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Hey, one of my friend's daughter

Posted By: tia on 2005-09-09
In Reply to: Amen Tia - Roxanne

is a duck queen!

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Your friend and your daughter both have been
felt up just because they are sooooo looney. No, take that back. Your daughter does not know, she is a minor. Lady, have you not heard of people taking advantage of others, i.e. as in sexually molesting them telling them they are supposed to ah, do a physical exam, feel your 17 year old minor's breasts. I have heard of women going to psychiatrist and being told they have to undress and they do. Where in the world do you get any common sense from? I find this so odd. I always spell liar with an A myself.
My daughter had a German friend and
her mom was the same way. I don't think is anything personal, just the way they are. I would try talking to her about things of her county..ask questions. Imagine you being there...you would feel a little out of place too.
It's my daughter (rcv'd AA in ང). She's helping a friend with (smsg)

the friend's final project in video production.  My daughter is taking the stills for it, which is allowed.  She is going to be mentioned in the credits and was wondering how it would look.  Her AA is in photography.

I do agree, though, it's not "that" big of an accomplishment in the everyday world.  Kind of like CMT... , although I would use that in something like a cover letter for a resume.


Daughter's friend drove her car into a pond the first week she had her license! Let him prove him
How about your husband tells the friend to tell his female friend to lose the #?
A friend of a friend is taking CareerStep - sm
she is under the misguided idea that she will be making very good $ upon completing the course (a friend of hers supposedly makes $55K a year). I told her no way, at least not starting out and not unless all the factors click together, i.e. good typing speed, good pay (not for a newbie), good dictators (unlikely) and dedication to working hard. I told her what I make after 5 years (16K) but that is PT and I have the potential to double that if I would push myself, not procrastinate so much (I web surf way too much) and work more than I already do. I am not a fast typist but am good at what I do. I will be surprised if she follows though. She told me she'd call me when she finished the course, I just hope she is ready for reality.
49 years old/self taught/daughter 20 years old/self taught. I'm a CMT, and daughter is studying t
take the test soon.
My daughter is 25 and going to
go to auto mechanic school, and likes guys.
35 yof with 2 yo daughter. nm
I will not allow my daughter to go. nm
My daughter...
She was just over 2 when it was pretty obvious mom just wasn't enough! She was bored with the trips to the playground, the toys, the trips to the store, etc.

Her pediatrician told me she needed more socialization. A SIGN OF THINGS TO COME!! So I found a great nursery/day care at the local church and she just loved it. When I picked her up the first day, she told me I came too soon. Talk about hurt feelings!! I was in agony all day and she was having the time of her life without me.

Well, now she's beginning her second year of college next week and is totally bouncing off the walls... pretty much like she did when she was 2.

It's good your daughter can't wait. It may just be a sign of independence and self-confidence. Don't take it personally. They don't appreciate us until they have their own kids!!

Good luck to you and your little girl and you son LOL ;-)
If she were my daughter I'd tell her...sm
that I'd rather her be mad at me for making her ride the bus when she's sleep deprived than having to pick out her body at a morgue from an accident.

Frankly at 10 p.m. every night I'd take the cell phone away and make it clear to anyone that called that it is not acceptable to call after that time. Her friends will get the message quickly and will learn to respect your rules.

Too many parents this day and time are afraid to set rules for their kids to follow, but that's the parents fault. They need to remember who's the adult and who's the child and set/abide by ground rules. Studies show that the more parents intervene in their kids life the less likely they are to drink, do drugs, have sex or get into trouble with friends.
My 13 y/o daughter (more)
and I have gotten into the habit of taking the dog out and having a little walk around the neighborhood when I get off work at midnight. I'm going to miss that. I'm not having the "ready for her to go back" feeling at all this summer, but I have had the feeling in the past sometimes.
My daughter was 5.
She decided she was ready so she did it, and she loves them.  She is almost 8 now and she nor I have regretted it.  Personally, my sister was 3 and I was 4  when we had our's done.  I think it depends on the child.
My Daughter
I let her get her ears pierced for her 6th birthday.
My daughter was 11

She was allowed at 10 but was afraid. LOL. A lot of people asked me why I didn't get her ears pierced as a baby, but I just felt that was something for her to decide. She turns 13 in September and wants to get her second holes. I told her that I will get mine done too.

I just felt 10 was an age where she could decide and also take care of her ears and earrings. Everyone has their own opinion on this, I don't think anyone is really wrong. Good luck.  

