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please, need help with startstop opening windows sound recorder.

Posted By: Annie Rhue on 2008-07-18
In Reply to:

When I open a file from within startstop, it wants to open windows sound recorder, and then it wants to open a file located somewhere else on my hard drive.

Sometimes it will open the file I want to listen to, and the windows sound recorder flashes on the screen a couple of times.

Is anyone having that problem? I've emailed and called startstop but no response to email and no return call from startstop tech support.

 Any info you have is greatly appreciated. I'm on version 9.8.7

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CHEAP recorder, awesome sound!
My doctor uses an Olympus ws110, which he paid less than $70.00 for. He dictates, it comes apart and has a USB connector inside. It plugs into his computer, he downloads the dictations, and he e-mails them to me. I type them, e-mail them back. You can get digital signatures in e-mail for around $20 each (one for you, one for her) and no one can open the e-mails but you two. I love the whole set up! Best of luck to you.
I believe StartStop does (sm)
Check out their website at www.startstop.com for more information. Hope this helps! Good luck!
I use startstop over the bytescribe. don't know about the other one. nm

I have 2 USB footpedals, one from StartStop and one from ...sm...

from Bytescribe, brand name Infinity.  The Infinity pedal works with StartStop or Bytescribe WavPlayer and the   StartStop (with HTH Engineering on the bottom) works on both StartStop and Bytescribes WavPlayer as well.  You could see call to double check with StartStop tomorrow when they're open or call Bytescribe to see if they sell pedals separately. 

Bytescribe, Startstop or PowerPlay?
I need to purchase one of these three for a new account I am on.  Any recommendations?  Bytescribe, Startstop or PowerPlay?  Postive and negative experiences will be appreciated!  Thanks in advance!
StartStop and GearPlayer both cost a bit...
...but I believe they have free evaluation/trial packages downloadable from the Internet.

Of the 2, I prefer GearPlayer. It is much clearer. I find the StartStop a bit scratchy.
Does anyone know ... foot pedal ... StartStop
I know what you mean, but this is determined by software.

After using many other programs, I still feel HTH Engineering's StartStop programs are best.

You Get What You Pay For.

Whether a specific format of digital audio files opens by a particular application is determined by software, not hardware.

The footpedal (hardware) is not the determining factor, rather it is the software that controls the footpedal.

Are you working in DOS or Windows? In Windows, it's Kilobytes.
I have an opening...sm
email me with your pasted resume and we'll talk.
I saw a job opening for mt at
a women's state prison in California.  They didn't require that much experience, pay and benefits were excellent.  It was too far from where I lived and I didn't know if I would like the environment.   Prisoner 

Wow! This is eye-opening

You two have really given me some thought-provoking info.

I had no idea it was this bad.  That is a hellish training period for such a pathetic salary.  Exactly the opposite of what I've been reading.  The websites I read from truly did quote up to $40. per hour, computer equipment given to you and a growing field, not shrinking!

Yes, I do work for slave wages, but I have a mortgage to pay and student loans and I am a single woman so I have to find something.  Maybe a paper route . . .

Thanks for the info!

They might be having an opening soon.
I am opening up a transcription (sm)
business myself. I am fed up with the hospitals who are going voice recognition and are using a digital system for attendings, so I decided why not!! Another MT and I are do this and hopefully we will be successful. I am going in with someone on the computer end as well.
did you try opening the file?
If so, what did the instruction say?  Do you have to open it with a special program?  Is this a wav file?  If not, what type of file is this (it will say at the end of the document/file name)?
That's an eye-opening article -
and scary, too.  My MTSO was just taken over by Acusis......... 
Still not opening at all for me. I emailed
This is eye opening information and I will be

looking into more IRS laws.  This is VERY interesting as the company I work for does not pay my taxes but dictates hours, etc.  They also have violated HIPAA regulations and I will be inquiring as to what actions can be taken there.

Thanks for enlightening me. 

