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Posted By: Just playing around! on 2005-06-30
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Especially the colors!  It's fun to experiment!

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what features do you lose?
I think it's the program I want but what would I lose?  TIA
The same features are all there but in different places because
of the new ribbon. If you were productive in an older version, you would be just as productive in 2007 once you learn your way around the new layout. Almost all of my old keyboard shortcuts still work in 2007 so I don't fool with the ribbon all that much. I toggle it off most of the time because it's so huge and takes up too much room on my screen.

Are you sure your trial version isn't fully functional? Maybe your trial time has expired?

You can set up IT to work like SH, but then you lose some of the features. (sm)
I switched from SH to IT, wasn't sure I liked it at first, and there's still a few things I don't like, but I'm sticking with IT.

Choosing from a list isn't as bad as it sounds, because you can use the same abbreviation for more than one thing, which is nice. It also has a "finish it for me" feature where you start to type something and it will suggest the rest of the sentence or whatever, and just hitting a key will type it in for you!

For more info and to learn a lot more, visit this great website:

AutoCorrect and AutoText are two different features. Which one... sm
is causing the problem? Both features save to different files unless you are formatting an AutoCorrect with italics, bold, or more than one line, which is also saved to the normal.dot (normal.dotm in 2007). Plain text AutoCorrects are in the acl file.
Then that makes the "wonderful" features of IT worthless.

IT takes so long to get used to using that increase is production you may eventually get is not enough to cover for the money you lose while trying to learn the program.  If you have to memorize everything, you might as well use Autocorrect. 

Shorthand is much better and easier to use. 


Very nice features, compared and love it.
no, i don't use template features. use hypersend to send back. nm
love val kilmer too. he is quirky and funny and adorable. sensuous features.

love him, love him, love him.  in interviews and in movies.

Well, I love some Autocorrect features--best thing about Word-- and I backup *.acl file---so I never
Well, I love some Autocorrect features--best thing about Word-- and I backup *.acl file---so I never lose it. Just replace it in the Windows folder (copy and paste my newest backup *.acl file--which I copy once a day--into the Windows folder on the C:drive). takes less than a minute, never "lose" Autocorrect anyumore. For years I did, though, before I figured out where it was. Just search for *.acl on your computer and copy the file that comes up as owner.acl or whatever you named your computer-- and then put it on the desktop as the backup file, jsut make a folder or whatever, newest backup acl-- along with Normal.dot-- and copy these once a week onto a disk.
Word AutoText, AutoCorrect, and Spellchecker, and other Word features
I have just started working for a company that uses Word (my previous experience was HTML-based and had its own autotext and spellchecker).

I have never bought medical spellcheckers nor Instant Text, especially that I have learned a lot from posters here that one could use the autocorrect feature for long words/phrases/paragraphs/templates. I have heard of people saying autocorrect was not meant to be used for such.

I have been browsing some features of shortcuts in Word (using the Assistant), and have discovered that it has AutoText. I tried it by highlighting a whole document (canned procedured), then hit Alt+F3, assigned a code, and voila! I have a template that readily inserts into an open Word document by typing the code and hitting Enter.

Also, I have learned that I can insert empty fields (for variables in my templates like BP/HR/RR/Temp values by hitting Ctrl+F9, then when I have inserted the autotext for a template with such empty fields, I can readily jump from one field to the next (to fill them up with values) by hitting F11 (or Shift+F11 to go to previous empty field).

We do know that many dictators want us to type verbatim even for running sentences, so that I have found the Spelling and Grammar checker feature of Word quite cumbersome. I discovered tonight that I could use just the spellchecker feature by clicking on Tools > Customize, then under Categories, select Tools; under Commands, select Spelling. I dragged that onto my tool bars so I can do a quick spellcheck. Cool thing was, the previous documents I have made with new drug names, etc., which I have spellchecked using a non-Word program, were automatically included in its database (so I do not have to re-enter them as I begin to utilize this feature). Drawback: I could not make a shortcut key for this (have to use the mouse again!)

Then I made my OWN keyboard shortcut for autocorrect by going to Tools>Customize>Keyboard (click on button then another window appears), Under Categories, choose Tools; under Commands, choose AutoCorrect. Under Press new shortcut key, assign the shortcut you want (F key, Alt or Ctrl + desired key), then click on Assign button.

Well, that is all I can share for now. I have learned a lot from posters here, and I hope I have added some info, especially for Word users like me who can be categorized as average.javascript:editor_insertHTML('text','');