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I love 'em too but type everything else but and Progress notes (sm)

Posted By: txmt on 2006-03-27
In Reply to: Would anyone care to share where you work? I love OPs, but do CONS and DS all day.YUCK! nm - iheartjackbauer


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Love 'em or leave 'em
I don't have a real solution, but I have been known to log off of that account whenever I see this happen.  I then try to find work on one of the other accounts to which I am assigned, but there is often no other work available.  I conclude that the only choice is love 'em or leave 'em.  A private client might be nice, but that brings other headaches.
It's a test in progress to measure what MTs know and what type of test to give for the SM
different levels of MTs.  It's over $90.  That's a lot of money to pay to someone who is giving these tests for research as to what type of testing should be done for the different levels of MT.  The AAMT will probably take the results and make a test that they can give in India or the Phillipines or some other foreign country. 
I love 'em too. I can dream, can't I?

You gotta love 'em
I had a CNP who prounced epistaxis without the "s" - epeetaxis.  I won't even tell you what she did with some drug names.  The really fun one was when she stumbled three times over cerumen, never did pronounce it correctly and then spelled it for me.
Newbies, you gotta love 'em
That bubble will soon burst! I don't make 16 cents per line, and I have 10 years of experience in all specialties, acute care, ER, clinic...Ah, to remember the newbie days...I had that "go get'em" attitude. I miss those carefree days.
I saw a couple of these same type notes go out
to people several months back and I too was flabbergasted.  What happened to the professionalism in this profession? 
YES!! Love 'em! Lots of fun, doesn't feel like working out. :)

I have 2 clinics still on tapes, love'em! Also work for a national. Like that too. nm
I do OP notes and discharge summaries and type about 500 lph
Can find lots of the Sted's books at www.half.com, too. Love 'em! nm
I know a group of Docs (GPs) that type their own notes!!! OUCH! nm
Generally 200 lph, but depends on work type, I can do more with OP notes, has to do with motivation
I hate HP, consults, and DS, but that is the majority of what I do. I always, always do better with OP notes.
Love OP notes, which I could do them always. nm
I love ER notes and of course I never get them. sm
My favorite and I still laugh over this, was the patient that came in with a double AA battery in the rectum. Mind you the patient was about 25. Doc snickered all the way through the report and told the patient never to put anything there again.
I love doing OP notes

I love doing op notes. They are very difficult though and i do recommend that you go into them slowly if at all possible. I was doing strictly clinic notes when I came to work here, but lost a girl that did the Op notes and we decided to send our clinic notes out to someone else and I started doing OP notes and other types of dictations. They are my fav.


I love op notes.
I have very little experience in acute care (only about a year), but op notes are my favorite. I have applied to positions for op notes only, but of course, I don't have the experience to get the job. I find them to be much easier than other types of acute care reports since they are so repetitive. I loved the days I got a lot of op notes because I always got better line counts just because of how repetitive they are.
LOVE clinic notes
I do clinic work and I LOVE it.  I transcribe for 3 docs.  There are 4 girls on the acct.  And we ALWAYS have work.  When I am bored on Saturdays or Sundays, I sit down and type for a few hours.  Rarely is the server empty by Monday morning.  I have never been at a loss for work.  It is so repetitive and easy.  Each doctor has his own way of talking and I have tons of shortcuts for each doc in my autocorrect in Word.  So easy, so fast, so fun!
LOL! You calls 'em as you sees 'em, girl!
That's funny, I *love* ER's. Also Ops, procedure notes. Can't stand anything LONGGGGGGGG. n
Why do so many people LOVE operative notes? I see posts about it all the time...
how they make good money on them, they could do them all day, feel cheated when they don't get them? I have been doing this for years and years and still kind of groan when I see them come up on my screen. Fill me on the secrets and maybe I won't whine so much when I do them. Thanks gal!
I just love it when our cat plops down on my note pads with my work notes....have to pull it all out
If U can't beat 'em join 'em
This is NOT the only industry that outsources and you are fooling yourselves if you think that it will stop.
I use As-U-Type, and I love it. Very inexpensive, too...nm
aneurysm... love shorthand - just type anu and there it is...(NM)
Love it. Been using PCShorthand since 1999. Can't type without it. :) nm
And you'll almost never get just Op notes. Probably get mixed acute care - op notes, discharge su
Oh and don't you love the "WOW, you work from home?? HEY! I can type - hook me up!" sm
That burns my hiney more than anything else. Working from home is NOT a piece of cake. I can relate to those who think since we work from home we can just get up anytime. I don't know how many times I have tried to explain that if I were working in a "traditional" office, that they wouldn't just walk in, call, etc. etc. but I don't think anybody will ever really get that our time is money, literally.
It's called progress...

of course, we see all the DOWN sides of the EMR but there are many positives. With the right set up, after a while, the docs get the hang of it and streamline their input. Of course, it doesn't "tell the story" like dictation does, but, on the other hand, an EMR has many, many other features that apparently make up for it. For instance, if a drug is pulled off the market, the EMR can search and find every patient that has been prescribed that drug. Also it has drug interactions loaded in it, so if the doc prescribes the wrong drugs, the computer can help catch it. I've been to EMR conferences as I was considering expanding to become a VAR, and let me tell you, the EMR's are here to stay. One of the government's push is to have all docs' offices on EMR and eventually a national clearing house for information (which I am sure the insurance companies will love) because of the safety aspect. You can do some searches on the the 'Net to see just how vast the EMR market is. Every year, the docs coming out of medical school are more and more computer savvy and every year, the EMR companies get closer and closer to having a program the docs want. And every year, the MT market shrinks.


