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OK. Now if your husband is bringing you down by his mental illness and not paying rent

Posted By: God Bless on 2005-08-13
In Reply to: I'm trying . . . husband mentally ill (sm) - Elsie

(is husband able to work? how deep is this mental illness? did he have money to pay rent and spent it elsewhere?) then maybe you should think about leaving him rather than placing your kids in any kind of foster care. That has to be traumatic but then so does living on the street. Speaking of placing your children in foster care while you get yourself OK in the head, what is your problem at this point. You see, if there is a lot of arguing and a dysfunctional family living on the streets, then foster care to permanent placement may be better for them. I just don't quite understand how you got into this mess and if these are mental health issues on both your part and your husband's I would look into placing the children. BTW, how old are they?

So all things considered if you don't have any issues other than depression because of a lack of a place to live and your husband's mental health, I would go to a family member or church and BEG for help sorting your life out. If there is more than that going on, including maybe substance abuse along with permanent mental health issues that will keep you from caring for your children, yes I would seek placement for them. And I would seek PERMANENT placement rather than foster care which I would think would be more traumatic for your children.

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Sounds like you are the one with mental illness
If he is on disability for a mental illness, why do you even listen to him? He is nuts. Maybe if h
But the husband will be paying taxes
If he becomes the IC and they earn 24,000 in a year on IC income and he pays her $10,800 -- she will still pay taxes on that but it will just not decrease her social security of whatever it is. And she will have to pay the 15.75 SS on that.  He will then pay income tax and the social security on the 13,2000 that is left.  Even though she does all the work.  Someone will still pay on the remaining amount.  So will they be ahead -- NO.  She probaby should have just become an IC out and out and wait to collect her retirement or SS.  But there is a difference between SS and taxes.   So when they combine their income they will still be paying taxes on that total amount, and if he earns anything it will be higher than just that. 
Very sad - but obviously an illness.
Nobody would be drinking at that hour of the day for *fun*. I hope instead of throwing the fines at her they make her go for professional help.
Don't know what your illness is, but
wish you could see some of the doctors I work for. My brother and his wife are both doctors and they are both increcible caring. My uncle goes to Africa every year (on his on dime) to do cleft lip and palate surgeries. Maybe you just need to vent but I don't think it is fair to generalize all.
chronic illness
God bless you.  I have systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) and I still work full time, I have a friend diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and she still works full time..Hang in there, honey..You can live with a chronic illness..I have lived with my SLE for 36 years and my friend with multiple sclerosis for 10 years..
These are supposed to be treated the same - 12 weeks leave - my mother-in-law got sick last year and when she could not go back to work by the date that the hospital specified (she's a nurse) they terminated her from her job - and she had worked at this place for 20 years. I would seek legal advice on this subject before telling anyone at work.
kids and illness
I have ttwokids - 22 and 15, my oldest was born with epilepsy and took them 2 years to find out I was not crazy that something was wrong - he would just fall into a come sleep - no convulsion.  Now my 15 year old has an episode - his first and when I rush him to the hospital it takes them 3 hours to be convined he was not on drugs - I know they are doing their job, but not all kids are druggies.  i tried to give them a family history and they did not listen until 3 hours later when they got the blood tests back - then they did what they should haev done all along and found out his blood pressure was extremly low, and he probably has a mild hert condition to go alond with his respiratory problems he has had from birth.   (heart problems run on both sides, and I have a strong family history of epilepsy too.)  Why do all doctors feel that when a kid comes in he must have done something - thank goodness the wait did not cause my son more problems.
Depression is an illness. (sm)
Believe it or not, I understand your feelings about just doing your job day after day and not being appreciated. I think most of us can relate to it; I know when I clean the house or do the laundry, nobody seems to notice, but let me get behind, and boy, howdy all of a sudden I get some attention.

But depression is an ILLNESS, not just a lack of get up and go!!! And a person who suffers from it is hard enough on themselves emotionally without having to hear from people who don't understand it how lazy they are and how undeserving of any support they are.

