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HIPAA not HIPPA (check your site too) nm

Posted By: speechpro on 2008-09-04
In Reply to: I just re-read his email and he said he paid 9 cpl per 55-char line! Must be offshore. sm - cai


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it's HIPAA, not HIPPA. nm
It's HIPAA, not HIPPA (nm)


Pssst... It's HIPAA, not HIPPA. nm
It's HIPAA, not HIPPA. People in the business really should know that. nm
Did you check the web site? I think the CEO won.

Just kidding.


PS:  It's not like MQ would be dishonest or anything.

check out the enclosed site--sm
Check this site for info
Check this site for tips
Click link.
check out enclosed site--sm

Someone there may be able to help you. Other than copying the macros from WP document into Word document and then creating the macro again, I can not think of a way to do it, though there probably is a way.
check out this site for related information.
Check this site for a quick lesson in FTP
Check the enclosed site. May be able to find what you need there--sm
Check the Productivity web site or ask questions there. sm
Their web site is http://www.productivitytalk.com.
If you check the ownership history of the site

check this site, sounds real easy.
RE: Can someone tell me what the site is to check on a doctor's credentials & record? nm
Unless you want to work on site, that is. If so, check Manpower and the newspapers for starters. nm
That is only the half of it...check out this site for a more realistic view of the future of med rec

We have not much to fear from overseas, in my opinion, compared to the technology being created every day to reach the goal of the 'standardized text' paperless record (EHR - electronic health record).

No more 'free text' or dictation in the future.

Same for billing/coding, which will be done automatically with mobile point-of-care hand-held PCs.

Certainly, there will still be editors, but I can not get any solid information as to how this technology will affect MTs. Will be still be needed, if so, in what capacity.

I keep hearing we should be open to being trained in the new technologies that are coming, but hey, what ARE they, and who will train us?

The only thing AAMT seems to be suggesting/promoting, is (what will make them a lot of money) for certifying MTs...what good is that going to do us?

I would gladly train and learn new technology so I can 'stay in the game,' but how, what, where, who pays, when? What will it be, what do I have to do?

I have E'd several people, including Ms. Tessier herself, and have not gotten any kind of response, period.

Heck with being certified, tell me how I can keep my job for the next decade before I can retire and MT as we know it is extinct!

My apologies up-front for any typos - I am not 'on the clock' so-to-speak...thanks.
Forward it to spoof@paypal.com, also check your acct directly through their web site...
just don't click on a link in the emai. The hackers are getting better all the time.
I don't know the action that can be taken by the person, but HIPPA is a very serious organization.  I am in a situation that my insurance man has taken my  personal information home and his wife has answered my complaint. NOT the company secretary. He surely did not observe the HIPPA law with me. He had no right to remove my information out of his office and discuss it with his wife. THe response was not even on the company letterhead. I intend to file charges with the Federal Government.
This may sound naive, but what is wrong with just saying that I comply with all ethical standards and will not disclose medical information to anyone, unless I get your approval, or something to that effect?
What FTPs are HIPPA compatible?
Etranz and HIPPA
Does anyone know how to report HIPAA violations?  I'm afraid that our dear ole ETranz is in violation of HIPAA rules.  You see they use general unsecured email to send their files around.  BIG HIPAA NONO!!!  So........  Any information anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated!
/HIPPA/MP count

Two questions,

1. What sort of things do I need to have in place to be able to say I am HIPPA compliant at home?

2.  Can someone please give me the web address to MP Count?


Breech of HIPPA??? - sm

Has anyone else seen the news item about the man who intentionally put 12 nails into his head with a nail gun?   Isn't putting this on TV a violation of this man's privacy?  Even mentioning that he did it, or putting his x-ray/CT scan on for all of us to see?  I know it's a news item, but it is medical, and I'm sure HE didn't give his permission for this to be aired.  Any thoughts?  (He is doing well and expected to recover).

