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I did download it, but

Posted By: Lyn on 2007-10-13
In Reply to: yes sm - anon

I cannot get it set right as far as rewinding back far enough.  Any hints? Thx.

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Download Express Scribe, it's free, when you download the voice files you will listen to....
them in Express Scribe and you can set your footpedal up. I forget where the downloaded files go, can't remember if you can put them where you want them but I would have to search for them to download to Express Scribe - maybe someone else can tell you how. It is much better than what you are doing.
Download antikeylogger from download.com.

I haven't tried it yet, but it's got good reviews and a 10-use trial.


at download.com.............NM
You can download
Express Scribe for free if you need it. It works great.

Hi everybody,

Does anyone know where to go to download the sony digital voice Editor 2? This is supposed to be a free download. I need it to start a new job, and I can't find it. Help anyone?



Are you the former surgery tech? Just curious because I saw your previous emails. No matter. I don't know where you'd find what you're looking for, but I just want to say congratulations on the new job!!!!
yeah, t'is I. thank you very much NN. it's an oncology account. don't know too much about that but I'll give it everything I've got.
Rae, what are your download and ...
upload speeds, and what satellite company are you with?
You may want to download
The voice file onto your hard drive first, and then load it into Express Scribe.
where did U download it from? NM

Thanks all I will download it!
will need to download...

This has happened to me before.  You will have to go the website and download the codec in order to play you wav files.  Cannot remember how I did it, but once you find the download you should be fine.  You could just do a search on Express Scribe codec to find the download.

Good Luck---I use Express Scribe also.

download them

yes, you need to download them.  Create a folder on your desk top named something like voice files.  Then download them to that folder. 


Download again
Have you tried removing Express Scribe and downloading it again?

I use this website:

Then go to near the bottom of the page and click:

Download Express Scribe for Windows (Primary Server - zip file)

Some of the other downloads cause the problems you are having. Let me know how it goes.
I have tried that and I can download it....sm
but they said I have to be able to play sri files which you have to download additional stuff to do. I tried that and still wouldn't work. Then she sent me her version she uses and it had that gid file on it and my computer said it didn't recognize it and couldn't download. So it isn't just ExpressScribe, it is other stuff too to enable sri files.
Try a download at Download.com
They used to have a free recorder that would work on the PC...and would be wav file which works in Express Scribe
Wow! That is awful. My first download did take a

but NOTHING like what you experienced (maybe 3-5 minutes instead of almost immediately for me). 

So it probably really depends on where you live, etc., and no good way to predict just how bad it would really be. 

Were your ADT searches really bad too?  Probably took me twice as long as usual, so pretty frustrating, but not totally unbearable.  And the fact that the other reports were downloading in the background while I was working on the current one did make things go smoother than I had expected for the short period of time I lost my DSL and had to use dial-up. 

See the URL for download inside
i know nothing about wireless -- but with DSL mine were taking only about 15 seconds when i signed on. Then i got a replacement machine and it was back to about 5 min to do the initial upload. Tech support said there were problems with the new DQS version, so my replacement machine was reverted to old version. Don't know if any of this is helpful, but that's all i can offer...
You do not download the program onto the
floppy to transport, just your active working file which is called a dictionary file (SPF I think.) You download the program onto your computers and then just transport the dictionary file between them.

You can increase the amount a floppy can hold by creating a directory (or directories) on the floppy and then copying the files into the directory. If you do not do this, the computer has to put all the extra data required for a directory file onto each file you load to the floppy.

