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I'd think 8 hours; depends how fast you type - sm

Posted By: on 2007-03-22
In Reply to: Two hours of dictation.... - Curious

and how good the quality is of the dictation. If you have to break down multiple people talking I expect it will take you longer than 8 hours.

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depends how fast the MT is......No one would want to pay me by the hour because I'm fast.
how fast you can type, has little to do with how fast you can transcribe
Let's face it, we can only type as fast as the doctors dictate... worse, we can only type as fast as we can *understand* the doctors.  Given someone who slurs or has a heavy accent, someone who clears his throat constantly or shuffles through the paper, given an unfamiliar account or work type, or an area we don't have much experience in and have to look up words, etc., any and all of these things combine to make typing speed not really relative at all.  I personally type 110, but not when I'm transcribing.  I tell most folks who ask, if you type 65-75 wpm, you're solidly in the ballpark for doing medical transcription.
For us slow pkes---my best would be 3 hours, worst 6 hours - just depends on the dictator ,
I have to look up (i.e. Dr. names, addresses)...I have to do a lot of that and it majorly slows me down, without all that and good not too horrible dicators, in 1 hour I can do anywhere from 15-20 minutes of dictation.
depends on how fast you are as an MT

its difficult to get any sort of speed i.e. production, as an Editor whereas as an MT, if paid by the line, the faster you are, the more money you make. The people who make more money as editors are generally slower typists or else people who really have heard and done it all.

also depends on how fast they dictate

Depends on how fast the doc dictates -- if they compete with Superman's bullet for speed, they will knock out the lines.  If they spend half of their time looking for the information they need to dictate (such as in discharge summaries or lab tests), then they will fall way short.  The national average is 10 lines per minute of dictation.  I have one doc that takes 25 minutes to dictate less than 100 lines (discharge summaries) and another who can belt out 16 lines per minute.  You can speed them up or slow them down once you get used to them, but I don't recommend adjusting the speed much until you are used to them -- otherwise you will misunderstand words or skip words.  Also depends on the software you are using.  If you are using an internet based software, it will take you longer since you have to stop and upload the document and download the voice each job.  If you download a bunch of files and work off your hard drive and then batch upload, then you will produce more.  Lots of variables.

depends how fast they talk-try this instead
Try taking the number of lines you actually type and the normal is 138 lph. So if you are getting around 690 lines, then this is good. If you arent, then you could try speeding the tape up maybe?
How fast do you type? I do about 130 wpm.
This job is not about how fast you type, SM

but how smart you type; meaning using lots of macros. There are numerous books on the topic *** to get ideas. It's not about speed.

*** Edited by Moderator

I agree. It is not how fast you can type, rather
whether what you type is accurate or not. It is better to be slower and better than faster and typing gobbledygook.
There is no way I could type as fast without an expander.
My Expander does about 60% of my keystrokes. I can transcribe a whole sentence or even paragraphs for some of my docs with only a few short keystrokes. There is no way for me to type that fast. I could see if you had a hard time remembering your shortcuts then an expander might slow you down, but my shortcuts are second nature now and I don't even have to think about them. In fact, when I don't use an expander, I still often will type a shortcut and then will have to go back to expand the word when I realize my expander isn't open.
I consider myself a pretty fast Mt, and I am lucky to hit 100 reports a day...depends upon account.

Can you type as fast on a laptop keyboard? nm

Can you tell me more about alphagrip, it really looks intersting, can you type fast?
Depends. Usually 1 to 1-1/2 hours.

Just create a command entry and use a short form that's fast to type. sm
This will bypass the Extext command. Make sure you put the trailing underscore at the end of your entry so you won't get an extra space from your marker key. Your entry will look like this:


I guess that depends on how many hours you work. sm
Do you save yourself 2 hours because of your Expander and then quit for the day? Or do you work more hours because your expansions allow you to = more on the paycheck?
If you like to type (fast), are fascinated by medical field, enjoy working solo, you will be fine.
You may have to go through three jobs (over several years) to get to the big money. Best to chose a specialty which you find intriguing and tends to pay well (surgery, radiology perhaps).
how many hours does it take you to type a
"minimum day" - in other words, not necessarily how much you type, but how much is actually "required" per day?
How long on average (hours) does it take to type

I know it depends on lots of things such as difficulty, typing speed, expanders, etc.  Just looking for how many hours people have worked to get to 2000 lines.