Breech of HIPPA
Boy, if this is how you spend your time, you surely need to get a life.
Pay for HIPPA violations
I'm not certain who gets charged where transcription is concerned  - but the physician office gets hit with it for their office personnel.  I have a standing monthly appointment with a physician and I got so tired of them calling my name with a waiting room full of people that I first complained to the office manager - and then when that didn't work - went to HIPPA.  The next month - they were using a numbering system - sort of like at the ice cream store or the court house - you know, now serving #-whatever.  They have a piece of tape placed on the floor and you must stand behind it while another person is at the check-in counter, and they do not use your name until you are in a closed examing room.  I think that if HIPPA is to be taken seriously, then steps need to be taken to make sure that it is adhered to, even if it does mean making changes in office procedures, etc. 
HIPPA Question
Hired by a group of local doctors to work from home.  Getting overwhelmed.  Want to recruit help for sick days, etc.  Does anyone know the HIPPA rules to follow in this type situation?   Your help is appreciated.  Thanks & happy holidays!!!
What FTP HIPPA Compliant do you use?
I am setting up my web site and I am having trouble understanding FTP and is it HIPPA Compliant. Which one do you use?
HIPPA is a law. not people.
so who would be doing the monitoring??The facilities should be the one who care - but that doesn't seem to be happening.
Regardless whether HIPPA is the basis or not....
there is a problem there that needs to be addressed here.  Either you agree or don't!  No need to critize an MT who is at least trying to make an effort to do something about it. 
I didn't, but I had my satellite before HIPPA.
Currently have cable internet so not a concern, although my company had no problems with me using satellite. 
How do you pronounce the acronym HIPPA?-nm


Need a HIPPA form for transcriptionist
An account has asked me to prepare and sign a HIPPA compliance form. Please refer me to such a form.
Has a HIPPA law been violated by my ex coworker?

I am a radiology MT and worked at the hospital who did my chest x-ray and lab work after I was given a dx of breast CA on Tuesday.  I had been given Xanax which I took and was in a sheer panic because I am afraid .

The woman MT I worked with at the radiology dept and I have kept in touch.  I told her as I was being worked up (did not tell her I had CA as she has a big mouth) to let me know if she does my chest x-ray and let me know if it is abnormal.  I then went into the surgeons office where he had been a faxed of the chest x-ray with the CLINICAL DIAGNOSIS:  Breast cancer.  on the top.  When I returned home, I had an e-mail from her that was an exact cut and paste of my chest x-ray with the exception that CLINICAL DIAGNOSIS:  Breast cancer. had been cut from the copy.  She has since stopped all contact with me and now I fear that the entire MT dept and hospital I worked in for two years with know I am suffering from this without my telling them.

I feel hurt and violated because she knew before I wanted her to (she typed the report I saw but mostly because she has stopped corresponding with me after seeing that I had breast CA.  When I was being worked up, she said my bad lifestyle was the culprit.  She herself has never had a mammogram and refused to see doctors (7th Day Adventist). 

Am I wrong for feeling this way?  Have rules been broken?  Shouldn't she have asked for my wrritten authorization before placing my chest x-ray report in an e-mail. and saying "good job" with reference to teh normal chest I guess (although the words "Breast CA" definitely negated that - it was almost as if she did not want me to know she knew. 

I am so confused right now and have no family members or even close friends so I cannot tell if what I am thinking is even accurate.  The Xanax and Prozac are not helping along with major anxiety.

Any feedback from astute MTs would be appreciated.  Thank you.

wouldn't this be HIPPA violation?
Just finished dictating an irritating doctor.  Thought he was dictating on his cell phone, but turns out he was dictating on an airplane.  Wouldn't that be a HIPPA violation? 
Sorry, but major HIPPA violation to "keep a
little file...that's a HUGE industry NO-NO. Talk about lawsuits and professionalism!
To ICs and MTSOs, have you used the offshore outsourcing and HIPPA
issues to educate and as a sales tool?  Have you had success with this?  I was thinking of having this be the focus of my next round of mailings.  I wonder if most clients are even aware that their stuff is going out of country.  I am sure that with some companies it would not matter because the money is the bottom line, but I would like to believe at least that with some it would matter, especially with HIPPA issues.  What is the current situation with the HIPPA issue at this time? 
why doesn't HIPPA monitor these things? (sm)
they should be the outsource police and crack down on these companies, y'know?

