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Happens all the time. Make phone calls for more definite action. nm

Posted By: One ringy dingy...nm on 2007-01-27
In Reply to: Transcription Tests - Carol


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I definitely feel like we are dealing with the same person! I think I need to make some phone calls
and put a stop to her!  I cannot stand the idea that she is out there still scamming people like she scammed me!
I agree. The silly phone calls just make the worries worse, if
harrasing phone calls

my local phone company as most do, has a harrasement dept.  you set it up that each and every time you get a call, you hit a certain numbe of keys and it "logs" the calls.  After 5 such calls, you then report it to the police dept, they get the records and can go after the creeps!  You never know the number, but the police will let you know who the offenders are.  My sis had to use it because of an ex boyfriend of my nieces...his mother lost ALL phone service for a year!

wish you had it, it worked great to stop the 2am calls.

I remember 5 cent pay phone calls. nm
Yup, and hate regular phone calls like that, too. Grrr....nm
Certainly, I applied to that ad, and received 2 phone calls back.
I had no knowledge of them either. So, I asked if they are US based and what their plan entails. He told me they have a base in the Philippines and plan to send all of the transcription overseas. If I had a problem with that to tell him now. Of course, as candid as I am, I told I absolutely have a HUGE problem with that. I also told him that I am not the candidate for him!

What led me to believe it was an overseas operation was that I put that phone number in reverse look up and an Indian name came up, not the "American Name" that was listed. So, that was a huge red flag. I outright asked him what is his "real name".
I'd setup IM or similar instead of making phone calls. It
seems like the company is very disorganized.  I personally would not make any phone calls that I am not reimbursed for. 
If you have a cell phone, why not use that for your LD calls and CX the LD on the land line?
I transfer my calls to cell phone during work. nm
No, they're talking about Internet phone calls, not FTP transfers.
The physicians aren't actually calling you over the Internet to dictate. You're downloading sound files and uploading documents.
What is the longest you have gone without service? Do they return phone calls promptly?
When the company asked me to start making long distance phone calls,
they offered to pay my long distance for the charges. I then got a cheap long distance plan to make the charges for them more reasonable.

You need to JUST SAY NO to making long distance calls for them. If they will pay for it then do it, otherwise no way.
Not an MT's job to make those kind of calls...
in the first place. You're contributing behind closed doors. I would find another job.
PLEASE see my question regarding daily interruptions, phone calls, drop in guests/COMPANY BOARD

They do make house calls to fix tractors -sm
at least Sears does. I'd look into it if I were you. I think the price would be worth it in the long run. We are in the boonies, and had trouble with our tractor (bought at Sears) and they came here and fixed it. We could have loaded it up on our trailer and taken it into town, but they came to us. As for attaching the trailer to the truck, do it when it is empty first of all, much, much easier, this way you can shift the trailer about by hand if necessary, hard to do but very possible, impossible to do if loaded though. I haul our trailer (small one 8 x 10) on occasion, and a 17 foot boat now and then, and have attached both loaded and unloaded. Still no good at backing up, but I am learning. ----I am planning a trip to the Nick Hotel too, Summer 2007 or 2008, saving up for it first, then will figure out when we are going!
My nurse said most patients make calls with their cell, no problem
He calls me daily whining that he doesn't have any money. Then calls me names when I
a check.  He hasn't looked for a job, hasn't even read the want ads, I'm sure.  He told me he realizes he can't live without me.  My paycheck is what he can't live without!  I feel so humiliated and angry sometimes that I put up with him for as long as I did!
You spending 3K in gasoline to make 4K plus all that time on the road?That doesn't make sense Pat

Thanks - I guess I have a phone call to make --
Make appts on the phone too, get the mail..

calling a friend is a good one, especially if they dont want you to smoke!  I quit when I was pregnant too, no problem.

