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I'm the one who talked to him (see message)

Posted By: I asked on 2008-10-04
In Reply to: (continued)...that's exactly what he meant, 5000 line a day. - Above poster nm

Well, emailed back and forth with him actually, and he told me he needed a GROUP that could commit to 5000 lines/day.

He apologized in his email to me for any confusion he caused by posting on this board. I don't think he realized the Job Seeker's Board is for individuals seeking positions and not for MTSOs seeking clients.

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I know - me too - I talked to

she said things are just as crazy in Canada now days as they are in the States...though they are stressed over our hurricane/new orleans situation a lot.

But prices of land and housing are just as bad there as here -


Medical Transcriptionist - Penticton Regional Hospital - OKS-FAC-05-105

Employer: Interior Health Ė We want our patients to have the best possible care and that means we need the best possible people.

Location: Penticton, British Columbia

You probably should have talked to tax guy
Last I talked to them and
talked to somebody who worked there, the pay was only about 7 cents a line and the software/system was not very efficient.
Wow, had problems with messages everytime I GOOGLED about computer shutting down since McAfee deal.  Well great, doing personal things tonight, do not want to show them that, thought needed another puter, this happened before some malware virus, they gave me another POS.  Anyhow, we got chatting and I asked him about India, blah, blah, but dang (insert poopy cacca here) I think he was Indian.  No kidding, the more we chatted, I bet they are instructed not to hold a real conversation.  I worked for an Indian doctor, recognize the accent.  I wonder where I really called.  I called on my cell phone, only phone I have now, so it better not be overseas.  Wow.  He was talking about Obama helping us, blah, blah, blah.  I am niave a lot, it took a while, but he was our enemy!  This stinks  
Venting-why do people keep putting nm and THEN writing a message?? nm means no message - sm
Please put sm if you have a message and NM if there is no message other than your subject line.  It makes it easier when reading these messages.  thanks so much and have a nice day everyone. 
I also talked to payroll and they
are the ones who told me it was a live check. It is not direct deposit.
Sorry to hear that, have you talked to your
supervisor (or do you even have one in this MQ mess)? I am relatively certain my accounts won't be changed, if so then I will have another issue to deal with. I'm hoping for the best cause I REALLY hate to change jobs, but I'm not really expecting it!! I sympathize/empathize with you!! I have heard Transcription Solutions is supposed to be a pretty good company, they usually have an ad on the board. I will be thinking of you.
I have talked to their recruiter and liked her a lot. sm

I would like more information though as the archives give me a very mixed impression.  My email is above.  I just do not want to make a move without knowing that it will be better, not the same or worse.  Right now, I am with MQ.

Thank you.

Have you talked with your supervisor?
Every national I've ever worked for has assigned me a secondary or tertiary account so I never run out of work.
I talked to this really nice guy
I now wish I would have wrote his name down. They let me set up a plan, but I had to agree to the amount they set for me to pay each month, which is high for me, but at least I know it will be gone in 5 years, well now 4.
yes, I have talked with support
and they had tried it on several computers with vista and there were a few minor gliches but it caused problems.  The place where I purchased it will offer me 3/4 credit or full credit (waiting to hear the final word) towards a software purchase if I need it.  It is a dell so they can do all the work once I am able to connect to the internet after installing the CD software.  the company I am looking to go with says that it might be compatable next month  with vista (my luck) but I don't want to miss the boat of getting a position.  The company though will let me know what they think the best thing is to do.  Always something to think about... 
Talked about many times
There are ups and downs to both sides.  I have my own accounts have been doing it for 20+ years -- cannot believe it.  Start small even with tapes, I still do nothing but tapes, and printing and delivery.  I have small clinics, two doctor clinics, 3 of them.  I do not charge as much as the others but I charge gross line and so I think it all works out to be about the same.  I can make up to $50 to $75 an hour at times.  But average $40.   That includes throwing in the time for printing and delivering so that is my average.  My accounts hae been with me for 8 to 20 years.  I stay with the tapes as it is easier to not be undercut.   But again start small, send out flyers, brochures to doctors, clinics, podistrists, psychologists, chiropractors, etc.  You have to be persistent.  How many people look at a house before there is an offer.  I used to do mailings about every 3 to 6 months when looking for a new account as you have to be at the right place at the right time when they need someone.  Cons  --But then remember, there is no one to take your place when you are sick or your child is sick so do not over extend.  They might be understanding the first time but when it happens often, they are not.   Vacations need to be planned out, I take a couple of long weekends, 4-5 days rather than a week at a time.  It is hard to get someone to cover and be dependable.  It is your name and reputation out there.   Your work will always be there in your home, sometimes you just want to run away from it.   But the pros are there also.  You can make good money, you can make your own hours as long as the work gets done.    It takes time and persistence and start out small so you can build a good reputation.    Good luck. 
I talked to my chiropractor (sm)

and he said that new graduates (probably medical school ones also) are being told that Medicare/Medicaid won't pay for claims that aren't EMR genrated by 2014 and as early as 2009.  Thus several new doctors are starting right off the bat with this type of program.

