions than I intended to, but I see a lot of posts from people who have worked for one institution for years, are very unhappy and worried with the changes that have occurred, but are staying and suffering them not only because of loyalty and resistance to change but because they lack the independence that would make moving to a new job easy and likely immediately financially beneficial.

Although the way to make good money is to stay with one employer, hopefully for years, and be very good at your accounts, sometimes you have to go looking for that good employer. A skilled home Transcriptionist with a good resume can change employers in a day and start out running. That sort of independence is something to be worked for.
forgot to mention
I also have Windows XP, just posted above, but forgot to mention that, so I would think that free ES should work for you, even the newest version.
I forgot to mention...
I'm in Iowa. We also early 10 hours of PTO (paid time off) during each pay period. That equals 5 weeks per year (to be used for holidays, vacation, illness, personal, etc.) You may also 'cash in' accrued PTO (up to 200 hours per year). That's a pretty good sum of money just for showing up. 
Forgot to mention,
This happens on this board also, in fact, I can only see a portion of what I'm typing right now, so I hope it makes sense.
forgot to mention
that I don't know if there are any that hook in such a way that you don't need screws. I would Google and see what comes up. If you do have to screw one on, just make sure the screws aren't so long that they come through your desktop.
Forgot to mention...
The last several summers have not been low on census and there were plenty of hours and overtime available at the hospital. This summer reminds me of the past summers when the patient count would always be low.  Summer of 2006 and 2007 were really bad for summer colds, flus, pneumonias and RSV of all things. 
You forgot to mention......s/m
the inefficiencies, moodiness, character flaws, unfair treatment, favouritism, jealousy of the MTSOs and all the negatives that come with it.
Sometimes one is even disatvantaged for being that good.
You are lucky, be happy until it lasts.
Also I forgot to mention she was just going to ...sm
bid on radiology dept because Spheris already does the acute care part. Radiology has always been inhouse and now they want to outsource it too. They were going to give it to Spheris as well. But don't know what will happen since the hospital found out Spheris is sending work to India.
forgot to mention
On the FDA site, if you give it 3 consecutive letters that you can hear anywhere in the dictation, it will show you every med with that combination.  For instance, if all you can be sure you hear of prinivil is "INI" or "VIL" it will give you the whole list to pick from.   Does not tell you anything about what it's for or dosages, still, very handy.  Don't leave home without it! 
forgot to mention, I'm hourly..nm
Duh! I forgot to mention that. Just make sure

you know what gauge you have. I ended up with a bunch of labret rings I cannot use because I had the wrong measurements and bought them online.


also forgot to mention that my first husband was --sm
an alcoholic, as well...and he took his own life a year ago 6/16. He also had uncontrollable rages...that was why he was my ex husband.
Also, forgot to mention how ironic it is - sm
that it's okay for our MT jobs to be lost to outsourcing overseas, and in the same breath, the foreigners are welcome to come here and given loans to start businesses in the U.S. Does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that something is drastically wrong with our government.
I forgot to mention my opinion

about pay & production.  Yes, pay has gone down.  I have to work so many more hours than I want to work for that very reason.  I used to make $30 an hour without blinking an eye and now I am lucky to make $20.  The key to making good money in this field right now, in my opinion, is finding the right account.  (Of course, they are harder and harder to find because they never have openings!)  There are some really good platforms out there on which you can be very productive.  There are also some real crummy ones that do nothing but keep you from gaining momentum and you can never hit your groove.  Don't be afraid to keep looking until you find one you like.  That is, if you can afford to move around a bit.  I know I can't. 

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention
that even if I made more doing rad compared to acute care, I would still hate it.  It is so boring I want to scream. 
I forgot to mention proofing
You're right! I forgot to mention that proofing takes less time. You'll have less to correct, and you should be able to proof as you transcribe.

You can take advantage of those annoying pauses in the dictation if you use them to proof the line above the one you're working on. Even in a tiny pause, you can proof a little bit.

