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Heads up warning! A company called DictaCall posted a classified ad

Posted By: (SM) on 2006-09-12
In Reply to:

Heads up warning! A company called DictaCall posted a classified ad
here yesterday claiming great cost savings. After researching the company, I have found that the company is overseas in India and is offering the identical rate structure as another US voice service.  There is absolutely no cost savings whatsoever and anyone using their voice system would be calling into a toll free number where the voice file would end up on a server in Calcutta, West Bengal, India. 

What does this mean to you, the transcription service?
1. HIPAA compliance is compromised.
2. Your client information is at risk. Offshore entities can come in try to undercut you and take your business.
3. In case of outage, you're stuck if you can't get in touch with technical support.

I could go on, but I think you can probably see the same big problems that I see.

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That's called "doctor swapping" and yes I would give the doc the heads-up
Wowzer! Thank you so much for the heads up on this company.


Yes they are...I was just looking at a DVD burner called VerbatUm before i posted..
Never claimed we do not make mistakes and they we were not human HOWEVER, the mistakes I come across are really quite ridiculous when they could be caught by READING ones work over before submitting. I get so sick of the QA on this board..if i wnta ot mipsell on hree i cna bacuase it deos nto go to hte dctor!! ROFL
Anyone heard of a company called Transcription Inc?
Anyone heard of a company called Transcription Inc? Any info appreciated.
Sounds like a company I worked for called
A company posted 8-12/cpl not long ago..
anyone remember the name of the company or have the link to the job post?  I remember seeing it, but cannot seem to find it now.  Thanks!
It should be posted on the Company board, please.
If you are the OP, you also posted this on the Company board
As being a position with Keystrokes. I didn't think KS hired ICs?

Color me confused but...?
At the top of the Company Board is posted ....s/m
' Don't make your decisions based on someone else's recommendation - Administration '
If you are being hounded by a company called Technion Communications, go to their

website at the link below to be added to the do not call list. 

It is our understanding that many MTs are being solicited at all hours of the day and night by this company.

Has anyone heard of this company called Rapid Transcript?
I need to know if any of you posters know of a company called Rapid Transcript of California (also called RTI); used to be called RTTS years ago.    I am checking around on their profile and business habits.  If you have any personal experience with them, please respond.
I'd seen an ad on the job board several months ago for a company called Sierra....

not sure of the full name, but something like Sierra Legal Transcription, perhaps. Maybe you could still locate it on the archives on the job board. 

There's a great company called Plantogen out of New Zealand.
I posted that higher earners at my company SM
are bringing home that kind of money. The key word, though, is earners. Not "job." Pay is on a production basis, and those high wages are a result of base pay + incentive bonus pay x 40 hours a week of actual keyboarding, 50 weeks a year (or close to). If they work less quick or less long, the money drops.

So, do I feel sort of jealous because working 35 hours a week doesn't earn that much? No.

I am envious of those with a natural talent for fast keyboarding, though. I'm so bad that in the past I would never have imagined myself doing work based on typing; that would have been a really dumb move. :) I have to work hard to keep my production up and have invested long hours developing my Expander skills to try to compete, but any of them who also work smart still outproduce, and outearn, me easily.
Other people have posted about the ad on the company board--
--but the posts were deleted. I'm not sure what's up with that.
We have not moved this topic to the Company board. Perhaps you posted it
there initially thinking it was the Main board.
Collision or comp doesn't matter. I called my insurance company
when I was hit by someone. I only had liability but their adjuster made sure I got the best deal out of it. My rates didn't go up either.
This s/b on the classified board, she's trying to sell it.
I hate it too. Did you know it is now classified as a word?
Thats the trouble with things now. Say it enough, and it is put in the dictionary. sigh
Check out the ad on the classified board
Are cardiac caths usually classified as
classified board comes in handy...might do well there. NM
Thankfully we are no longer classified as just clerical.