EMR is a fact of life, the touch screen programs are being touted highly for doctors who perform the same type of procedures over and over and several hospitals and large clinics are making the switch.

I woke up this morning and decided to go back to school and finish getting nursing degree.  I don't think it's too far-fetched to be realistically concerned about MT being phased out.

a company I talked to said it was not...
she said it was the anti-AAMT; a new group that was against offshoring.
Have you talked to soldiers who have been in Iraq?
I have.  I was told that we definitely needed to be in Iraq, that the job was far from being done.  I was also told that our soldiers would be in less danger now if the U.N. were not imposing so many restrictions on what they have been able to do.  The technology used to protect them costs money, yet we want to yah-yah over what is being spent.  Wars are horrible, but they will always be a reality.  I will not even argue about whether what Bush is doing is the best that can be done, but I know there are more minds working on the problem than just his, and we do not know, and probably will never know what is really going on.  We only know what the media lets us know, and how reliable is that? 
In the letter sent out by MQ it talked about the new pay plan for SEs and also a
comprehensive benefit package. I thought legally self employed were not allowed by law to be offered benefits. MQ had started a benefit package with health insurance many years ago long before Philips and were told by the government to stop because it is not allowed by law. Does anyone have any thoughts on what this means. I personally prefer buying my own health insurance etc and not tying it to how many lines need to be typed to keep insured with the ups and downs of work all the time.
If you talked to payroll, they must have told you what it was for. What was it for? nm.
talked to an atty about the MQ checks

Nope, go ahead and cash them as I already have.  If they had anything to do with ANY kind of settlement, it would clearly have to say so.  It just says adjustment, period.  He also said that since the class actions go over many different platforms dating back before the days of DQS, no way it could be a settlement.

Go shopping he told me, it does not state anywhere it's a settelment.  He says just like any other legal document, "by signing the below or cashing this, you are giving up your right to yada yada yada.

Talked to a transcription company
yesterday that only pays 7 to 7.5 cpl and has not raised that in years, does not plan to now.
Ditto. Just talked about this yesterday
children spending way too much time indoors online, not active.
I had this happen too! Even talked to the guy on the phone...
He tells me he'll have me test.  Never sends the test.  Calls me again says he'll have me test the next day.  Again, no test.  Haven't heard from him since.  Wouldn't test for him even if I do.   Wasted 2 days that I could have worked waiting on someone, who couldn't keep their word.
I talked to my supe and she said the same thing.
She then said that some people can make 1800 lines a day on that account so it can be done but I guess not by me.  I have to work from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. to get it all in and I do not want to have to work like that.  Too much computer time makes me cranky. 
yuppers -- and that she'd talked to the person and would do so again (sm)
It took me a while to realize that particular supervisor quite simply lied ... often ... about things great and small ... she even lied about me ...

I've found this business is full of "special" friends, special cases ... I do my best not to notice or care any more.
I talked with our tech people before
deciding to do this and they told me to just go in on the website and download them and if I had trouble to let them know.
Have you talked to Extext support? sm
All of the help in this thread is geared to you working in Word alone, not in a platform. You need somebody with experience in Extext to help you.
I talked to H about it and he basically said the same thing.
The day is not over yet.  LOL. 
Should I call this Detective? I talked to her by e-mail just the other day
I haven't been on the board in a few days and was shocked to see this post. I had some contact with her, but didn't purchase her merchandise.
Should I be calling this detective for such casual dealings?
Okay, talked to a tech support guy at my office and
Medquist switched the Imail system to web-based, partly to help cut down on virus transfer, and now it is a mess and thousands of employees are trying to access their mail at once on the same system (I still haven't been able to get on).  He wasn't too happy about it and hopes that either they will figure out a solution to this or change it back to the old Imail.
My husband has talked to them, it has improved some but they still do it....so it stays as it is - n
If you look in IPAY at the paystub and check it looks different than the other ones. I also talked t
It is in my IPAY, too, but check your bank, there is no deposit made.
I already said that I talked to payroll and asked why this was in IPAY,
They said that we will be receiving a check in the mail with a letter explaining it. They would not go into detail. I don't know how much more clear I need to make this for you.
Just talked to offshore customer service
I just got off the phone to my CC company. The sales rep that answered had no accent but on a hunch I asked where she was located and after much hesitation, she replied she was in the Phillipines.  I told her I wanted to speak to a rep. in the US.  She put me on hold and a few seconds later returned, asking me why.  I told her I was totally against offshoring.  Once again I was put on hold and after a long wait, her supervisor got on the line.  This was a male with no accent so to be sure I asked him where he was located and again, the answer was the Phillipines.  I told him I wanted to speak to a US rep.  He asked why and I told him I was against offshoring.  He said it was not possible to tranfer me to a US rep.  I explained that I had made this same requist before and had been transferred but he said it was not possible this time.  I told him I will email the company and try to get a US phone number that way.  I will let you all know what happens.  I am so angry I could spit.
I talked to a recruiter yesterday that told me she -
is the "preferred" recruiter for her company.

