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I just don't think W&G is an accurate portrayal

Posted By: no TV for me on 2005-10-10
In Reply to: I agree with not letting our children watch crap; however, - TM

of gays either.  Just like the hetero shows of today, the main characters flit from relationship to relationship and think about sex all the time.  Life's not really like that.  All the hetero and gay people I know of are in longterm, monogamous relationships.  Sex and the City and Desperate Housewives are just as nasty.  I'm no prude, but if these shows are representative of what our society wants, then our society has gone down the pot.  You can't even shield your kids from it because the commercials for the shows are on all the time.

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Oh, I don't think it is an actual portrayal either..SM
I'm just saying alternative lifestyles do not bother me, so shows that show that do not bother me. There are people who do not want any type of homosexuals shown on TV, like their kids are going to "turn" gay because they see 2 guys kissing or something. I will say that TV has gotten out of hand a little, but I also don't believe in too much censorship; and yes, this is what America wants to watch, or they wouldn't keep putting the same stuff on the air. I don't let my kids watch anything that is obscene. The fact of life though is that one way or another they are going to see things that you might not want them to see. When things like that happen, it gives you a good opportunity to talk to them about what they are watching. The simple life for example. Any parent who lets their kids watch that show and then never talks about it is just crazy. Kids think it is cool to be stupid, to be rich, to never have to work, to only worry about boys falling all over you. It gives you a good chance to talk to them about life, about how things on TV are not always how they appear to be, etc. Unfortunately, no matter what we do, our kids are going to be exposed to all kinds of stuff, and it is up to us as parents to teach them right from wrong. We need to not rely on the media to only show what we consider right and acceptable. That is our job. Also, in no way am I saying you are doing this or this is what you should or shouldn't do. I am just giving my opinion on TV in general. :o)
That is just not accurate (see m)
Most groomers today decline to do anal glands. It is an internal type procedure that might require veterinary care if there is an infection, and I don't frankly know any modern-day groomers who do it.

No one has *ever* asked me to do it, either, in two and a half years of grooming.

Not entirely accurate...
Insurance cos. will most definitely challenge a RSI but if it occurs during and in the course of employment it is compensable. This type of claim will need an attorney to push it through.
I'd say that's accurate.
There are lots of variables of course, but that's a pretty fair average.
I think it is very accurate. I average $53,000 to $55,000 a year. When I was working even part-time I was making $28,000. When I worked in-house I averaged $18 an hour, which I make more working IC out of my home.
That's a bit simplistic and not really accurate at all, but...
everyone's situation is different tax-wise, so I'm sure your tax person gave you the scoop for YOU.   
yes it is accurate I also was taught sm
5 characters equal one word. Therefore, there are 13 words in a 65 character line.
Get over it. I am sure your work is 100% accurate!
Very accurate description...
Your post is exactly right! Great post! (A physician friend made the same comparison--that he only needed to know one specialty while the MT must be familiar with all--great post!)
Not quite accurate info. sm

The above poster makes a blanket statement: "...counting programs that count this convert the document to one big long document without returns, etc., linking all the characters in one long line and counting them that way."

If you look at any full line, you will see there are more than 65 characters on that line. There are several programs that will allow you to count the spaces, tabs and returns (although you have the option not to) as well as any text included in headers, footers and whatever else is agreed on in the contract as fair to count.

The simplest method to determine a difference it to take an already completed document, open the properties and compare the number of lines against the character count (with or without spaces) divided by 65.

BTW, congrats on the new account.

9/10 is too high even for exp/accurate SM
heavy ESL, high test score, whatever you want to call it.  Going rates now are 7 to 8 and POSSIBLY 8.5 or 9 if you really push, but be ready for them to move on quickly if they are a larger company.  Benefits will also be tied to line count.
I agree with what you said, and I type 150 accurate wpm.....sm

When I take the occasional typing tests that measure how fast you type without worrying about errors then I type closer to 200 wpm. 

