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I agree with not letting our children watch crap; however,

Posted By: TM on 2005-10-10
In Reply to: We don't watch TV much at all any more. - beth

I think some people are a little too sensitive when it comes to TV. Being someone who supports gay marriage, shows such as Will and Grace do not bother me. I don't really watch much TV though. The only show I love is CSI, but I rarely have time to sit down and watch it.

On the other hand, I have a huge problem with a network that allows many animals to be killed just for entertainment purposes and a problem with people who think that this is okay for some reason. It's pathetic. If that were dogs or cats floating around in that water instead of rats, people would be throwing a fit. What is the difference??

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It is difficult to work at home and watch young children.
Don't take that as a slam because I had to do it, too. I got up before they did and worked for an hour or two, worked during their afternoon naps, worked after they went to bed at night, and worked a little bit in the morning while they were playing or watching Blues Clues. It wasn't fulltime, but it felt like I was chained to my computer desk from the moment I got up to the moment I went to bed.

I actually blockaded my kids in the living room with me using big plastic toyboxes or baby gates while I worked so they wouldn't escape. Lock the doors to the house and put cowbells on them so you can hear if they try to escape. If not cowbells, use those little battery operated buzzers that go off when the connection is broken. Don't wear headphones but listen through the speakers. Pay a neighborhood 'tween or older sibling $1 or more an hour to entertain the young kids after school while you're there. No job is worth the risk of your child getting into something tragic.

I was fortunate in that my kids were good about entertaining themselves for short periods of time, but certainly not for an 8-hour shift all at once. My niece and nephew are nothing like that. If they don't have your full attention, they fight and get into things. One time while I was babysitting them, I was making dinner in the kitchen. My 3 y.o. niece managed to untape the knob and turn off our water heater, drop the cordless phone into the toilet, and climb out the dog door into subzero weather in less than 5 minutes. She's still a holy terror 3 years later, but I refuse to babysit her any more.
Sexual predators vs witch hunters. watch children risk becoming predators....

I recently had an awakening about the witch hunt currently going on for one "convicted sexual predator."  Predator first offense:  18 y.o. dating 15 y.o. Dad of 15 y.o. angry and had 18 y.o. arrested.  My grandmother was 16 when she married my grandfather who was 19.  I guess he should have been arrested too.

Second offense:  21 y.o. made copy of nude on internet.  Copy found by off-duty policeman who reported find.  Predator arrested, mother's computer confiscated, 100 y.o. public defender appointed.  Predator had to prove person posing for picture was over 18.  How could anyone do that if they do not even know name of person appearing in picture.  Predator convicted and on probation.  Cannot be anywhere with any children.  No Christmas get togethers with family, no church, must leave restaurant or other public place if children come in, MUST be registered and can be locked up if too close to daycare, school bus stop, etc. and must go ???somewhere if children present in Dr. waiting room etc.  Neighbors informed of sexual predator in midst and regularly egg car and persecute in other ways.  I wish they would round up every photographer and reader who ever looked at girl's breast in magazine and could not prove girl of age.  (National Geographic for instance.)  I find sexual predators abhorrent but think we have gone too far.  Am I the only one who sees the backlash from fear? 



sorry I don't agree about the children..sm

I, for one, am a product of said *scared into submission* and also *heavily physically abused* by the same parent who was into this *scared into submission*...

After 20 years of therapy from 8-28 - and dumping that parent who had no remorse....I'm fine.  I also raised a very well-behaved 27 year old child who NEVER HAD TO BE SCARED INTO SUBMISSION.  That's not to say I didn't whack once in awhile.......but I never abused anything or anybody in this life....except maybe myself in my 20s.

Now I'm in my 50s and I learned from every bad thing in life that happens to you, something good comes out of that. 

Scared into submission may be fine for animals (but I really doubt it since I have animals and I have never scared them into submission and they, too, are well behaved because I hold them accountable, just like the children - holding someone accountable is not scaring them into submission).

Find a better way regarding the children...........

funny because we agree on this (children) but.....

Scribbles - We so agree on the not making the child submissive or using violent ways to get a child to behave - I'm one of the posters in that thread though with a different name (I'm the one with the 20 years of therapy experience prior to having children)....yet we so do not agree on Chavez.  It's very interesting to me that we are on the same page for one issue and on opposite pages for the other issue.

Ok, we can agree to disagree

Have a GREAT evening!! 

