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Generally 200 lph, but depends on work type, I can do more with OP notes, has to do with motivation

Posted By: MT50 on 2007-09-07
In Reply to: Another poll question. How many sm - whorn

I hate HP, consults, and DS, but that is the majority of what I do. I always, always do better with OP notes.

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Generally office notes versus hospital
For my accounts anyway, my multispecialty is office notes, letters, in office procedures and acute care is hospital notes.
depends on type of work
Recent experience shows that working for a service with radiology accounts pays anywhere from $1.25 to $2.25 or so for a page or report (depends on how computer program / system counts a page) with diagnostic x-ray being short and quick and longer MRI/CT reports paying more. I've heard of psych reports - IMEs which are longer with very dense line count per page - being paid higher page rates but many years since I have done this work, no idea of average $ amount now.
That depends on the type of work

my motivation: you don't work, you don't eat
simple, eh?
Some have said clinic, some op notes, some ER, depends on what you
Depends on clinic notes, sm
I really think it depends on the type of clinic notes you transribed.  I went from transcribing very detailed and lengthy multispecialtiy outpatient clinic notes for a major teaching hospital to transcribing acute care, mainly op notes, for another hospital, and it seemed to make the transition, although I felt very confident after about 3 months.  But if you were transcribing clinic notes for just a regular outpatient clinic or clinics (well child checkups, lots of cold and flu, etc) you may have a longer transition period.  It really just depends on whether it's a teaching hospital, the number of dictators, etc?  You CAN do it though--it is all a matter of mindset.  If it IS a teaching hospital or they have an ophthalmology department, I would definitely recommend getting the Stedman's Ophthalmology book.  That made my transition SO much easier, that book, and the Stedman's Equipment Words.  Good luck.  Just give yourself 3-6 months to get acclimated to the op notes, number of doctors/residents, etc., don't pressure yourself to get it right away, and make copies of each report for every dictator--it will save you in the long run because they usually say the same things.  Good Luck!!
OP notes are a challenge - just depends if you are determined enough

to learn how to do them.  After doing DS, HP, CR and Clinic Notes, I was asked by former National to try to do about 20 OP reports. I was terrified !!  Thought I had a good grasp of anatomy, physiolgy, etc, but I'll swear I ended up looking up every instrument, suture, needle, forceps, retractor, etc., & hate to guess how many hours I spent doing those 20 reports (that was before internet resources & my salary was dependent on how much work I did !!).  Going from Clinic Notes, etc., to OP reports is not an easy transition - there is a vast difference. I did struggle in the beginning & know it took me a good 6 months before I became comfortable transcribing them. For me, it has ended up being for my benefit. That National, from that time on, only assigned me OP reports. Having since left original National & having searched for a job with different companies stating that I specialized in OP reports, I received unexpected offers at a higher than average cpl pay !

Don't be disillusioned thinking that you can apply for a job doing OP reports after doing Clinic Notes if you have no experience doing such.  If you don't have an opportunity to try to learn them in your present job & you're interested in learning such, you might consider getting the SUM practice tapes that have original OP dictation.  Just depends on how much you want to learn their terminology & how much effort you're willing to put forth :o) :o).   




We've all been there; if your work is generally
You want to hear something REALLY stoopid? When I first started working in a children's hospital as a newbie MT, for about six months I transcribed the abbreviation VSD as venereal sexual disease (not ventricular septal defect).  When I discovered my error, I went to my boss and confessed, fully expecting to be fired.  She was freaked but forgiving, and had a memo issued to the medical director so he could inform the doctors to look out for the error in all the charts they read; it turned out they had already done handwritten correction of most of the errors.  That was over 20 years ago but I still wince at how many babies have records of venereal disease because of that error.
I saw a couple of these same type notes go out
to people several months back and I too was flabbergasted.  What happened to the professionalism in this profession? 
I do OP notes and discharge summaries and type about 500 lph
I love 'em too but type everything else but and Progress notes (sm)
I know a group of Docs (GPs) that type their own notes!!! OUCH! nm
depends on what type of reports.....
130-160 per 8 hours, if typing combinations of everything; i.e. MRI, CT, nuclear medicine, fluoro, x-rays, angiograms, etc.
depends on type of reports sm
do not sign on to do MRIs, CTs paid by the report, you'll lose money big time.
I'd think 8 hours; depends how fast you type - sm
and how good the quality is of the dictation. If you have to break down multiple people talking I expect it will take you longer than 8 hours.
depends on what type of clinic you were transcribing

if they were basic SOAP notes, then i would guess the basic 4 hospital reports will be quite a bit harder. 

if you had an intense multispecialty clinic, then you could probably do H&Ps and consults.

but I would suggest you give it a try. being able to do hospital acute care can only help your resume, and possibly up your income after a learning curve.


