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Mine are in year-round thank goodness! They've started their new year 2 months ago.

Posted By: nm on 2005-08-11
In Reply to: Anyone else dying for school to start? (sm) - SM


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3 months on and 1 month off, all year round.
My daughter already started 1st grade - year-round school. Yippee! (nm)
I've worn mine working for a year and haven't had a problem. .sm
  I even still handle floppy disks all the time.  The magnets aren't that strong.
year-round school! nm
Homeschool, so year-round fun! nm
oh my production is cut in HALF!! wish we had year round school. nm
thank goodness, mine started back last week!
--this is me after the bus whisks them away!
We're in CA and have a lot of year-round schools. I like it better than the traditional schedule.
A 1 year, 5-months-old girl? nm
FN - I worked for them for about 1 year about 18 months ago (sm)
At first I thought they were wonderful  but my last account had so many docs and so many specialities I just finally gave up and faded into the sunset.... they never even missed me.  I also found QA to be very rude sometimes - depending on which account you were on.
Minimum of 6 months, but more likely more than a year. You'll
I started at $22K a year
In house working for a state hospital.  The ceiling is $40K with benefits (maybe $42K with the new union raises) after 10 years.  But there are some negatives that go with the positives.  I'm at 7 years, about $37K.
I meant hospital for 8 years (not months)...going on 15th year.
my boyfriend's union has helped him to be laid off 6 months this year already...
Sure Union's PROTECT the workers... okay that's fine. but they also do plenty of other stuff that is not cool with me. I like the idea of them getting paid a good amount for what they do, but then there are times when if something happens on a job, for example, two workers get in a fight, they may get fired from that particular job, but re-hired with another one that hires union workers. It makes no sense. Obviously I see the point of unions so workers are not taken advantage of... but like someone else posted, someone would sneak away to sleep during her job with the union. I mean, have you seen DOT workers? Cal Trans ? i dont think I EVER see them working and I'm gonna guess they are a union (although I can't be sure).

For sure transcription needs something, but I don't think a union is it. Although I don't think we will ever have anything to protect or help us... too little "higher up" people know the problem.
I think SR is getting WORSE since I started just a year ago. nm
They just started ASR and are phasing it into most accounts this year. sm
These companies are all the same
It started going up with the year of my birth, 1943
It had been 65 for years but they know people supposedly living longer now. Your date of birth is 1960 or after according to my social security paper.
I was told to wait three cycles, but went ahead and started trying. Took almost a year before I got
Please make sure your OB does an ultrasound to check that all products of conception are gone. I had a D&C, and had no problems. A friend of mine who went to a different OB/GYN did not have a D&C and had numerous problems because her body did not rid itself of all products of conception. She had a terribly hard time getting pregnant again.
Mine did last year and believes I could to, if I got up
Started yesterday, August 1st...balance calender year in Tennessee..nm
Mine avg. around $2K a year that is it -- all work via the internet- sm
I cannot see how anyone can write off $10K unless they are fudging things or have a very large office area in a very expensive house with a BIG mortgage---and drive back and forth delivering tapes, print outs, etc. I do not do the mortgage/office deduction so I am sure I could write off another $1K if I did that, but as I don't know when we are moving (planning to one of these days) I don't want the hassle so I just eat that one. As for my write offs I deduct anything remotely used or needed for work, electricity, paper, ink for my printer (print patient lists), my fax service, internet, FTP, any programs/upgrades, virus protection, reference books, any equipment (did my computer a couple years ago), phone line for work, etc. I am sure there is more (i.e. a new desk, chair, etc.). If you use it for work, write if off. --From the sounds of it though your accountant is right.
Been at home for over a year now and I switched to night shift. I work for a national. Started out
working the night shift and sleeping in shifts during the day. My kids are way older but that doesn't mean they don't interrupt me. Besides, there the phone issue, more interruptions, the dogs bothered me a lot, too. Love them dearly but, oh so spoiled. It was taking me 10 hours to do what I can do in 8 on nights, plus I manage to get more sleep, if you can believe that. I still get supper on the table, vacuum, laundry, etc. So far it is working pretty good, so I think I will put in for permanent night hours for awhile. No sense in working 10 when I can work 8.
Slept in a recliner for a year before I got mine....LOVE IT. sm

I have degenerative disk disease in my lumbar and cervical spine.  We got a king sized, fully adjustable because of the level of my problems.  I rarely have had to use the adjustments because having found my "number" I am provided with an incredible night sleep.  My number is 35 and it has changed my life.  I have significantly less pain, I can sleep ALL NIGHT without rolling over and over and over in pain.  Wish I would have gotten it when it first came out.  We have had it for 2 years now.  I recommend it to everyone who asks.