"Medical transcriptionists have finally achieved a separate job classification. The revised Standard Occupational Classification (SOC), published by the Office of Management and Budget, includes a separate line item 31-9094 for medical transcriptionists in the general arena of health care. This is something AAMT has been promoting since its inception over 20 years ago. In the previous (1980) SOC document, medical transcriptionists were grouped with court reporters and stenographers under "Clerical and Other Administrative Support Occupations." This separate classification is truly noteworthy. Having an ID number, medical transcriptionists can now be studied like any other occupation. Statistics can be gathered on numbers of MTs, salaries, etc."  (from the AAMT website)

This is one of the good things AAMT has done for us and hopefully their continued work will elevate our profession further.  We are now an apprenticeable occupation also (and only DOMESTIC workers can be apprentices --heh heh!). 

evidently they moved ur post to the classified
The so-called "reality show" is the lowest form of so-called entertainment in recent years
I hate them. They've ruined TV.
Please see my question on company board -posted on wrong board
But I appreciate the warning and hopefully no one else will get taken.
heads up on X-mas

My mother likes to read soap mags, and they have these advertisements for really pretty items at the back. I decided to see if they sold these items on the web, and sure enough:


So, for anyone who likes to give these types of gifts, you'll find plenty here. I think the prices are fairly reasonable.

And, no, I have no connection with this company. I just think they have beautiful items that would make wonderful gifts.

Thanks for the warning!!!
That was the kind of feedback I was looking for. If I don't ask, I know I won't find out. You have helped me. Thank you.
Be cautious of your tone on this sensitive thread.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If you cannot disagree with respect, your posts will be deleted. If any removed posts have been watched lately for offensive or inflammatory remarks, you will be banned.

Disagree but be respectful and do not post vindictive, inflammatory jabs at one another.
That is because men have 2 HEADS! nm
Thanks for the warning - sm
I too have sat by and watch other MLSs at my current company sabotage others doing the same thing.

This is why I like working at home. No office politics and I can choose to ignore the hen pecking and prattle by coworkers.

Do not EVER post copyrighted information on this website.  This includes private medical records or copies of any information in which you are not the author or owner.

If you have any questions about information you want to post, please e-mail the Administrator (admin@mtstars.com) or myself before doing so.

Posters who fail to respect this policy will be banned.

What fun. Thanks for the heads-up. nm
Thanks for the heads-up.....sm

I have to tell you that I grew up in Scarsdale NY also (like Linda McCartney) and the rumor was she was an Eastman.  So, I thank you for the heads-up and I just did my own research and came up with this paragraph:

It is often stated that Linda McCartney is related to the Eastman Kodak dynasty. This is a myth and McCartney had no connection with the family, as she herself explained in an interview. Her maiden name of Eastman was an anglicised version of her family's original name, Epstein, coincidentally the same surname as the Beatles' long-time manager Brian.

thanks for the heads up

I'll definitely be watching with my box of tissues by my side.   

This is a great idea. Maybe you can warn the people aspiring to be MTs not to go in it for the money. I enjoy transcribing and love staying at home, but no way could I ever make a decent living doing this only. I have had to take on two jobs working 16 hours a day to make what I made when I first started out. Its sad.
Thank you for the warning.........

The sad thing is, for you who are Christians, is that these companies do not realize or care that they will answer to Jesus the King of all for their sins (it remains to be seen if it will be in this life or in the life to come).  Its a tripp, MTSO want an honest, hardworking MT, but use every trickery in the book...............

thanks for the heads up
I appreciate it. This will be parttime work for me as I have a fulltime job too so at least I have something to fall back on if it doesnt work out. It sounds like the hot keys are where it's at!

Thanks again
Exactly and I can't get that through their heads. sm
I took ICD9 and CPT only coding class in 2002. I'm taking a billing and coding class now which is not really heavy on the coding. I'm not ready to take a certification exam. Along with the housekeeping "suggestion" she also suggested "you might have to take a menial job." I assume she meant a minimum wage job. Why should I do that when I'm making more than that now? What possible "benefits" are worth that?
thanks for the heads up!
i wasn't paying attention to the "audio hour" not sure how that was calculated. nice of you to warn her!! :)
Can you go over both of their heads to the department
supervisor? Tell her that you're getting conflicting reports on your job performance. Do you have emails saying that you're doing great? Keep them, print them. Explain to the department head that you simply can't afford to pay for gas or daycare to work in-house. (Yeah, I've told my supervisors this before and their reply was that my daycare and gas expenses weren't their problem. I told them it was their problem and quit.) What is your production level? Eleven minutes or 130 lines per hour are about the average for direct hospital work. It's usually less than that in-house with all the interruptions and other tasks.

