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I hope somebody helps me out. SM

Posted By: Blu on 2006-05-09
In Reply to: Say's who?? - curious, not being nasty

The two-space thing was for typesetters and typewriters. With today's proportional fonts, it is no longer necessary, and in fact leaves a "river of white" through a document. <--- this is from memory. I wonder if the BOS says so?

Me 'n' my big mouth. I can't document it without leaving this website and going to google. :)

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Hope this helps...
I have a Stedman's 3rd ed. (2003) that I purchased new (still in plastic) off of Amazon for $22.  I like the HPI books, but I have never used the psych one, so I don't know how much difference there is, but I do know you can get the Stedman's cheaper than $36.  Another book that I used a lot is the PDR Drug Guide for Mental Health Professionals 2nd ed.  I bought it at Books a Million.  I don't use it as much now since I am familiar with the meds, but it was great when I started doing psych because it only has the types of meds related to mental health in it.  Check ebay and Amazon for books.  They are SO much cheaper.  I have bought almost all of my ref. books that way.  Good luck!  I love doing psych. 
Hope it helps
Hope this helps
I buy all my stuff from Majestic Mountain Sage.  They, and many other links, are on this site.  http://waltonfeed.com/old/soaphome.html
Hope this helps, sm.

I don't know exactly how to do it, but I think the file is called Web Correct.  Here is a website for some folks who can help!  They are wonderful with technical questions like this:


Hope this helps!

Hope this helps

Yep. I had 2 scares within 2 weeks of each other. Found blood on the tissue very similar to when I start my period (I was 8 weeks and 10 week both times it happened). Hubby rushed me to the ER and after blood tests and ultrasounds I checked out OK. I'm now almost 18 weeks along with baby #3

I also had this with my son (second pregnancy) about 7 years ago. I happened almost every week. I carried him to term with no additional complications. And, with both of these pregnancies the bleeding ceased once I was out of the first trimester.

Hang in there.

Hope this helps

You're going to need to be in "heading" when you number your pages (sure you already know that).  When you are in your heading, a toolbar should pop up called "Header and Footer."  This toolbar has an icon on it that looks like a piece of paper with a # on it.  That is what you use to insert the page #.  It should number consecutive pages 1, 2, 3, etc., unless you manually go in and create a new section (Insert Page Break, Section Break Type--Next Page).  If you inserted that type of break, a new section would be started at 1, 2, 3, with new headings if you wanted them. 

One thing to look out for--when you are in your "heading" section, a box is visible around your header with a broken line around it.  Sometimes it will say "Same as Previous."  That means, even though this might be a new section, you are telling the document to keep the header information from the previous section--which will really mess up your pagination!  To get rid of that, roll your mouse over the "Header and Footer" toolbar until you see the icon "Same as Previous."  Make sure it isn't highlighted.

Hope this helps and isn't too confusing for you.  Good luck!

Hope this helps.
You need to belong to get your CMT (ka-ching!). You have to pay for the honor of taking the test (ka-ching!). You have to pay yearly dues (k!). You have to maintain your continuing education credits. You have to pay to renew your CMT (k!).

The cost is significant. The payback, unless you want to pursue a higher calling of being on AAMT boards/leadership, is basically nil.

I've worked in supervision/upper management for 3 nationals who really didn't care if I had a CMT or not. I've served on AAMT boards, so I've seen both sides of the game.

I will never again align myself with an organization that has so little vested interest in my success, and overtly works to take food off of my table.
hope this helps a little -sm
Maybe you should let things ride out. She may realize that she is not able to do the work and get frustrated and quit. You know how starting new jobs and be horrible.

I would just go with the flow and see how things pan out and then talk to someone if that doesnt work.

I hope this helps.....
To keep this expression together and easily read as a unit, do not place a space after the x.

D: Blood cultures were negative times 3.
T: Blood cultures were negative x3.
Copyright (c) 2002 American Association for Medical Transcription
Hope this helps
Yes, it probably has a lot to do with menopause, but the part of your story that struck me is your concern about what the hometown folks might think or say "if" you chose, for whatever reason, to return.

I just don't get that: Isn't YOUR opinion more important than those who would judge you?

THEY may not believe in divorce (and hopefully this is a temporary difficulty with your husband) but THEY don't live your life or walk in your shoes.

I hope you rethink how much importance to attach to others' opinions - yours is the only one that matters.