So agree about that childish banning and also like children............
it was their way or no way! Well now she and Goldbird are banned forever! How about that? What goes around really does come around huh? LOL
I agree...working at home with children is possible just very hard...
I have a 9-year-old and an 18-month-old and I wake up early in the morning before the kids wake up and work and then work some more during my daughter's nap...there are days I want to pull my hair out but my children don't suffer and neither does my job...thank goodness my company is flexible otherwise I couldn't do it...
I agree. I only watch network television
in the summer occasionally. That's if there is an episode of Dateline, 20/20, etc. that I am interested in. I have DirectTV, so I usually watch other channels such as Discovery, Discovery Health Channel, Animal Planet, Bravo, etc. And I normally try to find a good movie on one of the movie channels. Network TV usually sucks in the summer.
LOVE ER!!! I watch the re-runs every day, and watch the new ones on Thursday night!!
I do this job with young children around and neither my job nor children have suffered...
It can be done...
Thanks for letting us know he's OK.
That's good news. I will put his name on the prayer list at our church. I hope he is soon able to get back on his feet.
I'm just letting you know that they are
not as expensive as you were making them out to be. The big bags cost that much, not a regular purse, and I am not talking knock offs. I am not disagreeing with you though. Most all of these people have been poor their whole life. If you think that every one of them will take that $2000 and only spend in on things that they need, then you are disillusioned. To be honest with you, I am surprised more people have not wasted it on unnecessary items.
Thanks for letting us know about this.
These deals are great!  I just requested a catalog.  I will check this site before I buy software ever again. 
OMG! Thanks so much for letting me know!
Thanks for letting me know!
Thanks for letting me know!
That's pretty much what I have wound up doing, too bad they couldn't come up with a better way to do that to make it easier, but at least I know that it's not just me!! I'm definitely not use to the automatic numbering that Word does. Fortunately not many of my docs do this subset thing, but there are a couple, and one that even dictates i. ii. iii. under a.b.c., that almost had me pulling my hair out trying to get those lined up!
Thank you for letting us know.
I was one who posted trying to help. I'm glad to know that you were finally able to get it to work; you're information may also be helpful to someone else in the future with a similar problem.
Thank you, for letting me know I am not the only one...
doing this quickly so I do not get the 'boot' again!
I stopped letting them do that.
Too many times they had inexperienced techs who messed everything up.  Once my computer crashed because of what they did.  Another time, another company, they deleted a program and nothing would work right.  Just because they say they are a computer tech does not mean they know anything.  Many do not even have a certificate, just a litle on the job training. 
Thanks for letting me know there are people out there

on both sides of the fence.  Yeah, I know the consequences and the possiblities.  I live with them every day.  I guess I have not been as good a planner as many of you have been.  It kind of snow-balled me before I could get a grip on it.  I think not having a good tax guy for 10 years did not help.  But any solutions to getting out of debt with the IRS would be greatly appreciated.  Like they say Two things are for sure, death and taxes.  No way around either.  I have heard that some people cheat the goverment every year with not reporting income and stuff and never have to pay nothing because they make a living under the table.  The penaty I get for reporting and filing and having a husband that works a good job is garnished wages and liens.  No one wants to work out payment plans that you can live with. 

I don't mind letting one use it but....nm

sounds like you are letting them run over you. sm
you are going to have to stand up and say look in order to keep those accts, keep work flowing to you, and money to all of us, we have to meet our requirements. the more you let them lax, the more they will do it. no one likes to be ridden either, but at some point you have to say something or it will only get worse. maybe start pulling some of their work from their assigned acct and giving it to those one or two who are productive on thurs/fri and the others will get the hint to get their work done or you will get someone else to do it.
You did take off from work, without letting anyone know
You flew out of town and now something does not work? If I were them, I would be upset without a notice. You do not sound responsible because if you were, you would have thought out about your work before leaving unless a dire emergency and then you probably would have notified your company.
Just letting you know what I found
This site is very reliable. Luckily I barely use my cell phone so hopefully if it true I won't be effected.
There is nothing lost by letting them know

We are all human.

If they take you back, then give it a while before looking for a new position, and then when you leave the next time, you'll know to have it all in place before giving your notice.  Don't fall for these "must start right away" advertisements for jobs.  They are a buncha you know what.  All companies have at least one MT to cover until they find a new hire.  Nothing happens overnight! 