It depends what type of surgery, I guess. sm
Some are very easy and fast money, others are very detailed and long, nothing "normal" about them.

It all depends....Personally, they are my favorite and I specialize in doing only op reports, all specialties.

I think it probably depends on the dictators and type of reports.

Personally, I think it depends on the dictator, how familiar you are with the specialty, and if there are expansions/normals that can be used. 

For argument sake, lets compare $1.15 per minute to 9 cents a line, if it takes someone 1 hour to transcribe 10 minutes of dictation. 

If you have a slow dictator who reads the chart, changes their mind every other sentence, or uses terms/equipment that you have to constantly research, and at the end of the hour, you only have 100 lines typed, then you are ahead of the game.  You earned $11.50 that hour.   

10 minutes x $1.15 (typed in 1 hour) = $11.50 per hour.

100 lines x 9 cents per line (typed in 1 hour) = $9.00 per hour. 

BUT, if you have a great dictator who knows what they want to say, are organized,  normals or a great set of expansions are used, you never have to stop to look anything up, and in the end, you have typed 200 lines, that is a whole different story.  You could have made $18.00 an hour. 

10 minutes x $1.15 (typed in 1 hour) = $11.50 per hour.

200 lines x 9 cents per line (typed in 1 hour) = $18.00 per hour.

So in my opinion, unless you can talk to other MTs with the company doing the same work, there is no way to know in advance if you will be making more or less by being paid by the minute as opposed to by the line. 

Please update us after you have worked for awhile and let us know how things are going.  GOOD LUCK. 


Depends on type of prepaid card sm

I have a Visa debit card through ADP. They are the payroll processing company used by Medquist (which is where I got the card initially) and many other companies, not just MTSOs. The only fee involved is $1.50 per month to have the card and fees for using it at an ATM, which is the same as if it were through a traditional banking account. I can also transfer the funds to my saving account if I want or set it up to have a certain percentage put on the card and the rest in the bank. I have had this card for about 3 years now and love it. However, if the card they are wanting you to use is like the ones you can get at grocery stores, Wal-Mart, etc, stay clear. They require fees for almost everything from getting your money loaded onto it to using it for each and every purchase.

As far as not wanting to give out routing information for direct deposit, why is there such a worry? So long as the information is given only to your employer, there shouldn't be a problem. Unless this is only a short-term job, I don't see the big deal.

too vague; depends on type of dictation and the dictator
lines produced also depends on type of account, doctors, specifics, platforms.
Can anyone tell me the best company to work for if one wishes to do only do op notes...sm

I have 30 years experience in MT work and for the last few years have been able to do exclusively operative notes which is what I love.  I have been very happy with current company but have to start my work day early in the a.m. and now my account has been overstaffed to the point there is no work in the morning.  While there is plenty of work late in the day, there is nothing in the morning and so I feel I must look for another company for at least part time op work initially and if it works out I could go full time.  I have left my email address so please feel free to contact me.  Thank you very much for any help you can offer. 

My motivation is that the sooner I get my work done, the sooner
I can go play.  I hate being tied to this desk all day long.  I'd rather be outside or reading a book or playing with the kids.
Any Lotus Notes users? How does this program work? Thanks!
Thanks for the info.
nm would you mind if I asked where you work and what type of work hosp, clinic ?
I just love it when our cat plops down on my note pads with my work notes....have to pull it all out
Hospital work - history and physicals, op notes, discharge summaries,
And you'll almost never get just Op notes. Probably get mixed acute care - op notes, discharge su
Depends on who you work for
I think it depends on where you work..(sm)
If u work for a hospital and work at home like a lot of MTs I know do, they make out okay with an hourly rate. But made more when the hospitals paid incentives. But overall your right about the testing. Our hospital has mandatory monthly meetings, QA'd every month and productivity assessment. I guess it just depends on what your willing to put up with.
Depends on who you work for...
I have been reading a lot about this topic lately. It seems to depend on who you work for. I work at home for a large clinic and I absolutely love it. I get together with a group of ladies I work with once a month and we have department parties, meetings,etc. Without that contact I know for sure I would feel exactly the same as you.
Depends on who you work for.
Depends on where you work...lol
Depends on where they work.........
Depends on how much you work - sm
I work part-time but but in too many hours due to my own lack of discipline and make $16K after 6 years. Started out at about $5K and increase it every year usually, however made the same for 2006 and 2007, hope to clear at least $20K in 2008, shooting for $24K by/in 2009 if all goes well with where I am at now.
Depends on where you work, so you really do have to ask

Depends on where you work.
Even though you are paid on a tier, you can get a raise. Don't know where you heard that.

