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You've got mail nm

Posted By: JNGI on 2008-09-04
In Reply to: Questions - cai


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I've sent you an e-mail....
Transcend Services will train you for editing. 
You've got mail nm
I've had no problems with mail/messenger-nm

Both have been working fine.

I've got a thank you note ready to go out in tomorrow's mail...
thanks for the other contact information for them.  I'll also give them a call.
Request that they place a stop payment on the check, reissue, and mail priority or overnight mail
If they refuse or invent unbelievable excuses, you'll know you have a problem. If MY check was a week late, there are many months I would be in deep trouble.
I realize checks occasionally do get lost in the mail. If they are 100% sure it was mailed, then they shouldn't mind issuing another.

Be firm and be persistent.
My friend who works for them is having her mail go to her own account. She hates this new mail prog
In every company I have worked for that pays via mail, they mail the checks on payday. sm
Depending on the distance you can get them anywhere from 3-8 days later. Right now one takes 3 days, the other 3-5.
Joyce CMT - e-mail karen - deleted your e-mail address nm
How long by mail did it take to get your IRS refund check after a mail out date was given when you c
My mail carrier just informed me that the mail is sorted by
prisoners as part of their work.  Now do you feel safer and more secure?  
Block her E-mail, return mail unopened

On AOL I can determine who I want to receive mail from and block those I do not  -- and if they are blocked  they get their E-mail back as being "undeliverable".  If she sends things out -- send back --unaccepted.  But to be simple just E-mail her back or call the recuriter if you don't want to deal with her directly and state -- leave me alone.  If she is in another state you should not be scared of her but you may simply have to put it out there in no uncertain terms.

I use EXText with my current job and I've used at a couple of other jobs I've had. I've ne

used DocQscribe, but I have used Meditech, Cerner, Vianeta, the Precyse platform (I can't remember the name), Dolbey, and  Lanier platform I think was called Cequence (?). 

Out of all the different platforms I have typed on, I have liked EXText the best.  In my opinion, it's very user friendly, easy to learn, and I really like ESP which is the built in abbreviation expander.  Plus it is very easy to create your own normals which I love.  My fingers literally never leave the keyboard because there are macro keys for everything.  You can use your mouse if you prefer or learn the function macros.  I love it.  I think I'm more productive on EXText than with any other platform.

I'm getting e-mail and personal mail from MQ regarding changes
and lawsuits.   What's up with MQ?  Any speculation?  My mail is general and not specific to my office.  Think things are coming to a head with the lawsuits and MQ is trying to play nice?
Spell as best you can or blank them and keep going. I've passed many tests when I've left blan
As you can already see, you've come to the wrong board! By using the word professional, you've
excluded about 99% of the population of "whatever" it is that hangs on these boards. Certainly not professional for sure! But you sure are doing a good thing for someone! Its the thought that counts. Sorry you met the dregs right at the start.
HELP! I've turned my screen sideways, I can't straighten it up. I know I've seen sm
this before, but I can't remember what it is.  Do you realize how hard it is to read sideways?  TIA.
I've lost track of how many people who've asked about it to NOT
I've always verified every line I've typed (I have my ways) -sm
If you're supposed to be paid a certain $/line, that's what you should be getting no matter how they do billing unless of course it's specified in YOUR contract with THEM.

BTW, I've never caught a company cheating me ever.
I've used it. It's the worst piece of crap I've ever seen.
seriously. I wouldn't wish them on my worst enemy, or their Vianeta program. Awful, just awful.
Wait until you've been there six months and if you've improved
quality and quantity, I'd say go ahead and ask.  Otherwise I'd say annually...  good luck
I've seen the same every place I've done acute care, and
pointing out dangerous or repeated errors (often in normals for goodness sakes!) never got the result I expected. When I would press the issue, supervisors said if the dictators didn't complain, then the mistakes must not matter!

It didn't matter if the MT changed what had been a cardiac med in the beginning of the report to an antifungal by the end - I kid you NOT! One poor girl used facial for fascial and fascial for facial!

