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I have an MS 2000, too, and really like it. It's pretty quiet and was cheap ($20). I like it

Posted By: better than my $100 Logitec keyboard. on 2008-02-25
In Reply to: I really like my Microsoft ComfortCurve 2000. - Misha


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waxing- its pretty cheap & the best way to go
Check ebay, there's a lot of them pretty cheap.
Some people buy them and then don't like them as much as they thought they would, so you can get some that are practically brand new for next to nothing.
Great idea and they're pretty cheap, too!
Only about $20 or $30 at Wal-Mart.  You're one smart cookie!
XP is probably pretty cheap now. Microsoft suppose to be coming out with new OS at end of year.
5 minutes to myself, quiet, a shower with quiet and no interuptions (never happens) and fresh air -
I think I'm pretty bright and pretty good, too, but
I am not a CMT. I am a medical transcriptionist who enjoys her job very much (most days). I have chosen not to pursue certification simply because I cannot afford to do so. I believe the certification is a nice thing to have, but I don't believe it is necessary for employment or for excellence in my job. If you can afford it, go for it. If you can't, don't feel too bad. You can still take pride in and do a very good job without it.
But I do know myself. I am quiet and keep to myself

tragedy.  So I'm pretty sure I'd look WITHIN and gather strength and then focus that on my kids and getting them through school.  Plus I'd need to so some weight losing/revamping to go looking for another man!

But the "traumatic amputation" thing.  I just posted about that the other day on another board, saying my aunt told me when my uncle died it was not like a death, it was like an amputation, because they were so close.  Just wondered if you picked that up from there.

It's quiet to me!
I get up way earlier than my husband and our bedroom is right across the hall from my office. He never hears me typing! And the 3 choices of backlighting is awesome! I love the Saitek!! I've had it almost a year and will say the N and D key have white blotches over the letters, but hey, I know what they are! That's the ONLY drawback to this keyboard that I can find. I will always have one!
Conjunctivae, not conjunctivas
Anterior chamber is quiet? Could it be: Conjunctivae clear, sclerae anicteric, anterior chamber is quiet?
He has been really quiet
for like 2 or 3 days
I think most MTs like quiet

and solitude and are more introverted than extroverted.  Most people don't understand the nature of the job and the skill set it requires along with the personality.  We are not librarians but we have to have the aptitude and the research skills that most librarians have along with a desire for knowledge and understanding of medicine.  People who have to be around people all the time naturally would think people who worked from home and actually liked it were odd. Just look at all the people looking for jobs they can do at home these days. Most people think jobs from home are scams.  MT is a legitimate job and for some quite lucrative.  No one has it easy these days with the job market the way it is so maybe some people only wish they had MT skills and get frustrated because they are stuck and have to play the people game every day.

I have been there -just say "I'm so sorry" and stay quiet.
a cooked meal sounds great!!! A good time to do that is after the hoopla has died down and she is faced with emptiness. That is when most people think you should be *over it* - she won't ever be. If you are a close friend, send her a card on the child's next birthday and on the 1st anniversary of his/her death. The mother will love you for it. Mention the child in conversation whenever you can, but don't force it.

and p.s., you are entitled to your own feelings, so gripe about anything you want!
Transcribe it and keep quiet. sm
We're professionals. We do our job and we keep any info learned to ourselves. I've even typed reports on family members. Never disclose any info you learn as a part of your job.
You lucked out is all if it was quiet....sm

But most MDs dictate near the unit stations where the nurses and other people are talking loud and seemingly don't care that there is an MD there trying to dictate.

I STILL work for MQ (only on weekends for 9 years and work privately during the week).  They quit the *cesspool* stuff and have given us all 3 accounts (possibly more for other people).  I sometimes do get a 4th account if all my 3 others are done.

Have a good one!!! 

what if your environment is quiet?
anyone have suggestions for headphones that provide the best sound optimization and clarity? i work at home alone in the office in my basement, so i hear nothing from outside and don't have anyone home making noise.
Some just can't be quiet and have to ruin it for others.
I agree.
Just keep quiet. You are griping and complaining. nm
Need a quiet place to work without .

Trying to avoid interruptions in the home.:)  Any of you work from an added room or trailer that you turned into an office?  Closing the door is not an option.  Would need to actually leave the house even if it is to go to a room added on or to a camper in the yard.  Wondering if others have done the same thing.   I saw in the paper where a company rents out an office for a day, a week, or however long you need it for.  Wondering if that would be worth it just to have the chance to work in peace.


Yep, very very quiet town. Not much happening there
Just 3 words: "David, be quiet."

And then you just walk away or change the subject to something like, "DO I SMELL SMOKE?!!

I'm actually thinking "David, shut up." But that not only is not nice, I'm sure there is a "go to hell" card in his "Meet My New Religion" game for that expression.

Goooooood luck

And don't get married because you're going to fry in hell if you don't. Trust me, it only makes more laundry and dishes.

Merry Christmas!!!

lol. If she is quiet during the night, be thankful for that.
Bose Quiet Comfort 2 - now they have a new
version which supposedly is even better - QC3. They are AMAZING. They do block out background noise, though its subtle. And the clarity is amazing! I can hear what the doctor is thinking!
Quiet with a candle burning. Shh....nm
IMHO, you don't want silent...you want quiet. sm
Keyclicks do provide important feedback.
Any reks for a quiet keyboard that has NO
eclipse II by saitek is more quiet than some...
it has some nice features like it lights up different colors. The most quiet keyboard I have ever used was for the MAC and it was from Suntouch - absolutely the best, but you have to really search for it. Have you tried those little flat boards made of plastic? One brand is called brando flexible? I have not been brave enough to try this one but it looks interesting for sure...
It's quiet now. Hope it stays that way...
I thought things were pretty quiet lately, but then again I only spend a short time here checking on companies and the job seeker's board.

