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Group you mean MTStars?

Posted By: noname on 2005-11-03
In Reply to: Me thinks you have burned one too many.. - Use a little common sense here.

This group, you mean, MT Stars?  No, however, I cant let an ignorant poster get away with posting ignorant judgmental stuff..

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I think we should form a group alright, but no support group!!
How about a group of MTs forming their own transcription company?! We don't need some yahoo with an MBA who only cares about the bottom line and doesn't realize there would be NO bottom line if not for the MTs. We do this work on a daily basis, we know what to do and how to do it and most of us have dealt with doctors one on one. I am so disgusted with these companies and from reading this board, so are alot of others.
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I received MTStars Flashtype and MTStars Internet Speller!
You might try MTStars FlashCount. It's absolutely free to MTStars visitors.


don't mean to group the
hard workers, but this particular person was bragged about to all employees. If we make a good line count, do they brag about us, NO. Congratulations on your line count, you earned it. We did not have this information because of being allowed to see the line counts, we were told. Just wanted to set this straight.
There is a third group you know...
There are Americans who are working thier butts off, both spouses, and still can't make ends meet.  Forget about extras like healthcare, some are lucky to keep the lights on!  They may be courtious, professional people but life is not fair and life is not easy for everyone. 
MRC ----> MRC Group ---> TL?
I'm trying to remember the exact sequence of corporate mergers.

I seem to remember the name Medical Records Corporation being morphed into The MRC Group before the TL merger (was that a merger or an acquisition?). I lost track when TL became Medquist. At one point I was hired by TL when TL and MRC Group were two different places to work. One was in Palos Heights, the other in Oak Brook, and that was a case study in not burning bridges, because it seemed like employees from those offices migrated back and forth between employers somewhat regularly.

Then several years later, I went back to look to be rehired, and discovered much to my dismay that Medquist no longer had brick-and-mortar offices. That was a rude awakening! I really miss being able to stop by the office and chat now and then. I don't play well enough with others to enjoy being in an office every day, but once every couple of months worked out great! :)
Another group to join...sm
DeadBeatHunters@yahoo.com - you can learn from other posters. Be careful about the accuracy of their advice, though. The monitor told me that you can get retroactive to your application with CSE, but the CSE attorney said they do not do that. Since it took 2 years to locate my husband' Ex, that could have been alot of money!

http://www.deltabravo.net/custdy/ - you can go here because one of the forums is called Child Support. They even have a page there where you can learn things that are specific for your state. I think that's where you can read about child support laws in your state.

What's your case about? Do you have an CS order signed by a judge? Can the deadbeat be located? Is he interstate (it's a felony to leave the state if you are in arrears for child support).

Just don't give up! Good Luck!
Hunt Group
I have a 16-port digital server and need a hunt group for it.  I asked my local telephone service provider, and was told they have no idea what I am talking about.  I need this server set up right now!  Where do I get a hunt group?  Any help will be greatly appreciated!  Please email me.  Thanks in advance.  Molly
Hunt Group
Sorry Molly, I would think maybe you could ask a computer expert? Never heard of this.
Re: Hunt Group
My understanding is that a hunt group is a series of phone numbers and/or extensions that create "rollover" so physicians never get a busy signal when they call in to the system.  Maybe I was misinformed, but I was told the phone company would have to set this up.  If it is a computer set up instead, then back to square one.  Surely someone out there has set up one of these machines???  It's not rocket science.  This is supposed to be simple.  Thanks, Molly
what is up with this group today?
Is it because it is Monday? Why are so many people in a bad mood today? Years and years ago when I used to own a home daycare and the kids really got on my nerves I would tell them I was going to time out. I did that very rarely but it got their attention every time. They knew they had gone too far if I said that. I'd go in another room for just a bit just for some peace. Kids are used to being put in time out but it doesn't always work. Well, I think somebody needs to call a time out here today. Since it doesn't look like that is going to happen, I'm putting myself in time out. By the way, I have not posted any of the negative comments here today but I have clicked on one too many. So....tomorrow is a new day. Hope everyone gets up on the right side of the bed tomorrow. Happy Tuesday!!!! Ta-ta for now!
Group insurance for IC sm

Are there any companies that have group rates for self- employed?  Just curious.

