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Here is my take....

Posted By: mg on 2007-04-16
In Reply to: Per line rate - Terry Mickelson

I don't know what you are charging...8 cpl seems to be the "going" rate lately.  This is what I think as a seasoned MT who has worked in a lot of areas including acute care and clinic work...

8 cpl in my opinion would be good for clinic work with macros and maybe some ESL.  For difficult work, I think a differential should be paid and charged to the client. (Yes, I have my own private accounts and charge for difficulty)

Acute care because of the knowledge and experience required to excel would be no less than 9 and go up depending upon dictator quality.  (I am on a 70% ESL account and making 11 cpl)

BUT, let me say this...I think when hiring a new MT it is perfectly acceptable to put an MT on a lower line rate comensurate with experience or during training with periodic reviews with potential income growth.  I would be much more inclined to take a job at 8 cpl with reviews after 90 days and every six months or eventually at least.  Too many companies out there start out at 7 or 8 and end at 7 or 8. 

Other things I personally would consider along with lines rates would be whether or not the company offshores (deal breaker in my book), benefits, schedule, steadiness of work, etc.  I am currently considering a company that starts out at 8 cpl but there are reviews, raises, promotion from within and decent benefits that I won't have to pay out the nose for.  The schedule is better than what I have currently as well. 

I have been on both sides as an MT and MTSO and if you have questions or comments, please feel free to email.  I hope this helps.  I am so glad to see someone on the company side actually asking! 

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