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I also have external antenna & amp sm

Posted By: FlaMT on 2008-03-12
In Reply to: air card usage - momofjets

I ended up paying about $425 for the modem/air card, external antenna, and amplifier. Plus there is a rebate on the card, I think $50. The amp was the most expensive thing, about $280. I have to use them to get my signal, but even with being on the edge of service, I would not trade it for dial-up ever.

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No cable, no TV, no antenna
We don't have the TV hooked into anything... not even to get the local channels off of the antenna.  We just watched moveis on DVD or video if we want to watch something.  I miss the news sometimes, but when we had it we either never watched it or couldn't find anything good on it.... what is the point then? lol.  Much better this way. 
All you have to do is get an external
Using one for 6 years, do use an external
keyboard.  I don't have an external mouse, though am going to get a wireless one.  
You definitely want to use an external keyboard. I think the

bigger the monitor the better, but I have a 14" one and have been using it for 6 years.  Absolutely get as much RAM as you can, no less than 512.  You don't need a supersize hard drive unless you want to store music/pictures, but you should have a backup of them because computers have been known to crash and you wouldn't want to lose them.   Most everything now is USB and I would say get a minimum of 2 ports.  You can buy a hub for under $30.00 (saw a 4 port hub today on sale for $10.00) to add USB ports.   I would get one that had wireless capability.   I would also get one that has at least a DVD player if not a recorder.  Usually if they have DVD they have a CD recorder so you can burn songs/pictures.  I suggest the DVD in case you need some down time from caretaking and you want to watch a movie.

I have a Dell and an HP.  My Dell has been a piece of junk from day one.   I've had my HP for 3-1/2 years without any problems other than a software glitch, which wasn't an equipment problem. 

When buying a computer consider repair issues.  With my Dell I had to send the computer to them so I was without a computer for approximately 2 weeks, plus shipping charges of about $30.00.   You can buy an in-home repair policy though.  With my HP I bought it from a local electronics store and I could get in-store service. 

I also would not get a Celeron processor - get either a Pentium or a Centrino  (which is supposed to be really good).  The Celeron is not as good of quality and is usually found in the lower end computers.

I got a catalog from Dell today and I just glimpsed at it, but they had a laptop on the cover for $649 (I think). 


only if you have an external modem
Most modems are internal and you have to plug the phone line directly into it.  If you have an external modem, it is possible but troublesome. 
I've been using one FT for 6 years. I do use an external
keyboard 99.99% of the time though. 
Good ideas, maybe I will look into getting an external - sm
backup hard drive as well that would certainly take care of losing any data, and seeing it every day would remind me to backup my important files! I bet there will be a run of people today backing up their work! I do keep written notes on my work, though not the line counts. I only lost about 15 files, about 2000 lines (it's a small account), just hope they have it all handy, they tend to lose/misplace files. Hate to have to retype them so I can bill them (of course I happened to delete all the sound files off the server I use yesterday for last weeks work, so I would have to have them resend all the sound files as well), but I will do what I have to do in order to do so!
Problem with external keyboard that is new
what to do about an external computer keyboard that the keys stick sometimes, but not all the time?
Just connect your external keyboard and you won't know the difference.

You may want to attach an external monitor (I don't) or use a box of some kind to elevate the computer.  They have boxes at the office supply store in the computer area that have trays for storage or a place to put your keyboard and that is about the right height.  I would also suggest an external mouse.   If you need a new keyboard/mouse I'd go wireless.  If you want to be somewhat mobile, like sitting in the backyard in the shade unhooking and hooking everything up gets to be a pain and if you just want to diddle and not work you can use the laptop keyboard and not have to take the other keyboard and mouse. 

If you are used to a large monitor that is probably your biggest adjustment, the rest is fairly easy and may take some trial and error to get everything worked out. 

Maybe try restarting your computer? I have an external zip drive
most of my disks...had about 10, now only 2 work. They just don't seem to last long for some reason. Going to start using CDs as I have a recordable drive now. Feel like throughing my zip in the trash sometimes but I need it for my lap to in order to be able to easily transfer data from it to my desktop. Took me a half hour last night to retrieve a file I needed since it was acting up, got it eventually though...thought I'd have to resort to emailing it to myselft at one point in order to get it on my desktop. Pain in the butt.
Has anyone used an external Sound Blaster device?

I'm not sure what the name of it is, but you connect to it via USB.  It costs $50.00 and says the sound quality is significantly better than standard sound cards,  you can transfer cassettes and LPs to MP3 files, ....  My main concern is I want an increase in sound quality of my wav files. 

Just wondering if the sound quality is really that much better.  I have notebook computers and the PC cards are $100.00.  I was thinking this might be a substitute for the PC card. 


P.S. I use an external LCD monitor, keyboard and mouse
I googled for external sound and came up with Soundblaser......
I went to their site, it was not expensive, I can't remember exactly, but the box is small, very easy to install, and the sound is absolutely wonderful!
putting external keyboard with laptop question
If i am using a USB adapter for my round-plug keyboard wire, is that essentially the same as a regular USB connector, ie, don't have to turn the machine off first before plugging in? I don't want to blow my pricey ergo board by doing something wrong...
Are you planning to move the external drive to the new computer?
If so, save whatever data you want to move on the external hard drive (you should already know what the letter drive is for that one). Connect it to the new computer. Easy enough.
I use a Vista laptop with an external keyboard 100% of the time..sm
I would never buy a desktop again. I travel all over and just bring my laptop, foot pedal and external ergonomic keyboard.
I too use an external hard drive, backs up My Documents folder. sm
It only takes once to lose everything to know how important backups are.....I should know, happened to me!!
Mine works with printer and external hard drive
You just need to get the more expensive USB Hub with a power adapter if it doesn't work with your printer.
I use an external sound card and my ear phones plug into that on my Dell. I find this so much bette
of the computer and #2 because there is a volume switch in the sound card (Soundblaster about $50).