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You may be correct, however

Posted By: sm on 2006-05-09
In Reply to: I hope somebody helps me out. SM - Blu

as it has been stated, client or company preference outweighs what my be considered correct. The company I work for requires 2 spaces after a period. They do not care what may be the correct way as this is what the clients specified to them.

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Do it correct always. It will learn. Everyone has to do it correct all the time. nm
If you are careful with putting the correct report in the correct report shell and patient, you will
not have any problems. I only take away this option when someone is careless. There can be NO room for error on this. One mistake can be very serious. Many do it well though, so just double check and you will be fine.

okay, you are correct of course, except
The below posters are correct, of course. I called my boss and they said, "No, this would PROBABLY be against the privacy laws." About the 'Googling" of names, however, the only reason I have been Googling names is because the doctors won't SPELL THEM OUT, and my accounts are not 'searchable'. I do not use any info besides just the name...no SS #... if I find a Verbatio Kertalino (not a real name)in Google in the correct city, I can be pretty darn sure this is the correct person. If there is any specific reason I should not do this, I will stop, but I do not think so! If you posters are pretty SURE this is not ethical, I will call my boss and ask about that also! I use Google also, of course, to look up the spellings of local businesses and hospital and clinic names that they do not spell out. Otherwise, every single report would go to QA! And, if you can't post in a courteous manner, please do not bother posting at all!
That is correct
Any useful tips that a QA member can provide an MT is great. Expansions, websites, etc. If I fill in a blank, I would be apt to send an MT a link to go along with it where she can find it and bookmark it for later use.
5 gm is the correct way nm
You are very correct...
and it IS bad, but ya know something? I'm thinking that even we poor MQer's have it made compared to those in New Orleans. I know I finding myself b******* a lot less these days (rare for me lol!). Just my 2 cents (which you're right about - that will soon be the going rate at MQ lol)....
whether to correct
I certainly do correct. I've had them mention hysterectomies in males and such.
Let me correct something here
I agree with you that there is something wrong with having NO WORK. Keep in mind though, that a lot of these people were complaining just for the mere fact that they had several accounts and couldn't remember all the client specifics and not because they were out of work!
you are probably correct
The poor thing obviously has some serious issues.
That is correct.
Correct way
BOS 2 says 10 to the 5th
She may be correct
She was probably speaking of 1% of the TOTAL JOBS through the U.S., not merely the segment of MT. She might also have sidestepped those with Green Cards who are working in this country. You see that with programming positions. And then there's that segment of jobs that people in this country don't want to do (i.e. scrubbing toilets), so the illegal aliens do that.

Look at the forest rather than the tree.
this is correct; nm
What is the correct way?

Being a nurse I have always charted/documented carcinoma in situ as CIN-I, CIN-II, CIN-III, etc.  Is this the same way when transcribing reports?  I know it was this way at one time but now with the change in the numbers rule per AAMT would we now transcribe this as CIN-1, CIN-2, CIN-3, etc.?

Thanks in advance,


Which is correct?
Med-Surg Floor, med-surg floor, etc.  Thanks
You are correct.

First shift would be considered daytime, second would be evening and third would be the graveyard shift (mine) that is midnight to morning. 

if I'm correct

This would happen ONLY if the company you work for pays unemployment tax. If they don't, you're up that well-known creek.

But the best people to answer that question would be the Labor Board.

you are correct. I should have said sm
2-5 years in an acute care setting with a hospital who knows what they are doing! haha.

I don't really know the answers to all of these problems BUT I do know that I don't have time to argue with an "experienced" MT nor do I have time to train one.