I type 16 hours 5 days a week
No cause I want to. Took a part-time job hoping to work into full-time, however, don't make enough with it after 1-1/2 years to make it full-time, so I'm still doing both jobs.. I guess I'm a glutton.. Would like one job to make that amount.
I type 1000 lines in about 2.5 hours (sm)
I type on a gross line and I can type 1000 lines in 2.5 hours +/-.  When things were good at MQ on the Cottage program, I could type 450-500 lph.  Everybody's situation is different.  Sure some people stretch the true, but it is still possible, but you have to take into account all the different variables.  I utilize my word Expander to the fullest.  Any little thing I can think of to save me Keystrokes I use.  I checked my stats for my shortcuts the other day and in 3 hours I had actually saved 56% of my keystrokes.  Can speak for anyone else, but on most days, I can type 900-1000 lines in 2-2.5 hours.
I type no less than 1500 lines in 7 hours

On my slowest day, I will not allow myself to get less than 200 lines an hour.  Depending on the worktype, I can type up to 400 lines an hour.  It is hard for me to consistently stay at that speed as I have orthopedic issues!!!  I also can type extremely fast, (120 wpm).  I also use a lot of Expanders and shortcuts. 

Prob is then you may get all fast fast fast talkers...not a fair way nm
I just type 250-275 lines per hour and transcribe about 6 to 6.5 hours a day.

I am a seasoned MT who back in the day 2000 lines was nothing to achieve.  I sat for 8 straight hours, barring potty breaks and 30-minute lunch.  But now that I am pushing 50, I can hardly stay in the chair 2 hours at a time.  I have set my goal at 1600 lines per day as that is what my employer pays 9.5 cpl for.  If I drop below that, my cpl drops also.   In addition, I have a backup up IC position with another company (to compensate when I run out of work on my FT job)  that pays 10 cpl.  I type 2 hours  on that account  (usually at night) and get 600 lines per day.  Fabulous account, fabulous "internet software" everything is right at your fingertips, and they count spaces, headers and footers.   Actually both jobs count spaces.

My advice to anyone wanting to get more lines- first and foremost priorty is check out the software the company uses.  If it is not user-friendly... forget it.  There was this one company who paid 10 cpl, and I could hardly get 500 lines in a 2-hour period.  They said they counted spaces, but it was hard to tell, and they surely did not count footers or headers.

depends on what type of reports.....
130-160 per 8 hours, if typing combinations of everything; i.e. MRI, CT, nuclear medicine, fluoro, x-rays, angiograms, etc.
depends on type of reports sm
do not sign on to do MRIs, CTs paid by the report, you'll lose money big time.
depends on type of work
Recent experience shows that working for a service with radiology accounts pays anywhere from $1.25 to $2.25 or so for a page or report (depends on how computer program / system counts a page) with diagnostic x-ray being short and quick and longer MRI/CT reports paying more. I've heard of psych reports - IMEs which are longer with very dense line count per page - being paid higher page rates but many years since I have done this work, no idea of average $ amount now.
That depends on the type of work

depends on what type of clinic you were transcribing

if they were basic SOAP notes, then i would guess the basic 4 hospital reports will be quite a bit harder. 

if you had an intense multispecialty clinic, then you could probably do H&Ps and consults.

but I would suggest you give it a try. being able to do hospital acute care can only help your resume, and possibly up your income after a learning curve.


It depends what type of surgery, I guess. sm
Some are very easy and fast money, others are very detailed and long, nothing "normal" about them.

It all depends....Personally, they are my favorite and I specialize in doing only op reports, all specialties.

I think it probably depends on the dictators and type of reports.

Personally, I think it depends on the dictator, how familiar you are with the specialty, and if there are expansions/normals that can be used. 

For argument sake, lets compare $1.15 per minute to 9 cents a line, if it takes someone 1 hour to transcribe 10 minutes of dictation. 

If you have a slow dictator who reads the chart, changes their mind every other sentence, or uses terms/equipment that you have to constantly research, and at the end of the hour, you only have 100 lines typed, then you are ahead of the game.  You earned $11.50 that hour.   

10 minutes x $1.15 (typed in 1 hour) = $11.50 per hour.

100 lines x 9 cents per line (typed in 1 hour) = $9.00 per hour. 

BUT, if you have a great dictator who knows what they want to say, are organized,  normals or a great set of expansions are used, you never have to stop to look anything up, and in the end, you have typed 200 lines, that is a whole different story.  You could have made $18.00 an hour. 

10 minutes x $1.15 (typed in 1 hour) = $11.50 per hour.

200 lines x 9 cents per line (typed in 1 hour) = $18.00 per hour.

