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I moved cross country, setting up sm

Posted By: me, too on 2007-03-18
In Reply to: I travel frequently and I have not found this to be a problem. - me

every night in a different motel, and with no laptop, either.  I just used whatever table they provided and setup my total PC system, and got the work done.  Not the usual situation, but it worked fine.  It sure was not a vacation, though, but a cross country move.  Had to stop by dark every night and get some sleep, get up a midnight to work 6 hours, then move on.  Made a lot of money, at least as much as usual.

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Cross country trip to CALIF and
back. My husband and I took three weeks and drove to California and back through the Southwest. Saw Yellowstone and the Giant Sequoias, Santa Fe, Sedona, etc. We had never been there and it was great just driving with no set plans, stopping along the way whenever and where ever we wanted... such freedom.. My second best was a week and a half to Glacier Falls, Montana, but that's been years and years ago. Heck, any vacation is a great one! My bags are packed and ready anytime!
Has anyone ever moved to another country and kept their job? sm

I want to know this because my fiancee is in the military and will be going to the UK for a few months and I want to go with him but keep my job.  Is this even possible?


do you really think they cross the border on their own?

God bless the Red Cross

And some people have the nerve to say not to donate to the Red Cross because of not being sure of where the donations are going. Shame on FEMA.

Keep those donations rolling.  We had some little kids who set up a roadside lemonade stand a few towns away from us and they made $50.00 to send to the Red Cross.  Isn't that sweet?

Our local firefighters were out in Wal Mart parking lot holding up their fire gear boots. No signs or anything. We knew what they were doing. Sure I only had a couple of dollars to stuff in a boot, but if every person entering Wal Mart even put in a quarter, it would make a big difference.  What really shocked me was the amount of people that just walked by.

She's not into cross dressers
You want her to come over so you can borrow her pumps maybe?
I'm in Level Cross, NC
Yep, he is from Level Cross
he lives about 1 1/2 miles from my house. See him at the gas station now and again.
A Cross pen or pen set is always safe. :-)
how to handle -- be sure and dot your I's and cross your t's
First you need to be able to substantiate what you are saying.
you need to know who is signing off the report? Is she??? or is the physician???? or is she signing the report off by another physician???? If she is how is she doing it.

You need to get all your ducks in a row so that you dont go to administration and look like a troublemaker making things up.

Personally I would gather all my proof and turn a copy of it in to adminstration anonymously (make sure that cannot trace it back to you because when the fire starts you dont want to get burned in the aftermath).

If doesnt take care of it take that same info, write a letter explaining what you have witnessed and that you reported to administration but it continues and anonymously submit all of this info to JCAHO.
Complaint Hotline
800-994-6610 complaint@jointcommission.org
2 cards - FEMA and Red Cross
They haven't gotten to the FEMA ones, I don't think yet, but the Red Cross ran out of their cards today in Houston at the GRB after people stood in line for about 6 or so hours.   They thought there would be rioting.  Yeah, we are having a great time here in Texas.
How about counted cross stitch
I've been doing it since I was 16-17 yrs old and it is the one thing I constantly go back to after doing anything else crafty.... just so relaxing
or in lay people's terms, a cross between
No and I didn't and don't cross the eyes....sm

And I do it alone in front of a mirror in the bathroom...*lol* - not a pretty pose, you're right - but it WORKS for TMJ.....*S*

Have a nice day!!!! 


Red Cross site having "tech. difficulties."
Now that's a surprise! Everyone keep trying.
Red Cross donations= Research before you donate to ANY NPO
I, for one, will NEVER donate to the Red Cross. Why? My father was NEVER notified his mother died. He never got to attend her funeral or say goodbye. . . He found out after he came home from the service. I could tell you other horror stories, but won't. Sure, I'm bitter, but don't need to be flamed. Would you like to come home and find your mother has been dead and buried and you didn't even know? Think about it.

The Salvation Army is my choice. I KNOW all the money is going to the Katrina Victims. If anyone has a chance, they should look at the statistics on how much money donated really goes to victims of a disaster. The sites escape my memory right now, but they are/should be all online.
Blue Cross only pays $25 towards exam. sm
They have coverage for glasses up to $100 (what progressive trifocals cost under $100?)  Of course, my doc does not have the frames that come under the $100 program.  Natch
Ahh, Dr. Quinn... a cross between Little House on the Prairie and ER.
International Red Cross started the aid to the Tsunami victims first.

It was over a week before we could start shipping in aid and a couple weeks before we had the telethon.  It's only been 2 days so far.  I still believe that when it comes down to human suffering people will respond no matter what country it happens in.  It just takes time.

