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I posted that higher earners at my company SM

Posted By: MissIndigo on 2008-11-07
In Reply to: Does anyone on here think... - Just Me

are bringing home that kind of money. The key word, though, is earners. Not "job." Pay is on a production basis, and those high wages are a result of base pay + incentive bonus pay x 40 hours a week of actual keyboarding, 50 weeks a year (or close to). If they work less quick or less long, the money drops.

So, do I feel sort of jealous because working 35 hours a week doesn't earn that much? No.

I am envious of those with a natural talent for fast keyboarding, though. I'm so bad that in the past I would never have imagined myself doing work based on typing; that would have been a really dumb move. :) I have to work hard to keep my production up and have invested long hours developing my Expander skills to try to compete, but any of them who also work smart still outproduce, and outearn, me easily.

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My company says Word 2003 or higher
but I have 2000 and have had no problems...so before you buy an upgrade make you really have to...because sometimes the old one will work :)
When you say many MTs are single earners
in their homes, what difference at all does that make? Is that to make an exception for someone who is single versus someone married that the single one deserves more? I think the statement of being single not warranted, makes not 1 bit of difference to me.
FDA warns that it delivers higher doses than expected, and has a higher rate of stroke. (sm)
A company posted 8-12/cpl not long ago..
anyone remember the name of the company or have the link to the job post?  I remember seeing it, but cannot seem to find it now.  Thanks!
It should be posted on the Company board, please.
If you are the OP, you also posted this on the Company board
As being a position with Keystrokes. I didn't think KS hired ICs?

Color me confused but...?
At the top of the Company Board is posted ....s/m
' Don't make your decisions based on someone else's recommendation - Administration '
Other people have posted about the ad on the company board--
--but the posts were deleted. I'm not sure what's up with that.
We have not moved this topic to the Company board. Perhaps you posted it
there initially thinking it was the Main board.
Heads up warning! A company called DictaCall posted a classified ad

Heads up warning! A company called DictaCall posted a classified ad
here yesterday claiming great cost savings. After researching the company, I have found that the company is overseas in India and is offering the identical rate structure as another US voice service.  There is absolutely no cost savings whatsoever and anyone using their voice system would be calling into a toll free number where the voice file would end up on a server in Calcutta, West Bengal, India. 

What does this mean to you, the transcription service?
1. HIPAA compliance is compromised.
2. Your client information is at risk. Offshore entities can come in try to undercut you and take your business.
3. In case of outage, you're stuck if you can't get in touch with technical support.

I could go on, but I think you can probably see the same big problems that I see.

West coast prices are usually higher (I work for a west coast company) sm

for one thing. I am in a rather economically depressed area and I START my price at .14 and drop a penny for each of several things - no tapes, sending electronically, etc.

This job of the OP may be a bugger-bear to transcribe. Even .14 may be too low.

Please see my question on company board -posted on wrong board
could be a little higher, but
I make up for it by having great account with good dictators, so no struggling with ESLs for the most part. I'll take a small line count cut in exchange for less stress. For me, it's worth it.
I would say #3 and higher.
8-10 cpl usually comes out about the same. The higher
the pay, the worse the accounts and the worse the platforms you have to work on. If it takes you 3-5 minutes to get into a job before you type your first word and are paid 10 cpl, you are better off at 8 cpl on a quick and easy platform. Same with good VS evil dictators.
I just left Transcend where I made 9.5 cpl and make more at a company who pays 8 cpl because the system Transcend used is just not user friendly.
Higher rates
When my hospital looking into a MTSO for quicer TAT, they were quoted .33 cpl.  This company only paid their MTs. .07 cpl.  Needless to say, my hospital stuck to what they were paying me.
Well, I have a 99% or higher QA score.
I make between $45K and $48K doing this.

NEver been in trouble for QA. Never lost a job for QA. Have been hired for every single job I have ever applied for.

Anyone I've ever worked for has been sad to see me go. People I work for now are very happy with me. I make good money and have a good QA score.

All with no PROPER EDUCATION but just on-the-job training.

Amphion higher-ups
From what I have heard, there is one by the name of karen clay who harrasses MTs about line counts constantly -- even those left in ruins by Katrina!
Wow. Is this from your immediate supervisors or from the higher ups/HR, etc.? Are you being
It needs to go considerably higher than 9-9.5.....
I've been raiding my savings all year just to put gas in my car. That was at $3.50/gal. Once it's over $4/gal., how will any of us afford it on even 12 cpl? (Especially if our line counts are being skimmed by the oh-so-righteous MTSOs)? If they want their little hamsters to turn those wheels of fortune (theirs, not ours) faster, we could probably do it if our pay were such that we didn't have to be continually looking for a better job while trying to work. Sure ain't rocket science.
You may get a higher rate of pay but
You spend so much time looking up new meds (they are constantly changing) and various chemos, etc. you can't make any money. 
Actually that's on the higher side for
It's wonderful, you will not see one higher.nm

higher salary?
Are you serious?

You decided to be QA and you get paid by the hour, not by production. Sell your sad tale to someone who isn't hammering the keyboard for those "crumbs," you talk about.

There is Omissions and Errors insurance to cover your QA errors. Get over yourself. You aren't all that and a bag of beans.

People like me did the bulk of the report and it's your job as QA to come along and do a little clean up. In other words, QA people are what then? Janitorial staff.
How many MTs have a completed Bachelor's or higher currently?
Wal-Mart Higher and inconvenient

Something should be said about their false adverstisement.  Wal-Mart is not cheaper or more convenient as they say in their commercials.  In the small Wal-Mart you use to be able to run in and pick up something quick but not that is impossible.  A trip to Wal-Mart, no matter how much or what you need it takes over an hour.  Why do they put all those cash register lines in if they do not use them?  A gallon of milk is 30 cents more at WM than my local grocer.  This year, we did not buy any Christmas gifts from WM.  When comparing prices for one large ticket item we bought, WM was $30 dollarge more than the specialty store.  I agree, they are greedy. 