Your other option would be to start applying and testing with other companies.  I remember Transcend being really quick to get me equipment when I worked for them.  Another idea would be to post your resume here and you may get offers if you haven't already done so.  Oh gosh, I feel so bad for you.  Please let us know how you make out.  What a pickle; but you can still transcribe, so you should be okay as long as you can pick up something really soon.

OMG. I'm never letting my legs out of my sight again. LOL.
Its the MQ way. I have my way of letting them know I know they are lying. I hate being BS around.
I'm gonna do all of them! Thanks for letting me vent!
Try covering with mayonaise and letting sit...
for a few hours/over night; then wipe off. 
More surprising is what the parents are letting them do. sm

My daughter is in 6th grade.  There is a girl in her class who is ELEVEN years old.  Now keep the age in mind for a minute here.

This 11-year-old girl has piercings in one eyebrow, one side of her nose, her bottom lip, her tongue AND her belly button.  Both ears are also pierced all the way around with about 12 studs in each ear.  She wears full makeup and tight, low slung jeans. She told my daughter that she is getting a tattoo for her 13th birthday.

Sort of a "teenage right of passage" so to speak?  After all her parents have pretty much run out of things to give her permission to do.

I've met the "parents" and it's obvious that the apple doesn't fall to far from the tree.

Shall I suggest a uvula piercing for her big 13th?

I am confused here, you are leary about letting - sm
young kids drive, but you allow your 14-1/2-year-old to drive? Not only is this illegal, it is nuts. I hope you just made a typo and are not actually allowing your underage child to drive. You will both get in a lot of trouble if you are ever caught, which I hope is the case if she is underage.
I agree.
Why do the MTSOs not DARE to tell the crappy dictators that their dictations are crap? Some doctors do not maintain their equipment functioning properly, then the sound quality is aweful.
MTSOs are afraid to lose the client if they complain about this.
And the MTs have to suffer through this all.

Is there a chance the other cat(s) aren't letting her use the litter box? sm
That is a problem in my multicat household. Some of them will chase the cat who is eliminating in the wrong place so she can't use the box. They'll even hide in the area of the box and pounce on her when she tries to relieve herself. You can try putting boxes in different spots or different floors of the home. Good luck.
Letting Physician hear her own dictation
I had two bad dictating Rads, one who said "period paragraph" in the middle of a sentence throughout the entire report and another who threw up the films while dictating, as his handset was placed on the counter. There was no OM to talk to, it was me and after asking them repeatedly to fix the problem, they tried with no improvement. So I typed the report exactly as he dictated it and gave it to him for signature. He never said a word to me about it, just redictated clearly and never did it again. With the other, I walked into the reading room and played the tape for him and asked him if he wanted me to send the dictation to the referring physician so that he could figure out what he was saying. You would be surprised how quick these guys got their act together. But they really did not think there was a problem until it was presented to them. Maybe she needs to hear what it sounds like. She may not think its so bad. I say copy and send the bad dictations with the letter. Leaving out those things mentioned above.

Yes, that me.....have way to much crap happening....
THANK YOU!! As QA I run into the same crap. Like they do not care...
The whole verbatum thing..they go a LITTLE far. There is still room to make it correct.
yes my spelling has gone to crap sorry
so much for proof reading.. I am sure to be bashed for that
What a load of crap!!!!....nm
crap money
New transcriptionists are not given the opportunities that are available to experienced transcriptionists. Even though it is crap money it is the only way we can get our foot in the door to gain the experience we need to even be considered for higher paying positions. I, personally suffer with low pain just to gain EXPERIENCE.
offshore crap
HOLY CRAP!!!! Here's what I'd do:
1. Get a hotel room.

Crap. Try actually reading what she said.
I agree with her. I was not a good, fast, MT but I am a killer at research and I can find stuff it seems like nobody else can. I share it with the MT's I proof and my QA peers in the company and everybody benefits.