However, just start talking about the things you want to talk about like what's for dinner or your trip to Costa Rica. I'm sure someone will join in with you.

I think some of them come here to vent, unwind or have been burned by an employer and want to warn others like you said.

But the catty ones, well that's a different story.

BTW, what's for dinner?:)

Bose quiet comfort 2
Pricey but worth it. Blocks out family's TV noise, muffles sound of vacuum cleaner, makes barely audible dictation clearer.

ahhh finally some peace and quiet, thanks!
Very nice, quiet, family beach

except for the biker bars (which are really kinda fun!).  Small local market in the square on Friday.  Nice beach, good restaurants, close to Daytona and St. Augustine if you are looking for more action.

A little cool for swimming IMHO, but with good weather it's nice to dig your toes in the replenished beach.

Yeah, that's if you're with someone who tries hard to be quiet. LOL
Mine mutters because he can't find something and turns on the lights because he can't see. He finally admitted that he wakes me up deliberately because he doesn't like to be up alone in the mornings. I used to have to make coffee for him and drive him to work at 4:30 a.m. He loved that. I was so tired and cranky because I can't go back to sleep once I'm woke up.
Ssshhh! Maybe if we're all quiet she'll go away!
Do most of you work with some noise on or do you like total quiet?
I go between working with just silence to working with a light radio in the background. Love the radio but wonder as far as being productive is that a good or bad thing. I know music can stimulate your brain and all that to be productive, but in MT I wonder about it since it's such a concentration-requiring job.
I live in a quiet country neighborhood sm
but it is 6 a.m. and the birdies have started waking up. So loud!!
. Conjunctivas, (quiet), sclerae non-impaired
I can't figure out what (quiet) should be!!! I know that isn't right, but I can't hear anything else!
They might not, but I would still get satisfaction knowing I didn't keep quiet about it. sm
And you know AHDI probably has the attitude of "well nobody has ever come to us telling us we're not working for them," or some such thing.
Bose headphone Quiet Comfort 2 or 3 better?
Anyone tried both and have a preference?  Any positives or negatives (besides the outrageous price?)  I bought the Quiet Comfort 2 in the store after trying the demo model of the QC 3.  I thought the over the ear would be better for blocking noise, but I am not certain they are as good as the QC3 (on the ear).  I just want a pair of headphones that will block out my kids being home this summer, as I have to work in the dinning room corner and I hear everything.  Might try a different brand/model all together because for 300-350 dollars I am not the Bose are worth it.  Thanks for your input! 
(more than 1)Quiet, not coming here, timer, expander, deadlines - nm
Compaq standard keyboard from RadioShack. Quiet! nm
Conjunctivae quiet is correct, means pink not red and
We're getting lovely soft quiet snow now.

It's winding down now (2200 hours) here near Bangor, ME, but it was just so beautiful and soft--super fine and it looks like glitter when light hits it from flashlights or porch lights.  It really is quite beautiful out there and not too awfully cold.  No wind to speak of and everything is muffled quiet-like.  Just beautiful and the animals are having an absolute blast playing in it! 

Heavens, now you're popping in about NOT having kids. You've sure been quiet for a while!

If you read the whole thread and all my comments, I said that MTing is a big career choice for women in their childbearing years when they want to work at home. We ALL know that, though some of us want to refuse that reality. It always has been the #1 career choice for women who want to work and be home with their kids. Period.  Of course, there are a lot of other women who choose the career or fall into it for different reasons.  Its like the #1 job new moms or wanna-be moms look into. You all sure blast them when they post on here with a few innocent Qs on how to get into the industry.  You don't have kids by choice - good for you! You and I have crossed paths many, many times before.  Its a great choice for you, and I totally respect it.  At least you aren't having kids and dumping them in day care centers!  That I just do NOT get, and never will, especially when you could have them home with you - at least the choice is there. And as for moms not being able to control their kids, you will NEVER be able to control them when you just ship them out.  No one ever seems to post an argument on that one. Yeah, I couldn't control little Johnny and Sara.  They never wanted to just entertain themselves, or play with each other. All they did was fight and scream and demand MY attention, so...off they went to day care, and now its SO much better when they're home.  They get along beautifully now, and just LOVE each other, and no more fighting...Nope, the only peace is the 8, or 10, or 12 hours a day that they are absent from their home.  Sooo sad. And the poor day care workers and teachers - they get to deal with the disastrous kids whose own mothers can't stand them underfoot, but at least they get paid $$ for it!!  Maybe I'm in the wrong profession.

Just got my Compaq C0310108576 from Radio Shack the other day. Love it's quiet! nm
Usually totally quiet, maybe back slider open for windchimes - sm
and the birds chirping. But have to work a lot with the TV on (kids in my BR watching a tape/DVD/TV) which they keep as low as possible but very distracting. Like it best when totally quiet though.
Had an old white Compaq board that was so "soft" & quiet. Newer
No, you are not being cheap.
I spend what I can afford. No more, no less.
They got her cheap
Quality is on the downswing and hiring cheap people is up but that's ridiculous.
Yes, cheap. NM
no message
that is cheap
I have done seminars and meetings and still charge by the line and have made about $100 per 60 minute tape.  
Its because they are too cheap

to upgrade to the latest technology.  I remember using DOS forever and WP 5.1 forever because the MTSOs were too cheap to invest any money in state of the art technology.

There are services that use Vista, but harder to find.