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I'm with you and sm

Posted By: Lyndia on 2008-02-26
In Reply to: Can anyone suggest a super light touch keyboard? That you can't hear the typing? - metooalso

it has to be a very light touch and pretty well noiseless.  I bought a BENQ from RadioShack recently and it is one of the quieter ones I have found and such a light touch...not found one this soft in years.

Another one I like is Logitech.  I used to get them locally for about $25, but now the only place I can find them is Overstock.com and I WILL NOT pay $40 for a keyboard that only lasts 3-4 months when I can get a BENQ for $15 that lasts the same amount of time and is comparible in feel and lack of clickety clack.

After all this time as an MT I have blown through tons of boards (at least 6 a year, but been through 3 already this year).  I have had MicroSoft and I could not be paid to type on one of any configuration (ergo or not).  I am always shopping for them and if I find something I like I put 3 or 4 back for later on.  The one that really lasted was a Compaq that got sent to me with a used computer I bought.  That sucker was quite heavy in weight, silent and soft.  It stayed that way for over a year, and I can't find another one of them.

The tech where I work was trying to talk me into a laser board, the kind where you shine it on a flat surface.  This would have no sound at all, but no padding either.  It is a rechargeable battery setup, but you'd only get 3 hours of it.  It tops out at 400 stokes a minute (I might have increment wrong) and I top out at 386 strokes a minute and that is not going to be the best thing.

WHY can't they make a board that is for typing on...serious typing.

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