As far as the online company, can you work part-time or as-needed for them for a while? Is there any way you could do both jobs until after you get the bonus? You applied Friday and got called back Monday. That tells me that they're interested and you're a decent MT. How much research have you done into this company? Are you sure it's the best company for you? Honestly, if you're good, you'll get more offers. Sometimes it's nice to have the security net of a hospital job and a regular paycheck, especially with Christmas and bonuses coming up. Your production will probably drop by starting a new account, and it's not the best time of year to be taking a pay cut.
WARNING to those trying to PREVENT it.....
A few years ago my daughter's 2nd grade class kept having a lice problem. My daughter never showed any signs of it BUT one day she came home and told me her 2 best friends, who she played with and sat by, were sent home with it. So I panicked and did the stuff in her hair just to get anything that (in my mind) was probably there.

Well, my daughter had a neurologic reaction to the RID or whatever I used. Her one arm was shaking, it was scary. I took her to the ED and the doc made me feel about 1 inch tall. He said "WHY WOULD YOU PUT IT ON HER IF SHE DIDN'T HAVE LICE???"

I explained but he said people just don't get it, this stuff is basically a PESTICIDE.

So if your child has it then use it, but PLEASE don't just use it to keep him/her "clean" as a measure to prevent it. Take it from a ~guilt-ridden~ mother.

I saw a warning on another one of your posts (SM)
and I think it is because your initials have MQ in them and they are going through and deleting anything related to that company that is posted here, even though you say nothing about the company. I don't think that is right, because you are answering other things and not bringing your company name into this.
That wuz a creeper warning, lol. nm
Warning: ACE Transcription ad (SM)

This ad on the Main board has been removed.  The ISP is overseas. 


Thank you both for your responses, especially for the heads-up, lw.

I have been hesitant as well, not only here, but at other MT sites also. 

Are the other MT sites particular about who views the resumes as well? 

Are offshore companies allowed to view them? 


Book as a Warning...
I would like the book to be as realistic as possible because people looking into it are going to be making an investment in time and money.  That's why when some people suggested I do a "how-to" to get into this business, I really wasn't sure because I didn't want people to think it was easy money like some ads have you believe.  I wouldn't go so far as a warning... just being realistic about what you can achieve.  I want MT input, which is great, because this way it won't be lopsided with my experiences only.  Thanks!
Have you tried cleaning the heads?
Check the printer software for an option to do that and/or diagnostic tool.
Chantix Warning
as it must be just horrible to stop!


I received this today regarding Chantix......

FDA informed healthcare professionals and consumers of important revisions to the WARNINGS and PRECAUTIONS sections of the prescribing information for Chantix regarding serious neuropsychiatric symptoms experienced in patients taking Chantix. These symptoms include changes in behavior, agitation, depressed mood, suicidal ideation, and attempted and completed suicide. While some patients may have experienced these types of symptoms and events as a result of nicotine withdrawal, some patients taking Chantix who experienced serious neuropsychiatric symptoms and events had not yet discontinued smoking. In most cases, neuropsychiatric symptoms developed during Chantix treatment, but in others, symptoms developed following withdrawal of Chantix therapy. See the FDA Information for Healthcare Professionals Sheet for recommendations and considerations for healthcare professionals on using Chantix therapy for patients. 

Read the complete 2008 MedWatch Safety Summary including a link to the FDA Public Health Advisory, Healthcare Professional Information Sheet and the prescribing information for Chantix regarding this issue at:

Former CT warning symptoms SM
are totally completely gone with editing.

Maybe someone else will have a more specific answer for the keystrokes, but CONSIDERABLY fewer per minute. As the VR system gets better and better with a dictator, you may spend most of the time just sitting there reading along with squeakily speeded up dictation. Other dictators will have corrections on every line, though.

Part of reduced Keystrokes is expander, too. For instance, I do ".t" when I come on a lowercase "the" between what should be two sentences, which backs up, inserts a period, double spaces, deletes the small t and inserts a capital T, then jumps to the beginning of the next word for me.

When I started editing, though, my Expander wasn't nearly so well developed and I still made more money AND my worrisome carpal tunnel pains, which a number of times required me to take nonpaid leave while I rested my wrists, disappeared. So have the wrist braces I wore religiously every night to bed.