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I am currently working all weekend every weekend.

Posted By: And I really really do not like it. on 2008-11-14
In Reply to: Has anyone ever done this? - sjk

I get so burnt out although I do have work on the weekends, and then there is nobody home or friends to do things with during the week because they are all working or at school. I really dislike this schedule a lot. Plus I never get to do anything on the weekends or plan for anything while everyone else is off. I wouldn't mind 1 day every weekend but 2 days plus Friday is really doing me in. Good luck to you whatever you decide. Do think long-term, because when I decided to go for this kind of schedule, I did not consider the repercussions of long-term every weekend day and Friday.

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Or after a boring weekend when working at a hospital someone asks "How was your weekend?" and

After finally switching my schedule to all weekend, every weekend
Seems like that's the only way I could get work with my MTSO. So, I do it. I am to the point where I will pretty much jump if they say hop,so I can feed my family. I would say it's sad, but I am actually glad to even have work and a decent check again. I am giving up a lot working every single weekend and days at the end and beginning of the week, but its daily work!
Working this weekend?
Anyone else out there trying to eek out a living this weekend?  Why do we do this?
working most of the weekend
  Mucho bills to pay off !
Count me in for no working this weekend
Need a break any way!
you another penny or two, as will working only the weekend
I dont mind working 1 of the weekend days every week.
I just figure people get sick and doctors have to work them..
I'm working a festival this weekend, but I promise to get those scriptures to you asap. Thanks fo
Yup, every weekend
I do cause I'm a single mom and I don't have the kids on the weekend.  So every weekend is when I do most of my work (at least half) - without interruption and I like it.  Can't get enough hours in during the week!
what's everyone doing this weekend?

every weekend here
Not usually a lot though, and my TAT is higher on weekends - anything turned in Friday is not due in until Sunday evening, so it is not too bad.
I work every weekend of every month.
What's everyone doing this weekend?
The NYS Fair is here in our town so we'll head there either Saturday or Sunday.
Wow! Thanks all...you know what I will be doing this weekend! sm
Check back....I might be the one on here crying if I cant get it to work! I LOVE this board!
next weekend
Calling an ambulance
What is everyone doing for the holiday weekend? sm
We're not doing much - probably will go and see the Herbie movie at some point and of course cooking out on the grill is mandatory. 
Plans for THIS weekend?
Summer has gone by WAY too fast.  What are your plans for this weekend?  Anyone have a big weekend last weekend?  I am not sure what we are going to do.  Husband is playing in a golf tournament and I will probably take the kids swimming, maybe work a little.  Would be nice.
Got any weekend plans?

It's so hot, I may just work instead. 

We had weekend bonuses
When the work was heavy or for holiday weekends for everyone PT/FT but that was cut out in June completely.
Looking for weekend work

I have over 8 years experience in clinic transcription.  Any companies out there that hire for weekend work only?  Must be at least 8 cents a line.

weekend work
I just got weekends with Transcend services. they pay 8 cents a line. I said i wouldn't do op notes and they said okay. not too bad, tech support is GREAT and very helpful. if you try them out, drop my name??? Sue Broussard

Diskriter needs weekend help sm
They just started allowing PT weekend only as an option.  Their platform is easy to use.  Line rate isn't to bad either because you get more for if you are hired as a weekend only MT.
weekend work
I have never been asked to work on weekends, however I do work an occasional Sat. for a few hours just for extra $.  I sure would not want to have it mandatory!
How many Weekend Warriors do we have here? Those
who particularly work weekends and very little if any during the week?  Just curious.  I'm the weekday worker who jumps in on weekends when the workload is very heavy (which it is today).
Weekend Warriors?
How many here work at least one weekend shift a week?
Every single weekend here...NM
I take on anywhere from 90-150 minutes almost every weekend - sm
every now and then I take off or take on less to give myself a break though and to be with the kids.  They think I work all the time (which I do it seems) and are surprised when I don't.  Trying to work smarter so I can spend more time with them, I don't want them to remember their childhood saying "well mom was always working". 
I work 16-20 h every weekend for nat'l...
Fri-Sat-Sun for nat'l averaging 20+ hours per weekend and Mon-Tues-Wed privately which sometimes spills into Thursday. I am able to juggle the private mds days ad lib during the week and not so for the nat'l, though I can work for the nat'l during the week if low on pvt work (a rarity).
Weekend work
I am trying to locate transcriptionists who have to work every weekend, unless the physician is out of town (for which you are not notified).  I am trying to figure out how to get a weekend off without being penalized (which some companies penalize you for missing any work unless you are dead - those are the exact words one company that I work for used).  I have not had a weekend off in two years.  How long does one have to endure this kind of treatment by employers before you know it is time to move on.  Anyone with answers on how you handled this, I welcome your advice.
Weekend work