You need to work on some compassion, and if you can't say anything nice, why say anything at all? If you're feeling underappreciated, for heaven's sake DO something about it. Post on the board that you need some sympathy and you'll get it. We're all in the same boat, really!
An illness? More like a character flaw.
We all have choices to make, and the choices we make define our character. She chooses to drink herself into a stupor and drive a car. She could just as easily choose not to do so. It's all the apologists for drunks, the "it's-an-illness-we-must-not-judge-them" brigade that keep sending the dangerous drunks back out on the road. If someone chooses to drink and drive then kills someone, they have chosen to commit murder and should face the same consequences as any murderer.
No, you didn't betray him! That's his illness speaking. Second, does he or did he ever drink?
Some folks with drinking problems obviously are also alcoholics, but they don't have to fit the classic "drunk" stereotype.  My husband "cycles" as well, probably from bipolar, which is manic depressive - the happy ups and the mean ugly lows.  Men tend to self-medicate with alcohol. Also, when an alcoholic is in an abstinent period, which can even often be self decided, no pressure. The drinker just lays off for a while - that mean cycle is a "dry" alcoholic.  The original problems remain - the alcohol isn't there to give them their conceived happy "buzz", so they are mean and nasty as they could be as drunks, yet sober.  The only way to defeat depression in anyone is by confronting it head-on and NOT letting up.  Otherwise, you're then "enabling" their sickness to continue, etc.  Sounds more complicated than it is, but its not! You're doing everything right - get help from everywhere, tell everyone you have to, shine light on his behavior, and HOPEFULLY he will be convicted to get help. Otherwise, I agree with the others  - pack your bags and move on.  It will NEVER get better.  It will get worse over time, but you'll get more numb to it... No way to live!  I confronted it with my DH - fought viciously for his life, really, and he's a changed healthy man about 10 years down the road.  People CAN change, and seek help, and get well, but they have to be confronted with it.  Denial is our worst enemy.  Good luck to you. I hope this helps.
DH is dear husband or any number of colorful adjectives preceding husband. (no message)
I think I am having a mental breakdown.

Right now it is just after 1 a.m.  I have been paged for the THIRD TIME tonight for "stat" reports from a hospital, and that's just tonight.  I have been reduced to tears from sleep deprivation, I have diarrhea and shakes, and I really really really want to tell my employer to sod off.

When do you think is enough enough as far as knowing it's time to move on?  Is this normal in medical transcription--to be on call for hospitals?  Yes, I do get paid extra for taking call, but then the piddly financial 'reward' completely negates itself because it interferes not only with my personal life, but then my professional life, as I am a complete basket case the following work day and can't 'put out,'  thereby inciting the wrath of the bean counters when my lines aren't there.  There is no schedule flexibility even though I take call...I won't be able to fall back asleep now because I had to slap myself awake in order to make myself conscious enough to type a 45-minute long report, and I'm not allowed to adjust my schedule tomorrow to accomodate a nap.

I am not a machine and I don't think the company gets that.  How my other coworkers do it I have no idea.  Oh wait...they don't...they quit as well! 

I just shot off an ornery e-mail to my poor boss stating 'take me off pager or I quit,' so we'll see if I have a job tomorrow.  I think I am displaying true self-destructive behavior here and is royally stinks.  I'm better than that, but I think I have been officially driven over the edge.  Sorry for the rant but I am truly fried.  I'm going to go lie in bed and stare at the ceiling now while the song 'another one bites the dust' replays itself over and over in my head.

Both. Choice A "can" put you there, but so can a major illness, accident, fire, etc.

with this economy it is harder and harder to work your way out of poverty no matter what the reason for being there is.

bringing to the top
Coding certification

[ Post a Reply ] [ View Follow Ups ] [ Company Board ]

Posted By: diddles on 2005-12-22
In Reply to: medical coding - looking for work

First I would encourage you that if you are serious about coding, do NOT go to a course that does not allow to test for NATIONAL certification.  There are only 2 organizations in the US that do national certification.  AAPC (the first) and AHIMA.  With AAPC there are numerous companies that offer their course.  The cost runs between $1200 and $1600 for a three month course of 8 hour classes plus your proctored exam and membership to AAPC, or you can do the self-study course for the same money (I chose to be in a classroom setting so I could have questions answered on the spot).  You can opt to take the course for hospital coding CPC-H (which few hospitals will recognize as official) or the doctor/outpatient based course - CPC, which is widely recognized.

I don't know the cost of AHIMA's testing but it is as intense as AAPC's but it is mostly taken by people who either already have AAPC certification or are already working in a medical coding setting.  Both organizations offer apprecentice programs if you are not already in a coding setting until you can clock some coding hours.  I think you need references to enter either program as to your character - remember, if you make a mistake the penalty could be monetory and/or a jail term.

Now, can you get a job and is the money worth it.  Most hospitals want AHIMA's inpatient certification and 1-2 years OTJ experience, unless they are hiring for their outpatient clinics and/or ER (which they will then accept the AAPC's CPC).  Most of these positions pay between $15 and $24/hr plus bennies.

