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I think ShortHand and SmartType offer free trials. nm

Posted By: searching on 2005-08-17
In Reply to: Any ideas? - lo


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  • Any ideas? - lo
    • I think ShortHand and SmartType offer free trials. nm - searching

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Offer to do the work for free. You have not done something that has not been done before.
I just work with ShortHand minimized. Smarttype doesn't work the same way? nm
Offer a free trial for a few days
Free Software Offer for Spellex - Happy MT Week!

Dear Medical Transcriptionists,

In honor of National Medical Transcription Week (May 14 - 20), Spellex Corporation has started another contest in addition to our Spelling Quiz.


Spellex Corporation will give away two free copies of Spellex AccuCount, our new line count program to two lucky MTs. Other participants will receive a 30% discount on selected Spellex products.


To win your free copy of Spellex AccuCount, simply be the 5th or 10th MT to download Spellex AccuCount and send us a review. 


Please visit www.spellex.com/downloads/select.asp?Version=accucount to download a trial version of Spellex AccuCount.


Once you have reviewed the program, please send your review to mtweek@spellex.com.  Please make specific references to the program in your review.


If you’re not the 5th or 10th reviewer, you can still save!  All medical transcriptionists who send us a review are eligible for a 30% discount on any Spellex single user product during National MT week.

Once again, congratulations to all Medical Transcriptionists for the important work you do!

Spellex Corporation


We love the Wynn. We got free offers when they first opened but just the other day we got an offer f
The Wynn is pure luxury.. We loved it and the buffet was excellent. Where do you live? We live close enough to drive there to many times a year haha.
We're not a transcription service. We offer toll free call in dictation
service at rock bottom prices. I was only offering you an alternative without having to put out a lot of money by buying handheld units.
Shorthand has a free 30-day trial.

You can also download other people's dictionaries off the 'Net, but I chose to make my own according to my own abbreviation rules for ease of remembering.  I think there are other websites to download from besides this one, but I can't find them right now.  I tried Instant Text and used Word's Autotext feature, but I kept coming back to Shorthand.  Just make sure you read the Help file and tutorial because otherwise, you'll miss out on a lot of valuable features.


Download ShortHand for a free trial.

Of all the expanders I've tried, it's been the easiest to learn and use.  Good graphic user interface, too.  Lots of features.  Read the help file and manual because there are a lot of neat features I didn't even know about until I read about them.


You can download the free 30-day trial of Shorthand here.


Then it's $99.95 to purchase it at the end of the free trial, but it pays for itself and is really easy to use.  That'll give you a month to save up the money for it.  My stats vary on it anywhere from 26% to 67% depending on my dictator.

HELP!! How do add a new dictionary to shorthand. I just downloaded it and want to use the free one
they have but I am doing something wrong!!!
Shorthand - You can download a free 30-day trial
and try it out. It has its quirks but is a good simple program.
I would be willing to give a free class online on using Shorthand
and a few other shortcuts if someone can find a chat-type room where this could be done.  I cannot access the MTChat on MTdesk, reason unknown other than I have never been able to obtain a password for that site.  This would be directed toward beginning to intermediate users and would be more of a question/answer session than total lecture situation.    
FlashType is cheaper and works equally as well as Shorthand and has a free demo.

click on link below...

Offer 1 week notice, but willing to offer 2 if they would be in a bind. Also, (sm)
make sure your resignation letter is written with class.  Never good to burn your bridges.
SmartType sm
I would not know what to do wihtout my Stedmans SmartType. It is a lifesaver. I do not know what my percentage increase would be but it saves a lot of time that would otherwise be spent looking up words.
If you buy SmartType it comes with its own words (tons of rare medical spellings), however, if you want definitions you would need a dictionary.  I love SmartType.
I tried SmartType sm
and I was like you with Instant Text.  I couldn't get used to it at all.  It drove my lines way down to like 45 lines an hour.  I said to heck with that!  I correspond with another MT who endorses SmartType, too, and tells me it has increased her speed.  To me it was too distracting seeing the SmartLine and all that other hoopla on the bottom.  Is there a secret to it?
SmartType compatible with DQS
Has anyone had any luck getting SmartType to work with MQ DQS?
Yeh, loved those good ole' days... How about that one started First _______? that was a good program...Or.. am I giving my age away....I don't care I am 68......
Smarttype and Meditech
Can anyone tell me if Smarttype works with Meditech.  Just started account using Meditech.  I have Smartype, but did not install because program I was using had its own really great expander,  But of course, Meditech does not.  Help?
It's not just you! I HATE DQS. Especially coming from WP 5.1 and Smarttype! UGH!! nm
Dictaphone Extext & Smarttype
Does anyone use Stedmans Smartype in conjunction with Dictaphone Extext/Word Client?  If so, how do you disable the cc (shortcuts) in Extext?  I am using Word 2000 so I know Smartype works with that but not sure about using in with Extext/Word Client.
I've heard that Smarttype is exactly like SH, so . . .
SH may not work either. You might want to go to the SH website and contact tech suppor. They may be able to tell you. Good luck.
My apologies. I believe it is SpeedType not SmartType
that is supposed to be like Shorthand. But, in any case, check with tech support at ShortHand about compatibility with your program.
Can Smarttype be used with Editscript/eScription?