Nope, my hubby picked mine up last year and
hopefully his deductions will clear out mine this year.
Union diesil mechanic - good pay, great benefits. We swap year to year on who brings home more sm
money.....but I am an IC and he has all the benefits...health insurance/dental that the company pays for, pension plan, 401k, etc.  Factor all of that in and he makes way more than I do.
Yes, and I update mine every year the same day I file my tax return! Haha nm
Like that's so easy? Divorced bud of mine at 51 graduated college w/her BS last year ...
to cowgirl - Last I knew, last year the job paid $25,000/year no taxes, etc.
The hospital was bombed about a year ago, but not a lot of damage, very minimal damage.
44-year-old WF, M, Texas, 3 grown kids, just had 26 year wedding anv.
nope, still crunching last few days of year to hit my 50k this year. how can you when you haven'
if you've been at MQ for over a year and had no raise...(nm)

Wow! Sounds like you've been through a lot this year!!! sm
I can't imagine going through all of that......Yes, taking breaks, getting up and walking around does wonders for our body. What I like to do is get up for about 10-15 minutes per 3 reports. I try not to do more than 3 reports without getting up and walking around and I've bee doing this at home for almost 8 years and I have never had problems of back, neck, shoulders. I think that is why!
Even as an employee, I truly believe that MQ will be flexible with all of us. The minute they start taking away vacation times and not letting me off once in a while after I've consistently worked my schedule is the day I give my notice.

Nice talking with you both!
I've been using Vonage for a year.
I've had Hughesnet for over a year
First of all, it is expensive.  $60 a month ($65 if want them to mail you a bill instead of having it taken directly from your checking account)  You have to purchase the equipment, which can run $600-$700 installed.  This dish weighs 75 lbs, so if you don't want all that weight on your roof, then it's an additional $125 to put it on a pole.  If you do that, I suggest you have some PVC pipe available so the installer can run the line through that before burying the line from the pole to your house.  Now, if you let the installer bury the line, he charges another $3.25 per foot for burying ( I just had him run it on the ground and I buried it myself with a shovel).  There is rain fade-out and it fade or drop quicker with the internet dish than with your TV dish.  Their customer service, in my book, stinks.  The first customer service reps you have to go through cannot speak English and do not know that okay means yes.  ( I help you Susan, yes? Okay.  Yes? Okay. Yes? OKAY!!!!!)  If you have problems and they get you up and running for even a second then everything is "Good".  You have to keep calling and beg and beg and holler for advanced tech, where you get an English speaking person that knows what they're doing.  But still, I have had to beg and beg with advanced tech to get a repairman out.  And I don't know where you live, but the closest installer/repairman to Jacksonville, FL is in Georgia and if there is a nonwarranty problem then I have to pay $125 trip charge and it takes them a week to come out.  Right now I have only intermittent internet service, which is not enough to work, after waiting 3 weeks for a repairman, he says the problem is a warranty part - but guess what? He doesn't have it so now it's another 1-2 week wait.  I have been fighting with them since this thing was installed.  I can't get cable, and DSL was supposed to be up and running here over a  year ago - all the lines and boxes are in, we're just waiting for someone to 'flip the switch'. But, hey, when this thing is working, it is as fast as DSL.  A girl I worked with has it and has never had a moment's problem.
About once a year I get burn-out, but I've always been able to
shake it off by taking a few days off, adjusting my schedule, etc.   This time I just can't seem to do it.   I absolutely have to work as I am the main support.  The bills are still getting paid, but we need a new roof, new windows,  furniture needs reupholstering.  There just hasn't been much extra money lately to put away for these things.   I need to be at home 6 more years and I couldn't get a job in an office making what I do now so I'm kind of stuck.   I am exploring other avenues though that will allow me to still stay home and work, plus I'm selling things on E-bay to try to help compensate for my low line counts lately. 
Nothing this year. We ALWAYS got a cool surprise in the past, but this year nothing. :-( nm
After I went to a 1-year MT course at a vocational school, it was so bad that I did the 2-year colle
Not only did I finally receive the proper training, but the woman on the advisory board hired and mentored me. I also joined the local AAMT and networked. Good luck. I know how frustrating it can be. A community college will have a good program to include medical language, MT courses taught by local MTSOs, business English, anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology, etc.
I've been knitting about a year. Keep buying
yarn, not enough time to knit.    I'm trying to learn to crochet too.  Doesn't look as nice as knitting usually, but I do lots of charity work and it goes much faster than knitting, easier to fix mistakes too. 
I've been seriously thinking about it. I actually like my company this year.
However, I have no money because work is slow and my kids and bills come first. I've been thinking about baking cookies and candies to mail. The people I would like to give the gift to work at home anyway, so sending it to corporate HQ wouldn't accomplish gifting those I want to thank. I can't afford to send individual gifts to each of them. Plus, a little part of me considers buying things for your supervisor to be brown-nosing.
I've been wearing them for a year while I work with no....sm
problem.  They aren't that strong.
I've been working just under a year and am on ER.. LOVE it!