It is very hard to get into the coding industry.  It's just like trying to get into MT without any experience, only harder.  I would network, join both organizations as a member and go religiously to the monthly meetings to network and learn.  Both certifications require a high number of CEU's to be earned each year.  It is easier to get into a physician's office setting as a CPC.  Most of these jobs pay $9 to $18/hr depending on geography, but again you'd have to be very, very good and have good references from certified mentors to help you get a job with no experience.

Most jobs are obtained by word of mouth.  If you are very good, you could skip working in a hospital or doctor's office and become a consultant and/or instructor without any working experience (more $$ for the instructor's certification).  It would be like working as an IC.  You would have to hustle to get clients and build a reputation.  I was lucky and got a job with a hospital in their outpatient clinic side at $19/hr with hospital bennies and had an offer with the people whose course I took to become an instructor and consultant for them even before I got the results from my test score (but I had prior coding experience).  My job was basically consulting, doing audits and giving feedback and education to doctors on how to maximize their reimbursement, how to document charts properly and be available for their coding questions.  I loved the respect I got from the doctors.  It was totally unlike what I get directly from doctors as an MT.  They are eager to learn, listen to what is being taught, are interactive, friendly and recognize that you are there to help them succeed.

If your MTSO is also adding a coding department to their company, that would be an easier way to get into coding as it could be done from home with access to electronic medical records.  There are a number of tools available to coders that help to electronically code and flag potential errors, hopefully your company would pay for all that because it can be quite expensive.

I tried to portray a clear and realistic picture with discouraging you.  It's a lot like going into MT without someone being realistic with you, so the fact that you asked is a good sign.

Thanks for bringing that up.
I cringe when I read this bord. The cruel and crude remarks meant to make another feel small actually sting my eyes when I read them.

Where did this come from? We were oncde librarians who loved medicine. Now, we have management, the noisy and miserable librarians who insist on an opinion on everything and refuse to budge, our immediate supervisor. I would give a million bucks to be able to be a good conversationalist. It appears that gets one farther than anything in this industry.

Younger MTs? The loud MTs are the ones who are MTholics and think just because they have dissected and analyzed every aspect of the typed medical sentence, the fact is more deaths take place in hospitals now than at any other time, due to medical record errors.

This is about patient health, not the QA, editor, whateverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, so I say to this industry:

Lighten the fk up. We are human beings and your colleagues. WHY are you being to rude?

Monitors would help but they love it. The rude remarks to a question leave one with a feeling of disappointment and dread, monitors, so uh, do your job.
County mental health
If she is on state or county aid she might find something available.  But I am not being mean but how can you expect to receive "free services" - would you do your work for free?   Again, unless she is on welfare or something like that or perhaps through your church you might find some help but even then you usually have to pay on a sliding scale and don't get it completely "free".  If she is suicidal or there is a chance she will do harm to self or kids, she can go to ER and they will set her up with something but again it would only be so many visits.  Does she work?  Does her husband work?  Do they have medical benefits?  Again, don't mean to sound mean or cruel but not much in this life is free as if everyone gave it away "free" how would they pay their bills.  But look through your county/state directory or go to your church and see if they can help. 
I think you need to try the Mental Health Board

Who died and left you boss to dictate what can be posted on the Main Board?  hmmmmmm?  Have seen several of what-appear-to-be YOUR posts - about discussion of movies and that we should all discuss Michael Moore's movie over at the Gab Board....

Since you apparently seem to have lost any sense of humor, try the Mental Health Board that is available here at MTStars....or I think there is a Depression board too.

Hope you get to feelin' better really soon.....Have a nice holiday if you celebrate tomorrow....

mental health transcription
I have seven years experience in mental health transcription and would be interested in working from home for your company.  Please email me to discuss.
Time for a mental break

Hey all -- this kid is AMAZING!  I don't think it matters if you prefer this type of music or not, you still will be in awe of his talents.

Enjoy... then get back to work!

Bringing up my DQS problem from down below, how many of the MQ MTs that use this..sm

are running it under XP AND have updated to the service pack 2? Tech Support says that's the only thing he can think of as everything else looks fine on my system. And on the converse, how many of you use DQS and DON'T have XP with or w/o service pack 2, or are just using the original XP w/o any upgrades. I don't want to be doing something to my machine that's going to screw it up even more. Thanks for your help. nm

Chickadee,..bringing this to the top

A better alternative to Lap band is the Medifast 5 and 1 plan. You eat 5 of their meals a day and then what they call a Lean and Green that you prepare yourself. I've only just started, but have lost 9 pounds in 4 days. Check out the website... Medifast1.com

Read the info and check out the message boards. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

You can spend 17+ thousand dollars for a band and eat 6 small meals a day or spend a couple of hundred dollars a month and eat 6 small meals a day.