Our community was one of the first in the area to have a Wal-Mart and the only reason for this was because we had a Howard's which went out of business a year after Wal-Mart opened up.  Then they opened up another store in a neighboring community.  Wal-mart stayed open for 20 years (in the terms and agreement) then decided to close and build the super store in the neighboring community.   I admit I still shop at WM for some things but if I have a choice, I go somewhere else.

Have you ever bargained for a higher CPL rate..
when made an offer by a national or is that a big mistake?  Want the position, but not for as low as they are offering.  Would just like to see if they would be willing to go up based on experience and quality.  Has anyone ever done this and actually had a good result from it?
Bet Hillary's is higher than Bill's!?!?!?!
I'm a lucky one also - @ 18 cpl, can't really raise any higher. nm
Depends; if QA and someone over their head, you could take it higher up sm
if not and QA is owner, you just have to bite your teeth and do it her way or find another job. you could argue your points with her and show your proof but that still doesn't mean she will agree and might get on the defense and hurt you in the long run but that is a chance you gotta take too. she may think better of you as knowing the correct way also. i think personally i would confront her with proof about it and if accepting fine; if not, find another job where quality is respected.
I started with the higher priced one... sm
I didn't know about the less expensive one.  When I called to tell them I couldn't afford the internet anymore, they offered the lower priced one.  I changed to it and couldn't tell any difference!
I'd "accidentally" forward it to a higher up.
I would go to someone higher on the food chain. SM

Here's the thing, you are a business providing them a service.  You don't have to care or hear about their personal issues that keep you from getting paid.  They need to do their jobs.  So if the person who usually cuts the checks is out because she just got married and the person who is now cutting the checks is not reliable, not your problem!  You should go to someone above them and say "listen this is business and I want to be paid!"  I wouldn't type a keystroke until they pay you what you are owed.

Then from this point on, I would let them know in no uncertain terms that you expect to be paid within say 5 business days of receipt of your invoice, or you will charge them a late fee.  Type it on your invoice.

It's tempting to be friends with the office staff and to treat them like friends instead of customers or clients and cut them slack and feel sorry for them when they tell their sad stories, but in the business world a person's personal crap doesn't matter.  Business is business!  You have bills, kids, etc.  You provided a service and you need to be paid on time!  Your paycheck should not depend upon Susie Q's wedding or boyfriend problems or anything else.  Susie Q should be doing her job period!


really? I was old by MS that it needed to be 2003 or higher !
are you currently running one of the older versions and did you have to modify anything to make it work? Thanks
Have any of you in the higher priced states...
Just a question, don't get mad. I moved out of Delaware many, many years ago. The wages there are below national levels (don't know if its changed) and I found I could not be a single mom and buy a decent home for my child there. I did research and ended up in Florida where there is no state tax and cost of living was a lot cheaper. Even though we moved away from family, I think it was the best decision I ever made.
Because the cost of living is higher here. Still, that
Which is exactly what it is - DISCRIMINATION based on where an applicant lives.
You'd have a higher line count, though!
Its just corporate America in general, the higher ups

Thats why they hire minorities, they work cheap, do not complain, and work hard.  Americans are in trouble in regards to job stability because of how everything is computerized now.  I cannot get a live operator on the phone anymore and spend more time punching in the correct number code for my particular question.  Its so frustrating trying to understand someone with a thick heavy accent when you need instructions on how to do something immediately in regards to pc help.  Working for corporations sucks, its cold, unrewarding, and scary.  We all better find something to fall back on.  I hope to work for myself one of these days. 

About 4 years ago, it was anywhere around 99 cents to 1.09...now it is 2.41 (could be higher today)

it changes every day -  up, up, and away!

we're funding the war with the higher priced gas.
Plus i've noticed on my bills, my taxes are higher, about 3-6 dollars.  Nickel and diming us there as well.
The older the account, the higher the score . . .
so they are the ones to keep.  :)
relocate to higher ground! New New Orleans! :) (NM)
write a letter and send it to the higher ups.
Also, I think PC Magazine and other websites have complaint areas where you can turn businesses in for crummy customer service.  The company would rather satisfy the customer than get bad press.  Also, complain to the BBB or the FTC.  You can make yourself heard. 
East coast will pay that amount and even go higher

When they come back to you, I think I'd be tempted to say my rates are a bit higher now. sm
This could happen again next time some cheapo company comes along. Might as well charge for the headache and lost $ in advance.
Well, signing off for the night. It sure looks to me like MTs have higher IQs than average!.

Hmm, I use gross lines and Sylcount is always higher
I've compared Sylcount with several different line counting programs and Sylcount was always higher, even if it was only by 10 lines. I did find that PractiCount is the same as Sylcount and I ended up switching to that since you don't have to convert files to rich text format, but other than that, I always found Sylcount to be the best.
some QA editor/auditor positions at higher pay may (sm)
require the CMT credential.  And I agree with the previous responder; there are companies who offer higher line rates to CMTs.
My former job paid by the hour. Higher producers with
My economic dilemma is the same only perhaps on a higher scale...
I have had my cable connection shut off so many times for nonpayment, my utilities are not being paid in full because we simply never have enough money, groceries are now a luxury rather than a necessity as are utilities by the way...my pay has diminished greatly due to the global market and competing with countries like India in Medical Transcription.

I am aware of India and their problems but I am concerned for my own situation and survival.

got interrupted, cannot finish, but had to make my point
If you believe editing is a HIGHER skill, then why are we being paid