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Fear Factor is a like being an MT.

Posted By: ....... on 2005-10-10
In Reply to: Totally not MT related, but where is the new season of Fear Factor on NBC? nm - Looking for new fall line up :)


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Has anyone been following Psycho Fear Factor?
I don't think the Bates Hotel looks all that bad - in fact it looks a lot like MY house! So far I think the worst torture was having that newly divorced couple sleep in the same bed! I guess they signed up for the show B4 they knew divorce wuz pending, LOL.
No, that's next week's Psycho MT Fear Factor.
With FranQ substituting 4 Joe Rogan.
Totally not MT related, but where is the new season of Fear Factor on NBC? nm

I don't watch fear factor. They abuse animals. I also have better
stuff to do with my time then watch someone eat pig intestines.
Fear of change is worse than fear of not being able to pay your bills? nm
Factor V Leiden.nm
$$ is my motivating factor......nm
Need is not a factor in this game. (see m)
There is absolutely no point to having a game at all if you are going to give the money to whoever "needs" it.

It's a competition, pure and simple. Sometimes wealthier people are wealthier for a reason: they are competitive. But I definitely believe that in no way ever should need be considered. That just completely detracts from the spirit of the game.
OTC or Rx is not the deciding factor. sm
As the other posters said, the deciding factor on capitalization is whether it is a brand name or a generic. There are prescription meds that are capped (Nexium), and prescription meds that are not capped (esomeprazole). There are OTC meds that are capped (Tylenol) and OTC meds that are not capped (ibuprofen).
don't forget to factor in...
the cost of working outside of the home, such as gas, wardrobe, etc., when making your decision.
Simon calls that the X factor....
thanks, i will make it THE deciding factor also.
i'm just going to hang in there. i had some email replies for reassurance also.
I think mismanagement is a HUGE factor, here!
How annoying. What is it with the flaky factor?

Not transcription related but I am trying to get volunteers to help with a big community theater project and I don't know how many times I get the "oh yeah I will definitely be there blah blah" and I end up with mostly no-shows!!! I mean I know it's volunteer but why lie? If they don't want to, just $%#^ SAY SO..  Can't imagine people doing that to a real job, what idiots. 

Distance is a factor but box OP refers to sm

makes a difference as well. I have been in this house for 10 years, and while we are probably 2 miles at most down the "line," we are unable to get DSL because the equipment and lines to our house are old and outdated. We didn't even have caller ID until about 6 years ago when they finally updated the box for this area. We are on a dirt road and were told recently that they will not be putting in DSL here, and the only way we will get high-speed is if we see them laying fiberoptic cable. We thought we might get lucky a couple of years ago when they started putting in 1000 houses across from us, but with the housing bust, that has been derailed also. So for now, I will have to be happy with my Sprint EVDO service.

it's 108 in Indio, CA, but a mere 100 with the windchill factor! :o) NM
Hot city!
Never fear, Sandy, because....
your little "problem" meeting TAT is quickly becoming solved with too much overstaffing, etc. among companies. This appears to be just YOUR problem. I would find it extremely hard to believe that an MT would deliberately try to undermine you by not working her committed work schedule. Goodness, all of this "craziness" because of one innocent question by Julia.
I am a single mom and have this fear every day
But, because I have to pay the bills, I cannot sit around. So I work 2 full-time jobs. I am eying my employee job carefully, b/c if it ever slows to the point where I cannot make rent, I will work 3 jobs and then let the 1 go which is faltering. Unfortuantely, I have been through what is happening to you but I was in a marriage. When I had to go out on my own, I realized how a person has to be secure in a job for all kinds of reasons, not just bills but self-esteem. I cannot tell you what to do nor is it my place to do so, I can only tell you where I have been and where I am now. Even if I had the ability to sit around and wait for work, I would not do it. I would first communicate and ask for full-time work. If no response I'd get a second or third job and do all until the time comes where I can judge which is the most consistent to pay bills. This is even if I did not have much sleep and raising a child alone. I am doing this now, and it is difficult, but I would rather lose sleep with a roof over my head and a good self-esteem, than sit and wait for work and let it eat on my bills and my confidence.
Sorry for the long note. Hope it helps. Good luck to you whatever you decide. PS: Listen to your heart.
Have you set the foot pedal up in your software. Not doing so can be a major factor in why SM
won't work.  I know lots of people who just plugged the foot pedal into the computer but never set it up in the software and they had the same problems that you are having. 
Wow, let's see, I remember when we could play outside without fear SM
and stayed outside and played from morning until night (we only came home for supper)...