 I work Tues-Sat normally as this was the time slot my employer needed coverage for.  However, I work for a very flexible company.  They are great.  I really hate the idea of working all day Saturday so they let me break it up over the weekend any way I chose.  I, like most of you, have a family and life outside of work but the good Lord  was smiling on me when he let me become a part of the company I now work for.  They are very flexible and will really work with you on schedules without penalizing you if you need time off for pretty much any reason as long as you give them warning that you need to be off as well as make up your hours.  I think the bottom line out there is that you are going to be treated as a professional if you behave as a professional (at least in my experience).  Anyway, my 2 cents worth.  I am finally back with a company that allows me to produce quality work and feel like I am a person and not a drone as well as being compensated as I should be with my transcription experience. 

Thank you so much! I will definitely go check it out over the weekend! nm
saw Brokeback this weekend - sm
Brokeback Mountain - watched it this weekend - thought it was not a great movie - but had some great photography - but we cannot fathom why it was up for so many Oscars  
RE: Thank you!!! Have a great weekend.
SNL weekend update
No - not calling attention - just clarifying. HIPPA is taken very seriously here and I wanted there to be no question, especially since I have seen people lose their jobs over situations similar to this in the past. You may think nothing of HIPPA or confidentiality, but not complying with it is a serious offence.
I work OT about every other weekend.
I only do it though because I need the money right now (hoping to buy a house soon). Otherwise, I would take my two days off as I really need them to recuperate and spend time with the family.
Whopping Weekend to you, too! LOL nm.
Think it was slow over the weekend...
but there were 3 posted yesterday and 7 on Friday, so they're still coming in.  I'm always looking:-)
Oh, joy, yet another incentive weekend. . .
and there's not even any work in my BOB.  Why, oh, why, are all the people that run everything are the ones with no common sense?!
I work every weekend, some more than others - sm
but I have not had a weekend totally off in over a year. My 2 doctors tend to dictate late Friday night and it is due back in by 8 Monday morning, so I don't have much of a choice unless I get someone to cover for me. I just gave up an account as it was too erratic, feast or famine, and I just could not juggle 140 minutes a day and get it all done in TAT. But just took on a new account that is consistent and 3 of us will be on instead of me handling all by myself, so that will give me some extra $$$ I desperately need and more structure in my work week...and probably more weekend work unfortunately. Sometimes I put in 20 hours or more over the weekend, crazy.
Question On Weekend Shift..

Do you work on national holidays if they fall on Friday or Monday? Thanks in advance.


*this is a repost. don't know what happen with my other post.

Albuquerque NM has had evacuees since last weekend

We are even getting some in our small town of Ruidoso.  I can't believe the negative postings I'm reading on this board regarding these unfortunate people.  I'm really surprised. 


they are all rested while I worked all weekend.
I wish I was a doctor and could afford a vacation. Half a day off would be nice too.
Diskriter needs weekend coverage - nm
no msg
One weekend night every week. Since we both
it's our treat to ourselves.
Look on the job board, someone just posted a weekend only job - nm
meant weekend, tired
I work almost every weekend, but I don't mind so much. sm

I don't have a husband or kids, and I'd rather work and let others be off, if possible.   It would be different if I worked in an office every weekend, but somehow, working at home, it doesn't seem so bad.  I can get up early, get my work done, and have most of the day left if I want to do something. 

Sorry that you're unhappy with it.  Just part of the business, I guess. 

Super Bowel Weekend? LOL

We went through this on the weekend on the word board (sm)
I still don't think anyone knows which is which.  Check out the word board from last weekend, and you will see all the different answers and all the references.  I will NEVER get that straight.
Yep, that about sums it up. Weekend TV sucks.