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Gear Player is the best.

Posted By: Kat on 2007-10-19
In Reply to: GearPlayer - anyone use it - Lyn

I have been using Gear Player for 4 years now and it just keeps getting better. It plays what I need it to play. I had tried StartStop before Gear Player and it was like I was back on Windows 95. Above all I love Gear Players support department, the guys are very friendly and can fix anything if you ever do need to call them.

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I use Gear Player and Gear Xport. Love them! nm
GearXport / Gear Xport / Gear Player

Hi!  Does anyone have a Gear Xport and/or Gear Player they are no longer using and could sell to me?  I thought I'd try and buy used before going new.  Let me know! 



Anyone using Gear player?

Sounds like a really good package deal, anyone using it?  I am thinking of using the digital recorder and buying the gear player package.




Gear Player is also...

an  alternative.

gear player--sm
i downloaded the free 5 day trial of gear player to take a test.  Cannot get it to work.  The icon is on my desktop, but when i try to open it to drop the voice file in, it only appears for a few seconds and then nothing.  any ideas??
Gear Player,

Gear Player, Transcription Gear, several places have those for sale.  Also on E-Bay.  

GEAR PLAYER---I was going to put it on e-Bay, but...sm
Email me if you are interested. I'll give you a great deal on it! It was brand new when I bought it and used it only for about a month.

Please let me know either way. I need the $$. Thanks!
Gear Player is one that's used often. Need to purchase it. nm
I bought Gear Player
a few years back and it's been really good. Just throw the file in there and transcribe away. Check it out. Their latest model is probably even better.
Help with Gear Player linking
I'm trying to do a test file, which I haven't done in a long time, and the only footpedal I have is Gear Player.  The sound file was sent on Windows Media Player.  Are these compatible?  Because I can't get this footpedal to link to it.  Bear in mind I'm technically challenged and usually have help setting these things up.  I found a foot pedal test picture that lit up when I pressed each of the three footpedal controls, so the problem seems to be that I don't know how to link it to Windows Media Player, or else this foot pedal is incompatible. 
Help plz.. does anyone use the VPedal (from Career Step) and use it with Gear Player? I can get it to work with Express Scribe, but not Gear Player. It it even compatible? Any suggestions would be helpful.
Thank you Gail! I am sure they can help.
Gear player or Bytescribe

Gear player vs. bytescribe... which is the more versatile? 

I am currently using start/stop, but the voice files I get it will not let me speed them up.  Dives me INSANE to listen to a sssssllllllllooooowwwwww dictator and not be able to speed them up.... actually would like to go whomp them up the side of the head .. but since that is not an option...

Looks like Gear player you can buy just the software, but Bytescribe you have to pay another 50 bucks and get the foot pedal.. no option that I could find not to. 

Thanks for any suggestions you all might have to offer.

Gear Player vs Express Scribe
could anyone please explain to me the difference between these two??  Express Scribe is free, but when am I missing something as to why I would pay to have Gear Player?  they seem awfully similar..thanks.
Express Scribe, Gear Player, etc.

I have used Express Scribe for years and love it. I had to restore my Win XP computer and now it will not play the .dss files.  I also have Express on my Vista without problems.  I have done everything that I know to do to get it to work, installed an older version, downloaded the .dss files, etc.  I am currently having to work on Gear Player or use my laptop to play the sound files.  What else is everyone using out there besides Express, Gear, or Bytescribe?? Any help would be appreciated! 

Starting job using Olympus Player/pedal - does this have a good player with slow down speeds - I do

Until now I have always used company software with player included.  I hate to spend money and find out the player is mickey mouse!!

Thanks- you may e-mail me if you prefer.

Transcription Gear.....sm.......


Transcription gear
I use Olympus with the company I work for now and it works well. Transcription Gear has a system that I do not think is quite as expensive. There is Bytescribe as well, and Express scribe (which is free). I think almost any handheld recorder will work with these.
try transcription gear.com nm
Now, could you kick my butt into gear? LOL
  I don't wanna work today.  Not sure if it's the rainy weather or if it's just my total lack of motivation!
I am sure it was..i was just in high gear..going to fast to think LOL!
I purchased it through Transcription Gear
express scribe thing yet. Have too much work today to fiddle much with it. I appreciate everybody's advice and help on this.
Try Transcription gear.com website.

There should be an instruction booklet that came with the machine. Did you buy it new or used?

I got mine at Transcription Gear.
Transcription Gear FTP Question
Yes I leave Gearplayer and GearXport open all the time.  That's how i get my files (GearXport). Have used Transcription Gear and GearXport, and recently GearFTP for 8 years now and love it.  I, too, use Word XP but there are help screens in GearXport that help you write rules so that GearXport will direct the files to your clients.  Once the files are transcribed and sent via GearXport, I then send the client a notification to pick their files up on Gear FTP.  You don't have to do all that cutting and pasting.  The rule writing can be quite cumbersome if you have never done it, but the tech support staff at Transcription Gear are very helpful.  This really works great and will save you LOTS of time once you get your rules written.  Best of luck to you!
Transcription Gear/Xport- sm

We have been using this system for about a year, but have a recurring problem: We send our work through FTP but the office cannot always retrieve it and when I talk to the TG tech support they tell me that they can see that my work is "sitting in the FTP site and that the problem is with the doctor's office. This, of course, does not "sit well" with them and we are now setting up a meeting with their IT person, etc. Has anyone had a similar problem?

Thank you

Transcription Gear has them. Listed under accessories, I think. NM
Transcription Gear user questions - sm

I just started using Transcription Gear/FTP and have some questions.

