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Diskriter needs weekend coverage - nm

Posted By: If you can do acute care on 2005-10-04
In Reply to: Looking for weekend work - WeekendMT

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Diskriter needs weekend help sm
They just started allowing PT weekend only as an option.  Their platform is easy to use.  Line rate isn't to bad either because you get more for if you are hired as a weekend only MT.
wants to work weekends and they need weekend coverage.
Most companies now are going a Tu-Sa shift of Sun-Thu.   Clinic work usually is M-F.  
Or after a boring weekend when working at a hospital someone asks "How was your weekend?" and

After finally switching my schedule to all weekend, every weekend
Seems like that's the only way I could get work with my MTSO. So, I do it. I am to the point where I will pretty much jump if they say hop,so I can feed my family. I would say it's sad, but I am actually glad to even have work and a decent check again. I am giving up a lot working every single weekend and days at the end and beginning of the week, but its daily work!
I am currently working all weekend every weekend.
I get so burnt out although I do have work on the weekends, and then there is nobody home or friends to do things with during the week because they are all working or at school. I really dislike this schedule a lot. Plus I never get to do anything on the weekends or plan for anything while everyone else is off. I wouldn't mind 1 day every weekend but 2 days plus Friday is really doing me in. Good luck to you whatever you decide. Do think long-term, because when I decided to go for this kind of schedule, I did not consider the repercussions of long-term every weekend day and Friday.

I think it's great to see a thread discussing this subject. 

However, when it comes to "prejudice," it has always been with us, since the beginning of time.  It is a human problem, not a white American problem, as so many people seem to be saying.  Some of the most prejudiced people I have encountered in my few decades of life have been non-whites.  When I lived in Latin America, I learned that brown-skinned people discriminate each other based on how light their skin tone is - the lighter the skin, hair color and eye color, the more prestige they had.  Some of our U.S. African-American soldiers were called derogatory names by the Somalians when we were over there - a real eye opener for them.  They thought they were "going home" and then were assailed with hatred and expletives because of their dark skin.

We all need to guard against letting our attitudes harden our hearts towards other people.  It is a life-long process.  I recently realized that my financial concerns because of income loss from this job of MT - with losing jobs to overseas, the foreign-born dictators making it so hard to earn a decent line count - were hardening my heart towards immigrants.  I am in the process of reassessing my attitude and thoughts about that.  I don't want to turn into an angry, hateful, bitter old bigot. 



That is the one problem with own accounts.  After three days to Tahoe-Reno I came back to 14 tapes as no one wanted anyone else.  But am thinking of taking nearly a week off later this year and so I would like some coverage.  I used to work for a small local MTSO here as an IC and still keep in touch and I might see if there is someone there that wants to do an extra tape or two during the week I am gone.  Also see if there is a chapter of local AAMT in your area -- and I am not sure if it is the national AAMT but here in Portland there is a group of MT's and I got a list of names from them who will do back up and overflow.  I haven't joined but have talked to a few people there and we do some networking.  I have been doing this for so long in the Portland area that I continuously run into people that did either the OHSU account I did or worked for one of the offices previously, etc.  It is a small world.  That is also how I get my people contact.  Also run an ad in the paper well ahead of when you are going to leave.  But there is always the fear that they could "take away" your account but since most of the gals that have helped me out I used to work with -- I don't worry about that.  And you know how it is the first few days on the account -- you don't do that well so they are either ready to kill my docs since I am so used to them or the office says -- "don't ever leave again" because that person does things different that we all appreciate each other immensely when I get back.  But there are ways, just gotta put a little effort into it.  They don't need to do it all but I came back to 14 tapes and if I could have had half done, it would have been nice.  Good luck. 

What coverage?
say what?????
Thanks, we already have a used car without full coverage.

The payment's not that big on it, except when there's a mixup at the bank and they deduct one check twice with the same amount and same check number.  It just feels like the money mojo magnet is gone from my life this week!  LOL  Everything seems to go wrong all at once. 

Vacation coverage

I have five accounts and two I have IC's who work for them -- psych accounts no problem when I leave town.  But my other three, have asked that I have NO ONE work on the account but me and they hold the tapes and I do them when I come back as fast as I can and sometimes wishing I had not taken time off.   No they work with me but then I don't take off much time and when I do it is usually a couple of days and the weekend so we are all not stressed.   If I were to have surgery or something I have friends that would help out and the accounts realize that it would be necessary.  That is one of the drawbacks of having your own accounts.  No work --no money.   But it does make you appreciate your time off.

If you are looking for single coverage, you

S/B able to get something reasonable.  If you're looking for family coverage it is doubtful you would find anything under $350.00/mo.  You might want to look into medical savings accounts.  You have to qualify for these and I'm not sure what the criteria is, but Google it.   If you are a non-smoker and have no pre-existing medical issues, aren't grossly overweight, and not planning a baby anytime soon, you might want to look at getting mainly a major medical plan that would cover you in event of hospitalization or something catastrophic, and just pay routine care out of pocket.