Thanks...I will check it out and let you know on the progress!
I wonder if there is a quick-guide to South Beach? lol..I know that sounds crazy, but just quick facts to get started. But, actually it would probably be best to go ahead and get the whole book so I won't have any questions. Thanks again and GOOD LUCK with yours too!
It's called technology and progress.
Things change. It's been happening since the beginning of time.
Thanks..progress keeps moving along and dragging me with it! nm
Are you in a position to compare your progress SM
with others on your accounts? (If you work at home maybe invite them to email you through this site to discuss?) That's the only way to get a true picture of how you're doing so you can figure out how to fix this situation. Have a nice Thanksgiving tomorrow.
Yes, but this time it's different. I'm focusing on progress, not perfection.
I've already reduced my cholesterol by 50. I changed my diet to reduce sugar, refined carbs and hydrogenated oils. I increased fiber, lean proteins and vegetables. I quit smoking and haven't gained any weight since doing that, although my doctor told me I'd put on about 35 pounds. No way! He said I shouldn't be worried about dieting and exercise while I'm craving cigarettes, but I'm not craving at all. Cold turkey, never looked back. DH is going to start exercising with me this weekend. We're going to walk and bike ride together. We got a second exercise bike to ride together indoors for bad weather. (I love yard sales!) My goal is to compete in a mini marathon next summer. Losing 35 pounds would be a nice added bonus, too.
Ortho progress note samples

Does anyone know where I could get samples of ortho progress notes?



Please! This is called progress and it was in effect long before Obama came into office.
Try being a freethinker for once and stop following whatever someone else tells you based on supposed "facts."
Love psych notes. HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE,
HATE ER notes.
Isn't that what causes 'em to sag?
don't let 'em get to you, KB
As we teach our children, ignore it.
you tell 'em

Can you hear me clapping at this end and yelling BRAVO!!!  Right on!!!

Has anyone ever died from doing hanging indents?  I may be the first.  LET ME DO WHAT I NEED TO DO MICROSOFT!!!!!  (yes, I'm yelling). 

Cut 'em off???
stump 'em
I'll never forget my first day of college when the instructor wrote on the chalkboard -- panhysterosalpingooophorectomy and said "You will know what this means by the end of the day!"  This is an easy one for us now, but back then it was like "Yeah, right."  This is one of my husband's favorite words to throw at people at parties, etc. -- and he even knows the correct meaning of the term!!  I hate when people say stuff like "Where can I find a job like yours, typing at home, I could do that no problem."  They think that if they can type, they can do our jobs.  I'd like to see 'em try.....heeheehee
found 'em (sm)
did a search for clairsol, found Cheviot technology, and here they are in New Delhi. Search in these two pages for clairsol, and/or Cheviot, you will find www.clairsol.com, with an Indian name for owner.




Cheviot Technology (Software Div of Cheviot Intl Ltd)

Specialisation: Client Server, Telecom/ Networking, Internet, E - Commerce, Migration and Conversion

Website / Email: www.clairsol.com

City: New Delhi

And.....Found Clairvoyant Solutions, in Mumbai, which looks like the same company to me...


Sure looks to me like they are in India, in some shape or form....I hope this helps you....good luck, and let us know how it goes.
Tell 'em sister....

Do you see how fast the haters come here to say "big deal."  Any one of us can have our own accounts (I have 2 of my own).  I make the same as you round about $50.00 an hour.  What a relief because I also IC for an online company making 8 cpl (round about $20.00 an hour).  We can't sit around and complain; that accomplishes nothing.

BTW, I think 5 cpl for VR is good...  In case anyone cares what I think!  I just think it would be hard for me to learn the hot keys to make it go faster, but then again maybe I'd be quicker at it (20+ years in the biz). 

Just let them drink their Hatorade and be haters all their lives!!!! 

VR funnies - 3 of 'em

Cardiolite stress test which was negative for reversible skin.

HIDA scan negative for cystic duct or common bile duct obstruction with normal feeding of the gallbladder.

Ultrasound of the abdomen demonstrated a fatty liver but no evidence of a dietitian.

It's worth it...Git 'em!
I had one customer who tried to stiff me for some work I performed. I had all the paperwork in order, all the ducks lined up, etc. It was a amount somewhere near $1400.

I didn't go the SCC route at all. I filed a lien against the woman's home for the amount owed, the filing costs, and >>monthly late charges<< that had accrued up to the point of the filing of the lien. Then I waited for about 17 months or so.

When she found out that she couldn't sell her property until the lien was settled, SHE got in contact with me. She "offered" me her personal check (nyet) to settle the debt, but with her track record, I refused and would only take cash at that point in time.

She hemmed and hawed and tried to con me again, but I didn't budge, and the lien stayed put. She finally ponied up the cash, because she had to sell the house, and it couldn't be sold until the lien was satisfied.

I did lose in that deal, however. I forgot about the lien removal filing fee, so I was out $35, but I recovered the majority of the money owed.

You may just want to check out your state's lien laws.

You tell 'em girl!

stay off the porch!  Life is what you make it!  Only you can make it happen, not the President, not the Pope, and certainly not working for a national.  Some say they make boatloads off of a national, but they are hard workers that love to stay chained to the desk with no kids, (as I've seen posted) and no LIFE!  Get a grip people!  If this gal is thriving, let her thrive.  Why call her out for that?  Why?  She should be able to voice her opinion, and no I am not the poster above, I am a different poster before anyone even starts with that! 

Good golly for you Miss Molly - you hit paydirt!      Some of us love this profession enough to make it work, and yes ma'am I've gotten my fair share and then some!  I am living the good life!   

Give 'em the Beatles!
ALL little kids love 'em (seriously!). Give John, Paul, George & Ringo a try!
If you hate 'em, verbatim!
Oh yeah!!!!!! Keep 'em comin'!!!!!! nm
Gosh, I wish I loved OP, just can't do 'em