so far no one has posted they've made 100 grand a year. nm
I've been using Vista for over a year with no problems whatsoever. sm
I'm even running a very old HP printer.

If you use ShortHand with Vista, you must upgrade to SH 10, but SH 10 also works on XP.
Very busy - just did my total for the month. This is the best year I've had in my 25 years of MT!
No complaints whatsoever! Hope the rest of my fellow MTs experience a prosperous remainder of the year!
I've used it as recent as a mont ago (for a year and a half total) with no problem.

In my exeprience, it has been MT friendly.  I did have some start up issues because of Vista, but that was easily resolved if you get a cust. svc rep with a little knowledge.  My issue was with getting word to run inside of the scribe program like it was supposed to.  It kept opening outside of scribe.  By Vista being so new to the platform, It was registry problem that needed some tweeking. 

I think he makes $700,000.00 a year, and if they ask him to walk before his first year MQ has...sm

to pay him a cool 1 million dollars.  You can check this out at the Medquist website.   I think the CFO makes $350,000 a year, and the head of IT makes $250.000 a year.

P.S.  This does not include the perks, like expense account, car allowance, sign-on bonus, etc. 

Our 16 year old son has been working for a year now to pay for his truck.
He's learning how to sand and do body work and how the engine and transmission go together. My parents didn't buy cars for my siblings and I either. I had a 20+ year old beater car until I could afford to move up to a a newer one.

I see all the nice new cars parked in the high school parking lot every day. It's nice that so many disrespectful punk kids get handed something nicer to drive than what all the teachers drive. Oh, well. Honestly, I think most of them borrow Mommy or Daddy's car or are the child of a doctor who can afford to hand them everything.

Hopefully, my kids will take better care of their cars because they bought and built them on their own. You're not going to grow up to be responsible if you don't work hard for something and expect Mommy and Daddy to bail you out all the time.

Oh, my Dad lectured us on even allowing our child to have a vehicle because Dad didn't have one until after he had worked his way through college, lettered on the football team, got straight As, lettered on the baseball team, yadda yadda. He either walked or hitched a ride. Yeah, well, times were different back then, Daddy-O. LOL At least my kid has the opportunity to work and earn his own car.
IC - 30 hours week, $98K last year. So far this year - 28K. sm
Individual IC - own account(s).
Not me, owed last year, and expect to owe this year- sm
or break even, had more expenses this year. Only owed $200 but still don't want to owe at all. Need to start doing estimated tax payments again so I don't owe! Guess I will get off my butt and do that this year.
I quit two months ago. I tried to quit for over a year, but I just had to be ready.
I tried the patch, NRT gum, Zyban, everything. One morning, I woke up and just quit cold turkey. There are some good online support groups out there that can help you when you're ready.
come on.. you cannot compare a 2-year-old and a 15-year-old