What really angers me is that we're hearing on the news that a major portion of the cost of aid in our OWN country will come from donations of US citizens.  Where does our tax money go when we need it the most, with situations like these?  Our taxes should be used for the citizens of the United States, and whatever is left over for aid to others, not for subsidizing every other country in the world that our govt. pledges it to.

I have Blue Cross through Webmedx. Office visits are $20. nm
I can find no better place to hide than behind the cross of Christ!
Never heard of Level Cross but nice to "meet" you
Raintree County, Cross Creek, The Turning Point nm
I went to the Red Cross to volunteer locally and was told that I needed to apply to the state for a
background check, which will take from 2 weeks to a month to get back.  I understand red tape as well as the next person, but is this really necessary?  They are asked for people to help load trucks and pack and sort supplies right now, but only from people who are already in "the system."  I guess I'll go another route and go to one of the local churches and volunteer, without the red tape.
The Red Cross just HANDED OUT $5 million worth of debit cards in Texas.
FEMA decided to mail them in 14 days if the people knew where they were going to be...couldn't possibly get them out faster...too much work...etc. 
Cross stitch kits, square lap looms for crocheted afghans.
Not that I have time.
You can cross-reference generic and brand names and get dosage info at...SM
RXList.  I guess buying a drug book every other year wouldn't be a bad idea.  When I was a newbie, I used to think I had to buy a new drug book every year until I discovered the wealth of info on the internet and I just write new terms in my books.  I know some people like to keep their books pristine, but I make notes in mine all of the time.
There is a setting
to fix that and I can't remember what it is. But I complained about it and our IT guys told me how to fix it. There is something that you have to "allow" to get it to work.
Need some ideas/suggestions for setting up a very tight QA program. I have no idea where to start with this one. Any help is appreciated.
As an IC you should be setting your OWN rates
And then you inform the clients of the increase--period. You don't "ask" for an increase. That would make you an employee.
I have no idea, but there is a way of setting - sm
in up in WP5.1 so it backs up your work every few minutes, and is saves a back up copy as well. Also if you have to shut down then you just go to your backup folder (you make one up) and there it is under a different name, and you bring that up and resave it and you generally have lost very little work. Email me if you want and I will dig out the instructions on how to set up the backup feature. The problem I have is sometimes I hit something, no idea which 2 keys and I delete my whole report, so the backup feature for me is a lifesaver. Thouhg I have learned the hard way not to save the report after I delete by accident, otherwise the only thing that is in the backup file is a blank file. Luckily I don't make a habit of doing that!
Aha. So it is a setting they could change.
I think they just haven't noticed or haven't had time to do it, but it's good to know it is possible to have it not spellcheck demographics. There is no reason for it since they wouldn't want us to change anything in the demographics.

You are setting yourself up to most likely fail...

if you try to start an MT business right out of school.  Unfortunately, people take the college courses for MT just to find out that most employers do require experience.  There are companies that do hire newbies, but one must have attended an "approved" school.  It's not too late for you though.  I see you as having 3 options:

1. You attend an "approved" MT course/start over with schooling.

2. You apply everywhere, check your newspaper, keep looking.

3. You attempt to start up your own business and learn as you go, although I highly don't recommend this route. 


Good luck!

Setting up Lanier LX-219?

I'm at a loss - I cannot find a manual anywere about how to set up my Lanier LX-219 equipment.  I have the terminal block, module and the unit.  two phone plugs on the grey box, one phone plug on the back of the unit.  Does anyone know where I can find a manual on how to set up the equipment? Thanks in advance

I am in our bedroom now, but am setting up - sm
an area in our dining room slowly. Will still work in the BR (I think) during the day; but will move out to the DR when DH wants to go to bed so my typing does not keep him up. That has been a running battle for years and finally bought a new CPU as a backup and now am loading all my programs, etc. which I don't have the time to do of course. Just need to finish doing that and get a new monitor as I am using an ancient one right now that is probably around 12 years old now, huge bugger. If I like it out there more I may work out there during the day too.
Are you setting your own rate?

If so, find out what others in your area are charging. If you think you should be paid more because you're doing pathology, then charge more.

If you're being offered a rate, then do you consider it to be enough? No one else can really answer those questions but you.

Setting up your own accounts

I've been doing some research on here and checking out various links and such regarding setting up my own accounts but am finding myself more confused than ever!   I've noticed some talking about things like mydocsonline, bytescribe, wav player, Olympus, etc., but how exactly do these work?  I'm assuming there is a system in their office or on their end and then I use some sort of system or connect with that to get jobs? How does this all work?