My daughter was 8. nm
My daughter and I took it - we both
had no benefit from it, and also my daughter had a very severe allergic reaction. We tried them all Concerta, Focalin, Strattera, all with no help at all. Our neurologist just tried us about 2 months ago on Metadate CD, one of the original ADD meds, and its a MIRACLE. I was only diagnosed this year, after my daughter, and after first I sobbed after taking Metadate, as I never knew brain calm, so to speak. I then read on a doctors' website on ADHD/ADD that you know you have the right med when you get that reaction - sobbing with relief, and also sadness at what you have been thru without realizing it!! Its been about 1.5 months, and she and I are both doing great. The interesting thing is that the meds are speed, basically, but if you have ADD, they don't have that effect on you - they plug in your brain. The ones who speed on ADD meds and also abuse them are ones who don't really have ADD - thus its like cocaine to them! Feel free to write if you want to talk about anything - its been quite a shock to me to accept that I have ADHD, but its getting easier! Provigil is basically an experimental one for ADD - it seems the old ones have the best results!
Thanks! My daughter-in-law is due soon and I will have....
on hand should she need help.  Maybe it will work for her!!!
They probably know both of you. My daughter
picks up my medicine all the time.
Daughter did this...
She finished the school, but basically same thing, poor pay and pill counter at Walmart all that was available.  Not a living wage...
where would you be if your daughter was missing (sm)
in another country?  The posts on down the board are appalling, some of them anyways!  I would hope that any parent in their right mind would be right there, no matter where "there" is, if their child were missing.  I know I'd be whereever I had to be.  I could not rest until I was there, waiting and helping to find my child.  I'd go to the ends of the earth to get my daughter back, no questions asked.  And maybe people are donating money to them so they can stay in Aruba and help find their daughter, as well as keep their lives going back here at home.  Where has compassion gone? It's truly sad that we ridicule people for simply wanting desperately to find their lost child.  Just Sad.
I have a 15 year old daughter....
and it is also a 16 mild trip to pick her up...but yet every day I am there and I will be no matter what the cost of gas. I would not trust an inexperienced teen driving my daughter. The price of gas is becoming outrageous yes...but your daughter's life is priceless.

My 17yo daughter.....
was similarly distressed at age 15.  A lot of it is just part of growing up.  They are anxious, moody, and sometimes emotional.  I took her to counseling and she decided that she wanted to work through this tough time without being medicated.  I'm not sure that pulling your son out of school and what he knows is going to help.  That's just MORE change in his life.  I would seek counseling and find out what's going on with him, but in your case I think isolating him further would simply contribute to his anxiety.  But since I'm not a professional, again, I'd take him to see somebody.  As a footnote, my daughter will be 18 in March, is a senior, is getting good grades again, and is, as she says..."Happy as a Clam"
It's going around. I have it, too. So does hubby and daughter.
I'm cooking. Daughter and son-in-law,
son, husband and myself will be spending Thanksgiving together (after my son and I get off work).
Yes, a daughter, all grown.
I married & divorced very young. Have 2 roommates (friend and her boyfriend). Couldn't afford this house otherwise. LOL. I live in an area called Lone Mountain Vistas, not far from Summerlin.
Have a daughter with bipolar.
She has racing thoughts and says things not connected to the conversation like your friend. She also has extreme mood swings. Usually bipolars go one way or the other, dysphoric or euphoric. No middle. When manicky, she will stay up for days without sleep, but when dysphoric will sleep for 16 straight hours a day. It can be a very debilitating illness.
My daughter was born at 1:28 a.m. and if she is
doesn't even get in the shower till oh, about 9:00 p.m.   And she sleeps till 1 or 2 p.m. if she doesn't have to work.  Drives me nuts!  But then, I was born at 7:00 a.m. and I like to get up early and then am falling asleep by 10, 11 p.m. at the latest. 
I don't, but my daughter wanted one . . .sm
She wanted a vine (like a bracelet) around her upper arm.  She was 20 at the time so I really had no say in the matter except, "Why don't you wait until we go see your grandmother in short sleeves." We did and she scrapped the vine idea in a hurry.
Listen to your daughter on this one

You may be distracted with worrying about her and not "be there" for your hubby 100%.  As other posters have said, she can visit & pay her respects at the graveside, on her own time.

My son was only 5 when my Gramps died and though I took him to the visitation (I had not sitter) with every intention of keeping him away from the open casket, he managed to get up there anyway.

He's 22 now and when my mother passed away 2 years ago, the one he was very very close to, she was cremated and we had such a casual memorial for her.  He was able to speak about their good times and how he would always know she was with him when he heard Nat King Cole, etc. 

He told me later that this was so much "cooler" than when great gramps died.  "Never let me lay in a casket for people to just stare at Mom".  So, even though he was just 5 at the time, he remembers it clearly. 

My sympathies to your hubby and all.

My daughter is 10 also and just had her first boyfriend...

I was very upset about it at first.  At my friend's suggestion, I sat down with my little girl and asked her exactly what she thought it meant to have a boyfriend.  I asked her if they would be holding hands, if they would be kissing.  She was shocked and a little embarrassed, but I'm glad we had that talk because I don't think it occurred to her that he might expect those things. 

I also made it very clear that young relationships last days, not years.  So, when he broke up with her after 27 days (she counted) she wasn't all that shocked and probably took it better than she would have if we hadn't talked about it. 

My daughter was 20 and upset too. sm

She was young and immature and very unsure of what to do.  Although I may have objected (to myself) if she had chosen termination, I supported her decision whether or not I agreed, after all she was an adult.  

She needed an ultrasound and saw that there were actually babies (yes babies - with an "s") and that helped her decide right then and there.  She is now the grown up mother of twin girls who are about to be 2 and are a joy to us all.