Hope this helps
Under format, in font then character spacing. That shoud do it.
LOL, I hope it helps a little. :)
I used to do training, and a lot of us can use the language, we just can't name the parts. The cheat just came to me one day when I was groping for words to explain it to a trainee and it seemed to do the trick.
Hope this helps, a little more serious

1. How long have you worked as a medical transcriptionist? 5 years
2. What certification have you received? None, worked in ER for 6 years before doing this
3. What attracted you to pursuing a career in medical transcription? Working from home and love to type.
4. What type of environment do you work in (i.e. from home, physician’s office, hospital, other). Home
5. What do you think are the most important skills a medical Transcriptionist should have? Medical terminology, grammar, ability to work alone, discipline, etc.
6. Did some skills come naturally to you, while others required more practice? yes, typing was easy, learning ESL doctors was not.
7. In addition to transcribing medical reports, do you engage in other forms of business writing while on the job (such as memos, proposals, or progress reports, etc.) to clients, coworkers, or supervisors? Please explain. No
8. What do you think is the most difficult aspect of medical transcription? Poor quality voice files and ESL docs who make up words.
9. What do you find to be the easiest aspect of medical transcription? Typing
10. As a medical transcriptionist, do you often need to collaborate with others to ensure that all the information in your reports is correct? I wouldn't say often but sometimes and especially during training.

I also considered going to Sinclair for my medical transcription career but decided to train from home.  I was told by the hospital where I was working that Sinclair had a great program.  Good luck!! If this is something you think you will like, don't let anyone bring you down.  You either love it or hate it and I just happen to love it.

hope this helps
I recently had to purchase Microsoft Word 2003 when I started working with Escription and I was able to find it on ebay for a very reasonable amount, so you might check there.
Hope this helps...
Hi.  Not sure how much experience you have and how much distraction you'd have, but after 2-1/2 years, I make 3.5 cents for VR.  I work about 7 hours a day and make about 75.00 a day; HOWEVER, I have distractions (kids), and I don't always make my maximum capacity earnings in one hour due to stopping quickly to do something for one of them (fix a glass of milk, for example).  So, if you are distraction-free, I'd say once you learn the dictators, you can do this.  VR, like straight transcription, does require a learning curve and learning your dictators, so you probably won't do this right away, but it's definitely doable down the road for you.  Good luck.  Becky
Hope this helps ---
Most physicians in offices have had a medical Transcriptionist so they know what they want. Try to get an account first and be prepared to accept whatever they need you to buy. Be honest with them about it. Once you obtain one client, and you do well, more work will come in through their referral. Just don't undervalue your worth and charge what you feel you are worth. After all, 16 years is a lot of experience under your belt. If you provide excellent work, they will be glad to reimburse you with a good rate.

Hope this helps.
Rate for beginning MT with less than perfect grades in MT course (if lucky enough to find work)= 6-7 cents/line on 65 cpl with spaces.

Rate for beginner with very good grades in MT course and attendance at better than average MT school = 8 cents/line, 65 cpl, with spaces, to be advanced to 9 cents/line in a few months if producting quality work.

Rate for experienced MT who produces quality work = 9-10 cents/line, and in time hopefuly will be raised to 12 cpl. I believe this is the maximum you would receive anywhere as an employee or independent contractor no matter how much experience you have. You would have to become a MTSO and have your own accounts to charge more thatn 12 cpl.

Rate for MTSO = 15-20 cents/line, $20-30/hour, $6-$8/page. I do not know what the MTSO would charge the hospital for VR editing, but I do believe it is less than the 15-20 cpl, but no 100% positive.
Hope this helps. sm
More specific-hope this helps
They are having me type in Word and then cut and paste from there instead of typing directly in Meditech. I have tried to type directly in Meditech, but my ShortHand nor spellcheck work at all. I am thinking there should be an icon there for spellcheck. Like I said it has been awhile, but I did ? them and they said they just cut and paste, so in other words they do not know either and I know there is a simpler way.