We currently have insurance through DH job, but when I was looking for independent coverage Celtic had the cheapest and then Medcost was the next cheapest.  I called several agencies and they all quoted me on Medcost, but the premiums varied as much as $200.00/mo.   BCBS has something caled Blue Advantage that you might want to look at.  I hate BCBS because they are such a pain to deal with and deny a large percentage of claims, but it might be an option. 

If you have private coverage on yourself, you would not--sm
need workers' compensation on yourself. your private insurance would cover anything happening to you. If you have employees, they may need it, but only if you offered them employee insurance benefits. JMO.
I had individual coverage - sm
when I was IC and SE for a while.  It was expensive - but now I think it would be impossible as I am older.  Considerations are preexisting conditions.  My daughter lost her job and has Graves disease.  She is 23 years old and was flat turned down - no amount of money could get her coverage.  COBRA is costing 380 dollars a month until her new job's coverage kicks in.  If you have any preexisting conditions it may be extremely pricey.  Also do not let insurance lapse  - because anything you might have will not be covered for a period of time - usually a year.  If you are young and have no problems and depending on where you live - individual coverage can be found - before my daughter had problems we got it for under 100.00 a month.  Our state does have a program for people who cannot get coverage but I have not checked to see what that entails - you might call your state and see.
Anyone out there working as a hospital employee for Diskriter?  There is an ad on MTJobs for a hospital in Florida.  Any info appreciated.     

Hello!  I gave them 2 weeks worth of work, and they did not send out the checks on time.  I got my check 1-1/2 weeks late - and then only because I complained until they sent it via UPS.  I can't work for free, or afford to get paid late, so I quit.  I would test for ProScript if they are hiring currently - they are a GREAT company to work for : )



I was working for the hospital itself, but through Diskriter - I was just really upset because I didn't get paid on time - that is really important!
Laura, I just tested for this company and was hired, but had to defer due to unexpected health problems with my mom. I told them I would be calling them back in about 3-5 weeks. I am skeptical now?? They appeared to be a great company? Did you only work for them 2 weeks?? Curious for more information.

Hello. Well, I didn't mean to make you nervous, but that really upset me that they did not pay on time. The lady that hired me said it was due to some error with getting the paperwork in - in their defense I will say that maybe it doesn't happen all the time, as she said, and that was a one time thing. At any rate, I chose not to take the chance that it might happen again; so, yes, I only worked for them for 2 weeks. Maybe someone that worked for them longer could tell you if that ever happens to them. There are a few companies out there that do not pay on time - I just wasn't willing to take the chance on them since it happened with my very first check. I sure hope it works out for you! Let me know if I can help.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am glad I took the time to read this message board. I just applied at Diskriter, tested and was offered a job. She said they had 5 positions open, now I know why. Does not sound like a company I want to work for. On another note, your complaints about putting D.O. instead of M.D. is really important. The doctor has worked hard for that title, we were told to make sure you have it RIGHT!
Does anyone know how Diskriter is to work for? I have an interview with them tomorrow?
Hurry up! Hurry up! Hurry up!

We're way behind! Hurry up!

So you sign in to help out and you're out of work in 20 minutes.

Someone majorly needs to switch to decaf.
I worked for Diskriter for 4-1/2 years. I do not remember having a background check done. In fact, in the years that I have worked remotely, none of my references have been called, (I have asked my references). Things may have changed......

Can anyone tell me about Diskriter?  I'm considering applying with them.  I have 20+ years experience as a MT and looking for a company that has a Transcriptionist friendly working platform and great pay.  Getting a little tired of working extra hours just to make a decent paycheck due to lack of work and a poor transcribing platform.  Thanks !!

Not a user friendly platform at all. I worked for them for about 2 weeks and called it quits!! I had to copy/paste demo information, ran out of work all the time, etc. It might be different for each account, but the one that I had was terrible. I asked for additional accounts, which they tell you, you will have a secondary account, but I did not get one. Good luck!! I work for JLG and love their platform. They just recently stopped direct deposit and the checks are mailed now, which is the only complaint that I have.
Thanks for the ino - guess I'll just stay where I am !
Work both jobs until you get new coverage or
buy your own policies.

It is a choice and you're making it.

If you're going to stay in hell, please do not complain about the temperature!
Thanks for your response. If I opt out of the cobra coverage,
does my current coverage stop immediately (last employment day), at the end of the current pay period, or at the end of the final pay period? Thanks!
medical insurance coverage
My dept. here in radiology transcription is possibly going to be outsourced.  I have been looking at possibly working at home for an agency if this happens.  I have done some looking and found that alot of agencies do offer medical insurance, but does anyone know how good it is and can you cover dependents?  Any information would be appreciated.
Offer vacation coverage (sm)

I have offered just coverage for vacations, etc. and have networked that way, but I know that is tough when you are full-time from home and not in a medical type setting.  I think it is a shame that more do not frequent the State Boards here.  I like hearing everyone's opinions, but if the State Boards were frequented more, I think we could all really network a little more.  I'll scratch your back, you scratch mine type of thing.  Most people do not like to do that because they are afraid you will take their account, but I believe in being trusting, and that is bad karma!  JMO.