Opening up Pandora's box of wine
Hey Patti, it's ok to talk about drinking and transcribing. People react strongly because it hits a raw nerve. It's a topic that is kept in the dark. I suspect many transcriptionists do and have drank at the desk. I myself have had a small glass of wine on occasion when I have been so stressed out, like when I have been given a 30-day notice that my work is going to India! Or my foreign-accented dictator yells at me for something stupid! I venture to say that perhaps more transcriptionists have a glass or two of liquor toward the end of their shift than they would care to admit. I just think you got such a response because it is a topic most transcriptionists have thought about in one way or another. I'm not saying it is ok or it is morally wrong. It does happen though.
Opening of her broadway show
It was the opening of her broadway show, The Color Purple that Letterman escorted her to.  However, I dont like Oprah, never have.  The fawning and oohing and ahhing was quite sickening, if you ask me.
Opening any of this person's mail

If you do any of the things you mentioned, you will have broken the law.  It is against federal statutes to open someone else's mail, even if it was placed in YOUR mailbox.

Try opening the normal.dot and see if you can change it there. sm
Hide spelling/grammar errors in this document only affects the current document. Another place to look is the Language setting on the Tools menu. You may have it set to not check spelling.
Austin Radiological -- how did you hear about the job opening? nm
Try opening up ShortHand before log in. Works with other systems like that. nm
I think it is some of the emoticons, but maybe only the first instance of them opening or posting.
I worked in a hospital in radiology, and when an opening in MR was available SM
I applied, got the job, and that is how I got my foot in the door.
Your opening statement about our President is disrespectful.

Whether or not you like him, he is still the President and that office should be respected. Unfortunately, your statement is reflective of the mindset and mentality of many in our country. And people have to ask why the rest of the world doesn't like us--we don't even like each other.

At the very least you should be respectful of those in positions of authority. It's modeling of appropriate behavior that our children see and emulate themselves.

sorry, not in Kansas. PA is where I heard of a good job opening (near pittsburgh)

Look through the Help section in it and just start opening up all the tabs and playing
Would be willing to pay for doc's recorder but sm
Don't know how to get this thing going. Do not know how you get their dictation to come through your computer. What if they do not dock it correctly and it gets lost forever? I don't understand how it gets from their office to your computer. I know it's a competitive world, but anyone willing to share? I know how the big companies do it, but the little docs with their hand held digital recorder, how do they do it and how do you get it without losing it? Once it leaves them can it get "lost" totally! SCARED!
I have over 20 docs using the Olympus DS-4000. A bit pricey at about $450 -- but ease/transition of use is minimal and voice quality is outstanding. Most started with the cheapies from Staples or Office Max, but so many recording errors, maxed out internal memory, lost files, etc, they eventually all converted to the Olympus. Good luck!
Digital Recorder
If doc has a digital recorder what software does he need to download dictations via internet to my end? I am still trying to figure this out - Express Scribe did not work. The work I have received from him is through Media Player and I am unable to use my footpedal.  
digital recorder
I have Gearplayer through transcriptiongear.com. That pretty much plays any voice file that comes through. It is great!
Olympus DM-1 recorder
Please email me and I'll send a detailed description.

Digital Recorder

Is anyone using the Olympus DS-30 for physician transcription.  I am looking to purchase one for a doctor and would like some feedback.  Thanks!

digital recorder help.....please

I am in the process of setting up a large group of drs with digital recorders.  They don't want to spend too much money on the units.  I was looking into Sony or Olympus.  I actually have a Sony (only cost 60.00), but it will only let you email the files.  I need to find one that can upload to an FTP site because there are 15 drs, I know it will be too much for an email acct to handle.  I have been researching and asking at stores and web sites, but people are totally clueless about their products.

Thanks for any help, I really appreciate it

The recorder will not do that for you automatically.

You will need a software program to do that. I am not sure but I thought that the very high-end Olympus recorders could be set up to do that but you'll have to check on that. Check the Olympus site link below.

Bytescribe has a package that uploads/downloads but it my be beyond your $$. Also check with some of the other vendors who advertise here like GearPlayer. Search this site for some other ideas as well.

