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If you have a contact number, and you really

Posted By: luv2type on 2007-01-28
In Reply to: How long do you wait? - New Grad

want the job, you may want to try that avenue.  You can try to come off on the phone like you were just following up and being quite honest about it state that you intent is to be of bother, but you would love to join their team and help with the "new" account.  Sometimes I think the companies looking get so involved with recruiting that they can get lost in that for a time.  If it is clinic work, I have noticed that pretty much weekends do not really count, so I would try to stick to Monday-Friday as far as communications with them.  Acute care accounts are a little different, I think, in that regard, as they are more apt to communicate on weekends since they usually require staffing as such.  I hope this makes sense.  Good luck in your endeavors.

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I would if you have contact number.

or contact Bytescribe and request that the Product Serial Number be reset so that you can register o
didnt fit

If you have exceeded this number of registrations, you will need to purchase a new license or contact Bytescribe and request that the Product Serial Number be reset so that you can register online.

Can someone from the Ohio MQ office give me a contact person and a phone number to call or an email
address. I am interesting in asking a few questions to someone there in hopes of possibly transferring but I need some info first before I go from one problem to the same one elsewhere.
I assume you are assigned number much like a license number that can be verified through the AAMT.

Beyond that, I have no idea.

I would contact the bank, stop the auto debits, contact the lender...
Contact the lender, explain that you stopped the payment because of financial difficulty. Ask if they have a hardship plan. You probably have a 20-day grace period on your loan payment, (they report to credit bureaus when 30 days late) and you probably also have a grace period on your insurance. In the meantime within those 20 days of grace, FIND A WAY to make some cash. It seems, at least from my experience, that when you get behind, it is almost impossible to catch up. If you use next month's check to pay last month's bills, you never get out of the hole. I've been in that downward spiral and I understand what you're going through. I've sold things on Ebay, consigned clothing at consignment stores, and worked two jobs just to stay afloat at times. Every little bit helps. It can be done. But don't WAIT, call them today!!
You mentioned the IRS. Try calling the Taxpayer Advocate's Service toll free at 1-877-777-4778. They are independent from the IRS and their function is to help solve IRS problems that cannot be solved through normal channels.

Gold touch makes a keyboard without number pad. Also the evoluent keyboard has the number pad on th
It is a very small keyboard and has laptop keys which are very quiet and light to the touch.  Almost no noise.
I didn't find an 800 number, but I did find this number...
1 650-253-0000

Looking for MQ number...sm

I went through training and am supposed to start soon. I got a phone call from someone named Elaine who said something about the CHW Mercy/Memorial account and gave me a 3658 extension. I called the MQ number I have and they said there is no one there by that name or extension.

Does anyone have a phone number for this person or know how I can reach her?


100 number

If you choose to block your call by either *67 or *69 (forget which one it is) and the nunmber your dialing does not accept blocked numbers and asks you to put your number in, you can put ANY number you choose in and the call will go through.

Did'nt know that one until one of my kids (figures) told me about it.  So it could be the new wave tool of solicitors/bill collectors or just other teens pulling pranks.

Number 1 through 9
I was always told to spell out anything below 10 (even at Medquist).  Prior to taking my second test, a recruiter actually told me that this is a recent change and to make sure to take note of it during the test???  It is so hard to keep things straight sometimes with all the changes and conflicts.  Aiyeee!!!
They want your ss number
in case you decide to skip on your bill; then they can send you to a collection agency.  Are they just supposed to believe because you appear with a medical card that you are covered?  NOT!
age is only a number
I am 43 and am trying to get into a CNA program through a local nursing home.  I took care of my mother-in-law for 8 years before passing away in Januarey of this year.  After doing this I have realized that I want to this instead of typing the reports.  Go for it.  I am.  Good luck!!!
Telephone Number ...sm
The number you gave below for Detective Joe Rodriquez is not working...sounds like a fax line...please advise? TIA
What's the tech number?

What's the tech number?