This happened to a group of us
at Heartland a few years back approximately 2 weeks prior to Christmas. Have your friend file for unemployment right away. This seems to be so common in this business and it is disgraceful. She needs to pick herself up and just apply for a new job. She will find a replacement and move on .. be stronger for it too .. she has the power of this community behind her in prayers and good wishes.
From the Yahoo Group.
I believe DSP Group Truespeech was

was used.  I will give that a try to see how that works. 

Thanks a million! 

Was the group out of Marietta?
I saw something similar on local news where transcriptions, I think about 4, were not getting their pay but I do not believe it said medical. Do you have any other info?
She said they said group b Streptococcus --
that is the way I always type it. 
Group halloween costumes
Need halloween costume for 4 people, group ideas.  We don't want anything like sponge bob or cartoony.  ANy good ideas???  we have a party to go to. 
The Hay Group did a national survey
in 1999. It was very comprehensive, and covered hospital, service and IC MTs across the country. I'm looking at it now, and the drop in compensation between then and now is sickening.

If you contact them, perhaps they have updated the figures. They're online at haygroup with the usual before and after.
Join a church? Seriously. I have a mom's group through the sm
church where we get together for lunch once a week amongst many other activities within our church. Fairly large church. Couldn't survive without it.
We aren't a therapy group here.
 Some of you need to get off it!
Maybe we should form a support group

"Rad MTs Anonymous" - LOL

But hey, anyone who has participated in this thread who had a similar experience to mine is welcome to email me. I would be happy to swap stories, offer support, and just generally help you (and me) feel that we are not alone in this.

Thanks to everyone who responded positively. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Anyone want to do a group savings club?

Just trying to drum up a little motivation.

If we pact to do 100 lines a day more each day that we earn and then put that net amount into savings each paycheck, it can add up a bit!

For me, that would be 500 lines a week or $160 a month gross.  By the time my taxes are taken out, that's about $131 a month net and THAT adds up to $1572 a year! 

Any takers?!  See who earns the most for it or heck even stays with it?! 


Going with a small group but I am traveling alone.
Yes, it does sound great! I've already downloaded the schedule of speakers -- going to be at the CSI-Decapitation exhibit, see Richard Simmons, lol. I'm also curious to see all the vendors and what they have to display and tell. LOL

Joined up with the old folks group and
starting doing ceramics and now they have a travel group, wanting to plan a trip to Italy. That is right down my alley! Another trip before too long is Macinaw (spelling?) Island in Michigan. Now with my other 2 vacations this year, this senior citizen group should just be the therapy I need.
A group of people starts with one.
Have a friend who wants to join our group but
I forgot exactly what I did to get to chat in the first place. Can someone walk me through it so I can let them know? Thanks!
Dictation Services Group

Hello all,

I'm a newbie to the board and in fact was just hired today by DSG. I've read some of the old messages regarding DSG but can't seem to find anything written about them lately. So I'm asking...does anybody out there have any advice/suggestions or revelations regarding DSG?

Also: I've never worked from home transcribing before, but I'm so excited and feel BLESSED and THANKFUL to be able to finally get to do so. I am, however, a little concerned about how difficult it may be to learn the accounts they assign me to. Do any of you have advice or wisdom regarding how long it generally takes to "get used to" your account(s)?

I am aware that the company uses DocQScribe. Are there still problems with the program?

