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I just work with ShortHand minimized. Smarttype doesn't work the same way? nm

Posted By: NM on 2007-05-01
In Reply to: Question inside about EXText (sm) - New to EXText


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Not on dial-up, but use ExText. I just keep my own Shorthand program open and minimized and use it
I think ShortHand and SmartType offer free trials. nm
No, it doesn't work same way. Hit F3 and it will still work, but
you can't hit enter anymore and you won't get the box cuz that only works for dates now. See the help file for building blocks. That's what 2007 calls autotext.
I used Shorthand in CS.net - it should work
That doesn't work either around here....sm

A few years ago I was working the 2nd shift and put huge signs up asking people to not ring the doorbell because I was working and I had given my neighbor the candy that was to be given away on my behalf... neighbor even told the brats when he gave it to them that it was from my house as most people get to his door before mine and they still ignored the information they had been given. 

If we didn't have 400 kids come through I wouldn't mind - but there are apartment complexes abutting our subdivision and the people from the apartments dump their kids by the car loads onto our subdivision to get the candy.  Our neighborhood association wishes it could block off the street for this 1 night a year to keep these goobers out!  I don't mind giving candy to the kids that I know but not to the rest of the world.

Yes, we see, as you go doesn't work very well, does it??? LOL!
No, doesn't work. Thanks, anyway. nm
Okay, you work doesn't need QA because YOU are the QA...

and I should come down off my high horse? 

You have waaaaaay more education, so you automatically assumed that you could be an MT without any kind of MT training?  See, that's the problem, your attitude.  "Anybody can be an MT -- medical terminology, ha!  I've got a degree in tiddlywinks, surely I can do medical transcription."

Oh and your doctor never complains because he wouldn't know a misspelling or a grammatical error if it bit him in the...  Most doctors are far too busy to bother with such nonsense.  That's why they hire us because they hope we know what we are doing.

Oh and FYI, I do own my own business.  I am a QA consultant.  I offer my services to MTSOs for a fee.  I randomly QA their MTs and find those things the QA staff is missing because they are too busy filling in the million and a half unneccessary blanks left in reports by careless MTs.  I also keep one full-time, employee status job for the benefits and the steady pay-check.

doesn't work... sm
I posted below; read that for more info.

Even with the best dictator and the newest version of Dragon (which I use), while it CAN be done logistically, VR is not to the point where it understands naturally spoken English, even with the most clear speech. A person has to dictate in a very artificial manner. If the dictator knew in advance to dictate that way, maybe. But not very likely.

I have to speak in a very distinct manner when redictating my work.
doesn't work for me
if I type 3yo, it shows just that...it won't expand out to -year-old. And when I type 3 yo it leaves the space between the 3 and -.
doesn't let you work

My husband used to be like that until he was diagnosed 10 years ago with bipolar disorder.  He is also on disability and he knows that I really have to work, since I pay most of the bills.  He makes me breakfast and my 25 year old daughter who is still home shares with him the dinner meals.  So I just make sandwiches for lunch and that's it.  My daughter goes grocery shopping on Saturday or Sunday afternoon, as she works.

We have a great life NOW.


I wish you the best.

I work for 2, one knows, the other doesn't sm
One is an employee situation and I am not bound by contract not to work anywhere else, but I simply don't talk about it. My lead MT knows I work for someone else, but by the number of lines and time I put in, it would be hard to tell sometimes.

The PT job knows well about the other job and sometimes they forget I work a split and I have to go back, but usually this is not a problem.

There is a company who refused to hire me about 9 months ago because of who my FT is. I would have been considered to be "working for the competition" like this is a problem, as I keep my mouth SHUT and I don't talk about accounts from one company with the other company. I have some ethics and I took this personally. Give me some credit for some discretion and for some integrity!!
doesn't work for me
I have tried to save it just in Word when I am out of the platform and it doesn't work when I reopen Word in or out of the platform.  I sent a message to my employer but haven't heard anything back yet. 
How did you get Shorthand to work with Medrite?
Does PC Shorthand work in Radnet?../nm
Shorthand will work with Cerner, but... SM

your hospital IT department will probably tell you it won't work and you will probably also be told you cannot load personal software on hospital-owned equipment.  There is a way around this, however.  If you have a jump/flash drive you can download the SH program for their website when asked where to save the download file, choose your jump drive (it is drive F: on my PC, maybe different on yours). 

Once the file is downloaded, open up your jump drive and double click on the install icon.  When you get to the step of the installation that asks where you want to install the program (usually defaults to C:programs) change that to your jump drive.  Then install the program.  Now, the program is installed on your jump drive.  You can take your jump drive and plug it in to any PC, open up your drive, double click on the SH icon to run the program, and the SH program will run in the background on whatever PC you are using (you will see the SH icon in your right lower corner with your clock).  It is not installed on the PC, so you are not breaking any "rules" that the hospital may have.  Once you are done for the day, double click the SH icon and shut down the program and unplug your dive.  No one will ever know.  It'll be your little secret.

I did this for years.  I worked on Cerner RadNet and got the same run around about Expander programs.  I just did it myself and nobody ever knew.

Good Luck!

Does Shorthand work with Chartnet?

Does ShortHand for windows work with plantform Charnet?  Thanks.

Shorthand does not work well with Emdat.

Need to find an Expander that will expand properly in any platform being that the right working situation for me is so hard to find.

Any suggestions?


I work for transcend and use shorthand. nm
6 WEEKS...IT DOESN'T WORK...... sm


the "reason" it doesn't work is because it's been sitting in the box for 6 weeks.  LOL !  If I ever put my cookies down long enough to open it, I'll let you know. 