You have some great points!
You can correct this now by...sm
buying the Wireless-G router that has a booster. We did this for the PC that is farthest from the PC that has the main router on it and now that PC is as fast as the main one on its wireless connection. One word of caution: Be sure to set up a secured environment to prevent anyone from using your internet connection. I was amazed when I set up the booster that I was able to view 4 neighbors accounts and could have used them without their knowing. Information on how to set up the secured connection is available on the Linksys website and only took me about 5 minutes to do for the entire system in my house (and I'm NOT computer literate!)
this is not exactly correct
the point I am trying to make is operating in a market economy. You posted, "If people are going to function as an IC, they need to understand they are in charge of what they are paid by the MTSO" which isn't exactly true. The MTSO states what they pay and the IC takes it or leaves it. This is the same as saying "you are in charge of telling your employer what you are paid." The employer can say the job pays $8 an hour and then you take it or leave it.  Which then you go on to say, "Personally, I tell an IC what I am willing to pay and if they accept it great, if not, I can negotiate."  Which is exactly why people are taking jobs that pay 5, 6, 7 cpl. Because they need the work, and they can't find jobs in the market that are paying higher, at least not ones that fulfill their other criteria too (perhaps part time, not with a big national, whatever). Most importantly, the falling line pay rates show that global competition is affecting our job market. MT's will need to be prepared to make less as time goes on, not more, over the long haul.
mac is correct - about 33-35%....sm

For years I paid quarterly taxes but now I just do it yearly.  It works out to 25-33% for me either way I do it. 

Good luck!!!! 

You are correct
All cost of living has skyrocketed...everything.  Really think about it an IC making 0.12 a line and paying approximately 43-45% in Federal, State, unemployment, etc.etc... 
Anyone know how if possible to correct...sm
a document in Word and have the correction and the error show in some way so I can return to MT, and she can see the error and the correction.  Is it even possible to somehow correct, then get rid of the errors easily so I would then have a finished product???
You are right again but I think all of the MT's that are complaining on this subject need to realize that small to medium sized MTSO's like the one I run do not drive these situations. It is the overseas market that started this. They have been lowballing line rates just to get the work and it is terrible quality but hospitals and large medical facilities don't seem to care. That is why we do not market those places anymore. The problem is that our large national companies have jumped right into the mix by using overseas MT's and charging these drastically low line rates to get all the business. Then this affects the american MT's negatively and they get paid less. The whole problem is that I don't think it will change any time soon.

It's correct, there are not enough MTs, because

You are correct
The original poster asks us to visit "her" blog - but did that page look like a blog an MT would have set up quickly about this?

Of course not - the post is a slick gimmick to get people to believe it's a real money maker.

I for one ain't biting.
Actually, the correct way...sm
is from left top corner to the bottom right corner - diagonally.  It's the same with televisions, too. 
C would be correct..........*S*

May not be 100% correct but

Thought if there was a "right of survivorshp on deed" that it just directly went to you and so no probate is needed, also if a estate is under a certain amount, no probate is needed -- my folks did not have to be probated as it was under a certain amount.  Again, I could be wrong about some things. 

You are correct, but...sm
If the MTSO bids too low to pay his/her MTs a decent rate, then that MTSO will get what he/she pays for.

I know there are a million wannabe MTs out there who just want to make a few bucks a week working in their jammies who will gladly take 5-6 cents a line. Well, they can have it. My skill has been honed over almost two decades and I won't make less than I did when I started. I am a professional and set high standards for myself and won't compromise them.

The medical profession is famous for choosing the lowest bidder and someday it's going to come back and bite them in the behind.

When I choose a doctor or plumber or electrician, etc., I choose someone who can do the job well, has good references and a good track record of being the best in their field, not who happens to be the cheapest. Others I know who haven't done that and tried to save some $$$ with the cheap company found out the hard way that it wasn't usually cheaper after all was said and done.

I'm hoping the MT industry is learning that lesson now and comes back quickly to the respected profession it once was... I don't think I can stand it much longer if it doesn't.
IT = If. See, I can correct myself, if I want.
Yes, you are correct; it's 4/15. Sorry!
q.d. will never be correct if the MT SM

is transcribing for a JCAHO-accredited facility, not even in verbatim transcription.  If you do not know why, you probably need to look that up. 

If you cannot produce a 98% or better report by day #3 (and yes, this means you will type SLOWLY and CAREFULLY and LISTEN and USE FLAGS APPROPRIATELY) to get off QA review, then I maintain that your skills are not up to par to transcribe for most major services.  BOS or not, an experienced MT with 5 or 6 years of experience should be able to roll with whatever the style is at the job.

correct -
information may be compromised - this was pirated and Sheri is trying to get MTstars back and up again.
Yes, that is correct - sm

We will receive a message from you stating what your concern is.  We will then determine what action, if any, needs to be taken.