Help please!!! Is there anything that would make my c-phone footpedal stop working?
Maybe it got deprogrammed?  It was unplugged for a couple of months. Any suggestions please?
unlimited phone time
I have Verizon too and unlimited minutes. My grand total per month is about 85 dollars. I think we have unlimited minutes but they tack on taxes, etc. I use it as a deduction on my taxes.
That's a definite red flag...

By all means, if you can, find a vet that'll get you in as an emergency.  If your regular vet doesn't see patients on an emergency basis, honestly, it's time to find another one.  I have 3 cats & 2 birds, & if I had a vet who wouldn't take one of my "kids" STAT, I'd be going somewhere else. 

In the meantime, please give her ((((BIG HUGS)))) & lots of kisses from me & my "kids".  BTW, what's her name?  I'll keep her in my prayers  

Definite hospital-sm
I've worked for a hospital for 10 years as an IC but worked their two years before going home.  Training in-house makes transcribing the difficult doctors that much easier.  You have access to the charts which helps you get a feel for the doctor's or hospital's set up for each report alot better.
Definite relationship here...
Note that as transcription has moved further and further from the hospital (to outside hospital employee, then to US transcription vendor, then to offshore, and finally to the ultimate form of distance - machine-generated transcription) the hourly compensation and benefits have deteriorated steadily.

As the MT is pushed further and further from the source, she becomes more and more of an faceless and, consequently, powerless entity. Welcome to Never-Never Land!
Time for a phone call when stuff like that happens. nm
you will be on the phone the entire time you are typing.
Are you talking about using a Verizon cellphone? I would think you have to have a landline in your home to work.
Yes, definite conflict of interest there.
Speak to your manager and let him/her handle it.
yes this sounds like a definite scam. sm
anytime someone wants money to give you money that is a rip off. I am on disability and have been for 8 years and never have heard anything like that. She needs to change her checking account now!
definite trash. ewwwwwwwwww. nm
I got definite confirmation on this question
for anyone who may be wondering about this in the future. The IN-DB9 will NOT work with Transnet. It must be either the 15-pin with USB adapter or the Dictaphone pedal with adapater (the one that looks like the phone cord).
definite dearth of good TV on Sunday. Hafta watch weather, sports

Sorry, I will make sure I get it right next time, Zipper.
I don't know if you'd make the trip in time. When my
mother was dying she died within 24 hours of her kidneys shutting down - by this I mean she quit producing urine.  She had cancer that has spready rapidly throughout her body so there may have been contributing factors involved.
So how much do you make for the time you spend
*Enquiring minds*, and all....
I make about 35 K part-time to

I have one of my own accounts and sub for a local contractor at a high rate.  I also work for one online company that is flexible but the work is low.  I'd feel better not giving the name because I feel that is personal.

to OP:  you might want to try asking about specific companies or asking about companies that offer what you are looking for. 

You may be getting flack because salary is a personal thing with tons of variables.  Even though the posters seem like they are coming off hard the truth of the matter is that everyone is different and everyone has a different work situation.

Sure, I have bills to pay and I am expected to bring in an income, but my husband is the breadwinner and he also has the health insurance.  I still feel pressure to do as much as possible but my main goal is to make sure the kids are taken care of and their appointments, etc.  If I was at home all day with no worries regarding two school-aged kids, I'm sure I'd easily make 60 K or more and need subs if I were to market myself as an MTSO.  But I prefer to stay an IC and not use subs.

I don't know if this helps at all, but it is my answer. 

Don't it stink? LOL. MT blooper in there - the same one I make EVERY TIME. nm
I make lunch ahead of time and

my child has never complained about the bread being hard.  Maybe because we use 100% whole wheat and it is already kind of dry?  I have just never heard that complaint from anyone

I make lunch right after clearing up dinner and that way if we all oversleep by accident, at least its one less thing to have to worry about.  We have enough stress in the morning.


I guess it is time to make a stand...
I just received my first subscription via E-mail to Advance Health Magazine.


