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I have 2 clinics still on tapes, love'em! Also work for a national. Like that too. nm

Posted By: Deb - on 2008-07-21
In Reply to: Working at home. - CG


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than with my national online....LOVE TAPES..NM
Love 'em or leave 'em
I don't have a real solution, but I have been known to log off of that account whenever I see this happen.  I then try to find work on one of the other accounts to which I am assigned, but there is often no other work available.  I conclude that the only choice is love 'em or leave 'em.  A private client might be nice, but that brings other headaches.
Yup and I love my clinics! nm
I love 'em too. I can dream, can't I?

You gotta love 'em
I had a CNP who prounced epistaxis without the "s" - epeetaxis.  I won't even tell you what she did with some drug names.  The really fun one was when she stumbled three times over cerumen, never did pronounce it correctly and then spelled it for me.
Newbies, you gotta love 'em
That bubble will soon burst! I don't make 16 cents per line, and I have 10 years of experience in all specialties, acute care, ER, clinic...Ah, to remember the newbie days...I had that "go get'em" attitude. I miss those carefree days.
I love 'em too but type everything else but and Progress notes (sm)
So true, work for some doctors and clinics also and many are now
jumping on the save lots of money and offshore bandwagon! We just can't win. It's over everyone :(
YES!! Love 'em! Lots of fun, doesn't feel like working out. :)

ALL of the clinics I work on use SS #s as medical record numbers, and many of them cc to the
patient at their home address, which is conveniently typed at the bottom of the report.  Seems pretty straight-forward to us, then why can't the govt figure this out and put a stop to it?
Can find lots of the Sted's books at www.half.com, too. Love 'em! nm
(1) Don't work for a national. (2) Don't work for a national. (3) Don't work for a nation

If you still want to stay in MTing, which is a dying job, go to a hospital and apply to do radiology.  They sometimes hire people just out of transcription schools.

But don't work at home thinking you will make any money at all - even with 20 years of experience - the nationals have wrecked that. 

Be under the umbrella of protection at a hospital.  That way when your computer breaks, the weather is bad, you are sick, there is no work - you will not be without a paycheck. 

The nationals are selling a line of BULL.  Gradually they have taken what used to be our built-it benefits------------> and moved it over to their pockets and called it their PROFIT.  They are not brilliant - but they are unethical thieves.

YES! Love it! Largest national. Been there 6 yrs.
scheduled days, I work 'em.....nm
LOL! You calls 'em as you sees 'em, girl!
If U can't beat 'em join 'em
This is NOT the only industry that outsources and you are fooling yourselves if you think that it will stop.
I work on an account that still has tapes and ...sm
it is a very profitable account. The line count is twice as good as several of the accounts I have that are digital. To each their own, but there are many doctors out there who do not want to go digital and you will find when they do you might just lose them to VR, as I lost a very good account to that because they figured out how to do it themselves. If the account pays on time, the doctors are easy to understand, and they pay you a good line rate then go for it, tapes or digital.
I work for a national
and I have a ton of doctors (clinic and hospital).  I type 1000 lines in 3 to 4  hours.  I don't have a lot of normals.  There are some but don't use them on a daily basis.  I just put my nose to the grind stone and make myself sit there for a certain amount of reports before I let myself get up.  It can be done.
do you work for a national?
Then why do you work for them if they are a bunch of crooks stealing from you?  That is the only alternative to my theory, if they do not offer benefits, make you test even when you are seasoned, do not give raises, with no good reason other than they are greedy thieves?  It doesn't make sense to me. 
no. work for a national. nm
Currently work for a national

and all I currently know about the ENT office is that they have some system in place currently in-office that the doctors dictate into using a phone.  Their work is currently done in-house by 1 full-time MT who is retiring and 1 p.r.n. MT.  I currently use high-speed (cable) internet but might possibly be soon moving to a location that would only have satellite for high-speed (or dial up).

I also work from tapes and pretty much plan my day/weekends the way you do. sm
Agree with posters below-you owe nobody an explanation/excuse. It is your business/career to do as you see fit. Good luck.
When you take on too much work. Getting 2 PT job offers plus have FT with national (sm)

Two local doctors offering me 2-3 hours per day each, plus the FT (about 6 actual hours of typing a day) with a national. 

One doctor is orthopedic, the other vascular surgeon (H&Ps in office).  One is a mumbler, the other has a lisp.  The national job is radiology (fairly easy - would be faster if I could master IT, though).

What should I do?  Am afraid I will take on more than I can handle and at same time, refuse a job that I later will regret.  I need the money, needless to say.  Anyone ever face this? 

Well, I work for a national, but my account
is a big hospital, doing acute work. It was a heck of a way to learn starting off, but I know it will benefit me in the long run, just one of those days!

Closing in on my 2 years now, I thought about maybe applying at a hospital inhouse here that hires starting out at $20, but once you add all the expenses (not counting any deductions), you come out to about the same. It's just not worth it. It would probably be less stress considering I would work set hours instead of all the crazy ones I have been doing, but then you have to add in at least 2 hours of drive time to that each day. It evens all out I suppose.
I average $32,000. I work for a National. nm
also, I work for a national - not my own clients! nm
Has anyone asked for a raise lately? How do you go about it? Work for a national and have not
increase for five years.  Just pumped some gas and realize my cost of living is going up but my pay is stagnant.  How do you go about asking for a raise?
Don't work for a national. Find a small
MTSO that pays well. They are out there, as long as you hold up your end of the bargin. I left my hospital job to work for a national, several nationals now but who is counting. I found a small company and finally am making the $$$.