See message - I hope this helps you.
Decreases audio playback speed. Alt+F2
Increases audio playback speed. Ctrl+F2
I found this...hope it helps

but I haven't used WPerfect since DOS.  I found this on-line though:  (HERE'S THE URL:  http://mcobit.business.nd.edu/kb/kb.cfm?Action=NEWQuestion&gid=1177

   For a WordPerfect Document:

1 Click File  Save as.
2 Enable the Password protect check box.
3 Click Save.
4 In the Password area of the Password protection dialog box, type a password in the Type password for document box.
5 Type the password in the Retype password to confirm box.
6 In the Protection options area, enable one of the following options:

· Enhanced password protectionprovides case-sensitive password protection for greater security
· Original password protectionprovides case-insensitive password protection such as that used by WPWin 6.0 and WPDOS 6.0a


· If you assign a password to a document, any backup or temporary files created of the document are also password-protected.



It is pronounced THEEEJ. Hope that helps! nm
See attached-read carefully-hope this helps

Question   I get an attachment that is called winmail.dat but I can't open it. What can I do?
Problem   When someone uses Microsoft Outlook to send messages through the Internet with attachments and they use the Microsoft Outlook Rich Text format, some recipients report that the message includes an additional file called the Winmail.dat file. The Winmail.dat file is usually very small, but you cannot open it in the message. The original message attachment is not always separate from the Winmail.dat file attachment, and may be included in the Winmail.dat file attachment.

This problem occurs because the Winmail.dat file is used to preserve formatting that the sending client includes in the message, but the receiving client does not recognize the Winmail.dat file. In Outlook, the Winmail.dat file includes Rich Text Formatting (RTF) instructions. This type of formatting is used with the Microsoft Outlook Rich Text format and when you use Microsoft Word as your e-mail editor. Only other Outlook users can read the attachments.


To resolve this problem the person sending the attachments with Outlook needs to do the following:

1. On the Tools menu, click Options and then click Mail Format.
2. In Compose in this message format, click to select Plain Text, and then click OK.

Link to Help   http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;278061
Last Updated   11/17/04

here's all the info I have about the C-phone ringer - hope it helps! - SM










































If ringer is on, DISPLAY READS: LINE 1 RING ON 1

If ringer is off, DISPLAY READS: LINE 1 RING ON 9

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~C-Phone Ringer Off

Go to PROGM, then TEL, then hit NO until you get to LINE 1 RING ON (should say 9 or something) hit YES and enter 1 and then push the stop key.

I figured it out----yes you can adjust the speed and here's how to do it. Hope this helps someone

There are a couple of ways to adjust playback speed.

1. Right-click on the Windows Media Player 10 title bar, choosing "Play" - "Play Speed" and selecting "Fast", "Normal", or "Slow".

Or, for more intricate adjustments:

1. Click the "Now Playing" tab.

2. Right-click on the Windows Media Player 10 title bar, choosing "View" - "Enhancements" - "Play Speed Settings".

3. A panel should appear at the bottom of the "Now Playing" tab.

- Click "Slow", "Normal", or "Fast" for basic play speed settings.

- Move the slider to the left to slow the playback; moving the slider to the right speeds up playback. For reference:

"Slow" speed is 0.5
"Normal" speed is 1.0
"Fast" speed is 1.4

If you're having trouble moving the slider, uncheck "Snap slider to common speeds" to allow speed changes across the slider bar. Note that some files may not correctly play at speeds less than 0.5.

The hospital where I work uses Chartscript.net. I hope this helps. sm
You clerk is wrong. You have to manually add a CC using cont +E, otherwise the doc will not get a copy of the letter or note. When you do Cont +E the option to add a provider comes up. Click on that. Do a search for your doc, click select. You should then see that your original Cont +E screen now has the dictating doc on top and the doc you want CC'd on the bottom. Click OK and you should be good to go. If you have further questions, feel free to email me. CS.Net is not very user friendly at times.
I hope this applies to companies like Medquist. I hope there
isn't a way they can get around it. I REALLY hope.
OJ is what helps me
I think it is the sugar in the juice because no one tells you that smoking digests food quicker (read that somewhere) so it will take longer for a person who stopped smoking to feel better after eating... So when I feel low I drink some juice... hope this helps
Thank you so much - yes that helps! nm
If this helps,
My Stedman's spell check accepts antiinflammatory.  I read somewhere that we are we are not supposed to hyphenate unless the nonhyphenated word form is another separate word.  I do not remember the examples they gave, but it did make sense. 
What helps me...

I know it's a long list, but I have it hanging right next to my computer, and I review it every day, especially if I'm having an especially tough one. 

