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i would definitely ask. If they are continually

Posted By: beth on 2007-04-17
In Reply to: pay for MTs - my thoughts

praising your work then you deserve it after 2-1/2 years.

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What do I do about continually late

I started with a company a few months ago and with the exception of one paycheck coming on the actual due date every check has been late.  One was two weeks late with all other ones being a little over a week late.

I like the accounts but this is putting me in a bad financial situation when it comes to paying my bills.  Is it worth staying with a company because of good accounts and good pay if this is happening?

I have emailed several times about this but it keeps on happening.  I have recently let them know that I would have to find employment elsewhere if this issue was not resolved. 

I do not want to start over again though.  Any comments/ways to resolve this would be great.  TIA.


you continually say completely normal....sm

normal does not exist today on any level, cultural, socioeconomical, et al.....

You must be one of those who has preconceived ideas on sanity.......LOLOL

Oh yeah, D.C. is real normal these years.....Washington DC that is...ROFL

as long as the govt continually refuses to

Our kids will be at risk.  I am one who pushed for public schools, thinking if a kid can get through public schools they end up being able to deal with all types/cultures of people.  The govt puts *security guards* in most public schools and the incidents have escalated in the past 20 years!!!  Until the govt cares about our kids, IN ALL AREAS, we are not safe.  I just read today that the US is not checking prisoner mail all across this country regarding terrorists....it's like it's a HALF-ARSED job is being done....they are only going to START checking all the cargo on airplanes, did you know that?  Yep, the cargo underneath where we all sit on a plane is JUST NOW going to commence getting screened/checked.

It's, unfortunately, been evident to me for way too long a time in this country that they don't TRULY CARE about our children, and our children ARE THE FUTURE.  Really galls me and my child is now 25.  *tsk tsk on all of them.......

Unproductive work types continually, for me, DS with ESLs and residents. nm