So in my opinion, unless you can talk to other MTs with the company doing the same work, there is no way to know in advance if you will be making more or less by being paid by the minute as opposed to by the line. 

Please update us after you have worked for awhile and let us know how things are going.  GOOD LUCK. 


Depends on type of prepaid card sm

I have a Visa debit card through ADP. They are the payroll processing company used by Medquist (which is where I got the card initially) and many other companies, not just MTSOs. The only fee involved is $1.50 per month to have the card and fees for using it at an ATM, which is the same as if it were through a traditional banking account. I can also transfer the funds to my saving account if I want or set it up to have a certain percentage put on the card and the rest in the bank. I have had this card for about 3 years now and love it. However, if the card they are wanting you to use is like the ones you can get at grocery stores, Wal-Mart, etc, stay clear. They require fees for almost everything from getting your money loaded onto it to using it for each and every purchase.

As far as not wanting to give out routing information for direct deposit, why is there such a worry? So long as the information is given only to your employer, there shouldn't be a problem. Unless this is only a short-term job, I don't see the big deal.

too vague; depends on type of dictation and the dictator
Generally 200 lph, but depends on work type, I can do more with OP notes, has to do with motivation
I hate HP, consults, and DS, but that is the majority of what I do. I always, always do better with OP notes.
lines produced also depends on type of account, doctors, specifics, platforms.
But in transcription, if you are good at what you do, you can do 8 hours of work in 4 hours. So eit

you slice it, both companies will still get 8 hours worth of work out of you.

That is the problem I've been having lately being an MT.  Companies want to pay us on production and they set minimum productivity standards, but want us timed in for 8 hours a day.  My thinking is, if they want 8 hours of work out of me, pay me hourly with production incentive.  If they want to pay me on production and tell how much I have to produce in an 8 hour period, then when I hit that mark, I should be able to call it a day even if I've only worked 4 hours.

Seems these companies want it both ways and it is simply not fair to us MTs.  JMO, tho.

If it's my fav doc with lots of shortcuts, 1-1/2 hours to 2 hours max
I see, we sit at the keyboard for 40 hours and then throw on 20 more hours
Is this how you do it? Me? I got a PT job so that if my FT job didn't have enough work to meet my needs financially, the two jobs together would.

They hired me to work a specific shift and that is what I am working. If they want me to type after I clock out, then I will happily do so.
I must say, I work long hours, sometimes 12-14 hours a day.
I thought it was important to mention that. However many hours it takes to get the work done is what I do. Some days 12 hours, other days 6 hours and sometimes 14 hours. So, I guess there really is no easy answer.
I do 2000 lines in 6 hours - so maybe 3 hours - nm
typing 8 hours a day or 40 hours a week
on my wrists I mean.
and not getting any benefits... and for a salary of less than 30K? not really worth it...
don't type double spaces. Type single. Then no one will be cheated.
I can type with wine, can't type with coffee, though...too jittery.
That is, type the code above before and after what you want bolded in the text-to-type box. nm
For me it isn't an account type but a dictator type ...
and that would be oriental. An oriental dictator (hahaha, that kind of sounds funny...hahaha) is the most challenging for me.
No, you don't type directly into ES. You type in Word -
or whatever their platform is, just like you did with your tapes.

Then you do your line count in Word or the platform.
You should type them. I usually type them in parentheses following the diagnosis.
remind me, type what they say, type what they say, type....
"He indicated that at the beginning of the year he complained of health problems recently but has gotten better."  C'mon doc, which one is it?????
RUN, RUN, RUN, as fast
You do not want to work for SS. They lie, steal lines, and will work you 7 days a week for as many hours as you are willing and you won't get paid accurately. Their line counter is always "down" and you can't track lines accurately.
run very fast
I too am an ex-IC for eTranz and this company is not professional at all. I consistently received paychecks 2 weeks late. Deb Garrison, the owner, if very unprofessional, hollering on the phone, hanging up on you. There is no communication in this company whatsoever. There are some very good companies out there. Please do not work for this company.
Get out fast!!
Well you definitely need to get out fast. Easier said than done I know I lived it. He sounds like my exhusband except throw in some cheating as well. He called me every name in the book and never wanted to do anything around the house but griped about it constantly. He stayed out and drank and everything else under the sun. He was also violent and would throw things and hit things. I feel your pain. It took me one night just finally getting my fill. No crying occurred like before. No yelling. Just me calming saying that was it I would be leaving and wanted a divorce and by two weeks I was gone along with our son, not quite 3 at the time. It is hard to leave financially and emotionally but sometimes you reach that point. Get out as best you can if you can!