I am an IC and have received 2 raises in the last 2 years. Guess it depends on where you work.
It depends on who you work for. Every
company is different. Equipment, software, foot pedals, etc., all vary from company to company. Your employer will let you know what you need. Some require long distance on your phone, others work strictly off internet. Wait until you have a job, then you buy what you need.
Depends if there is much work or not... sm
I work for a local hospital. I was production, then went to hourly because I typically would have 4-5 hours per day with no work and they wanted someone available. Radiology and ER are no longer dictated for us.

Pay depends on where you work, I guess.

I know if I have a midnight deadline, it's 4:00 a.m. my time because I'm on the east coast and my national is out of California.

Good luck with the 3rd shift.  I was thinking of that myself, but my husband has been doing 3rd shift for 7 years and I do first shift and we tell everyone that's why we get along so good.

P.S.  He usually tries to keep his all night routine on the weekends, (his shift is 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.M- Th) but sometimes he'll stay up on Friday morning and go to bed at 11:00, but it messes him up sometimes because his week starts Sundays with a 12 hour third shift from 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.  You'll get used to it.  He loves it.  No alarm clocks. No morning rush.

Depends on who you work for as to how much you make..
The first online company I worked for, unfortunately, found out later they were India-based. Anyway, I work in Escription and made SQUAT. It would take 12 hours or more to make $100. Now, I work for another company that uses Escription and I can make up to $26 an hour doing VR. I think these companies set something up in the line count as how to count it and also it depends if they pay for headers, footers, etc. I definitely got ripped off the first go round. I like the company I work for now and like Escription. You can make money on this platform, although I am paid more than 3.5 for VR. That is ridiculous.
Depends on what company you work for though.
I had the same experience about 10 years ago. I did a comparison on 1 page and found out they were not paying me for any normals, Expanders or macros. I talked to the President personally and he admitted they do not pay for these things. So, I got paid for tp instead of the patient; etc. I told him I was shocked. He said, "that's business." I quit on the spot. That company is no longer around.
Completely depends on the work, but...

with decent experience as a Transcriptionist and a decent amount of shortcuts in an Expander program, I think maybe an average for acute care lines per hour might be about 125 on a new account with ESL.  So take your requirement and divide by that...and you might be typing 40 hours or so in order to get 5000 lines in.  Depending on work, experience, how long you've been doing that account, if you're getting paid for spaces, and your expanders, it could be anywhere between that and up to or beyond 225 lines per hour pretty much.  

I guess maybe it depends on who you work for...
All I know is my boss is well aware of every single report that I proof every single day. I have specific accounts that are my sole responsibility, so if an error like this drug mistake got through on one of my docs' reports, it would be easy to know who saw it last.
Depends on your company. One I work--sm
wants ***00;23**, which is the number of seconds in the report where the word is, another wants ***the word that I think it is***.

What does you company want?
It depends on where you work. I have always, my entire career, been SM

in the 2000+ range. I now do that in much less time than it took me as an in-house employee with no shortcuts or anything.

However, when I went with EDiX my highest day ever was 1900 something and I had to kill myself to get that.

Those company platforms are the devil's work where MTs are concerned.

It depends on how smart and how hard you want to work.
I agree, it depends on who you work for BUT also the account
and how long it has been on VR. If it has been on VR for a few years, piece of cake. If it is just starting out on VR - tedious work, low pay as it takes longer to edit than to just transcribe it.

I have been doing VR editing for 4 years now with an account that has been on it that long also...can make up to $50 an hour, and some times as low as $30 an hour when we add new dictators.

Hope this helps.
Depends on where you work and how you're paid
It depends on what kind of work you're doing..sm...

If you're doing clinic work, you would need the book that pertains to your clinic.  I'd also recommend a Stedman's Abbreviations, acronyms & symbols.  I'd also recommend Sander's Pharmaceutical Book.  Other than that, I'd use Google and trustworthy websites. 


It depends where you work and what your straight rate is.
I make 75% of my straight rate for VR. This is the highest I have seen. It seems like most seem to offer 50% of straight. DON'T accept that. It is way too low. I don't produce that much more with VR than I did with straight. I am on an account though that is newer to VR, so some adjustments are still being made. Unfortunately even with VR, I probably just give up and straight transcribe half of my VR work that I am getting. It is way faster than trying to fix every other word of an entire report.