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I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I just found my 3 year old son after looking for him for ab

Posted By: Dancin Shoes on 2005-11-10
In Reply to:

10 minutes! I was working and he escaped into the garage from the kitchen. We live on a little farm with 2 big dogs. He doesn't go out alone, so I knew he wasn't out wandering..

I finally find him by going into the garage and the driver door to my Yukon XL is wide open.  I walk up to him putting on my makeup in the mirror! Mary Kay full-coverage liquid makeup all over my leather seat and steering wheel! The mirror was down and lit up, eye shadow on the floorboards!  He turned to look at me and there was mascara all of his lips.  I wish I could take a pic for ya'll.  I was just about to yell at the top of my lungs until I saw those black lips and then I just had to walk away for fear of laughing right in his face

The funny thing is this: I never realized that they would watch me put my make up on in the car like that! He had to go in the security box on the side to get to it in the first place!

I guess he just wants to be like his momma.  Well, his daddy won't be happy about that one.  He's already upset that my little one is enrolled in gymanastics. Oh no!

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There are a couple of others that talk about this but none this year that i have found nm
should've been good laugh not could laugh
Oh, I found it really creepy when you said you found the flowers not so skillfully arranged on your
steps, and from your own flower bed.  That's what I was worried about, having gone thru some psycho kids myself with my pups.  Someone's been in your yard and in your garden and at your door without your knowledge.  Its just creepy to me, and I'd still be very, very careful.  Especially valid sounded the other MTs warning you about potential fake molestation charges.  You just NEVER know nowadays, and these people have already turned on you big time once. Luckily (though I don't believe in luck), you had it on film to save yourself and your puppy.  You might not be that lucky next time, and the whole thing just sounds very unstable to me right now.  I know you feel sorry for the little girl, but probably the only time I have ever made BAD decisions regarding my life is when I felt sorry for someone, particularly kids.  My son even has an evil kid in his life, but one who has a million reasons for sympathy, and I was saying how we should "be bigger" than the situation and invite this kid over to play.  Thankfully, I regained my sanity long enough to remember - ever time I have done something like that on a personal basis for someone just because I feel sorry for them AFTER horrible behavior, it has always been a disaster... Be kind, but you don't have to risk your family again. Be kind from a distance.  Its sorry she went thru this horrible experience, but YOU didn't cause it, and its not really your problem.  But it could be your problem if this kid acts out in your life.  Know what I mean?
Mine are in year-round thank goodness! They've started their new year 2 months ago.
Union diesil mechanic - good pay, great benefits. We swap year to year on who brings home more sm
money.....but I am an IC and he has all the benefits...health insurance/dental that the company pays for, pension plan, 401k, etc.  Factor all of that in and he makes way more than I do.
I think I found it, found multiple recipes with the same
exact ingredients so I figure this must be it. 
to cowgirl - Last I knew, last year the job paid $25,000/year no taxes, etc.
The hospital was bombed about a year ago, but not a lot of damage, very minimal damage.
44-year-old WF, M, Texas, 3 grown kids, just had 26 year wedding anv.
nope, still crunching last few days of year to hit my 50k this year. how can you when you haven'
Nothing this year. We ALWAYS got a cool surprise in the past, but this year nothing. :-( nm
After I went to a 1-year MT course at a vocational school, it was so bad that I did the 2-year colle
Not only did I finally receive the proper training, but the woman on the advisory board hired and mentored me. I also joined the local AAMT and networked. Good luck. I know how frustrating it can be. A community college will have a good program to include medical language, MT courses taught by local MTSOs, business English, anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology, etc.
Please don't laugh....sm
Do not use suppositories vaginally......

If you are not vomiting, also, try something oral. If you are, patience I'm afraid is the only answer unless you become dehydrated, at which time you can receive something IM or IV.

But, a definite NO on the suppository question.