Oh brother, I wonder if her feet hurt from standing on her soapbox, voice is obviously strained from singing her own praises, and her arm is dislocated from patting herself on the shoulder.

I do agree. If they talked to a colleague the way they talk to us,
I talked with the police about this issue when one of my neighbors
kept trying to befriend my boys. The cop said that 90% of sex offenders are not in the database anyway because they have never been arrested. Those databases create a false sense of security because you think you're safe if nobody is listed in your neighborhood, but you still do not know if someone has the tendency or unreported history of sexual abuse. You have to treat everyone as a suspected child sex offender. They could have been doing it for years but nobody reported it. They could have had a plea bargain and charges reduced or dropped. They could have just never been arrested. We had a recent incident where a guy was driving past the elementary schools and kept trying to grab 11- to 12-year-old boys and force them into his car. The whole city was in an uproar because the police couldn't catch the guy, but he tried three times at three different schools. We suspect he's either moved on to another community or went back into hiding.
Thank you Blu! I knew I was correct and actually talked to my MD friend! nm
check the link....this was talked about a little down the page
Have you talked to mgmt. about the lack of consistency?
Seems like mgmt would want to get all the QA on the same page, anyway b/c that is way too frustrating for the MTs to get conflicting requests all the time. Where I do QA we get mgmt emails all the time reiterating client requests and info to keep us all in the loop.
Well, whatever they call it now, when Suze Orman talked about
Tech I talked to at Comcast had be type in.....
yahoo.com and it took me there. Thinks firewalls was jamming something, but now it still does not work.
My tips again -- do a search talked about many times

Just like any other business you have to solicitate to get the accounts, put out flyers, brochures, call on offices or whatever.  Be prepared to pick up and deliery, do tapes or digital.  If they want a call in system, either invest in one or use one of the companies that provide you with an 800 number and charge you by the minute.  -- Very expensive.  All in all you will need to provide what the service you are working for right now provides.  Be prepared to take any and all accounts, no matter how small to get your foot in the door.  Be prepared the first year not to take any time off to prove yourself.  It is not easy but it is worth it to me.  Good luck, again as I have emphasized before you will need to do a lot of mailings, callings, etc. to get that first account.  Heavy traffic is the answer, multiple mailings to the same offices to get them to remember your name, networking with other MTSO's in your area.  But it takes time, energy and perseverance  to get there.   Good luck. 



Andy Rooney talked about that very same thing
What did you make of the comprehensive benefit package they talked about

I talked to the MQ MT lawyers. They promised it would take time to gather evidence.

As any professional deserves to be paid for their time, so do lawyers.  They spent years in college while you probably were doing MT work typing someone else's words and ideas.  Lawyers go to school to develop knowledge of the law and ideas of their own.  Now on the other hand, you seem to have no problems with the CEO(s) of MQ jeopordizing your job by illegal billing of clients all the while bonusing himself and his cronies at your expense. 

With all due respect you are full of it.


for poster below who wanted contact regarding MQMT lawsuit, this is who I talked to.
Name: Cynthia Hill
E-mail: chill@deflaw.com

Phone: 404/885-6338
Nice to talk to and can give you info regarding MQMT lawsuit so you can decide if it is something you are interested in pursuing.

I briefly talked to my uncle, who is psychiatrist, about Tater. His recommendation was to take her
to a pediatric psychiatrist for a thorough evaluation and then the appropriate referrals and/or medications can be started. There has to be an indepth evaluation why Tater is the way she is. It could be that her mother was never abusive towards her, but it could be that Tater may be showing the early signs of schizophrenic disorder and what we perceive as lies to us are realities to her. At any rate, shipping the child off may not be the best answer, but to get her the adequate help. I feel for your friend, because it is not easy to deal with a "problem child" but now Tater's Daddy and your friend are legally responsible and accountable for the child.
posts in the past talked about ExText low line counts
I bought a new one from Dell almost a year ago and talked with the CS person. She told me the
models they still had available with XP. If you buy a new one though with Vista you can always remove it and reload with XP.
The slow versus fast talked about numerous times regarding VR
I donít have any idea where this ridiculous statement started from. Think probably from the haters who are probably going to be put on VR and digging their heels in to not have to do. Rather than rates, which I think probably are about the same, 4 cents per line, you should ask who has the best platform and go for a company that perhaps does not have a zillion employees. Being slow, being newbie, etc. would just work against a good person for VR.
small message. nm means no message
Flame=200 views, sm=see message, nm=no message