Good luck with this! Let me know how it goes for you.
forgot to mention other purpose was sm
I had XP home edition on my PC and they needed Professional edition for their platform MedRite, so was using their PC.
thats you. the original poster is not you.

original poster
My heart goes out to you.  The sexual harrassment i'm going through is not comparable, I couldn't imagine dealing with this if I were a child..  In a way, they are taking something from us, no matter what age, when they cross that border.  I have told someone, so its out.  But my mother is another story. She has been abused emotionally and physically by men.  Like I said above, she is in a horrible state of mind, depends soley on this man.  Thats why removing myself until I figure things out would be best.  I do notice on his side of the family, he is not near his grandchildren, or great grandchildren, and over they years, they have expressed their hate for him.  I just don't understand at his age how he could still be doing something like this and not learn from it, having lost his own family? He is a master at getting people to like him...my family would raise eyebrows at me if I brought this up.  But like I said, I told someone, she understands, and it has leaked around. Actually talking to my mother, she would do something to hurt herself.  She wouldnt be able to handle it.
It might not help the original poster (sm)
but if you think you need to have a hysterectomy, find a physician who can do it laparoscopically. I had that done in December 2003 and I was back on my feet within a week. I didn't go back to work (outside the home at that time) for three weeks, but I had to convince the doctor to give me that much time because he knew how fast the recovery was from a laparoscopic hyst.
To the original poster.....

You said "She was voted off because she sang a Christian song."  That is absolutely not true.  She was voted off because this week when she sang country she did not get enough votes.  If you want to get really technical with it, "She was voted off because she sang a country song." 

This had absolutely nothing to do with religion.  The week that she sang a christian song she did not get anywhere near being in the bottom three.  She was in a singing competition in which she would get a record deal if she won.  I don't think God would mind if she sang a song "out of her element" in this competition.  She did not commit any sin.  You sing what you have to, to get through the competition, if you win you chose whatever genre of music you want to pursue for a record deal.  Ruben did.  He sang all types of music during the competition and won it, then he made a religious album.

Don't come blasting on something you know nothing about.  You said you weren't an Idol fan, so why do you even care and why did you have to make it out to be something it wasn't?

By the way, I am a Christian.  I just hate it when people try to put religion in everything and twist things to make them look evil!!!!

Original poster. nm
not the original poster, but i will tell you what sm
a company did to me. we supposedly got paid for spaces. we were "required" to put two spaces after a period, etc. I kept struggling to get my line counts up to par thinking why is it taking me so long to reach my norm. finally one day i decided to compare line counts. what i came up with was higher than theirs. so i figured line count without spaces and was too low. i took the difference of with spaces and without spaces and divided spaces in half and bam, hit their line count exactly. so even they we were required to type two spaces after periods, etc., we only got paid for one. their system would take our spaces and divide those in half before giving us the line counts. i never typed another document for them after i figured this out and didn't even waste my time explaining why. i felt i had the right to do as i choose since i was flat out lied to. nothing is worse than dishonesty. no that company was not Transtech for those wondering. to me, the #1 priority is honesty, decent program, then good communication, decent pay, pay on time and as agreed upon, decent work and steady workload.
I am not the original poster
No, I did not complain that I was being asked to do work I was told I wouldn't have. I responded to a person who stated they did. My response was that many MTs are no longer being matched up with the work they are most proficient at, then clueless companies act surprised when it slows down efficiency or loses employees. That is fact I have observed, of late over and over again. Please go back and read the thread.

I won't even go into being "thankful" that a person is in a two-way contract that should benefit both parties, the employer and the employee, and honor about keeping to the agreement made.

Regardless, I'm done with this mad hatter's tea party conversation.

for the original poster or anyone

I would like to leave a web site about Daniel G. Amen, M.D.  It lists several books about how the brain works and techniques for ADD, depression, etc.