It's not a question of being better than, worse than or whatever. People are reading stuff into posts that isn't there, IMO.
I am sorry, as long as I have done this and am in the business, I seriously doubt with 99% accuracy that someone can do 1200 lines or even 600 without some serious help from "giving" lines.  Do not let anyone fool you out there that is just starting out or even have been around awhile.  Unless you see proof on how it is done, see it with your own eyes, try it out yourself, do not believe the outrageous.  There is also a way I have seen MT's make lots of lines that one cannot see unless they are being QA'd, it is called "padding' and yes I am sure someone then can do 1200 lines an hour, but how much is actually dictation.  Padding is a good way to get fired from a company if caught.
Sick of QA crap
At this company I work at, I get so sick and tired of QA. I am sure that there are a lot of wonderful QA people out there and I commend you. But it seems like where I work at, the QA do not follow all the same rules and change what they want with your reports. I get feedback about once a month and I was just looking at my feedback and I am so irritated. They changed things on my report that if you look in the account specifics it is the total opposite. I am doing it right and they are changing it wrong but b/c they make a mark on my report it looks like I am the one at fault. Like we are supposed to place all numbers in arabic form and dates also, but QA went and changed on my report numbers 1-10 to written form and also spelled out the dates and it specifically states not to in specifics. Or like with fractions, it is supposed to be 18-1/2 (a dash in there) but QA changed to 18 1/2 (no dash). And they also change little nitpicky things, for ex. how they think headers should be, they change words around, add commas in stupid places. And what one QA person will mark as wrong, another QA will mark as right. Where do they get these people? I emailed the supervisor for clarification, but I have done this times before and nothing has changed. I really like this company other than the QA. The QA just act like they have all this power and they can change what they want to. It is total bull.
Try Crap Cleaner
Google for it and download (should be from Hippo). Run it - let it analyze and run cleaner. Then go to "tools" and "fix issues." After that reboot your computer and then try to get the gid file again. Hopefully this will clean out anything you've got blocking it.

Maybe their work is crap, too..

...but cheaper crap.  Maybe as long as hospitals and MTSOs figure they are going to get schlock work anyway, they would prefer it to be cheaper offshore work, and go through the many layers of QA and proofing?

Insurance companies are one thing, but I have to wonder what happens when a report with serious medical errors ends up in court as part of a megabucks malpractice suit.  I mean if the doc dictates something like "50 mg of potassium" which the MT does not question, or some other horrible boo-boo that QA or the doc never catches.   We are at the bottom of the pyramid, with QA and the doctor himself also responsible for catching mistakes before he signs. Anybody know of any histories of this? 

I think things started going downhill when impersonal MTSOs took over the transcription business, then started buying and trading us like cattle.  We truly don't know our coworkers or bosses.  We're all just faceless typing machines out here.  I don't know about any of you, but I did not get a raise the last five years I was with one MTSO, only 1 raise during the entire 10 years, and certainly no praise for a job well done - ever. 

Yeah, I know, we still all should do our best all the time.  But motivation is sometimes lacking when you feel depersonalized and as though at any moment your company will be sold, your job sent overseas, or you will be turned into a VR Editor against your will.  Maybe some MTs are all about just typing as fast as possible while it lasts. 

Did the MTSOs start this by going overseas for cheap, causing us to say 'what the heck' and become low quality?  Or did we start this by being low quality, causing the MTSOs to go overseas since they were going to get bad work anyway?  Opinions?

I think that crap is inflated!!!!
I don't see an MT making that much unless they are getting about 9-12 cents a line and then I believe it. I make 6 cpl and have been since I started 3 years ago. That same Yahoo thing tells me my husband who is a plumber should be making $60,000, but that dosen't happen.... not with this economy anyway!!!
You make 25-30 an hour by letting the editor do your job for you dumba$$!
You will get yours in the end sweetie. Having someone else do your job shows you are lazy!!
Oh my you would have Amherst in a scramble letting their reports get 2 hours old. Gee, they would
have no clue what to do. Probably sit up all night and watch the system or MAYBE do them themselves to keep the 1 hour TAT. Yep.
I don't understand why everyone keeps letting Rapid Transcript advertise...SM
They have been doing this for years.  I had to nearly take them to court to be paid for two weeks worth of typing.  I can't believe that they are still getting away with this.  PLEASE, in the best interest of honest MTs looking for an honest day's wage, STOP ALLOWING THEM TO ADVERTISE ON THIS WEBSITE OR ANY OTHER MT JOB WEBSITE.  TIA
lol... that's funny. that's what I'm talking about, letting your fingers loose and not wor

Simple, I'm fed up with all the crap and I'm not going to allow it to start up again.
Here's the deal...if you're unhappy at MQ because you're not getting what you want, find another job and quit.  If you think MQ is oh so wonderful, fabulous, but keep in mind that other people don't agree with you and can post their opinions.  If your main beef is to just come here and whine about it, get lost because it's tiresome.  Administrator