She was lucky though as her boyfriend was there and he still is. They aren't married still after 4 years, but I guess I shouldn't push it.  I get to see my grandtwins all the time.

I'm grateful that she decided to bring double joy into all of our lives, however, as I said before, I would have supported her decision and you need to be there to support your niece, whether you agree or not, as she is your family and she needs you.

Good luck to you and to her.

We do have a hospitl...My daughter
was one of the last babies to be born there.  A GP delivered her.  I don't think it is the student loan payments either because I believe the hospital offers to pay for all or most of them if they locate here.  I was told last night that it was due to poor hospital management.  All our doctors got old and retired and nothing or very little was done to try to get new ones in.  If we did get new ones in they did not stay for very long.  For specialist I do go to the nearest city but for common illnesses it would be nice to have someone closer that knows what their doing, CARES what their doing and REMEMBERS you when you come in.  That's what is missing.  The personal touch. The doctor who knows you won a singing competition or score so many points in a football game, etc.  Would you buy a car from a rude salesman?
I told my 16 yo daughter about this and she...
can't wait to try it on her back as well as her face.   Thanks for posting.
I too took my daughter in 1987....sm

The Strasbourg train takes you through 14 Amish dairy farms and is a wonderful trip, eastern PA....Lancaster, and the food is great in that area!  People are wonderful there (as they are in Western PA too).

Hope you enjoy your trip wherever you decide to go. I'm thinking of relocating from FL to PA in about 2 years.

I don't have a daughter, but I got mine
pierced when I was 7. I don't know about doing it when a child is a baby, but I don't think 7 or 8 is too young. Children are old enough at that age to take some responsibility in caring for themselves. It wasn't a problem for me. I do have a son though. Just waiting for the day he wants to get is ear pierced...lol.
I had my daughter's done when she was 9 months old....sm
Doctor said fine anytime but would be best to wait until after 6 mns when they get their 2nd tetanus just incase someone's equipment wasn't completely sterile so that's what I did. Don't see why that's too young; I think it is definitely a personal opinion and I wanted my daughter's done. If she ever grows up and doesn't like them she can let them grow up. No big deal.
My daughter had hers done when she was about 6 months...sm
I would do it over again at that age in a heartbeat.  She cried no worse getting that done than getting shots and I know she would never do it now (she's 10), so I feel my husband and I made the best choice for her.
I'm not on it, but my teenage daughter is. She has it set
to where only her friends can see her page.  I think MySpace is more for teenagers than adults.  The adult people I've see on MySpace are sort of trashy.  Some are creepy guys looking for girls, some post as baiters, some are sleazy women, and the list goes on.  I don't see a problem with my daughter being on it with the protection in place, but no child should be allowed to have a MySpace page without their parent being able to review it from time to time and have it set so only the childs friends can see him/her.
Daughter's Eye Operation

We just found out that my 3-year-old has to have her eye operated on on August 24th.  Her eye turns in and glasses therapy hasn't helped.  They're going to cut the muscle in her eye so that it's not as tight and can move the eye straight.  I was wondering if anyone else had to go through this?  I had the choice between our local hospital or nearby surgery center and I chose the surgery center thinking it may not look as frightening to a 3-year-old. 

wow - congratulations to your daughter!
How old is she? My suggestion would be for her to pick HER favorites, and then she will sing them from her heart! There are just so many good songs out there.
Well said! My daughter was in preschool
3 half days per week and I was the one crying the first day. She was like, "bye mom!"

That's a bunch of bull to say that kids who don't go to daycare are not prepared and cry all day. Geez....
Thanks, is on my daughter's puter and will try...nm
Just took daughter to the pediatrician and they are now using EMR...


Hmm, but my daughter won't! Think about the future instead of just yourself.
My daughter also wants to get started doing
MT. She is going to a local community college. However, I do believe there are quite a few online schools, such as Andrews School, that train MTs.
If your daughter is a minor...
the doctor has to get your approval and permission.
The ones who are the first to take a drug that came on the market, are always the 'guinea'pigs'.
They are the ones on whon the 'studies' are done.
If the study has negative results, the drug is withdrawn from the market, and the guinea pigs are the victims. E.g. Hormone therapy, antidepressants, etc.......

If you are skeptical,I would not allow it.

My daughter was accepted in to Barbizon, but I said NO WAY..
I would not want to put a child through that. No I did not contact them. My neice is a model and she was there doing some stuff and had my daughter with her. They even offered to pay for everything..they just wanted her. They were going to put my neice and my daughter in some shampoo commercial or something. Bad idea I think.
I have thought about it as my 2 daughter take dance - sm
Their school is basically pre-school all the way through high school, but they also have adult classes as well.  Since we are a bit rural it is cheap too, about $25 a month for 1 class a week (so $6.25 a class), not bad for a 1 hour class once a week.  They put on a kickass recital every May too which is quite impressive.  I may try it next year....want to shed my poundage first, have been working on it and 7 pounds lighter so far......have about 60 or so to go.....so we will see.
Daughter was just a bridesmaid and their dresses
were black and just about the prettiest bridesmaid dresses I've seen. Like someone below said, just add a little color with accessories.