Not quite correct.
As per BOS 2, "The hyphenated form, follow-up is an acceptable alternative." See BOS 2 page 172. I am not sure what BOS 3 says as I don't own that one.
No, you are 100% CORRECT.
Was given would be correct
that is correct
CJ, you are correct
It doesn't have anything to do with AHDI. Units of measurement take singular verbs.

"Whenever subjects are units of measurement and express periods of time, amounts of money, distances, weights, or any other technical measurement representing a total amount, the subjects take a singular verb. On the other hand, when these subjects indicate a collection of individual parts, the subjects take a plural verb."

"7. Units of measurement take a singular verb when they refer to a collective entity and a plural one
when they refer to individuals."

20. When units of measurement for distance, time, volume, height, weight, money, etc. are used as
subjects, they usually take the singular verb form.
"Two teaspoons of sugar was all that the cake recipe called for."

see #11.

http://www.hf.ntnu.no/engelsk/staff/johannesson/111gram/lect15.htm "# Amount expressions treated as units of measurement require singular agreement (Fifty pounds is too much)."
It's correct
Even a broken clock is correct twice a day, or as the Chinese say, Even a blind pig can find an acorn.
You are not wrong from what I can tell, unless the MTSO is cutting client rates to be competitive. I don't know.
This is correct.
That is not correct...
All it takes is one client who refers you to his/her colleagues and you will begin building your business.  How do you find your first client?  There are many ways, including sending a brochure/introduction letter, going office to office, speaking with your own doctors, etc.  The main focus should be finding your first client and doing an excellent job once you land your first account - meaning always on time, proofreading your work, asking questions when in doubt, etc.  Good luck and best wishes!
You are correct.
No, that is not correct....
EMR does not automatically mean a point-and-click system.  This is why we need to educate ourselves.  EMR, as stated many times previously, simply means electronic medical record.  Many facilities have been using EMR for years now, yet they still use traditional transcription or a mix of traditional and SR or a point-and-click system or any combination of the above.  Let's get our facts straight. 
Yes, that's correct...
It seems we have this exact same discussion here weekly.  EMR does not automatically mean the end of transcription.  Many of us have been working through an EMR system already for years.  The facility I work for uses EMR and up until a few months ago we were doing 100% traditional transcription.  Now, we have instituted VR, which accounts for a very small portion of transcription.  Either way, staff has been reduced by zero.  It depends on the particular facility and what their goals are.  Personally, I am not at all worried about the transition to EMR for all facilities.
Correct... sm
I did say that I'm not doing SR editing... yet. It looks like there will be some new opportunities opening up in that department sooner rather than later. *wink*
may be but it is correct anyway...
if you've ever seen a physician write it, that is the way it is done.
you are correct. But, this is what I think sm
I personally, will NOT do VR. I have been in this business almost 32 years. Have never done VR and will never do it. If everything goes to VR, I guess I am out of a job.

I think this started way back with the MT schools. They promoted big money working at home, etc. etc and got all these MTs on board. MTs graduated, found out they were NOT qualified to make all this money as it takes years and years and YEARS of experience.

Thus, came companies who were willing to take "newbies." "Newbies" were willing to do anything to get to work at home. This dragged the business down even more and the companies expect everyone to do what the newbies coming out of school were willing to do.

This profession is one of learning for years and years. In my opinion, from working for all these years, practical experience etc, no MT should be working at home unsupervised without at least five years experience in house in an acute care setting with the big 4 type reports.

I am sure Im gonna get flack over this, i.e. there are no more in-house jobs, etc. That is right, there aren't that many in-house jobs because the profession has been advertised as a work-at-home profession, the big reason lots of folks want to get into it. So then you go back to the "viscious circle" of newbies that are not qualified to work at home, MT companies that decide they will hire them, pay them less money etc. Creates a big influx of new MTs working at home for low wages thus causing all your experienced folks not to be able to get good jobs making good money etc.

I agree with your theory, but its never going to work. All MTs are not going to say we are not going to do this. There will always be the new graduates who have not broken into the business and really do not know what its all about that will go in there and work for these wages.

If you can figure out an answer and a solution, wouldn't that be wonderful.