Dictation recorder

Would any of you have an old dictation recorder (digital) or know where I could pick one up at a discount?  It is needed for someone to record a book - load onto a PC and then have transcribed.  It must work with Express Scribe player.  Thanks!

Something is wrong with HIS recorder..sm
It is on HIS end most likely, he may need to change batteries or may be in need of a new recorder altogether.
Digital recorder
Can anyone recommend a good digital voice recorder with MP3 playback?
Anyone using an Olympus recorder . . . see msg
The ending of each recording is cut off. Has this happened to anyone else, and what went wrong? TIA
What digital voice recorder would you
Digital Voice Recorder
www.transcriptiongear.com has a bunch of choices and they all come with the software to transfer the files.  The software can also be configured to return the documents too.
tell him to get a hand digital recorder.--sm
he can dictate into that as he makes his rounds and not have to have someone follow him around with a laptop (what does he want, a personal assistant?) and if he does not want to take the time to download the files to a PC, he can have one of his lackies do it for him. no big deal to push a button and talk...at least in my mind. but spoiled gets what spoiled wants...good luck.
Does anyone use the Olympus WS-100 digital recorder? sm
Have to buy this, and was wondering if there is some way for the voice files to automatically be transferred to a folder. It says it doesn't come with software that does this.

If there is a software that automatically does this or if I can set up system where it does this when it recognizes unit, please advise. Thanks.
Tapes and digital recorder
I courier for the tapes, the digital files I recieve by email, encrypted of course.
Could it be from the "source" (digital recorder) and not ....sm
related to a problem with Express Scribe?  Just a thought. 
ruled out source recorder as well...
I have used EP for .dvf files for quite some time now and even when I open previously transcribed .dvf voice files, which played at normal speed when I transcribed them months ago using the same version of EP, they now play too fast, just like the more recently dictated .dvf files I've received. So, it does not appear to be a problem with the source recorder. Keep in mind that all other files (.dss and .wav) still play correctly. I am only experiencing the problem with .dvf files.

These are all good thoughts, but believe me, I've tried everything I can think of, and I think it's something much more involved. There is a corrupt file or codec or something possibly, but I don't now how to identify the problem at this point.

I have gone through the Express Scribe user forum and have seen several posting made over the past couple of years regarding the same type of situation, but have not found a remedy for it in those postings. No tech support available for free version, so I'm out of luck there too.


Olympus Digital Recorder
Not sure about the DS-30, but we bought a DS-50 for one of my doctors. I believe it cost approx $250. Sound quality is excellent. I do not think it was too difficult of him to set it up on his end. I use the AS4000 Transcription Kit and it works very well.
Need help with choosing new digital recorder

My account is looking to buy new digital voice recorders.  What they are currently using is discontinued.

They would prefer to buy one at a local office store where they can actually see it and try it.  Price isn't too big of an issue, but ease of use definitely is and clarity a must for me.  I will encourage them to buy online if needed, though.

If anyone has any recommendations, I would really appreciate it.

I still record but not onto tapes.. onto a digital recorder. sm
I use a skutch box hook up to the phone and recorder. Make sure you're muting out room noise, a speakerphone and mute button do the trick quite nicely.
I have an urgent question regarding Olympus DS2 recorder...SM please

I have a new account and the office manager called me because the doc is off who usually uploads their DSS files to my site.  I'm not familiar with this process and am wondering if anyone can help.  The office manager got directions from the doctor before he left, but I believe she is missing one step.  These are the directions she has.

Plug in the recorder with the USB attachment, make sure the recorder is on, go to the Olympus program, highlight and drag over the DSS file to my site.  Well, the problem is that she can find the voice file.  It seems like the file is not uploading from the recorder to their computer.

Is this something that is done automatically or do you have to manually upload the voice file, name it, and save it to their computer?  It doesn't seem right to me that you would just plug the recorder in and it automatically uploads, names the file, and saves it.  Maybe I'm wrong.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!