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air card usage

Posted By: momofjets on 2008-03-11
In Reply to: I use Sprint & have it through a router sm - FlaMT

Great that Sprint offers that.  I do know on my account with Verizon there is unlimited usage, unlimited area.  So I guess as well it goes to show that different companies offer different packages and most likely for different areas, depending on competition.  Hope you find one that suits you, but make sure that you get the name, ID# , etc. of every person you talk to.  Makes it a lot easier if you have to go back for whatever reason to them.  Also, Verizon offers an antenna that you can hook to a window with suction cups, etc., so be sure to ask whoever you talk to if they offer any accessories at the time of sign up and if they can throw those in for free. 

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Oddly enough, if I don't use my bank card as a credit card in the billing cycle, I get charged fo
Debit card. They've got the credit card logo on them, so they
can be used anywhere a credit card can be used.
I used to send a card and gift card to my direct supervisor, but that's it. sm
She was the only one who knew me as more than an employee number, and the only one I had any respect for.
Have you maximized your IT usage by
using the compilation and merge glossaries and using the enrich feature?   Start thinking in phrases rather than words, and visit the Production Talk board for more pointers to help maximize your usage of IT.
try splitting LD usage with 2
The last poster was right - it doesn't matter that you are calling in to hear a voice.  Technically you are calling a computer to access that voice file, not actually talking voice-to-voice with someone, which they will say violates the terms and conditions.  You can talk to some supervisor about what you are using it for and maybe can permission to keep using it for MT, but unless you have it explicitly in writing they can still get you at any time by cancelling your LD or (much worse) retroactively charging you.  The magic number for that "alarm" is 5000 minutes a month.  I split my LD with a regular ULD plan and Vonage.  You can't have 2 different LD companies on the same phone line, so you either have to use 1 regular LD and some sort of VoIP (such as Vonage, but there are others), or you have to have 2 different phone lines, each with its separate ULD plan and then split up your phone time between the 2.  It's a headache, I know. 
internet usage
I have Comcast and have never heard anything like that.  My internet is basically used 24 hours a day!  I get on at 4:00 AM and work on and off all day, my husband is on when I am not, and when my son gets out of school he is on until about 1:00 in the mornig each day.  I would think that would be excessive if anybody's was...
Hyphen usage in the following
arthroscopic report:  crabmeat-appearing cartilage Yes?  shovel-like basket forceps ?
comma usage
QA is correct; the commas do belong there, and it would be wrong to omit them. The first comma is a series of adjectives; the other comma is to separate two conjoined sentences.
laptop usage
I am considering purchasing a laptop to use mainly outdoors this summer so that my soon to be 4 YO twins can play outside while I am working.  I already have a Verizon air card so that shouldn't be a problem.  There is a place here that sells used laptops and new ones and they are awesome IT folks so I am going to talk with them more about my needs on the tech end.  What I am looking for here is if anyone has any suggestions on a setup of the laptop itself and a separate keyboard and mouse, i.e.  What to sit them on while I am working?   I would like to find something either weatherproof that I may not have to move if it is heavy or something that i could at least roll around to bring back in the garage or something when I am not using it. We have pretty level ground where I will be at.  TIA for any suggestions.  Oh, and have a wonderful summer! 
question about computer usage...sm

Hey, y'all!

Do y'all let your kids/husband/family use your work computer when you're not using it? I do, and so far haven't had any problems, but I am just wondering if this is a good idea!

question about computer usage
I let them use it but I am on it so much that they really don't have much of a chance. The kids are in college so have to watch the porn sites. LOL

I guess that would depend on the usage. sm
I worked with a gal once who literally pounded and stomped her foot pedal. The hospital replaced it twice in 6 months. After the second time, she was told she would have to pay for her own. I'm easy on mine and have had it for 10 years.
Pay for amount of usage -- might not be bad idea
Phone bills used to be like that, -- shows my age. I say sometimes I think it would be nice that those that use the most pay the most,.  I have my cable TV on at the most 2 hours a day and yet I pay the same as those that watch 14 hours a day.  Just like we get paid on the production of work we do, maybe we need to pay for the amount of usage on certain items.  
comcast cap on usage official
Also - new vs old Sprint for unlimited usage sm
Any new Sprint accounts as of 11/2008 are subject to the 5GB cap. From what I am understanding, accounts created before then say that they can throttle your speeds, terminate service, or charge overage fees for going over 5GB but so far have not really done so.
sprint limited usage
Do you work more than your 5GM? I just wondered since I am thinking about getting a card. I think Verizon and ATT do the same. My daughter has 5GM on her cable and she went over once, but they did not charge extra.

