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Posted By: mj on 2007-04-16
In Reply to: Per line rate - Terry Mickelson

I personally make 0.10 per 65 character line with spaces (headers and footers also) for a small national. With 20+ years experience (in most major specialties) I won't work for less. When I ran a small MT service in the past, I started all subcontractors at the same line rate. Within 30 days, you know who can do a good job and who cannot. The one's who could perform well, received an increase of .01/line at that time, and within one year were up to .02 per line. These were the MTs who produced work that I had to do very little editing if any. The MTs who made repetitive mistakes despite my feedback, or repetitively left blanks that could have easily been researched, stayed at the same rate because their work was consuming too much of my time. I operated the service and typed 12-14 hours per day. I have always felt that a well experienced MT who turns out good work, deserves a good line rate. Otherwise, don't plan on keeping them too long. It never took me long to weed out the good MT from the incompetent, despite what their resume said. Hope this helps.

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