SmartType vs Smart Type Assistant

Are these one and the same or different?  Does Smart-Type work in Dictaphone Extext platform?

Thanks in advance for any help from anyone.


SmartType will run in Word client programs sm
I know this because I have used it in MedRite XL, Extext, MTWorld and Winscribe. There are a couple of others out that it will run with. Sometimes you have to futz a bit (Extext), but it will run.

SmartType is wonderful and I am VERY productive with it, BUT it will limit your career and flexibility somewhat if that is all you can or will use. It has to have Word or an actual Word client, you can't link it to IM, email or a funny platform like you can IT for instance. (SH will also do this.)

Unless you tend to stay at a job for years at a time, AND it is a Word client like Extext, it is best you have IT or SH because they are portable from one system to another. Much as I love ST and have used it for over 10 years, I can't unreservedly recommend it to anyone.
Yeah, just like ABCZ which I used in auto correct and SmartType, I think.
Bottom line, they increase production, TAT, quality and salary. My company provides us with 2 different ones because they are like a raise in wages. And companies have less employes and taxes, everyone is happy.'

Sorry about confusion and typos, I do not have my glasses on lol (they are in this house somewhere, i just know it!).
Smarttype - Adding a text file list?

Is it possible to add a text file word/phrase list to Smartype? If so, how do you do this?


This is funny blaming it on Microsoft. SmartType only works in Word and they need to keep up with
Abacus is not free. It is $20 but worth it. You can download a trial version free which does not h
I have used this for years and have compared to Sylvan, Word, and MP Count, etc. When you have it set to count every character, bold, shift, tab, etc. It is great and always higher than the others. Now if you are wanting gross lines like in Word then no it won't be as high because Word counts blanks lines and Abacus counts a line only if there is a character on it. There is also two places to check for it to count the Headers/Footers. If you have the FREE version then it must be the trial or a very old version so you don't have all the features and functions.
Free? As in, free trial? Otherwise, I don't think you'll find a spellcheck software that's
Check out the free demo of MTStars FlashType. It's free for 7 days.
Then, if you like it, you can purchase it for $59.95.  See link below.
SpeedType and Shorthand are the exact same program. Shorthand is lots cheaper and also has a trial.
{@KEY BkSp}-pack-per-year is for Shorthand. Using the semicolon works with both Shorthand and

;yo = -year-old

;py= -pack-year


Shorthand and SpeedType are exact same program. Shorthand will cost you lots less.
you can import your autocorrect into Shorthand.
Any Stedman SmartType users? Pros & Cons? Will it retain bold formatting without using DOS command
 DOS commands like ShortHand does?
I took shorthand too. But it sure comes in helpful for my expanders. I view words in shorthand for
i did use shorthand once in a job but i was so nervous the "boss" took pity and dictated the report on dictaphone.
If it is Shorthand, save the SPF file to a disk, then if you buy Shorthand yourself....
you can just drop the SPF file into it. That is not dishonest since you are the one who put the macros in. I am sure is it is another Expander there is a way to save the macro file and then drop it in the expander you buy on your own.
yes it is free....mine was free....why the exclamation?
There are free ones out there. I have been using a free one for 5 years. sm
Just have to research FTP server software.
free? We are not *free* - what planet R U on?

