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I'm weird, but if I KNEW it was my last meal, I wouldn't

Posted By: be able to eat anything. nm on 2006-01-17
In Reply to: What's your favorite food. Favorite in that you could only have one last meal what would it be? - Qsters killing time R US


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I agree, if I knew it was my last meal I would
Now if I were stranded on a desert island for days without food and a waiter dropped in and asked what I would want, probably the first thing would come to my mind is hamburger well done, restaurant not Micky D's, and fries, and dreyer's chocolate chip ice cream for dessert. 
See, I knew you wouldn't
answer. People always want to talk about good money, but they never want to let anyone know what they consider good money. Opinions are different on thta, ya know.
I KNEW I wouldn't get 20/20 the first time around SM
and ended up 20/40; they wanted to try monovision to eliminate need for reading glasses (I'm in my 40s) but I hated it (personal preference). So went back for 20/20 in both eyes and got it. Still don't need reading glasses yet and can read tiny print but know that's only going to be so much longer. Lasik was the best thing I ever did.
I knew you wouldn't bother to reply
since you obviously have nothing intelligent to say when confronted with the facts.
Look, if you knew me you wouldn't have said those things. I live in Alabama! We hate sm
them-thar' fags. Honestly, I am probably the MOST unprejudiced (if that's a word) person in my entire family! I'm constantly rolling my eyes at THEM because they use inappropriate names to refer to people and I don't like it.

I am a conservative who doesn't believe in same-sex marriages! I am totally against it.

What I am saying is this: This lady is NOT making this stuff up. It happens. We may not like it, but it happens. and here's the real kicker: We need to love these so called "degenerates." We really do. Like the Beatle's song goes: All you need is love...

Love can make them turn around. Really!
our meal is a 30-minute meal....*L*....nm
some use it as--before every meal
Ever try cooking a meal in someone else's kitchen? sm
You know how to cook, but have a tough time finding where everything is kept in that kitchen so it takes a while longer.  You could cook the same thing in your own familiar kitchen in half the time.  This goes for MT, too.  It takes a long time, even for those of us who have been transcribing half our lives, to get used to new formats, new work type codes, new voices, and learning idiosyncrasies for each and every dictator.  It takes time--a few months or more.  Be patient, and the line counts will surely add up as you become more familiar with the account. 
He is one fry short of a Happy Meal.

Whatever, but it would be a huge meal and take me months to eat it. nm
name your favorite meal, down to the dessert

I think my favorite may be the Thanksgiving meal with all the trimmings....turkey, gravy, honey spiral ham, stuffing, sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, garden peas.....I could go on and on.....

What's yours?????

Lunch- -most important meal of the day!
I work 35 hours a week. I have a scheduled 8-hour shift and take a 1-hour lunch break, leaving me with 7 hours of production a day. My advice is to do the 35-hour schedule. You'll probably be more productive (lph) at 35 hours than 40, and you'll always be able to add extra hours later if you want to. Don't skip lunch or eat at your desk. You'll feel so much better if you take a real lunch break everyday.
A hot meal, ready to eat is perfect and it doesn't

have to be fabulous.  A meatloaf with some veggies made all together in a throwaway pan is easy to make.

Not a sightseeing place but for a good lobster meal, sm
Chauncey Creek Lobster Pier, Kittery Point, ME.

You bring your own cocktails, appetizers, tablecloth. It is creekside, very casual, parts are open air and parts under a tent. You pick your lobster, they cook and bring to your table. Just fabulous, just get there early because parking is limited.

New Hampshire, there is no sales tax on liquor.

Just driving up the coast of Maine is fabulous.

Have fun!
It wouldn't load with my Office. Somehow it wouldn't "read" my 2003 Basic, although sm
technical couldn't find anything wrong with my software. They really tried hard. I see so many people that like Escription, I'm sorry not to be able to use it. Hopefully I can get Office Pro on my next machine, and maybe use it then. I could upgrade, but I'm still not sure it would work.
I knew him well before I asked him out, so I knew
a long time before our first date that he was the one for me. He didn't know it that soon, but I did.
Wouldn't that mean that you simply wouldn't have to print out everything?

