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One space or two after a period.

Posted By: J on 2006-05-09
In Reply to:

Which is the correct way, one space or two spaces after a period in medical transcription?

Thanks for any help in advance.

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MedQuist? Ctrl+shift+F, period, space, tab, period, space, space, change all. nm
At MQ we are to space once after a period.
That just changed in the last 6 months.
I ALWAYS space twice after a period and I ALWAYS will!
says!  I learned to type on a typewriter and it is ingrained in my head.  Now that I'm doing VR, as I'm editing, I add the extra space after the period.  I look at it as just more money the MTSOs are trying to screw us out of!
At my national, not MQ, we also are required to use only one space after a period, have for years.nm
Bravo! 1 cm no 1-cm. Follow-up no follow up. 1 mg no 1mg. 1 space after period, no 2. S
Late period, test negative, 1 week later my period arrived.
To be honest, when I did become pregnant, I knew it right away. Sounds weird, but I just knew and it showed up on HCG test at 4 weeks.

Sometimes, you just know! Good luck whatever results you have.
Actually, chosing "cap after period" will not force a period in the instances I mentioned. --
Even with it checked, it WILL NOT cap after a number with a period in it. Like "white count 14.1. hemoglobin 10.9.

If you know of a way that it WILL, let us all know. I have never had a version of Word that will work that way. Always puts in the lower case, even though there is a period there.
I meant "One space or two", not "l space or two" nm
"period, period, period..."
Yes I've transcribed for an MD who said this constantly while he was trying to think of what he would dicate next. I also had one who would say "ahhhhhhhhhh....." for what seemed like an eternity!! So annoying isn't it!
I don't know about that, but I do know that towards the end of pay period...

when we run out of work, I have to call in and have them special-assign me the ASR reports that just sit there like a lump and can't come to me automatically anymore since I don't (and won't) do ASR.  Getting sick of it, too. 

At least I do know what's going on now, after researching it via various sources. I pity the others who don't know and just assume there's totally no more work on the account at that point without checking.  Those ASR reports do "turn over" at some point and go automatically to whoever's on, but they have to just sit there for awhile first, waiting for an ASR MT to come and do them.  Isn't that just GREAT for patient care, too? 

I was 26 before I got my first car, period!
Period, period, period, uh, uh

Didn't someone around here (in a dictator gripe thread) talk about how one of thier dictators would "fill the space/silence" by repeating "period, period, period, period"???  This has GOT to be the same guy that I've got right now!  How very annoying!  He can sure make 5.5 minutes feel like an ETERNITY!! 

I think I would prefer the ones that "uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" or hummmmm or something to this "period, period, period, uh, uh, uh, period, period" crapola! Yikes! Somebody save me!

12,000 a pay period is FT.
End of pay period every other week.
I hope they do away with IC status with new pay plan. SE's have to turn in a schedule, so I think the IC should also turn in schedule and adhere to that schedule, rather than pouncing on the work at the end of each pay period the last 3 or 4 days of the pay period and getting their lines then -- leaving employee status MQ MT's to be without work. I dread this each and every end of PP, as they do all the easy work, then leave the "junk" to us to scramble for. But the IC's disappear on the 1st and 16th of each and every month until the last days of the PP once again, and they show their faces  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That is what they say in Britain for period. sm
They call a Z a zed, and quotation marks are called inverted commas. These docs must have been educated in British-influenced schools.
Exactly! One board is all we need - PERIOD
No wonder this board is deserted.
IC who works when she wants. Period! sm
Yes. You read that correctly. She only works when she feels like it. Why do I keep her on? When she works she does a good job. And she is family. I've hinted, joked, and got downright bitchy about it many times. Work is to be returned in 24 to 36 hours, but it is sometimes five or six days. The only time she really seems to put her best foot forward is the two days before the pay cutoff date to be sure she has a nice check. Then she'll make all types of strange excuses for why her work wasn't returned in a timely manner. No internet service. At at a restaurant and got sick. Problems at home. - I'm being taken advantage of in a big way and I know this. I wouldn't tolerate it at all if it weren't for the fact that she's family. My other ICs don't get away with it. ---So, I need advice on the best way to handle it. If your advice is that I should never hire family please save yourself the time by not posting. I know that now, but its water under the bridge and I have to deal with this ongoing problem yet preserve peace. Thanks in advance for your input.
By law...you wrote it, they are yours period

Those belong to you, end of story. The law automatically states that if you wrote it, it is yours.  Registered copyrights cover if someone distributes.  The link below provides the forms.