Feel better soon!
A little laugh

I told my 18 yo son today about a close family friend and his wife had a baby boy today and that he called me right away to let me know because he was so excited.  My son looked at me and said, "Yeah right mom, really, he had a baby today."  I looked right back at him and said, "Yes son, it takes both people to have the baby, a girl certainly can't get pregnant by herself!" 

This is funny to me because I know my son not sexually active yet (remember I know his girlfriend) and I certainly didn't expect to hear something like that, just reminded me of the little boy my young man still is. 

For a laugh
and to see if any other MTs had times where they didn't want to disturb their beloved pets during a workday and made the same sacrifice. Lighten up. Was just a funny moment, that's all.
great1!!! loved it!! he he he. LOL.
LOL! Thanks for the laugh!
Thanks for the laugh
now there's an innovative use for the BOS and something it is good for! LOL
thanks for the laugh!! nm

All you can do is laugh...if you don't
you'll just go insane!! LOL
Thanks for the laugh!!
I kind of like the story, too!
What a laugh

Don't laugh!
I cut it all off with a steak knife and eat it with a fork! How does one eat corn vertically? Huh?
I have to laugh at this
What you're asking is like Gateway asking Dell, Coca-Coca asking Pepsi or Marriott asking Hilton to hand to them on a silver platter information to get their business off the ground so they can compete with the other.  Rotsa' ruck pal!
Have to Laugh
Rather than be upset, annoyed or anything else I can be for this ESL that sends a 25 minute dictation, with pauses, very strong dialect, and grammar issues ending up to be a 1.5 page report - I had to laugh, when he started giving me the punctuation too - as far as he is concerned this is one long paragraph with commas and semi colons just about every third word. No kidding. Too bad they ask that I clean it up - so many times he want shis work VERBATIM - and he dictates his instructions with force during his tirade.
Just have to laugh.
I so enjoy this board!
Okay, here's a laugh for you (sm)
This is a verbatim account and it would serve them right if I transcribed it the way it was stated.  "Chest x-ray of the right foot is pending."  I don't know how they teach anatomy in his country but it certainly is different from here.
Thanks for the laugh :-) nm

I think he makes $700,000.00 a year, and if they ask him to walk before his first year MQ has...sm

to pay him a cool 1 million dollars.  You can check this out at the Medquist website.   I think the CFO makes $350,000 a year, and the head of IT makes $250.000 a year.

P.S.  This does not include the perks, like expense account, car allowance, sign-on bonus, etc. 

Our 16 year old son has been working for a year now to pay for his truck.
He's learning how to sand and do body work and how the engine and transmission go together. My parents didn't buy cars for my siblings and I either. I had a 20+ year old beater car until I could afford to move up to a a newer one.

I see all the nice new cars parked in the high school parking lot every day. It's nice that so many disrespectful punk kids get handed something nicer to drive than what all the teachers drive. Oh, well. Honestly, I think most of them borrow Mommy or Daddy's car or are the child of a doctor who can afford to hand them everything.

Hopefully, my kids will take better care of their cars because they bought and built them on their own. You're not going to grow up to be responsible if you don't work hard for something and expect Mommy and Daddy to bail you out all the time.

Oh, my Dad lectured us on even allowing our child to have a vehicle because Dad didn't have one until after he had worked his way through college, lettered on the football team, got straight As, lettered on the baseball team, yadda yadda. He either walked or hitched a ride. Yeah, well, times were different back then, Daddy-O. LOL At least my kid has the opportunity to work and earn his own car.
IC - 30 hours week, $98K last year. So far this year - 28K. sm
Individual IC - own account(s).
Not me, owed last year, and expect to owe this year- sm
or break even, had more expenses this year. Only owed $200 but still don't want to owe at all. Need to start doing estimated tax payments again so I don't owe! Guess I will get off my butt and do that this year.
Proofreading and had to laugh. sm

In one of my word programs I noticed I apparently typed does not too fast and it came up as "doe snot."  The spellchecker didn't pick it up.

After I got done laughing about the poor female deer with post nasal drip, I entered a quick correct in my expansions.