Whatever you get, just make sure there is no break in coverage or (sm)
pre-existing conditions will not be covered.  Check archives.  People in the know.
So this does qualify as continuous coverage, right? Thanks for your help. NM
try quitting and going to Diskriter - sm
they are hiring, and they have lots of work. I should know, because I've been working weekends and extra hours!
Diskriter is notorious for that - sm
They told me to work the weekend one time because they were "soooo behind and the client was getting angry." I woke up at 5 a.m. on a Saturday morning and sat until 8:30 and waited and waited and waited. Finally a report came up. I worked until 12:30 p.m. and couldn't stand it anymore. I made a whopping $12.00.
Diskriter needs help all around - they need transcriptionists for
all shifts, and are finally getting desperate enough to hire PT
Anyone with info. on Diskriter??

Hello! This is my first time to post here on MTstars. I have accepted a position with Diskriter and should be receiving my equipment next week. I just found out about MTstars and I wish I would have found it before. I am currently employed elsewhere right now and need to make more money. I feel like I am typing my fingers to the bone for 8 hours or longer and at the end of my shift only end up with 750 lines, when I need at least 1500 lines per shift or more. I have been transcribing for about 3 years and the first job I had, I could hit 1500 lines, no problem,  during my shift. The problem with my current job is that we run out of work (but get paid for standby). I love my insurance and need to keep it. I plan on working both jobs and have absolutley no idea if I will be able to keep up with my family and their activities. I am strongwilled and determined to make money in this business. Not to ramble on......

Thanks for your input. Your opinions are greatly appreciated!

Overwhelmed MT from Texas

I believe Diskriter in Pittsburgh did this..nm
Diskriter questions
Anyone who works for Diskriter.  How flexible are they with schedules?  I am asking because I work full-time inhouse right now and work every third weekend.  On that weekend I get Friday off or another day if I need it.  How flexible are they with their part-time hours?  I want to get as much information about this as I can before I get myself into something that is not good.  I have never worked from home before other than on cassettes and am still getting used to all the lingo for at home transcription.  Please anyone with good intentions only.  I am doing this as a second job and really want to make sure it works out. 
Caught a bit of it on Fox ticker but no live coverage..
yet.   Where do you live?  How horrible for you and all the kids to have to go through a nightmare like this :(  Our thoughts and prayers are with you all!
I only have single coverage with them. but as I recall from the literature it was about
$500 a month or so, maybe a little less. Give them a call or e-mail and I am sure they will tell you.
If you keep it digital, it will be much easier to find coverage (sm)
if you have to leave town or if you go on vacation. I use the TASP on the sticky note above (MetroScript) and when I went on vacation I simply told all my docs I would be gone for that week and they all agreed to hold the dictation except for one. That one account I did on vacation because all I needed was my laptop and an Internet connection to do the work. It was a very cool solution. Additionally, if the work is digital you have a much larger pool to choose from when it comes to getting someone to cover for you. You're not bound by any geographic restrictions. Hope this helps!
Any idea what the premiums are for family coverage
Even if she doesn't need it during that 3 months, she needs it not to have a break in coverage if
You'll have to go to their websites and see what the coverage area
is for each.  That may eliminate some choices.  You can also view their plans on-line.  As far as I unknow they are unlimited and the monthly fee is $60 to $70.  The cards can cost as much as $200, but they often run promotions if you sign a 2-year contract.   Lots of companies do not allow wireless as it is not secure. 
Health insurance coverage question...sm

I just started a new MT job and will get health insurance when my benefits quick in.  I want to put my husband on my insurance.  My question is- he has spina bifida and I am concerned that the insurance company will deny him coverage.  Can they do that?


Radiation Oncology vacation coverage
Does anyone out there with a private radiation oncology account want to exchange vacation coverage? I have three doctors in a small clinic, average 600 lines a day. They are very particular about quality and need 24-48 hour turnaround at the very most. DSS digital voice files, and all three very good dictators--no accents. I really need to be able to take a few weeks a year and some long weekends here and there and would love to find someone in a similar position willing to exchange time with me.
Work you working for Diskriter
MT week - did anyone employed with Diskriter get
anything for MT week??? Just curious - I didn't, but I see that they gave out an American Express gift cheque.
Hmm. Might you be a Diskriter recruiter or are you thinking
Diskriter Company info
Didn't see this post.  Hope it's not up twice!  Anyone know any recent info on Diskriter?  Thinking about taking a position with this company but not sure about it.  Thanks for any help!
Only hospitals and Diskriter do actual sm

background checks where this information would turn up.  They also ask on their applications.

I have never been asked when applying for a service.  If the question is not asked, then there must not be a prohibition on felons.

Is Diskriter a good company?
I see many ads for Disriter, but relatively few people reading the ad as opposed to the other MTSO posters.   Why is this?  Anyone work for them?  Are they an affilitate of the Q?