The original poster said
"they pushed me out of the room" She is talking about her minor child and she went out because they pushed? You are talking 11 years old versus a 17 year old, believe she said, still a minor.
If you'd look you would see that I AM the original poster....nm
You make me laugh, stating that I am trying to intimidate you? Please, you were the one who said I had incorrect information and then called it "crap" and now you call me "childish and churlish" when everyone who reads on this board can see that you seem to think you are an authority on ANY subject and will always make a debate or judgement on everything that is said.

By the way, those "switches" you keep referring to reside in the boxes at each zone.

Also, I DID live in a rural area when this whole situation came up for me and we could NOT get DSL until we had fiberoptic AND the equipment in the box was changed. As far as speed goes, when we lived in the RURAL area, AFTER the FO and equipment installation, we could get 6.0...the highest speed available. I live in town now, not even a mild from the "central office" and can only get 3.0. Distance is not as much of a factor as you think....fiberoptic and equipment in the box is the main factor.

As my mom always told me, book learning isn't always as good as good old-fashioned WORK experience. Have you worked out in the field, installing, laying fiber, actually DOING what you seem to have learned so much from being lectured by engineers? If I remember right, most of these engineers sit in an office and direct traffic, never actually driving anything.

Since I am probably talking to someone who will NEVER change their mind even when presented with factual arguments, I'm truly going to stop now. You can have the run of the board back and see how many more people you can call names and intimate that no one understands anything besides you. LOL :-)

For everyone else reading this, I truly only intended to help when I first posted and I truly know from first-hand experience what I'm talking about, not just because my husband did this exact job for so long, but because I read, I research, and I observe. Good luck to all of you and maybe this stimulus money that is supposed to go for "taking broadband to the suburban and rural areas" will be well spent.
Bingo about the phone. I forgot to mention that sm

I bought a Tracfone just for emergencies.  Everyone that knows me knows not to call, or to leave a message if I'm working. My kids, the schools and my husband have the cell number and know to call me on that instead.  I've programmed all of the incoming numbers in so I know who it will be and just ignore the regular rings.

Example: Schools ring in as a siren, hubby rings in with a single long beep, rapper son rings in with a rap beat, daughter with year old twins rings in with the "Barney Song".  Other than that, I don't pick up period!

Forgot to mention - kids need fear of someone or something sm
that is my job as a mom, to make them fear authority and always try to do the right thing! I don't care how big they are, and my one son is 6'3" tall and weighs 250 lbs, I will still kick his ass and he knows it!
Forgot to mention that our account is local to us.
Forgot to mention - I am an 80s Teen - younger than you! nm
you forgot to mention the most important part...all of those would have said ..go to the ER

Forgot to mention, taking out quarterly
Oops! Forgot to mention the pedal!
Sorry. The pedal and headphones both plug into the dictaphone.

Sorry for the confusion.
Regarding making money, I forgot to mention...SM
The standard for "average" typing speed is no longer the unassisted "The fox jumped over" standard as measured on a typewriter. You know, back when 75 was considered decent.

I don't actually know the new standard for a competent typist, but it's set by those who have trained themselves to use word Expanders extensively and is at very minimum double that on unfamiliar text. On familiar text with many phrases in storage, much higher.

Current pay rates are adjusting to the new reality that a worker is able to produce considerably more with today's technology than before. Those who aren't using it, and using it extensively, are finding their incomes dropping drastically. Best wishes.
forgot to mention the massage therapy is
I agree. I forgot to mention that my company
gives each doctor a test to see if they qualify for VR. I do not know what the criteris is to qualify, but I noticed that the ones who are heavy ESL do not do VR. So, I should modify my response above, in that some companies, at least mine for a fact I know, keeps the high ESL on straight typing. That makes sense, because the turn over in MT labor would be enormous. I guess what I would do is delete the VR content and type as fast as the wind on that heavy ESL at 40% less the rate of straight typing. That would be my solution, rather than sit there and correct.
Anyway, you are right about the bad dictators being off VR, and my company apparently recognized that already.
The original poster got me, and that's what counted!
Sorry to disappoint, but she got my point!
isn't this the perfect example of what the original poster