The most destructive habit ..................... Worry

The greatest joy ....................................  Giving

The greatest loss ...................................  Loss of Self-Respect

The most satisfying work ......................... Helping Others

The ugliest personality trait ...................... Selfishness

The most endangered trait ........................ Dedicated Leaders

Our greatest natural resource .................... Our Youth

The greatest "shot in the arm"..................... Encouragement

The greatest problem to overcome ............... Fear

The most effective sleeping pill .................... Peace of Mind

The most crippling failure disease ................ Excuses

The most powerful force in life ...................... Love

The most dangerous pariah .......................... A Gossiper

The world's most incredible computer ............ The Brain

The worst thing to be without ........................ Hope

The deadliest weapon .................................. The Tongue

The two most power-filled words .................... "I Can"

The greatest asset ........................................ Faith

The most worthless emotion ........................... Self Pity

The most beautiful attire .................................. A SMILE

The most prized possession ............................ Integrity

The most powerful channel of communication ...... Prayer

The most contagious spirit .................................. Enthusiasm



see if this helps you
Yes, that helps, thanks.

Not sure if this helps

Perhaps they gave you a generic contract or info sheet, you need to ask if you are to print and return or send back and they print.  Also call in services charge per minute of dictation anywhere from 0.18 to 0.10 per minute of dictation.  So more than how many lines, you need to know minute as if they are stuttering a lot or going through a chart and not dictating you will be charged for the minutes that they use whether dictating or not.  What city/state are you in, will you be contracting out, and again find out if you have to print or they print.  Sometimes the contracts that they send our are generic and do not specify which services you will be providing and you need to clarify that.   So you need to ask a few more questions, also see if they deduct or penalize if you do not meet your TAT.   But without know the above, to me it would be like throwing a dart at a dart board trying to make a bullseye.



thank you that helps...nm
Thanks, that helps!!

This helps me........sm
I get up and wrap my arms around myself in a big bear hug as tight as I can to stretch out the back muscles. I bend over and let my arms dangle until my fingers eventually touch the ground, if you're one like me who cannot flat palm the floor with straight legs (my MIL at 70 could!). This really stretches out everything. I get a lot of relief in the neck by doing chin tucks to the chest and relaxing there for a couple of minutes.

This is a trick a PT told me...while sitting in a chair with your legs a foot or so apart, bend over with your arms inside the leg area and grab for the floor...this really stretches out the upper back.

I know what you mean though -my muscles will burn in my arms and shoot pains through to my hands. Hope this helps!
That helps a lot.
Thank you so much.
yes it helps a lot --

but do you plug Lanier into a phone line? I am not familiar with Lanier.


Not that it helps but...
Not sure if this is being used in word? However and FYI for those who might need it, if you type LEE and it expands, do ALT E and enter, which is for unedit and it will return to the abbreviated text.
yes, that helps

That seems like it would be very time consuming!  I'm using a pedal now and can't imagine controlling my dictations without it.  Doesn't that take away from a lot of typing time?

See if this helps

Thanks, that helps. nm
no message
what helps me
Black-out drapes purchased at K-mart and a black sleep mask ($3 from a catalog) have been a tremendous help in getting/staying asleep when you have to sleep during the day.
Hopefully this helps! (sm)
Turn on or off automatic bulleted or numbered lists:

On the Tools menu, click AutoCorrect Options, and then click the AutoFormat As You Type tab.
Under Apply as you type, select or clear the Automatic bulleted lists or Automatic numbered lists check box.

helps very much
and i just asked for a raise so im sitting here twiddling my thumbs... so nervous!!

i live on the west coast, so things are NOT so cheap here... but im thinking of moving to the south to be able to pay off my credit cards...
i really appreciate your honesty and help!
and go to the doc anyway if something is wrong!! :)
See if this helps
This is a VA account? The VA pretty much expects contractors to pay their workers. If you're not working for this woman any longer, you might try complaining to the facility that you have not been paid. Try calling purchasing and contracting, as well as the chief of HIM. You can get the main phone numbers on the VA website--just Google it.

See if this helps you

This is a site I find helpful and turn to often.



maybe this helps......
My computer has 2 holes for the headphone set:
One is in front of the modem and one is in the back of the modem.

Put your hedadphone into the hole in the BACK of the modem.
Thank you! This helps. And thanks to everybody.
Great suggestions.
thanks, that helps a lot. NM