Thank you all SO MUCH in advance for your help!

liz, oklahoma

Well then probably you need to find a group of MTs who you know and trust...
because unfortunately when you get people who don't know each other this will happen...
You could join a study group through sm
AHDI, but there is no radiology-specific CMT credential.  In fact, I took the test within the past year and there are hardly any rad-specific questions on it.
No way. I would run group homes for special needs folks and
Dictation Services Group out of Atlanta, GA.
My group gets encouraging emails and thank you notes
I guess I'm mature enough to read it and if it does not apply to me, ignore it the language in it and use the intent to make sure I am cautious.

search engine or The Carlyle Group....NM
I heard on the news this morning that this group ....
Will no longer be going to the funerals. Thank goodness. They got the airtime they had requested, Not that many people will even listen to their out-of-this-world beliefs.

Thanks all!
DocQscribe down at Dictation Services group also.
We have been without work for 2 days also. I didn't realize it was other companies. It isn't every company that uses DocQScribe is it? Mostly we haven't been able to get on, and when we can, not all the jobs are showing up after being uploaded.

Check with AARP, They might have a group plan.
I agree about being IC. If you take an appointment with a company and you do not stay to schedule, it will be stressful for you and unfair to them. This happened to me. Decided to go IC with 2 places (both part-time) so I never have a set schedule, but I do work most weekends (my choice). My husband provides health insurance though. I know there are groups you can buy into though. If you go to the AARP web site, they may have a number of someone you can call who can make suggestions. Good luck!
That is discrimination......there is a National Awareness Group
to fight against obesity discrimination. Look into that......I don't think, by law, insurance companies can do that, but I may be wrong.

Really, that is awful. It is a form of discrimination, just like not having a seat on an airplane to fit larger people. Eventually, all planes now are supposed to accommodate those with disabilities and I think obesity has been labeled a "Disabiilty' of late.

Check into it further, for your own benefit. Good luck and I wish you well.
What to charge a physician group for transcription.
I was asked what I charge for picking up and dropping off. I don't want to quote too high a rate. I do, personally have a call-in dictation system they could use. I was thinking of charging 13 cents per line for the use of that, or 15 cents per line for paper and gas for drop off and pick up. I am in the Chicago area. Is that too high?

Thank you for your anticipated response.
TransTech does this group, too. Awful foreign residents! nm
Are you the same person who posted that you typed for a group of docs
I seriously wonder what exactly you are trying to do. And for those of you who want to post a flame in response to me saying this...go right ahead. I am not trying to be rude at all. There is something not right with this person.

A few more questions and you'll have that bogus resume complete, huh.

You need to join a divorce support group. Look around. Helped
What is the name of the group that Chris sang with? Great song! nm
What are you doing with a large group of Italians??? I'm Italian and may want an invite:-)) (nm)
I should point out that the benefits package with the pathology group... SM

is significantly better than what I've got right now.  They are offering a matching 401K, profit sharing, flexible spending account, healthcare benefits and dental for me and my kids for about 150 per month versus 400 per month where I work now.

Then there is the issue of job security.  I'm a realist and I know that in this business of medical transcription, my job could be gone tomorrow due to lost accounts, low work volume, or offshoring.  Not to mention, the powers that be at my company could decide that it would be more cost effective to pay their editors per line versus hourly (which has happened to me before) and only offer 4 cpl because after all "we don't actually type all that much." 

Maybe I'm paranoid, but I've lost jobs due to all those things I listed.  It's upsetting the thought of losing another job.  So that is one of my major considerations with this job offer.  I'm sure they could offer me a measure of job security because they are a locally owned practice by the physician and all of the the transcriptionists there have been with the practice for more than five years.  This position I'm being offered was created because they have increased their work load.

I just don't know.  Geez, I hate making big decisions!

I got a discount by joining a study group...I think they still offer that. nm
I guess because I work for a local group of doctors
I have an overabundance of work and would love a break. Too back I can't subcontract work (I'm an employee). I have had as many as 250 patients in one week. Today is a low day with just 26 patients coming in, but a lot of days it's upwards of 50 patients so I have 50 reports to type in a given day.
I know a group of Docs (GPs) that type their own notes!!! OUCH! nm
4 Hershey kisses, 4 insects, the rock group KISS?? nm
Yes, Live, his fave group - and the lead singer is his *idol*.