No accents/ESL. PERIOD!

Okay, I have a confession... I cannot understand accents.  Period.  So, when going to see a new physician, etc., I make sure to ask right off the bat whether the doctor speaks clear English, and if the answer is no, then I tell them that I am sorry for wasting their time and I go to the next doctor.

Just the same, when I was being considered for the accounts I have now, I told the lady I work for that I cannot do heavy accents or ESL doctors.  I know - - could have kept me out of work, but you know what?  I don't need the money that bad, because I would just be spending it on psych meds because trying to do the work would make me crazy! 

I think she dropped a period.
As in: I didn't. Thank you very much.
Bayscribe, to cap after a period
Someone mentioned awhile back that they never could figure out how to automatically capitalize after a period in Bayscribe.  Well, I wasn't looking for it, but accidentally discovered it.  You go into productivity tools, and go into tab for local configuration; just check or uncheck the box. I'm still discovering little helps like this that I missed when I started the program. And if you want to momentarily de-activate, of course, just hit the escape first. Hoping this helps someone else! 
Bayscsribe, to cap after period
If you do that in your productivity tools it will cap every word after a period.  So now when I type q.i.d., b.i.d., anything after that, i.e. daily or as needed, all comes capitalized and I have to wait a few words and then go back and uncapitalize it.  It is very frustrating when doing meds.
VR compensation/2 wk period
It seems that we have to make that high productivity in voice recognition for two weeks straight. If for even ONE day in the two weeks, your productivity was not as high, it bumps your average back down to making way less money. For example, let's say you work hard to edit 350 lines (voice recog.) per hour for 6 or 7 days, but one day your productivity was only their minimum of 150 lines per hour- that reduces your two-week average. What am I missing? What are you doing to keep productivity really high for that two week average?
VR compensation/2 wk period
No, I have not been able to achieve 350 lines per hour with voice recognition, or anywhere near it. But at 150 lines per hour at 4 cents per line for editing voice recognition, that is $6.00 a hour pay, and so the minimum wage requirement kicks in, as I am an employee, and I make $6.55 per hour for 150 lines per hour. So, how do I double or triple my voice recognition editing production per 2-week period, to at LEAST 300 lines average per hour (or even more if possible) so I can make more money?
Nothing more than rumor and gossip. Period.
this is so true across the board period (sm)
especially about hiring "minorities".  My DH's work exclusively hires Spanish/Mexicans to work in their warehouse, cause they will work, not like the spoiled American youth in general.  It's our own faults, people.  That's just the way it is!!!
It is crazy. I don't believe in spanking period.
There are other ways to discipline.  My kids know how to behave (99% of the time they do) and fortunately they aren't in our public school system so I don't have to worry about that.  School should be a place where children feel safe and there are lots of kids in school who you could use some discipline, but paddling is not the way to accomplish it. 
Post-pay period blues...
I simply cannot get motivated today! I always feel sluggish and lazy just after a pay period, especially on the first day of a new one. I worked so darn hard yesterday to have a decent paycheck that I'm, well, too pooped to punctuate! Anyone else have this malady?
Anybody ever taken Prometrium for PMS? Just for 2 weeks before period.
Last day of the pay period. No work on the system.
you need to support her and let her know you love her. PERIOD.
Training your replacement isn't your job. Period. nm
Some people are just ungrateful, period.
Gas grill, iPOD, Tiffany bracelet, Omaha steaks, American Express giftcards, medical dictionaries, AAMT memberships, 7 all-expense paid trips to this year's AAMT Conference, and more.

Yeah, those are nice gifts.

Does anyone know if IT offers a trial period? sm

From the comments on this post and the post I placed yesterday, I am convinced I would like to try IT.  I hate to spend $189 though and not like it but I do not see on their web site where they offer a money back trial period.  Also, do you know if you download it and have it immediately or if it comes in the mail? Thanks to all who have offered their opinions, it really helps!

This is a slow period most places

Beginning of summer, everybody on vacation.

I have two part-time jobs, one for an MT company, one for a local radiology group doing their overflow work. Maybe something like that would work for you - when one isn't busy, the other might be.