Do you keep TG open all the time? Do you keep Gear Export open all the time?

How do you send your work to the doctor? Right now I create my document in Word XP, save it, exit, and then go through several steps to paste the document to the medical records FTP site.  Seems like too many steps.

Any help with this and/or with TG in general would be most welcome.

Thank you.


nope i'm goin, i've got my hula gear
 weeebye ya'll
Transcription Gear would have to approve the transfer of license from
I don't even know if they allow this.  You should check into that first.
Thanks for all the feedback...time to kick it into high gear, I guess..nm
I have used a Digital Transcribe Station from Transcription Gear in lieu of a C phone just fine nm

another player
I also have Audacity (for my legal work).  PC World has several listed as well.  You might try this link: http://www.pcworld.com/downloads/file_description/0,fid,22513,00.asp
She said she had a DVD player for the car so it would not be that bad - sm
I drive to the Philly area (4 hour drive w/o stops) with the kids at least 4 x a year. I use my laptop (my travel computer) and play movies for the kids to watch, the one reason I bought a laptop with a DVD drive. It is great. My husband built a little table to put the computer on in the backseat with them (Suburban so plenty of room), and some of the time the kids play with their Barbies, read, gameboys, Pixtar, etc. and the other part they watch a movie or 2 (they are short movies for the most part). The trip is not too bad, and the kids don't fight, wonderful. Takes about 4.5-5 hours depending on how many food and pee stops, I carry a potty seat with me so that helps save some time and I can stop anywhere basically. So it is possible to make it pleasant, of course the kids will want/need to run about a bit when you get there after sitting strapped in all that time, but they will be fine otherwise, and I speak from much experience in this as I have been doing this for 7+ years now. The DVD player makes a BIG difference in how smoothly a long drive goes.
What .wav player are you using?
wav player
 Sorry to change the subject and hope this is the right board.  But, I have a problem. I was testing with 2 reports to transcribe.  My wav player only would let me do the first one.  It is rather hard to explain but I could not access the 2nd file. I shut my computer off and tried again but it would not let me have access to it.  Does anybody know what I mean?  The file is unzipped and I can click on it but no audio comes up. This is on both.  I just got this player and, of course, cannot find the directions so if anyone can help I would appeciate it. 
I have DSS player, the doc who uses
it has a dock that is attached to his computer, he puts his player in the dock and it is able to send the voice files to my computer. Not sure all the mechanics of it on his end, but if your docs have used it before they should already have the dock and be able to send.
Dss Player for Mac
Olympus dss player for mac is tho only mac compatible program. Purchas the AS2300 kit for around $199.
What is the best .wav player

I currently use Express Scribe and wanted to get some opinions on other .wav players out there as far as dictation sound quality goes. 



Are you using a player with it?
Not sure if you're asking about programming your pedal, or if you've done that and it still won't work.

If that's the case, make sure you've checked the correct player. After you sign on, click options and then select the player you're using.
Vxp player?
Has anyone been able to install VXP player on Vista? 
WAV player
Does anyone have any favorite WAV players that work with a foot pedal? I have Express Scribe, but the sound quality is not the best. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.
perhaps it's not the player...
perhaps it's the recording itself. or your headphones/speakers. I use Express Scribe and some files are clear as a bell, some are muffled...it all depends on the file format, the recording device, etc...in other words not on your end but on the dictator's end.
I don't know for sure if a different player
would make a difference, but I do know that if you use USB headphones versus one that plugs into your speakers or the round outlets on your computer the wound will be better.  It won't be a huge difference, but if you try it for a month and then go back to regular phones you'll notice a difference.  You can probably get a headset for around $30.   There is also a thing called Audio Advantage by Turtle Beach (you can google).  It is pretty much the same thing as above, it turns your regular headset in USB ones, but you also have some software on your computer where you can manipulate the sound.  It takes a little bit of playing with to get it just right though.  I have a company supplied computer and not allowed to be anything on my computer.  I'm using the headset part, just can't use the software now, but it is still better than using your sound card.  I got it at Best Buy for around $30 a couple of years ago.  
Try FTR Player Plus...SM

For the Record player, it plays wav files...you can download it at:  http://www.fortherecord.com/page.asp?pageid=222

It is free.

It's just a wav player, that's all. NM
DSS Player
I have been using the DSS Player 2002 for a couple of years.  It plays DSS, WMA, and WAV files.  I haven't had any trouble with it at all but it is rather expensive.
VF player
HELP!! Is anyone familiar with VF Player from BCB voice systems?  My boss sent it to me to load on my PC so that I could pick up some extra work and I can't get it to work.  I am running Windows XP, is that why?
No you don't have to buy it. If you don't have a compatible player - sm
that can play "PlayAll" files then they will supply the PlayAll XTRA player, though they do ask you send them a CD for it I believe. They supply the WP DOS 5.1, Stedman's Spellcheck via email. That is why I said don't let the question throw you, you don't have to buy anything.....unless you are new of course, then you will need a footpedal. Bytescribe is compatible with the sound files and that is what I use, I also have a copy of the PlayAll which I use to pull up the file information I need to transcribe, but it won't work if you have Bytescribe on your computer. I love my Bytescribe so it stays. They will train in in the use of WP 5.1 and they hire newbies too. I started to work for them with 2 months of experience....it will be 4 years in May since I began working for them. As I said good people, I appreciate them as much as they appreciate me.
That's true but if you already have a player

like Start Stop or something else, and you only need DocShuttle to be able to download files, then you don't need their wav player. You can just open them in your own player and mark them complete (and attach for upload if the company works it that way) when you're done.

I use Olympus Player every day and like it SM
much better Express Scribe!