That's SO funny. Thanks for the laugh!
Need a good laugh? Here goes...

My friend e-mailed me information on this guy posted on a singles dating site.  Here's the scoop on him:

  •  Hasn't worked in over 2 years but "looking as I've run out of money."

  • Wife died theoretically suddenly in September.

  • He's losing his home next month to foreclosure and is looking to move anywhere he can. 

I reckon' that since he has a pulse he considers himself a good catch, eh ladies?  Sounds like a true moocher to me who is looking for someone with a home that he can move into and probably expect you to pay the bills!   I'll stay single forever as opposed to letting someone like that into my life.  I don't know many people who have a spouse die suddenly that are looking to hook up with another person within 2 months... much less the other red flags!  My friend wasn't serious that I should be interested in him - she just thought that I'd appreciate the fact that at least I'm not THAT desperate to hook up with someone!

gotta laugh
I was actually a triple-D which is an F before I had reduction surgery. So was my daughter who also had the surgery!
Did anyone else laugh when they saw Tatum O on (sm)

Dancing with the Stars?  She was an actress, she said.  She didn't have to compete with others or work to get the acting jobs, thanks to daddy Ryan, LMAO!  Maybe that is why reality TV is becoming so popular.  People would rather watch reality TV than bad acting.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Okay, now who is going to defend this woman who had her most embarrassing moment....

thanks for the early a.m. laugh...NM
Thanks for the laugh. Had some doozies...
These Expanders can wreck havoc when not turned off.
I'm offended that you laugh about it

Have you checked into seeing what is required of someone to become a fellow of the AAMT?  It is a lot of work, believe you me.  And, it is not just the education--it's community service, holding offices in the organization, as well as the continuing education part of it. 

I work for a surgeon who is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons.  It works basically the same way---they have to prove that they have completed so much continuing education, hold offices in organizations, community-type services, etc.

Basically, just being a "fellow" just means that you've gone above and beyond what an ordinary person in your organization does.  Honestly, I think it is an honor; a matter of distinction, even if it is just AAMT.  It just sets yourself apart from everyone else; says that you are a hard worker.

Thanks for the laugh!! Very funny!

Got to laugh, I'm 5' tall......sm

Been so short, my feet rarely hit the floor in a restaurant, a train, and especially in a plane they do not reach. I never minded being short until I hit my 40s.....and those top kitchen cabinet shelves cause I probably stopped CLIMBING in my 40s.  *LOL*...had my kid(s) climb to get things, but then they moved out...*lol*....so I try not to store things on those top shelves that I need on a regular basis.

Also, not that I'm that overweight cuz I'm not these past 10 years, but I always said I'm not overweight, I'm undertall...*L*

Please tell your b/f that I thank him for being a considerate soul....a rarity in this life, eh?

I pop on there now and then when I want a good laugh. Most of

the videos posted are absolutely ridiculous.

thanks for the laugh - you got the right idea
Cardiology MTs will laugh at this

I found this on YouTube yesterday and wanted to share. It's done by med students and is reall well written and funny. I don't do cardiology, but still got a big kick out of it (and learned some things).

Diagnosis Wenckebach -


Oh so true! Thanx for the laugh NM
now you did make me laugh....sm
because i haven't thought of Bosco since I was a kid - and it's been a pretty long while since I was a kid!!
Agree, but it's either laugh or cry...
Of course I'm not upset with you. It's one of those situations where it's so ludicrous you can't help but laugh at the irony of it all.

It's kind of like if becoming an attorney, someone says "Knowledge of the law is helpful, but not a prerequisite," or if becoming a physician, "Knowledge of anatomy helpful, but not a prerequisite."

I can't even wrap my brain around it. I just baffles me to such a degree that I can't help but laugh at it..."preposterous" is an understatement.
HA. That made me laugh and cry.

I'm German so I guess I am at the bottom of the hiring list. 

Thanks for the laugh!!! That was great! nm
Found it, Prolastin, also found
You guys are hilarious. Thanks for the laugh!