Fast typing doesn't always mean sloopy work...any more than a slow typist doesn't mean they're doing a quality job.

I don't think you'll ever get an accurate answer

There are so many individual factors that can be good or bad for one person and not another.  You'll see good and bad on every single company out there, because you just can't please everyone!  But, what I do to try to keep it in perspective is just try to avoid the companies which you see the most "bad" comments about.

That may not be really accurate though, now that I think about it, because I worked for Spheris for many years and I was very happy with them.  And, you know, I'm sure, that Spheris gets slammed big-time on this board.  So, to each his own, I suppose!

Then you did something wrong, because the script is quite accurate.
It was beta tested by many people and we spent quite a long time on perfecting the software before we ever released it. 
If it's an accurate representation of their workload, well,
who wants their lousy job anyway? I'm not doing ESL garbage all day long and making peanuts at this job. I work on my terms or not at all. Send them the three tests and tell them you can't do the fourth. Otherwise, keep applying elsewhere. There are better jobs to be had without all the testing and without the lousy dictation.
I edit to make it 100% accurate....

You want lineage as well as speed.....I would do Hemoglobin is 13, hematocrit is 45, and platelets are 200,000 (whatever is in the CBC).  I do the same for the chemical profile.  Sodium is 135, potassium is 4.2, chloride is ...etc....

but they have to say *is* plus *and* for me to do that.  I will never just insert extra words to inflate, but the word *is* - if they are dictating that to you...that is 2 more character spaces.....more is better for you.

Sometimes MDs want them separated.  I have a couple of dictators what want individual sentences.  Hemoglobin is 13.  Hematocrit is 45.  Platelets are 200,000.  I usually give them what they want.....as long as it is 100% accurate.

Try "jaded and burned" and it's more accurate
Sure, there are bad MTSOs, but I get sick of people blaming all the MTSOs for all the problems. Flaky transcriptionists are nothing new; it seems they just "get around" more now that we have Internet based transcription.
Is it accurate that Fall is a slow time for MTs? sm

For the last two years I have been doing Urgent Care/ ER work and have not noticed any slow down but I am now doing multispecialty clinic work and I keep hearing about a big slow down.  Can anyone shed some light on the subject for me.  TIA

OLD typing rule I have in my head, whether it is accurate I do not know, hence I said IF---nm
Use Abacus. You can download for free. Very accurate. nm
Looking for accurate line counting software.nm

You did a completely accurate assessment of the situation.
with experienced MT's offered 7-9, you are correct, a newbie is only worth 4 cpl. I see no reason to hire and train a newbie if I can get an experienced person to fill the same slot, unless the newbie is willing to offer me more profit for my time. You have made a wise assessment. Business is business. It doesn't matter how much you are "worth" or what you "demand." It matters what the competition is. By the way, if you don't take this job, what are your other offers? Unless you have something better, I would take it. At least you are earning experience and in 2 years you will be more marketable, even if you are only earning 4 cpl now. Or sit home, twiddle your thumbs and earn 0 cpl.
The "counter" in MSWord is not accurate. While it is after the fact, (sm)
I highly recommend purchasing Slycount.(http://www.sylvansoftware.com/sylcount.htm).  First and foremost, be honest.  Tell him/her the invoice you submitted is not accurate, and after deciding exactly what and how you wish to charge, send an amended invoice. 
I heard it wasn't a reporter's job to be accurate;
it was a reporter's job to sell newspapers, LOL.

The faster person if accurate is justified
The slower people have absolutely nothing to complain about. That's like me saying it's not fair JLo makes money for singing because my voice isn't as good. I want a job with you also. I'm very fast. I would require 10 cents a line, FYI or 18 dollars an hour.
That Escription is even close to accurate is complete and total

A big ole lie on the part of anyone who says it's great or that 500 lph is possible.  It's also possible that pigs can fly. 

happens quite often i would test again or go see your GYN for blood test which is more accurate