This doesn't necessarily work for others, but ...

when I feel upset, overwhelmed, or down about my situation, I try to think of how worse others may have it.  For instance, maybe your husband is facing 6 weeks of recovery from surgery... but somewhere out there somebody's husband has been delivered a grim prognosis and would give anything for a 6 week "recovery." 

You say you're an orphan... But looking on the positive side you do have a husband and children (however trying they may be at times), and someday they will have spouses and children and your family will be ever larger.  That's a good thing. 

Again, not to diminish your problems in any way, just trying to share how I sometimes help myself through tough times, by reminding myself that things can actually be much much worse.

doesn't work, hopefully he will learn....nm
...a new one if it doesn't work, but many times it does. nm
Mine doesn't work either
Mine does the same thing.  I think if you don't work on site, and just dial in, it won't keep track.  That's what the Lanier guy told me when he came to set me up, but when I worked in the hospital, it did keep track.
been there done that ...doesn't work...only causes more chaos...sm
but thanks for the advice. It's crossed my mind a million times...

Two wrongs just don't make a right...ever... To me...the only one being childish is the greedy cherrypicker...not the mature person trying to find a peaceful solution.

But that's JMO...thank you though...
Thanks, doesn't sound like something I want to work on. nm
*67 doesn't work on 800 numbers
Corporate numbers, 800 numbers, and government numbers often use a different form of caller ID. It's called a WATS line, and it records the originating phone number of EVERY call, not just the un-hidden ones.

Do this instead, if you decide to report something anonymously:

Go to a Dollar General, Family Dollar, whatever, and buy a Tracfone for $10. Activate it online from a public WiFi spot such as Panera's (NOT from your home desktop computer).

Use the Tracfone to call the 800 number. Throw away or give away the Tracfone after that - don't use it for anything else. Remove the battery immediately after the call. Place the call from a location as far away from your physical location of residence as possible.
Why doesn't she take the PC into the pool , that might also work...nm
Tryign to use ShortHand with Bayscribe and cannot get it to work - has anyone done this and how did
Does Shorthand work with Medical Spellcheckers?

Just getting to know the Expander program "Shorthand", and saw that it says to shut off all spell-checkers.  Does that mean that I cannot run Spellex or another Medical Spell Check program with it?  Has anyone any suggestions as to what they use?   Or any "work-arounds" 

I am just getting started and trying to decide if I like "As-U-Type" or "Shorthand" better as my word expander.  It seems that "Shorthand" does not act like a spell-checker like "As-u-Type" does, so need to add one.....preferrably a medical one.


PC Shorthand...Does it work in Emdat and Chartscript??
If so how do I go about setting up to work?
Vonage doesn't work all the time
I had AT&T but wanted to try Vonage. 2 a/c's - one was fine with Vonage (in fact better quality). The 2nd a/c is too tinny, etc and I can't use it. So try it out first.

This "business" thing seems to vary. When you ask them about a "business" a/c they told me I didn't need one. Now I am running into people all over who have phone cos bugging them about usage. LOL - it says "unlimited long distance" - it doesn't matter if you use it for friends or for dictation. I'd be curious to see what happens with a lawsuit, because they may lose. Business a/c's are generally for people with multiple lines and special needs re quick repair times. It has nothing to do with how much you use the phone to call one number.

I'd try confronting them with this.

I spec. told Vonage what I do and asked if I need a business a/c and they told me now also. See if they change.
Our Directway doesn't work all the time -
it depends on the weather. So far this has been a mild winter and it has been working great. I don't know how it would be for Meditech. I get my work on CDs.
I've tried comcast as well...doesn't work!

My brain doesn't work that fast
I'd have to use 'hyperpatm' and 'hypopatm'. Sometimes I make macros and can't remember what my train of thought was when I made them.

To help save time while working, sometimes I just make a list of macros I want to add and then add them in all at once when I'm on a break/lunch/or things when things are slow.
Thanks Melinda. Certainly doesn't work like most claim. NM.

Please post the link again; it doesn't seem to work for me. Thanks. n/m
Yes, it is called ESP. Instant Text and Shorthand work
Shorthand 10 and Instant Text V both work on Vista sm
Don't know what you consider "not too much money," but this is a piece of your arsenal you don't want to skimp on. You should get the absolute best you can afford -- if you put the time and energy into making the software work for you, it will for itself in no time.
Does PC ShortHand work on Emdat or Word Client?
And if so how do I get it to work when using these platforms?
Transcend Services doesn't send work outside of the US.
If the softener doesn't work, then rent a steamer. nm
Why on earth are you begging him for work when he doesn't pay on time? nm
oops-If it DOES work or doesn't.he'll learn-NM
Link doesn't work, but none sell for more than $290 on the site.
Exactly which one did you pay $350 for?
Doesn't work with "wireless" - my laptop is wireless sm
And my tower is wireless, does this mean I can't use it at all? Sorry to be so uninformed was looking forward to the 2 computers,1 screen and keyboard. ???
How do you get the shorthand word expander to work in 'word client'?
Overloaded with work - MY company doesn't offshore, so no problem for me

Does anyone find the search feature on this board doesn't work right?
I can't ever seem to find the old posts that I know are there by using the search feature.  Does anyone else have this problem or is it just me?
Doesn't work that way with me. I just did a test from my other email addy to the other one, decl
I pick it up, shake it, and dump the crumbs out. If that doesn't work sm

I email my company and they overnight a new one.  I go through keyboards about every three months. They take a beating, but I produce a lot of lines.