Should expand when using the period after an expansion - sm
Shorthand should expand when you use the period after an expansion. For example... I have "tpi" as "the patient is" -- and if I type "tpi." I will get the patient is. (including the period)
So, if I were to type 10,000 lines in a pay period (sm)
for that company, would an incentive be given or is that amount expected for a full-time employee?  Curious! 
Oh brother, the period thing again!
Mr John Smith - my docs would throw this back at me, they still use M.D. not MD, and the periods in the phone #s instead of hyphens, they hate that as well. When I was taught at an ivy league university I was told disk was in the eye only, not in the spine. Now what's the rule? It has changed with every edition. Go along to get along, I guess, more money down the porcelain bowl. Thanks for replying. Still have to obey who pays me. Perhaps we could list what preferences get thrown back at us. It's getting too darned confusing. What happened to artistic license, we are artists after all, we paint a pretty picture for what is thrown at us to figure out the mess. There are no jobs so we have to tolerate it. Even "Welcome to Walmart" doesn't have any openings, not that I checked but the thought crossed my mind.
I've done this for a short period.

I had a doctor who hated to dictate.  He hired someone that was a resident, but then that physician moved on to other things.  I actually liked it because it was feast or famine.  I eventually dropped the account (not enough profit) and it was after it took 3 months to pay me.  Never again will I waste time on accounts that do not pay.  I learned my lesson.

Some states just don't like Californians. PERIOD.
I know that having lived most of my life here, I would never want to live anywhere else, especially in a landlocked state with no ocean.
What about the sometimes-variable pay period length??
Twice a month, it's usually 11 working days, but can be a day shorter or longer from time to time....

We have a very generous 125 LPH requirement, which in an 8-hour day would come to 1000. Multiply that by the number of days in the pay period.

We have to average at least 1200 lines per day to make the first incentive bonus level, and it stays at 1200 lines per day regardless of pay period length. I.e. if it were a 10-day pay period, the incentive level would be 12,000 lines. For the usual 11-day pay period, it's 13,200.

My sister works for a hospital in Oregon; they have a 1400 lines per 8-hour day requirement, which comes to 175 lph.
To change to two spaces after a period . . .
in Word, go to Tools, Options, Spelling and Grammar, under Grammar click Settings. You can change Grammar and Style Options here to ignore the spaces required between sentences. I always type two spaces after a period. If you get paid for spaces and they request you only have one space after a period, you are losing money.
Down time should be paid, period.
Not our fault we show up for work and there isn't any.  And I don't want to sit all day and night at my desk waiting for work to dribble in, either.  If it isn't there during my scheduled shift, then DOWN TIME.  We have families to take care of and be with. 
Just that the pay plan would be out in a few months. Period. Nothing more. By Imail I got it.
so what would average be per pay period on straight editing
Absolutely not. I give my best on whatever I transcribe, period.
Online petitions are NOT legal, period!

My kid studied this last year as a junior.  Any petition that is legally binding and can be filed in any federal, state or local government has to have the name, address, age, (some SS#) and HAND WRITTEN signature to be binding.  Any and all others are not worth the effort.

It's usually for a good cause, but online petitions are not valid in any way.  Think about it. How would anyone be able to verify that all sig's are authentic? Most internet providers allow 5-7 email addy's, then there are the free internet providors such as Yahoo & Hotmail.  Calculating this, one person could actually sign 15 different names to a petition, let alone minors doing so, which they are not by law legally allowed to sign any petition!

Make a tax payment every pay period online.
I use the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System because I also am incapable of saving money. When I deposit my paycheck, I immediately go online and transfer a percentage of my check to the IRS. You can do it weekly, biweekly, quarterly--anytime you choose. It requires setting up an account with your SS# or tax ID#. Then you designate a bank account to be debited. They snail mail you a password and PIN about a week later. As soon as you receive your PIN, you're set to go. When you make a payment, you're given a confirmation number. The system records each payment and the date it was processed so you have a record of all your payments and the date the payment was made when you organize your tax info at the end of the year.
period goes inside the quotation marks. NOT OUTSIDE
Right, when in Rome...get it? When in America...It's CHECK. Period.
Yes, I had a period, no joke, for 5 months of pregnancy.
Doc didn't understand, baby was healthy, born on time, no complications.