Good luck to you.
Why do you say $20/hr? I work for a national, and at 11 cpl, 300 lines per hour, sm

that's $33/hour.  I'm not driving a Lexus or anything, but I'm comfortable.  Generally speaking, find a mid-sized national, big enough to have enough work for you all of the time, yet small enough to care and realize that quality work deserves quality pay.

They are out there.  Good luck!

Our hospital laid us all off and I went to work for the national that got the bid. nm
Yes, midsize national. Low work. Overhiring. nm
The national I work for has a no blank policy. sm
Plus you have to have 90% no blanks to QA to get bonuses and to maintain full-time status. This is very hard sometimes with some of the dictators that dictate from across the room, while the ward is going ape, and this all right next to the telemetry monitor and the ringing phone or at home with the yapping dogs in the background.

But I have found our QA to be forgiving and understanding, so I am getting more comfortable. I think they have a high standard so we will step higher, but they understand the reality, which I think is good.

DH says he definitely would not go through what I go through to be sure there are no blanks, but I am hoping that in time it will get easier, and I will get more productive, and I think it is.

I work for a national, and we're allowed
Question: If you work for national that provides computer,
can you ask their Tech support to move their files onto the laptop computer?

One other question: If you are required to have HSI connection for dictation and files, do you have access to that and how?
I'll bet I work for the same national! While I have great dictators, seriously they never say the
same thinge twice, save one surgeon who always ends his op reports with the same paragraph, which, of course, I have in my expander.  I mean it - there are probably 30 doctors, and I never ever get a repeat or any pattern at all! Again, I have a huge expander that I've set up on my own over the years, and rarely type more than a few words "longhand", but I still am not hitting over 200-250 lines an hour.  Oh well! At least I have great dictators, right? 
when you work for a national, you sign a confidentiality agreement...?
the same rules would apply, and you must have signed a confidentiality agreement with whomever you work for. you can be fired, if breached.

my opinion, as a professional, you transcribe it and mums the word...

when I worked in a hospital, someone was caught 'sharing' information about the CEO from a transcription report, and was fired on the spot.
Actually, it is quite easy to skip jobs, and I work for a national. sm

Depending upon the account, just press the appropriate number on the C-phone, and *poof* you're at the next job.  In my case, I have no "proof" per se, but when jobs skip from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. then to 1 p.m., etc., and then it gets back to "normal" when you get to the non-ESL docs where I guess they stopped working.  it's not too hard to figure out that someone took what they wanted and left the rest.  It doesn't matter to me.  As has been stated, the MT who cherrypicks cheats himself/herself out of the chance to master everything and assure himself/herself of a larger pool of work.  That goes also for those who limit themselves to only certain work types.  Sure, we all have our preferences (I prefer admit notes and consults), but if you can do everything, then you're more likely not to be one of the ones coming here complaining of no work.

Just my opinion, and you know we all have one.  Happy Friday the 13th!   I have the weekend off for once, and it is actually beautiful weather here.  Yippee! 

I work for a national, $600 yearly deductible and 15-30 copay
How do you do 2000 a day? Do you work for a national or small company? nm


If you work for a national, what difference does it make where you live?
If you work locally, then yes I think it makes a difference. I work for a national, live in the boondocks and still do well.
The one national that I am aware of, employees would be thrilled to work just 8 hours a day. They


Can a national require full time MTs to work overtime?


I don't work for one of the larger nationals, but a good-sized national and

in 5 years the hospital system has been down twice and my company wasn't able to pull work and the company's system was down once for a hurricane and once the power was out for part of a day.   I never went a full day without work.

I think maybe some of the nationals are poorly managed and they use "server down" as an excuse for no work.  For a company that depends on their servers for their livelihood I don't believe they actually have the much down time.  I don't think most companies pay for downtime. 


Oh, bull. I'm with a large national and those clients whose work is offshored
That one statement is bunk.

I work for a national. Most of the time the voices are pretty good, but

I have been getting some of late that have background noices, door slamming, people talking,  Sometimes the doc will stop talking but the noices sound so close to him that it is annoying.  Do you think the sound card would interfere with my company's computer?  It sounds nice to have even though it does not help the background stuff.   I guess that is a good question for tech.  Thanks again! 

The midsize national I work for has a nice tiered incentive plan sm
for employees, not sure about the ICs.  In order not to qualify for one of the incentives, you'd have to transcribe at LESS than 150 LPH.  Pretty easy to make bonus each pay period.  The faster you are, the bigger the bonus.
I didnt ask for ANYTHING. Merry Christmas and watch your back when u work for a national.
thats MY point.
Been at home for over a year now and I switched to night shift. I work for a national. Started out
working the night shift and sleeping in shifts during the day. My kids are way older but that doesn't mean they don't interrupt me. Besides, there the phone issue, more interruptions, the dogs bothered me a lot, too. Love them dearly but, oh so spoiled. It was taking me 10 hours to do what I can do in 8 on nights, plus I manage to get more sleep, if you can believe that. I still get supper on the table, vacuum, laundry, etc. So far it is working pretty good, so I think I will put in for permanent night hours for awhile. No sense in working 10 when I can work 8.
The national I work for usually offers jobs to the in-house people when they acquire an account. nm
A small national is a national company that is smaller
than a big national.  There are a few "big" nationals, where they have hundreds, if not thousands of employees.   I work for what I call a small national, only has about 30 employees.    An MTSO could also be considered a small national. 
I went from national to small back to national
My large national has all the resources and money to operate successfully and have decent platform, etc., to work on, the small company did not, and I went back to the national.