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I like it but...

Posted By: Jess on 2008-09-03
In Reply to: Questions - cai

I would add some sort illustration.  I know that there is a very fine line between well-placed pictures and a cheap, cheezey looking site, but without Flash animation or even basic clip art of some kind, it looks kind of plain. 

BUT, the colors are really nice and the whole site is very well thought out--neat, crisp, and clean.  Easy to navigate, which is a big step up in itself from most sites selling similar services.  It has everything needed to market yourself and is not lacking any information that might be needed. 

I do love that you put in the prices.  I would definitely find this a huge plus if I were a company looking for services.  Who wants to waste time calling a company and going through a whole sales pitch just to find out the prices.  When I am shopping for something, I always call the seller who has their prices listed already. 

Anyway, just MHO. 

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