I've used a few expanders, and of those I've used, all must be "coded" to get things lik
One thing I do to get around this, is to create a macro and then link the ShortHand command to the macro. It works for me, but I do the same five clients every day and only have about 20 or 30 macros/Shorthand commands that work like this. This may not work well for you if you have lots of formats and hundreds of docs.
I've been doing this doc for many years, so I've learned how to function with him. sm
I can tell what's a stutter, what's another word, what's just an "uh." Years of experience will get you through a lot.
Wouldn't want to do his charts all day, of course, but a few per day aren't bad. I haven't had to send his to review in a long time, but they do take a little longer to shuffle through.
I've worn contacts for 30 years. I've had both
hard and soft.  My vision is much better with the soft ones than they were with the hard ones.   When I first started trying contacts soft ones were still new and they couldn't get me to 20/20, so I went to hard.  Hard were okay until my eyes started changing shape and then I could no longer wear hard ones.  The soft should give you better vision as they conform more to the shape of your eye. 
I've been a bully; I've been bullied.
I used to sell a lot on eBay. There are some people who buy high-priced items and play games with you. I've had to call them repeatedly, report them to different agencies. It's not fun. You put time and money into the business of selling, and there are people out there who live to manipulate the system and cause trouble.

And, I've been bullied by buyers who made unreasonable demands, insist that they pay by check when you clearly state you don't accept them. It's not fun, and is one of the reasons I don't sell anymore. People!

I've also bought from some sellers who I would not deal with again because of their unprofessional attitude.

But, overall, ebay can be a great place to be.
I've become the man I've always wanted to marry.
I live alone, am 46, never married, no kids, just dogs horses and chickens and just got done building a new house out in the boonies away from the rat race. (Used to live in Manhattan) Couldn't be happier. Selfish maybe, but never out of time, never stressed, and I don't take anything out on others. There's something to be said for being alone but not lonely. I'm not looking for a man to "make me complete." They only sap me of my time, energy and money (how little of it there is with MQ). I consider myself lucky getting to choose my time with friends, and not just stuck with a deadbeat partner. Ladies especially: Be strong and allow yourself to be independent. Any old man will not make you stronger!
MQ mail
I got it to work but it takes forever to get into your email box and send anything.  I got into my box yesterday..slow..slow.slow..Today I got in and tried to send an email to my Transcription Coordinator and two times it would not go through, finally the third time it did..I dont know why they changed the system..maybe some techs needed something new to do so they made a new project to change the email system.  If they dont fix it, it is a disaster..Hopefully today, the first day, will be just fixing the minor things and we will proceed from there..Its always something with this company ya know??  No work, but you better let them know your schedule, cant even get through on email..Grrrrrrrr..
MQ E-mail
I am just giving up.  I get it and try to keep it open so I can check it but it won't stay opened.  I am going to check it once a day.  If they want me, they can phone.
E mail I mail
I wonder if we can just communicate with work people with our private E-mail instead of this system.
MQ I-Mail.

I can't get past the login screen.  It says "Welcome!" then throws me back to the login screen.  I see they have a message that says "You can still send messages to your contacts through your Outlook or Outlook Express."  Wrong.  Can't do that, either.  Have been on hold to Atlanta for over 1/2 hour.  Whose idea was this??

MQ Mail

Log in using your I-mail address and your password.  I-mail address should be your MQ name (?)__@medquistmail.com.  Password.  You get into a screen that apologizes etc.  Hit continue. 

If you forgot anything there is a box that should allow you to retrieve password. 

If all else fails, call tech support and they will walk you through it as I did the first time using it at 1-800-342-8283.  They can help you specifically for I-mail problems.



I sent you an e-mail.....

and will be happy to answer additional questions. 

Please E-mail me...May be able to help.
e/mail me please.
Is E-mail down with the big "S" or is it just me?
Can I e-mail it to you?...sm
I kind of freaked when I saw a supervisor from a previous job post here! Probably had been here all the time and there's no telling if I ever posted about her!
I just sent you an e-mail....sm
Have a great rest of your day!
Thanks! What's your e-mail? nm
Did not get E-mail
Try again did not get E-mail.
if you will e-mail me

I can tell you more about it.  just don't want my e-mail posted here. 

Sent you an E-mail nm
I can help you with that - e-mail me. sm
Certainly do not want to post specifics on a board.
E-Mail. (SM)
If you use the Reply By E-Mail option in your post, whoever e-mails you will not see your e-mail address whatsoever.

Once that e-mail arrives to your mail server, you will see who it came from and if you reply to their e-mail, they will see yours -- it will work as regular e-mail.

Does that help?


I sent you an e-mail

Hey, did not get your e-mail, can you try again. Thx!! nm
I sent an e-mail. Thanks. nm
I just sent you an e-mail....sm
I live in Marietta and my sister lives in Flowery Branch, which is just a few miles south of Gainesville.
I just sent you an E-mail. Thanks so much. (nm)
E-mail me and I will let you know

E-mail sent
Sorry, TM, didn't read the request last night but E-mail with some websites with information sent this morning. Hope it helps.
I sent you an e-mail...
Please check your e-mail.  It seems we have some things in common, and I just wanted to visit with you via e-mail...