Number pad.......try rebooting. nm
Sleep Number Bed
We've had the Select Comfort Sleep Number Bed for several years now and it definitely is the most comfortable bed. We had a water bed for years and years and love it too.  The one down side to the Sleep Number bed after having a water bed is that when you crawl into it on a cold nite it is COLD. We don't have an electric blanket. The water bed was always like climbing into a nest! But I would HIGHLY recommend a Select Comfort bed. Paul Harvey and Rush Limbash both advertise them on their shows. After having the bed for a couple years our house took a lightning strike and it blew out the air pump. We called them and they send another pump at no charge. That was very nice.
What on earth is the 100 number

an no one ever answers?

Number vun, eet ees . . . peerrriod sm
Oh, gawd, I really hate the ones who barely speak English. All I can do is type the words and then go back and try to figure out what they're trying to say. Verbatim my #%@!
Number one producer

I have just put in 19,000 lines for 8.5 days on top of being team leader for two accounts.  I am number one.


Her background? I cannot name the number of
Master-degreed nurses I have worked with and done transcription for who are not able to annunciate or spell terminology and medications, etc. When I would ask them about their dictation, they wouldn't even know what they were reading off on simple radiology and lab reports, etc. It was shocking.

Her "background" does not necessarily give her what she needs. Whether she needs to make haste on an MT school/course depends truly on how competent of a student she was in her nursing studies.
so please take a number...*lolol*...nm
I looked into it and our number is still
registered as do not call, has been since 2003, but (and I did not know this part) it expires in 2010. I am glad I saw that. Thanks again!!
luv my sleep number bed!!!
we have a king size, plenty of room and comfort for me, hubby, and our zoo of animals!
Does anyone own a sleep number bed and if so, do you like it? Thx
Do you have a product number on this? Some way to
There could be any of a number of reasons.
Some physicians have a God complex and freak at the slightest mistake. I have seen that happen many times even if it was something the MT could not control. You should have been given better instructions regarding format, but the powers that be may not have realized you were not. If the physician freaked, the office staff was not going to admit that they did not do their part.
For me, its in infinite number..as many as I can get.

I have pressed every number on the key pad
and no luck.
Number of characters used

Wondering how many accounts are charged/or pay a per line rate based on a character count and if 65 is always the # of characters per line used or can that vary?


Thank you.

I used to listen to one do number 2
I did work for one doctor who made a habit of dictating while on the toilet. It was many years ago, I worked in a hospital and finally started taking the tapes to the hospital administrator, who agreed that it was beyond my duty to have to listen to the physician grunt, fart, plop and flush. Of course, those were back in the days when MTs were regarded as real people. He told the doctor to stop it or the hospital would no longer require the MTs to do his work and told me to destroy any future recordings done on the toilet so they could be redictated. It stopped.

Number one, No, I did not know it would blow up

As I said, I had never encountered this situation before. How could I know what would happen when I posted this?

Number two, you don't see me posting the patient's name, do you, or even my own name so that this post could in any conceivable way be connected to the patient.

My only concern was the patient's privacy. I have worked in-house and I know how many people see x-ray reports, people that you hope are reliable and honest and follow HIPAA rules but I know for a fact not all of them do.

This is exactly why I would not go to the police or for medical help if I were raped unless I were practically dying.

Number of lines
I have no idea, since we got paid per report. Before our production increase, 96 radiology reports was equal to eight hours of work, and with DNS I could usually do this in six hours or less, depending on who the radiologist was, since some obviously go into much more detail than others. I do know that DNS types much faster than most humans could ever type. I loved doing radiology until we upgraded our computers and my older version of DNS would not work with XP. It was so old that it was not upgradable and I never got around to shelling out another $1000.00 for the full version. I would think that the newer versions are even more accurate and learn your voice a lot quicker than the version I was using.
After a certain number of views
It will flame.  I am not real sure how many hits a particular post has to get before turning to a flame, but I do believe this is why.  As for sm, I really don't know.  Maybe see message? 
I called their 800 number
After talking to the rep on the phone, he basically admitted that there was virtually no difference between the medical version and the $99 version. For what it's worth....
Maybe call the 800 number? I would do that right away as....sm
this might indicate there is something wrong with the keyboard itself in which case you might need to return for store for exchange.
A number have gone to speech rec - sm
because Radiology is so repetitive that it's easy convert to speech/voice rec via programs like Dragon or PowerScribe. I was so frustrated with the lack of work that I went into Acute Care (in-house for a hospital).