That's not weird
You may think I'm weird. . .
But I find MT very relaxing. I used to work as a human resources manager and had a phone to my ear all day and people in my office complaining about their supervisors, complaining about their employees, and just plain complaining. My job had TONS of variety - like when one of the companies I worked for had a big layoff and I had a suicidal employee in my office telling me she was going to kill herself because she was being laid off. Frankly, you could pay me all the money in the world and I wouldn't go back to that. I think MTs great - more money would be nice, but other things are important, too.
another weird one..

I didn't transcribe this one, but a doc I worked for was telling us about this man in the ER with a gerbil (s/p?).... you know the little furry animal...stuck in his rectum.  Apparently the gerbil was put in his rectum using a paper towel cardboard tube-thingy and got stuck behind a gas bubble in his intestines!!!!

I don't know what ever happened to that man, but I hope he went for some serious counseling after that...

This is weird...
There are no menu keys at all, no view. I clicked on the small window and it made the page smaller. Now I have my menu keys, my tool bar, everything. When I enlarge the page back, then I lose everything again. If I keep it small, everything is okay.
Something that happens weird (sm)

When I'm typing along with my Instant Text along the bottom I'll occasionally (too much for my tastes) lose letters, especially when I type a period...I'll lose the last 2 or 3 characters of the previous word.  It's really bizarre.  I have no other problems with IT when typing in Word all by itself or any other program, so I assume it's just a problem when I'm using the ExText with IT.

I like going back into the old documents.  It takes a bit sometimes to load different things but it's good overall.

So weird

Its so weird, this happens to me too..

I wonder why though?

That's her and she is really weird...
So does this mean that now we have to be leery of posting on here as well in order to avoid even more scam artists than usual?
The thing for me is this sounds like you were working on site in the office with all this drama. How can you even see how much work someone else is doing if you are a virtual worker? And everything else sounds like the hospital politics of working in the hospital, strange that it could go on virtually.
how weird am I?

I won't give out my phone number, but yet I invited an internet friend of mine from Australia to come and stay with me for a couple of weeks while she was in the states. 

I'm happy to report that her visit was absolutely wonderful and she did not turn out to be a serial killer, as my daughter had portended :)

I must be weird
but I have always typed B with my left hand (6 with right).
What's your favorite food. Favorite in that you could only have one last meal what would it be?

Indulge me while I stare at computer screen waiting for Q work that isn't there.

I love spaghetti but only served with a great salad with olive oil and some garlic bread. Can't have pasta alone.  And needless to say a glass of red wine.  No dessert, just extra spaghetti.


Weird question for you MTs
Do you ever notice when you have your head phons on that sometimes your ears itch inside really bad, like you can feel water moving inside?  REALLY!
Weird question for you MTs
I used the stethoscope type ear phones and had the same experience with itching. Stopped using them and no problem anymore
The weird part is
is that everybody does care! I will continue to say this over and over and over again every night. Just don't look at it or post a reply to me if you don't like it. To me, this post is kind of like all of the MQ complainers who whine day in and day out. So, welcome to my world.

Did you know that the administrator of this forum weighs 375 pounds, has a beard, mustache and moles all over her face. It is insane.
Sounds weird.
Considering this new plan doesn't start until January 1, I don't see how people could be getting in trouble. Quit trying to stir up problems. Once again, this hasn't started yet and this person is already complaining and making things up that couldn't possibly have happened yet. The package sounds great to me and I am looking forward to it!
weird stuff
My daughters had pityriasis rosea on their legs. That was my first though when I read this post. In fact, Dorland's says it is "most often seen on the trunks, arms, or thighs."
Thank you! This is weird about the food. sm

My son has chronic eczema. He had so many food allergies when he was small. We were told he would "grow out of them" and, for the most part, he did. His major allergy was, and probably still is CORN.

Now everything you buy has corn syrup or cornstartch or corn something in it. Even the dyes in Kool Aid have a scientific number, which is actually a corn biproduct of some sort.

As you can see, I have done my homework about corn. My first time shopping for him "corn free" a decade ago took me almost 3 hours.

Unfortunately, cold weather aggravates his eczema and we live in the Northeast.  He has  been to the best dermatologist  in the state and has 4 meds that keep it under control. However, he's 15 and he goes and eats pizza with his friends (no pizza sauce ever made without corn syrup - you have to make your own out of tomatoes). McDonalds, etc, everything is loaded with it.  I only found 1 local breadmaker that actually has white bread without corn syrup in it.