If HIPPA laws are broken, whether overseas
or here, the US company making the contract with the overseas entity would be held liable for not adhering to HIPAA laws as they are responsible for those companies they contract with.

Anyone know what the penalties are for docs violating HIPPA?   I know of a case where a person was damaged from a new nonsurgical cosmetic procedure and about to settle with a company to pay for the surgical repair.  Prior to the settlement this patient saw a physician who sells these same nonsurgical services with a possible financial interest in the company.  This physician filled the patient's face full of temporary cosmetic fillers to cover the damage and then WITHOUT THE PATIENT'S PERMISSION released the patient's records to the company and wrote a letter stating there was nothing wrong with the patient.  The company subsequently canceled the pending deal to pay for the damages.   The temporary fillers wore off and the damage returned and this patient is now suing the company AND ALSO  the physician that released her records.  This physician has caused an already traumatized patient much more stress (a subsequent long legal battle) from this HIPPA violation.   What are the penalties?   Any criminal charges?







HIPPA=Health Insurance Privacy and Portability Act
Yes, I saw the ad also and felt it was an insult to offer that line rate for what they wanted from an IC.  I put the definition of what the initials HIPPA mean for your benefit.
well, if not hippa police to enforce - quite useless. huge waste.
huge farce
They are all correct style and grammar rules. More concerning are the gross HIPPA violations sm
that you admit to. No MT should EVER go into another medical record to "check" on things.

The emails are not petty; the service obviously wants good quality and it is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS WHAT OTHERS DO. Hold yourself to the highest standard and you will never have an issue.
Several companies still train on site. In fact, we are piloting an on-site training sm
program, where everyone would come in to the Keystrokes office to train for 1 or 2 weeks. We have a large training room and feel that this may be a way to cover all aspects of an account, be right there to answer questions as they come up and have one-on-one contact.

It will be optional at this point and may not be more effective as remote training, but some people have expressed that they miss the training that you get when you start at a hospital.

We are trying to bridge that gap between working in-house somewhere and working at home.

It may seem out-dated in many ways, but sometimes going back to basics is a good step to take!
I have noticed sometimes I will try to get into a web site and that site will freeze up and I dont

know if I have too many screens opened up and minimized or what. I tried to open a website sent by email and froze up the email screen. Not sure what I am doing.

Check at a local nursery/garden center for varieties that are bred for your area, then check online
Check the connections from where the cable originates to wear it comes into the house. Also check t
had a similar issue with TWC and they had done some upgrades and the modem I had was no longer compatible.  The tech knew what the problem was the minute he saw the modem, only it took me about 3 months and threatening to cancel for them to get out here. 
No brainer here. Stop payment on first check before you issue 2nd check.
I have had a check bounce over a boo-boo in the check book...NOT A DEADBEAT!!
DID you check with Social Security& does your son receive a check???

Go to SSA.gov and research the payee options.  You may have to use the search engine, but your answer to this particular issue should be there.

I am disabled and while my kids were minors, I had to fill out a form each year on how I, as the payee spent each and every penny of the money they received.  I don't see how his mother can justify how she spent his money for things that you normally would pay.

That said, he is getting Social Security right?  Is your son receiving a dependent check?  Under law, if a parent is disabled and has minor children, each and every one of those children also receive a check until they turn 18 or graduate from high school, which ever comes first.

The check is a percentage of your husbands, so for 800.00, your son should receive at least 350.00.  If you have not been getting this, they would pro-rate it back to when your husbands disability started and that in itself, could solve a lot of your financial problems.  You can also find this out on their website,  HTH