I've been looking into this and trying to understand how it works, as when I recently went to the ENT office they asked if might be looking for some work .  I didn't feel comfortable talking about it in depth because of my lack of understanding.  They are a mid-sized practice with 2 offices and probably less than 10 physicians.  Any info or advice anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated.  Please feel free to email me also if you'd like.

You probably have your setting defaulted sm
to justify - it's "blocking" your text so it all looks like one neat block.  It removes or adds spacing to spread it just so.  Turn it off and you can eliminate the problem you're having.
setting the tone...
This is meant for e-mail but it is also helpful on message boards too...enjoy:

Setting up Smartype?
I just ordered Smartype and was wondering if you all could give me tips on setting up that have helped you with making money with Smartype.  Thanks
Help with setting new entry in VPN
 I need some expertise... I have VPN for a company on desktop set up, need to create a new entry for another company.. .is that possible?  I have the file in the right folder (PCF or something close to that file) and did the wizard, but it says no valid ID when I know it is... what am I doing wrong?
Beats my clinical setting..
I'm shut off in a 12 X 12 room, hearing loud voices outside my door, file clerks running around hunting charts and griping every minute, nurses flitting about hunting "stuff", the office manager laughing loudly outside my door while she flirts with the doctors, and my WeatherBug is calling for the heat index of 115 for my area!  I'll trade with YOU! 
Setting the record straight

You purchased an IN-155 foot pedal for compatiblility with DVI VoiceWav.  (We have sold nearly 1,000 of these with zero returns.)

When you called our toll free 800 number for support we told you that the problem was not the pedal and was either the software you were using or your computer.  Reluctantly, we agreed to do an exchange for you.  (FYI, when your first pedal came back to us it worked absolutely perfectly and still does.  In fact it is plugged into the same computer I am typing on at this moment.  It has been tested daily since it came back with no problems).

Now, you voice incorrect information on MTStars.  Your problem is in your computer.   

Please feel free to call us yet again if this is not clear to you.

Tom Wilkes


Executive Communication Systems

(800) 644-9525, ext. 101

Setting backspace for pedal

I have an older transcriber (DAC Model DA-125) and have had it for quite some time now.  I moved my office over the weekend and had to unplug the machine.  Well, my backspace has reset to practically nothing and I can't find my manual on how to reprogram the backspace.  Is there anyone else out there using this phone and if so, how to do reprogram it for the backspace length?

Thanks so much for your help.

Tabatha in Charleston

Setting up 2 computers with 1 monitor - Need help!

I will be starting a second job next week and need to use that companies computer.  I know I need a syslink router to enable them both to use our cable modem, but I know there is a box you can get so you can use one monitor and turn the dial to switch back and forth between computers.  Anyone know what this is called and where to get it?   Also, is there a way to use only one mouse and keyboard also, or will I have to have 2 keyboards and 2 mice on my desk?  (I have a small desk and am limited on space).  Thanks for all help!!

setting up macros in word

I used to do this about 8-10 years ago, but forgot how to do this.  Please post how to do this.  This is for Word 2002.


Need help setting up formatting in MS word - sm
Computer crashed and died and now setting up my backup computer.  I need to fix it so I don't have 2 spaces after a period.  It is doing it automatically and I cannot find where to "fix" this.  This is Word 2000 that I am using on a computer with XP Pro.  Any help with this would be appreciated, it is driving me nuts (I am ending up with 3 spaces after a period as I am so used to spacing it myself).
Setting up icons on desktop
I have a page that I want to appear as an incon. How to do? Thanks.
You can change the setting in Autocorrect...

for automatic numbering to the left margin by:

1) Open MS Word
2) Select Tools
3) Select Autocorrect
4) Click on the tab 'Autoformat as you type"
5) Make sure the box 'Automatic numberer lists' is checked (it's about the 8th box down)
6) Click on okay (otherwise your change wont take)

I hope this is what you meant.

Y'all are right. I am not setting up the boundaries myself! Thanks!
I found the setting but it is grayed out - sm
and I cannot select it, under Tools, Options, Spelling, says "Hide spellling errors in document". I never selected that and can only presume that IT did that for some freaky reason. How do I access it when it is greyed out and you cannot "unselect" it???
I just moved from PA
to the Bay Area and I have to agree, it is more expensive to live in the northeast and it does not seem like there are any type of programs to help people out. Here in CA PG&E is offering everyone regardless of economic status a rebate if they are able to conserve 10% this winter. Whereas I just read a while ago that in the PA they recently passed some kind of law or the like where the electric/gas company can turn people's electric/gas off in the middle of winter. That is just cruel.