Thanks a lot.
I see all the postings about phone usage and I'm confused. sm
Are you talking about a long distance service you need to use a C-phone?  Or are they questioning the use of your DSL connection?
Sorry, but you are wrong....not familiar with usage of apostrophes?
It has to be written like this

colon cancer's point of view

to be the colon cancer's point of view. The doctor just made the sentence structure weird.

Regarding the colon cancer, the patient is doing well

would have been better.

Has anyone disconnected the internal sound card and replace with another sound card?

I am having problems with my sound on one of my computers.  Several different ExText program have been on it so I don't think it is the program and the sound is just now as clear as on my other computer.  Has anyone switched (disconnected the internal sound care and replaced) to a new sound card?  Did it make a difference. 

Everyone on this board is so knowledgeable, I really appreciate you.  You have helped me many times. 

Kids at home? What ages and do you limit their internet usage?

We have a 15-year-old that is limited to 1 hour on the internet when school is not in session, and we have parental controls that allow us to see everything she has done while she was on line.

What about your household?

Yeah, I used to years ago but no heavy usage, what killed by brain cells
not getting high. Granted if I had done it a lot, maybe so, but I have 1 good friend who got high every day, she has a Master's degree and is a respected Speech Therapist, though we tease her about her specialty, "swallowing".

This really sucks as the article said it would impact heavy users only.  My cable bill is already high but to be charged for actual using will skyrocket my bill.  I think I could spit nails right now.  I can post the article if anyone is interested.  They said it will be a trial period.  Anyone else use Time Warner?

No credit card is a good credit card.
Just kidding. I'd suggest not using credit cards to pay debts. It'll only dig you in deeper. Look into a signature loan or putting a lien against a vehicle or house. Lower interest rate, pay off sooner.
Riversongs and angelrays are the best...but they are free.
2,000 debit card
When your boss gives you your paycheck, do they ask what are you going to do with that money?  Didnt think so.  Same thing for the people of the gulf coast.  They lost their jobs, their homes.  The money they will be given will be in lieu of a paycheck till they can find another job and home.  Its a paycheck from the govt.
Ethernet card
If your connection to the internet is through a cable connection, then you have an Ethernet card. If it is dial up, you may not have one. Look at the back of your PC, and if you have a plug for a cable connection (it is slightly bigger than a phone plug), then you have an ethernet card. Hope this helps. You can also go into MY Computer and check there too.
find a new card....
or, as long as your payments have been on time, call them and let them know you will move your business, and most of the time, they will lower it. Check your FICO score...if it's good, you can call the shots if they want your business. All have that little clause now that says even if you are even 1 day late on ANY other bills, i.e, utilities, dept store, anything, they can charge up to 36% interest on your remaining paymnents. Read the very small print.
Nothing but a card in the mail...sm
Do ya think it would have broke the company to have slipped a little something into that card? McDonald's $5.00 gift certificate; anything to show a little appreciation.

I've been thinking about it because there's not a lot of suits to pay; 1 owner. Now that I think about it some more, I'm thinking the owner might be Jewish, and not celebrate Christmas. But then why even send the card? And why not call it "appreciation during the holidays" instead of a Christmas gift? I duuno. The supervisors actually are MTs; I would have thought they would have brought it up during their weekly huddle. "what are we going to do for the MTs for the holidays?"

I thought about it some more and maybe only being with the company for 2-1/2 months might have something to do with not getting even a token. Oh well.
YES. We had an IBM selectric with mag card
and we thought it was great! HAHAHAHA
wireless card
thanks for the info. When I call today, I will mention what you said. Maybe I will just go to one of the local Super stores and see if they can set me up with a inout deal, if not i really am going to move if it does not work-eeks
Credit card? I'm not sure either.
does anyone have a prescription card that
isn't through their insurance company? like rxdrugcard, pharamacistrxcard, etc.  i was considering getting one to cover the meds that insurance doesn't cover or pays very little on.  any info is greatly appreciated
Debit card use
I know the credit card companies charge the place of business a fee or percentage when you use your credit card but does anyone know if it costs them every time you use a debit card, does the business pay a fee?   Our apartment complex just offered the option of automatic checking account deduction because they said it costs them less than credit/debit.
debit card
Usually my purchases show up right away, unless its a holiday weekend and I use the debit card like a credit card instead; then its usually the next business day before those purchases show up. However, if I use it like a regular debit card, holiday or not the purchases show right away.
And if you got a $10 card you'd gripe, too. It's all you know
Anyone use a PC card for their work

I use a wireless card from Sprint and I am not that close to a tower.  I checked with Verizon and their coverage does not seem to be as broad as Spint.  I have no problems with downloading work, but do have  a bit of a time lag when uploading work.