Free? Liberal?  You know nothing about me......I'm a 4th generation American so don't get up in my face......

We have a bad bad reputation today....and we do NOT HAVE 60 ALLIES/COUNTRIES BACKING US UP IN IRAQ....you better open up your eyes to the REAL stats.  Perhaps in 2003 we had 60 allies/countries backing us up....NAME 60 today.  I can name maybe 10 countries.......

You are terribly off-base.........even the soldiers have spoken up stating *unfortunately, this has become OUR vietnam* -

here's where you might think of beginning...iraqi veterans against the war......not a liberal website by any stretch of the imagination..


Can I offer something? sm

I have a 13 yo boy.  He sounds much like your daughter, wonderful kid, straight A's very much likes to hang with the family, etc.  Never had a problem with him.  However, he knows that I mean business.  If a child is going to sneak and do stuff that he/she knows parents won't like I say give them a consequence to remember.  Maybe you either have to take a few days off work and go to school with your daughter, explaining to her that since she cannot be trusted you need to attend class with her to be sure everything is going okay or take everything away from her and let her know that since she is not being responsible enough to come to you and she feels the need to sneak things past you, you have felt the need to remove material possessions from her life until she can become responsible enough to handle it.  She is giving in to peer pressure which of course we know will only get worse.  Emphasize to her that she is number one to you, you love her too much to allow anybody to influence her the wrong way or to let her waste one day of her life doing things that will not benefit her.  She is God's gift to the earth and she should treat herself as such and expect others to treat her the same.  If her friends do not respect that her parents will not allow her to do certain things, than those friends need to go bye bye.  I know this sounds tough but guess what, you are not raising an 11 yo you are raising a strong, wonderful, beautiful, smart, wise woman, she is only 11 for 365 days.

Lastly I want to applaude you for even caring. When my son was in sixth grade a mother of a girl he goes to school with showed up at the awards assembly and was taking pictures of my son.  I sat down beside her and when I cheered for my son as he got an award she said "oh is that your son" to which I replied "yes it is" and she said "oh my daughter is so in love with him, that is why I am taking so many pictures"  I just wanted to punch her, what is she teaching her daughter by doing that?  I explained to her that my son was 11 and had no time for girls, he was heavily involved in basketball and church and would not be allowed to spend time with girls for quite a few years.  She was appalled at what I said.  I walked away, hoping she would think about it before her daughter met up with a boy whose parents don't expect the standards to be quite so high. 



Job offer
Are you kidding? There are people out there who do QA with many years of experience who don't make that. Jump at the chance.
You might ask them if they offer (sm)

combat pay or double or even triple time to come in whenever needed.

Got a job offer
I got an offer today.  As you stated, I requested to be paid for headers/footer, etc. and that was acceptable to them.  Right now, I'm not getting any work from any of my other jobs and haven't for the past month or so.  I think this is their downtime or something, which doesn't pay my bills.  I don't know whether it's smart to take the job w/CyMed or not being that this company offshores work.  However, I'm a single parent trying to make ends meet any way I can -- even if it means accepting less than desired.  Any suggestions?  I would greatly appreciate it. 
Got my offer.
They offered me 9 cpl. I think that's okay. Been out of the biz for a while. I would like to be an IC someday....
My DH had a job offer there once...
We traveled there to check it out and by the day we left, I was TOTALLY against going there.  But it's highly individual.  I can't stand living out in the middle of nowhere, which was where we were going to end up (Evanston), with a 2 hour drive one direction to SLC down out of the mountains and 2 hours in any other direction to "nowhere."  If that wasn't bad enough, the clincher was the park ranger in Evanston who told us that winter up at that altitude is basically 10 months.  ENOUGH for me, DONE, FINISHED, I was OUTTA there.  It snows until June and starts back up in September.  That may be different in Laramie or other places, but up on that continental shelf high altitude area of southwestern Wyoming, it's COLD!  We didn't move there.
The first offer should be better.
However, the font and margins the client uses on the gross line account will impact the line count. Best advice is to run a test on some documents that you have right now using both methods and see where you come out.
Thanks for the offer
I live in PA and as much as I hate the winters here I'm not sure my husband is ready to pick up and leave but thanks for the offer
They will offer up a job you will see SM
on all the boards on your own anyway, and if you refuse that job and tell them to find a different one, you will never hear from them again.