Weird google ad ...
I clicked on the New MT board, and the Google ad (right above the messages) that popped up was "DEATH PENALTY"  ..... NOW I'm scared
Weird. Nobody has ever had me cap allergies anywhere. SM
I believe you guys, I really do o-- I've just never had to do it.
NO! NO! That is so weird. I literally just got off the
phone calling Frontline with the SAME THING and asking details on cat treatment then after I went out and bought some. I got a really nice girl! NO - dog flea products are often fatal to cats.  I have 2 adorable rescue kittens who are loaded with fleas. We have been waiting til they were old enough for Frontline, and I'm short of cash too, so was thinking of fudging with the dogs' Frontline that I have extra of!! Good luck! Meow!
Weird MT products
I am sure that with equality of hiring acts, ergonomics, handicap working issues, everything that can be thought of is out in cyberspace somewhere.  I think it is just a matter of surfing the web til you find these products.  I have seen one-handed keyboards that look similar to a joy sticks, as well as other configurations.
I can't find it. That is too weird!
I thought it was just me, but she is getting very weird...sm
it has gotten to where I just do not even want to watch her, as she cannot seem to talk straight, cries at the weirdest moments, etc. I heard a rumor they are looking to replace her with Jessica Simpson or Britney Spears next year. Don't know though that either of those people would be an improvement. lol.
That sounds weird.
First of all the hospital has a contract with IT dept. and setting you up would be no different than if you were set up in house.  Most MTs that are home based are set up in under an hour and it's all done through your computer.  Sounds like she had a change of mind.  Also, if your being paid by the hour - they can't change you to "per line."  I worked for a hospital and that's not how its done.  But you must reach a certain amount of lines per day, just like on site.
This is really weird, huh? So funny!
I always thought I was adopted...hmmmm...
weird x-rays
I used to work in a radiology department and we had quite a few patients with such "accidents". It was amazing how many people just happened to be naked and "fell" on mason jars, etc. I actually got to see some of the x-rays. Wild! I still think the AA batteries are pretty creative. Looks like it should have went with something else though. Wonder what made him decide on AA? Why not AAA? Or C? D? Okay, I'm getting silly, but really, how on earth do they decide to do that and how do they just pick some random object?
I don't think the Amish are Weird. They are

a kind, loving, pure, and forgiving community who look out for themselves. They are hard-working, self-reliant, and do not worship anything green.  My aunt married a Dunkard (a Mennonite sect) and I would stay with them every summer, and was taught many a lesson. I absolutely envy them (which, of course, is a forbidden word). LOL

For those who care, there are 2 funds set up through the Fulton Bank branches. One is called the Nickel Mines Children's Fund and the other is called the Roberts Family Fund. They are accepting donations until Nov. 1 and there is a committee of 9 Amish who will be taking care of the proceeds of the fund.  I'm not sure of any of the addresses, but for anyone who would care to donate, you can go to WGAL-TV on line and find the addresses and correct names of the fund.

Weird stuff
Years ago when working at a hospital, I typed a report where the doctor dictated that the gentleman was "entertaining himself" with a Real Lemon bottle. Needless to say, he had to be seen in ER. All of us about died on that one, wondering what SIZE Real Lemon bottle he used?
Weird Biology!
He must have some really weird ideas about biology, lol -- I have one doc that calls polycythemia "polycyclothemia" -- maybe it's a red blood cell mood disorder? hahahahah
That is weird! I dunno why?
Honey--not as weird as you think. sm
1 or 2 tbsp pure raw honey before going to bed. It is fantastic for sleep. I haven't slept this well in years. It also does help with weight loss. Check our th Hiburnation Diet.
No, but I have weird habits.
This may sound weird, but sometimes
If I totally get stumped. I start at the beginning of the sentence where the blank is, and then read it out loud trying to imitate the dictator's accent. Sometimes, it just kind of pops in your head what he is trying to say because you figured out how he is pronouncing it wrong.

Also, look at the rest of the report, too. Sometimes what you are looking for has been stated already somewhere in the report where you might have understood it already.

These both work for me sometimes.

I know, if you snuck up on me some night, you would think I am taking a language course or something. My son laughs at me, but it helps, it does.

Did anyone get a paystatement e-mail from ADP for a paycheck that we will be receiving sometime in the next few days? It is for a weird amount, under $75. I called payroll and they told me that I will be getting a letter explaining this check. Were very secretive.  DOES ANYONE know ANYTHING???