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I think I am having a mental breakdown.

Posted By: Hayseed on 2007-09-21
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Right now it is just after 1 a.m.  I have been paged for the THIRD TIME tonight for "stat" reports from a hospital, and that's just tonight.  I have been reduced to tears from sleep deprivation, I have diarrhea and shakes, and I really really really want to tell my employer to sod off.

When do you think is enough enough as far as knowing it's time to move on?  Is this normal in medical transcription--to be on call for hospitals?  Yes, I do get paid extra for taking call, but then the piddly financial 'reward' completely negates itself because it interferes not only with my personal life, but then my professional life, as I am a complete basket case the following work day and can't 'put out,'  thereby inciting the wrath of the bean counters when my lines aren't there.  There is no schedule flexibility even though I take call...I won't be able to fall back asleep now because I had to slap myself awake in order to make myself conscious enough to type a 45-minute long report, and I'm not allowed to adjust my schedule tomorrow to accomodate a nap.

I am not a machine and I don't think the company gets that.  How my other coworkers do it I have no idea.  Oh wait...they don't...they quit as well! 

I just shot off an ornery e-mail to my poor boss stating 'take me off pager or I quit,' so we'll see if I have a job tomorrow.  I think I am displaying true self-destructive behavior here and is royally stinks.  I'm better than that, but I think I have been officially driven over the edge.  Sorry for the rant but I am truly fried.  I'm going to go lie in bed and stare at the ceiling now while the song 'another one bites the dust' replays itself over and over in my head.

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You also couldn't afford a breakdown - sm plz
I am a walking burnout factory...  it is so necessary to not be the "yes girl"... take a break at least ONE holiday, ONE weekend and spend it on YOU...  You cannot afford a mental meltdown, which will happen at this rate.  Take care of you, and the job will continue to flow... everyone needs a break.... as short as it may be, it can still be refreshing if you use a day wisely... just my opinion
Breakdown -- America's Health Insurance Crisis
is a special on ABC tonight.  Being that we work in the health care field, I wonder what they will say is the cause.  It would be interesting to watch and see what they attribute as the cause and the solution. 
Unfortunately, this guy had a nervous breakdown and that gravy train came to screeching halt!
Sounds like you are the one with mental illness
County mental health
If she is on state or county aid she might find something available.  But I am not being mean but how can you expect to receive "free services" - would you do your work for free?   Again, unless she is on welfare or something like that or perhaps through your church you might find some help but even then you usually have to pay on a sliding scale and don't get it completely "free".  If she is suicidal or there is a chance she will do harm to self or kids, she can go to ER and they will set her up with something but again it would only be so many visits.  Does she work?  Does her husband work?  Do they have medical benefits?  Again, don't mean to sound mean or cruel but not much in this life is free as if everyone gave it away "free" how would they pay their bills.  But look through your county/state directory or go to your church and see if they can help. 
I think you need to try the Mental Health Board

Who died and left you boss to dictate what can be posted on the Main Board?  hmmmmmm?  Have seen several of what-appear-to-be YOUR posts - about discussion of movies and that we should all discuss Michael Moore's movie over at the Gab Board....

Since you apparently seem to have lost any sense of humor, try the Mental Health Board that is available here at MTStars....or I think there is a Depression board too.

Hope you get to feelin' better really soon.....Have a nice holiday if you celebrate tomorrow....

mental health transcription
I have seven years experience in mental health transcription and would be interested in working from home for your company.  Please email me to discuss.
Time for a mental break

Hey all -- this kid is AMAZING!  I don't think it matters if you prefer this type of music or not, you still will be in awe of his talents.

Enjoy... then get back to work!

She's not mental, it's just that she's right about many things people can't face up to...

Most of what she says is true.  It's been far more documented as fact and the truth than the information the administration has given and still gives. 

As far as soldiers.....read optruth.org.  There are many soldiers who do not agree with this war or how this administration has handled it and they need to be listened to.

THere are plenty of mental health boards
check 'em out!
Maybe you should visit the mental health board

to discuss the topics of lonlieness and depression.  You obviously have no one at home to talk to.

Your post gave me a mental picture...
When did we all become so deserving?  I'm picturing the people moving west in covered wagons.  It didn't even occur to them that the govt should provide them with jack diddly squat.  If a storm blew up, it blew up.  It wasn't anybody fault.  They weren't blaming the farmers for their  cattle ruining the ozone with their farts.  They just accepted what was.  We've gone WAY soft anymore.  We can't survive without ice?  Sheesh, those people lived their entire lives  without seeing  an ice cube, unless of  course it was winter and  they needed ice like a parka in Bermuda.
National Mental Health Association
has a web page with some good information on bipolar FAQs, symptoms, treatment, etc. Here is their address: www.nmha.org/bipolar/public/signs/cfm.

My daughter is totally fine on medications. The most important thing for her to do is get back to the doctor and get back on or have her medications adjusted.

I wish I could be on disability for something mental that is controlled with medication.

I'm just sorry I'm paying for people to stay home and not work while my husband and I have to work. It's bad enough that this man doesn't help you around the house, but he's sucking off the government (us taxpayers) while we support him. He can't do ANYTHING? Whatever...

Man, what a country.

Sounds like candidate for mental ward
Totally agree with this. The lady has some mental issues for sure. nm
If he is on disability for a mental illness, why do you even listen to him? He is nuts. Maybe if h
Great idea. Thanks. I've had a mental block on
OK. Now if your husband is bringing you down by his mental illness and not paying rent
(is husband able to work? how deep is this mental illness? did he have money to pay rent and spent it elsewhere?) then maybe you should think about leaving him rather than placing your kids in any kind of foster care. That has to be traumatic but then so does living on the street. Speaking of placing your children in foster care while you get yourself OK in the head, what is your problem at this point. You see, if there is a lot of arguing and a dysfunctional family living on the streets, then foster care to permanent placement may be better for them. I just don't quite understand how you got into this mess and if these are mental health issues on both your part and your husband's I would look into placing the children. BTW, how old are they?

So all things considered if you don't have any issues other than depression because of a lack of a place to live and your husband's mental health, I would go to a family member or church and BEG for help sorting your life out. If there is more than that going on, including maybe substance abuse along with permanent mental health issues that will keep you from caring for your children, yes I would seek placement for them. And I would seek PERMANENT placement rather than foster care which I would think would be more traumatic for your children.
MDs stop and edit and think what a stupid a$$ MT and service we have and make a mental note to d/c s
No MDs do not give a care if they say p.o. that we change it to by mouth. It is much easier to read and understand p.o. for professionals who are speed reading a report for the bottom line on a patient. They do't stop to say, Oh, so that's what p.o. means. I thought maybe someone would mistake it for post office and that's a good thing. Thank you MT. You're one step in front of your good old tired doctor. This is crazy.
In her case, I'm guessing personality or mental disorder. After all, they are pretty common. NM