These are about 1/4 of a page size. One is from CBAY, which is Spheris, which is their 100% India company. Bragging a 30% decrease in costs to hospitals.

This not only threatens American MTs with losing jobs outright, but it also UNDERCUTS us. This is why we are making less money, less benefits, and needing to work harder.

I sent an E and cancelled immediately. Actually, I had been considering it for a while because of a bit percentage of their Medical Transcription articles are pro- undercutting American MTs, anyway, just like AAMT.

In my opinion, WE ARE BEING SOLD-OUT, AND BEING SOLD-OUT BY AAMT as they push harder and harder to make money any way they can, even by supporting Indian MTs, who are probably being told they "have" to join their organization...

They have been trying to force American MTs to become certified to fill their pockets and position themselves for the future as a monopoly. However, it seems American MTs are not as easily led as in India, so they flip-flopped. If you can't beat them, join them, right?

I am so disgusted. Last month they had an article from someone encouraging companies to hire American MTs and I was so hopeful, but this made me sick, to get it in my E-mail.

Time for me to make a stand. My job is worth fighting for and I need it...
Anybody make less than $12,000/year, part time - sm
I know at just part time (minimum 25 hrs a week) I won't be pulling in a ton of $, but I thought it would be a little more than that.  Am I alone?
I make $2-3/hr (we are ICs paid for talk time only)
We are ranked. If you aren't in the top ran you do not get as many calls.
I wrote out a longer message but for some reason it didn't post.
Maybe it's time to push for legislation to make
If I worked full time I would make
at least $40,000 per year at my job. I only work part because just tired of working all the hours I have in the past. The majority of my work is VR (about 95%) and straight but am fast. I don't have a lot put in Expanders but do well over 3000 lines per day total.
If I worked full time I would make
almost $35,000 a year, made more than that in the 80s, just do not want to work full anymore.
Many sites make additions to better their site all the time without

doing anything out of the ordinary.  MTStars always strives to provide better service.


I would quit. I work part time and only make about
$250 a week.  Just having become a grandma would influence my decision! I can't keep my hands off the little one!  1K a week would suite me just fine!  To bad I don't play the lottery. 
Ask him next time to start a new file and not make it so large.

Take the time to make a list for a day of all the common editing tasks you do.
That should give you a good start for productive macros, then start making macros for those odd circumstances. BTW, Instant Text is great for handling these types of tasks. You can run your macros with a short form that makes sense to you or you can create "command" entries that make corrections--meaning that you can lump a whole bunch of keyboard shortcut commands into one entry. This is a great feature if you're queasy about creating macros.
The class action against MQ by MTs should be about

forget about Ricca laws and tying it to hospitals and line counts.

They have lied and done smoke and mirrors to the point that there

probably could be a case made for that alone. 

And why do we never hear anything more about the SEC case?

And the FBI case against MQ for sending military information over

unsecured lines?

What happened to all that?


Legal action
First of all, my condolences to you and your wife. I feel for you. I lost an adult child 14 years ago. Among the many aspects of grief, the realities of your deceased child's legal affairs can be a nightmare. I am not a legal expert and I don't know if any legal changes have been made in the past years. At the time our son died he left behind a student loan for $13,000.00 and a personal loan for about $5,000.00. He was over the age of 21 when he signed for these loans. It was a nightmare for me and my husband. These creditors hounded us and threatened to get the money from us even though our son was 23 at the time of his death. One creditor even tainted our credit report because my son and his father had the same name. It was a complete nightmare for a couple of years. We sought legal advice, send copies of the death certificate to the creditors several times, and eventually things got straightened out. In your case you have an individual who claims money is owed to him. Did you daughter have a will? I assume she was still legally married. I would definitely seek legal advice. I doubt this individual can force you to pay on her debt if there indeed was one. However, you can stop the harassment by legal means. Seek legal counsel. The last thing you need is this aggravation. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Class action...
I was involved in several of these suits - most of them with Medquist - and the biggest check I ever got was $3.61.