So, on your a: drive, you create a file called SH. Then copy the dictionary into that file. You can copy multiple dictionaries onto that file if you want.
You can download to computer. Yes,
if you have a license, you can put it on all your machines. Then you just copy the dictionary file onto a floppy and carry it with you and load into the machine you are using.
Stedman download sm
It is very simple and they remind you each day you have X days left, 10 in all. They don't list a price but I am told it is $179, don't know. Works very well but they should post their prices.
This may be funny, but you have to download something.
I tried the sylcount download too and
I did not care for them. I went with Spellex. Good program. Don't have to save files to any rtf. format, just doc. works good. They have a free trial too.
where did you download the files too. Look for wherever
they are, desktop, my documents, etc.    Not sure what program you are using to try to get them to play, but you can download ExpressScribe free (google for URL) and then pull up reports out of where ever they are. 
You can't download it free any more. You have to buy it now. NM
Thank you. I did not download it but I still cannot find it. sm
It is just when I have to turn up the volume to hear dictators who don't speak very loudly, then it hurts my ears when I forgot to take off my headphones while spell checking, etc.  Thank you though.
I use scribe.net and then download
it onto express scribe. It works well.
Download from Medquist
I think the original poster means the download Medquist made available for employees.  I'm not aware of the BOS being made available in that format by those who hold the copyright.
Download ES and see. If not, you can always Uninstall it. nm
correct, so that others could download them. nm
Yes, I did download the codec,

but it still didn't work.  Maybe I'm doing it wrong.  I just clicked on it, it downloaded, I clicked open, it says it's installed, tried a .dss file, shows 00:00 duration, and then Express Scribe deletes it.  I don't get it. 

I'm having my tech guy look for free conversion programs, but he hasn't found anything yet.

Download them wherever you want onto your computer - sm
presumably into a file on your C drive. I download from Metroscript into a folder I have called MS voice files. Then I just open my Bytescribe, and then open up the file I want to "open" and play. I am sure you can do it the same way with ExpressScribe. My folder is not in the Bytescribe folder, it can be anywhere on your computer. It is not hard to do. You can set MS up to download to the same file every time though so that makes it a lot easier too.
You pay them quarterly. You can download
forms from IRS website.   If you have a spouse you can have extra taken from their check instead of paying quarterly. 
Thank you! She can't download the file to sm
use the player from there, right? She needs the actual disk in order for this to work correctly? Sorry for all the questions. I'm just not familiar w/it and didn't find an actual download for the ability to play the files.
Where can I download Java
Do you happen to know where I can get Java?
Then you will have to download manually from then on. nm
You can pay and download on line. But SM
do your homework, research here and on productivitytalk.com, and then and buy the one that sounds the best for you. Don't let price be a factor in your decision. They're not that expensive and a professional-grade program is THAT important to your work.
but do you download from a TASP?

ShortHand 30 day trial download
I use DVI and I download digital files via FTP

and then transcribe using a foot pedal connected to my computer.  There is also a transcribe station similar to a C-phone that can be used to access the system directly. 

Ask the company what equipment you'll use and then if they don't answer your questions google DVI. 

Here's the link to download.com to get the FTP software.

Cut and paste into your browser, read the reviews and description, then download.


I downloaded H&A Timeclock off of Download.com
FYI, you can download a 30 day trial of Shorthand

to use until you buy something.


You can download a free 30 day trial medical spellchecker at Sylvan.  I've never used it, and I'm sure there are others out there, but these will get you by in a pinch.


An alternative would be to purchase and download
a product called Phone Tools by BVRP.  It functions as both a fax and answering machine. I've been using it for >5 years now and have never had any problems. 
Once you get the files say into your email, download them sm
to a specific folder. open your express scribe, click on the load button and find those files and highlight them to load the batch. once finished with one file, hit the done button and continue to the next. the same would be done with the FTP, transfer the files into a specific folder, load them, type them, click done.
AVG and their free download is as good as anything else out there.
anything else out there.
Download the free AVG from Grisoft.com.
It finds viruses that Norton misses.
Download Crap Cleaner (sm)
Google for it. I will clean out all your cache, even the hidden stuff.
What is the best music download site. Need to

be able to burn CDs too.    We don't have iPods. 

Tried iTunes - liked it, but since we don't have Apple products not sure it will work for us.

Tried Wal-Mart - liked it, but songs are only good for 30 days unless you burn.  I like to burn, but usually have that CD in the car and like to play off the computer too.

Various others that have a monthly fee charge additional $$ if you burn to CD and then if you discontinue the service supposedly all MP3 files are rendered inactive.

We range from 11 to 48 and like a variety of music, also like something user friendly. 

I need a chart where they list all the services and the pros and cons of each. 




CoreFTP Lite is the best. You can download it
free from Download.com