I would definitely suggest checking though with your IT department if you work for a national. I occasionally work for another service, and I when I download reports for them, I have to rely on dial up.

Hope this helps



I use a Verizon card
when traveling. I have the Nationwide package, $60 a month unlimited. In heavily populated areas, it is almost as quick as my DSL at home, but even in low population areas it is still better than dial-up. I've traveled from coast to coast (mostly along I-80) and only lost signal in the usual remote places (certain stretches of Wyoming or in heavy tree coverage). You might want to buy a card from whoever has the best cell signals in your area.
Rx drug card
I have one that's only $4.95 a month, and it's fabulous!! When I first applied for it online, I had 3 prescriptions waiting for me that were close to $60, but I paid less than $20 for them because the card was active within an hour after I ordered it!!
If you have a sound card..(sm)

you should have excellent quality.  If the sound card is within your computer, you should hook the ear phones directly up to the computer.  If not, you can install an external sound card and plug your ear phones into that.  I have the external and have absolutely wonderful sound quality.  On my lap tap I have an internal sound card and, again, have wonderful sound quality.  I have speakers, but don't use them.  If I unplug my ear phones, the speakers work, but I honestly can't say the last time I did that.  I always use my ear phones.

My cat just stepped on my keyboard...Now I have two of them sitting right in front of me.  Lovely, I guess they want my attention.

My daughter made it to the state tournament for softball All-Stars and we are headed up to the high country in the cool 80s.  We will be out of this 115 degree weather for a week.  Yippeee!  That is something I love about Arizona.  You just have a couple-hour drive and you are up in the cool mountain air.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday! 

calling card
I used mine when I was out of town, and my minutes started as soon as I was connected to the dictation system. I diconnected in between reports when I proofread. It was cumbersome to do that, but saved some of my minutes.
Verizon air card
More info please.  My husband and I are planning to do a lot of traveling and have been questioning the same things.  I know we can leach off a signal if we are close enough to a wireless place such as a hotel, but what if we are up in the mountains or on a beach in the middle of nowhere?  
sound card
Thanks so much - great ideas!
Did anyone ever have a video card go bad and what does it cause when this happens. nm
wireless card
Well there are a LOT of factors - you may be a ways down the road from the nearest cell tower, which is one of the reasons that you only get one bar on your cell phone. I mentioned the "new wireless card" as a POSSIBLE alternative to those MTs who live in a rural area and cannot get a DSL or cable connection or satellite is not a viable option and are also utilizing a desktop computer. Until recently, the wireless cards were only feasible if you had a laptop computer, so I was just informing people that this might be another option. Sorry you have such bad cell phone service -- this is not an option for everyone but as I mentioned a POSSIBLE option with possible being the keyword
I don't know if you mean WiFi or the air card.

The air card lets you connect to the internet provided there is service available in the area.  Just like cell service if there is no service it doesn't work.

WiFi works in the same way, if there is a network available within range you can connect to it, but unless it is an open hotspot you have to have a password to connect to it.   Most computers now come WiFi compatible.  If you have an older computer you can get a WiFi card that slides into a slot on your laptop.  They range in price from about $40 up to $100+ and can be found at any computer store, or a store like Best Buy or Circuit City. 

air card Sprint or AT&T?
i looked at verizon and don't think i want that one.  I was going to go through Sprint/Nextel, but then noticed that AT&T has a network as well.  any advice? 
Would never cut my card list sm
I look forward to my cards and read them again at the end of the season. I hang them across a door on a string and down the sides. If someone cuts me off their list, especially if I know they can afford it, I think it's very insulting. I also love a little message as to how things are going but hate those "newsletter" type notices at how "well" they are doing, enough of that aleady - just a card and a little handwritten note to add that extra pizazz to lighten up your life. I understand some may have no choice, then a phone call would be nice explaining how they cut out cards this year but didn't want to forget us at Christmas, that I would completely understand. IMHO
what usb/card type is best



  I'm looking at AT&T and Verizon's line of "air cards" and other USB gadgets to do this wireless connection.  Do you have a particular brand or plan that you would recommend?

use the back of the card
to tell things like your turn around time, years of experience, specialties (though you don't want to if you are branching out because it may scare potential clients if you are not well rounded), what type of dictation/transcription you offer, as in tape, digital, FTP transfer, call in system, etc. Good luck to you!
A SS card has ALWAYS been required
for jobs--if nothing else, to verify it for tax purposes. Go to your local SS office and apply, have to do it in person as they require ID.
It could be your video card is going bad.

Does it give you any kind of error message when it won't boot up or does it just sit there?

I know just enough to be dangerous, but it sounds like there could be a problem with the mother board.