By the number of responses...

this must not be a very common practice anymore....which in itself actually sheds some light.  




number 10 always gets me livid!

BOS and number and scales

Dicated "pain is  2 to 3 out of 10". 

I think according to BOS 2 ranges should be typed 2/10-3/10. Or should it be 2-3/10? (or something else completely?)


VR and number of lines
It is possible to do 400 or so. However, when your employer realizes you can do this, the work will be considered premium and they will jack it to their favorites. We will always get the VR work that is just beginning. Management will expect we can do double, but we are relying only on our eyes now and not our hands. It is very very hard on the eyes and brain. It is much easier to overlook errors. All in all, because we have to look at each and every word it is my opinion that VR is worth exactly as much as transcription. But hah -- good luck getting that. The downful of the experiment we call the U.S. was greed. It is unfortunately rampant in our industry. So the answer is, yes, you can probably even get more than 400 lines -- but to stay within your 98% (another bogus figure) you are going to have to stay at around 300 lines. VR is terribly hard on the eyes and the brain, but does give the fingers a bit of a rest. So we beat carpal tunnel and end up with migraines and strokes. There is the trade.
As an IC, you contract for a set number
of lines, however, if the MTSO cannot supply with that amount to transcribe, it is not your fault. Just document it and go on.
a number of things

dictating from the noisiest place in the hospital - lots of beeping equipment and people laughing and talking in the background.

doctors who dictate while their kids are making noise in the background and they have to keeping stopping to tell them to be quiet.

slurred speech and doctors who sound like they are falling asleep and make me want to go to sleep too.

too much spelling.... once in a while it helps - but sometimes you wonder what word they are saying and then you figure out it's spelling.

I would say the number of people who could do 400
a day would be very few and far between. I in 8 hours do not think have ever done 4000, my normal is around 3000 and that with the speed as fast as it will go. In VR it makes no difference how fast you type as you only can go as fast as the audio itself basically. If your platform is slower, then so will you, if faster, might can help you some but so much to correct also. If no corrections at all to be done I probably could average around 500-600 lines but, but I never get 100% reports that do not need loads of corrections.
Did anyone contact HR at MQ yet?
If anyone has yet contacted HR at MQ, please post underneath what was said to you.
Be sure to contact the doc and tell him! nm
How can we contact you?
There is quite a bit of due diligence required if you are planning to seel a business. The "typical" selling price of a business is 3 years revenue, but that is also based very strongly on its profitability, but I do have a group of independent MTs who may be interested.
I would contact that QA or his/her
supervisor and ask them to relisten.
I would contact...
the person that makes this program. I have had good customer service from him. It s/l something might not be set up correctly perhaps but Vann Joe would probably give you some help/tips if you asked. He has always been very helpful when I have asked questions regarding his products.

I have been using MP Count for quite some time for counting by gross line, and find it quite accurate.

HTH some.
contact me

I would like to discuss this with you, please contact me at my email address.


Nothing that big, he was not there when I tried to contact
about it, sent instant message. it was report that always goes under STAT and I think had to let someone read over some blanks. He contacted me that night and we talked about it and I got it ok but then I had follow up wrist slapping the next workday from the higher up than him. What I was wanting to know does this go on with others, first 1 boss, then another boss- felt like tattling in grammer school with this.
I came in contact with them (sm)
And they gave me the simplest *test* which was basically not even medical dictation, and they tell you that they will *train* you and then provide you with a job, but first you have to buy *their* software. Fortunately I did not fall for their scam, but others have said that after your *training* and they test you, you never really get good enough for placement. Please believe the other posters. It is a huge scam.