When you could be a blue-collar worker and expect to make a living wage, and keep the same job all your adult life...

When going to the movies for 50 cents and sitting in the balcony was fun...

When you could say something without fear of offending someone and getting sued...

Ah, I remember...
I fear what the future holds too...
Those three beautiful souls growing up thinking this is the normal way to live. Call your family today and start planning to leave this creep. It won't be the easiest thing you've ever done, but it will be the smartest.
Not to discount your fear right now, but didn't her doc

advise her that the risks involved with surgery would include perforation of organs, and other complications, including death. Medicine is unfortunately an inexact science, and doctors are, after all, only human. May not be a clear cut case of malpractice, may "merely" be an unfortunate complication.

I've seen many people rush into a lawsuit, only to have their lives and money consumed by them, to find out they don't understand legal concept of malpractice and even if malpractice, if the insurance company has a better lawyer, you can lose anyway.

For now, I would focus my energy on praying rather than suing...



Saying you have to be "professional" to not fear about loss of a job
means all the people sending in posts about outsourcing, losing their jobs, worried about the possibility of such, are nonprofessional. I think this reaches a lot more MTs than just the "nonprofessionals." I hear their fears and know what it is, have been there before. I appreciate the post on my behalf and hope anger management is on hand for those who apparently cannot handle it. My goodness, just think about the season if nothing else...
I fear you tried the company out of Chicago?
Line rate isn't the only factor -- your lines/hour average is key, too.
Even at 7 cpl, keeping about 275 lines/hour average keeps you at $19.25 an hour and that is $40,000 a year.

It is a myriad of factors involved. You have to have the knowledge, be decisive, self-sufficient and very focused. Then, you need to negotiate as high a base rate as you can and look toward the incentive plan to increase your paycheck.

With our incentive, it was not worth it if I couldn't hit high lines in a day. So, I changed my schedule to hit those lines.

I am tired after my work days but having the 4 days a week off and a good income makes it worth it for me. It allows me to spend my days off doing things I want to.

Forgot to mention - kids need fear of someone or something sm
that is my job as a mom, to make them fear authority and always try to do the right thing! I don't care how big they are, and my one son is 6'3" tall and weighs 250 lbs, I will still kick his ass and he knows it!
don't cheat yourself out a really good experience just because of fear...sm
I went to Africa in January to volunteer in a medical clinic for 18 days. Talk about leaving your comfort zone. There were two nights in particular where I really, really, really wished I wasn't there.  But turned out to be a profoundly life changing experience. The word is "feel the fear but do it anyway."
Not old but........Primal Fear! Excellent movie.
Complacency and fear of rocking the boat is a big

I'm with your son, although my faves are SF Rockstar and SF Sobe No Fear. VROOOM ... lol nm

My biggest fear of doing my own file or someone else I knew doing it would be to hear

the dreaded words "obese female" and "looks older than stated age!"  UGH!!!!

I find they give the best, meticulous pt care by far. Why do you fear?
Their control obviously isn't putting fear in those that abuse the information though. nm
Fear of change. Kinda like I am when I am faced with learning a new acct.
I wanted to learn it, but I fear the learning curve would be impossible. sm

since I can't take any time off from the qwerty keyboard.  How did you make the conversion? 

No social life. I now have a fear going out in public! Working from home for 8 years now will do t
WRONG! A child that has a fear of discipline = a well behaved child.
I have a beautiful, intelligent 11 year old daughter that hasn't had a spanking in 6 or 7 years and probably only 3 her entire life. She is very well behaved and I get compliments on her behavior constantly. When she does get out of line all I have to say is, "Shall I call your father?" Call it what you want, it works. She respects and obeys me and her father. Why??? For fear of the facing the consequences of misbehaving. Having a total lack of fear or respect for authority is exactly what's wrong with Generation X/kids today. I turned out just fine as did my siblings. Why?? Because my parents took "time out" to bust our a$$es whenever we got out of line.

Is that clear enough for you???
Another big factor is software. If the software isn't
transcription friendly, it can really hurt your bottom line.

Otherwise, $1.20 per report is a pretty decent rate for radiology.

Good luck - hope it works out for you.