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I believe StartStop does (sm)

Posted By: CAMT on 2006-09-14
In Reply to: TrueSpeech Wav File Format - David

Check out their website at www.startstop.com for more information. Hope this helps! Good luck!

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I use startstop over the bytescribe. don't know about the other one. nm

I have 2 USB footpedals, one from StartStop and one from ...sm...

from Bytescribe, brand name Infinity.  The Infinity pedal works with StartStop or Bytescribe WavPlayer and the   StartStop (with HTH Engineering on the bottom) works on both StartStop and Bytescribes WavPlayer as well.  You could see call to double check with StartStop tomorrow when they're open or call Bytescribe to see if they sell pedals separately. 

Bytescribe, Startstop or PowerPlay?
I need to purchase one of these three for a new account I am on.  Any recommendations?  Bytescribe, Startstop or PowerPlay?  Postive and negative experiences will be appreciated!  Thanks in advance!
StartStop and GearPlayer both cost a bit...
...but I believe they have free evaluation/trial packages downloadable from the Internet.

Of the 2, I prefer GearPlayer. It is much clearer. I find the StartStop a bit scratchy.
Does anyone know ... foot pedal ... StartStop
I know what you mean, but this is determined by software.

After using many other programs, I still feel HTH Engineering's StartStop programs are best.

You Get What You Pay For.

Whether a specific format of digital audio files opens by a particular application is determined by software, not hardware.

The footpedal (hardware) is not the determining factor, rather it is the software that controls the footpedal.

please, need help with startstop opening windows sound recorder.

When I open a file from within startstop, it wants to open windows sound recorder, and then it wants to open a file located somewhere else on my hard drive.

Sometimes it will open the file I want to listen to, and the windows sound recorder flashes on the screen a couple of times.

Is anyone having that problem? I've emailed and called startstop but no response to email and no return call from startstop tech support.

 Any info you have is greatly appreciated. I'm on version 9.8.7