Bringing up old documents....
Hi-I have only worked on Extext for a few days and it seems pretty good. I agree with the problem with inserting doctors names though. I am especially interested in finding out how to pull up old documents as I wasn't told about this feature. Can you let me know? Thanks....
She's not mental, it's just that she's right about many things people can't face up to...

Most of what she says is true.  It's been far more documented as fact and the truth than the information the administration has given and still gives. 

As far as soldiers.....read optruth.org.  There are many soldiers who do not agree with this war or how this administration has handled it and they need to be listened to.

THere are plenty of mental health boards
check 'em out!
Maybe you should visit the mental health board

to discuss the topics of lonlieness and depression.  You obviously have no one at home to talk to.

Your post gave me a mental picture...
When did we all become so deserving?  I'm picturing the people moving west in covered wagons.  It didn't even occur to them that the govt should provide them with jack diddly squat.  If a storm blew up, it blew up.  It wasn't anybody fault.  They weren't blaming the farmers for their  cattle ruining the ozone with their farts.  They just accepted what was.  We've gone WAY soft anymore.  We can't survive without ice?  Sheesh, those people lived their entire lives  without seeing  an ice cube, unless of  course it was winter and  they needed ice like a parka in Bermuda.
National Mental Health Association
has a web page with some good information on bipolar FAQs, symptoms, treatment, etc. Here is their address: www.nmha.org/bipolar/public/signs/cfm.

My daughter is totally fine on medications. The most important thing for her to do is get back to the doctor and get back on or have her medications adjusted.

I wish I could be on disability for something mental that is controlled with medication.

I'm just sorry I'm paying for people to stay home and not work while my husband and I have to work. It's bad enough that this man doesn't help you around the house, but he's sucking off the government (us taxpayers) while we support him. He can't do ANYTHING? Whatever...

Man, what a country.

Sounds like candidate for mental ward
I've often wondered about this one myself - thanks for bringing it up! nm

Bringing up hurricane discussion

Just for some other information.  When Hurricane Rita hit in Texas, i.e. Jasper, Beaumont area, these people were not prepared.  They were not prepared because hurricanes do not come in that far inland.  The Jasper area is one of the areas where most hurricane victims evacuate too.  There are people in that area that are still without power including elderly people and children.  Most of the surrounding areas (Pineland, Rosevine, Hemphill) are retirement areas.  These are also low income areas as well.  These people definitely would not have expected the hurricane to effect them in the way that it did, but it did.


Also, people in Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas were effected from it as well.  Again, a hurricane never has come close to these areas and these areas are also where evacuees come.  During the time we had evacuees from Galveston, Beaumont, Houston, and still the ones we had from Louisiana drained the resources that we did have here (not saying anything negative by this – just a statement).  None of the businesses could get trucks in to deliver gas, food, ice, water, etc.  When we did get gas delivered, the lines were so long that people were waiting 9-10 hours to get gas and of course by the time most got up there, it was gone again.  This went on for several days.  Even the Wal-Mart here and in Nacogdoches was only able to be open a few hours a day and for the first few days after the hurricane because of the amount of extra people in these areas, they finally had to limit the number of people they were allowing in the store at a time.


Some of you say, people should be prepared.  I do agree and especially more so if you live in a coastal area.  However, these people affected in the areas I mentioned above do not live on the coast; however, were heavily impacted by this natural disaster.  You are saying these people don't deserver help?!  Well let me tell you this.  When we had a lot of LA evacuees here, FEMA stepped in and for a lot (not all of course) they received $2000.00 for help with housing, another $600.00 for food, and there $400.00 for something else (honestly do not remember what it was).


However, my mother and father-in-law who are elderly went 14 days without power, lost everything in the freezer and refrigerator, and they are also raising 2 of their grandchildren (both young teenagers).  They were unable to get FEMA to help with anything. 


I guess the point is this.  Before spouting off about who needs to do what or who the government does or does not need to help (or where you tax monies go), you might want to think about the fact that this was a natural disaster and therefore, no one can ever really be prepared for one.  I hope none of you ever have to deal with anything like this.  It is not a pretty site in this area right now.  Clean up is still going on.  There are still trees down on houses and cars.  How would you feel if this were you? 


By the way, yes I do feel that my family was very lucky to come through it unscathed; however, some were not so lucky.


Just my 2 cents.

Bringing over HIPAA question
Can anyone answer the question: Do you HAVE to remove PHI from reports legally?
Bringing up from below the subject of low carbs, SM
Food Network used to  have a chef named George Stella who lost several hundred pounds by doing the Atkins diet. I'm not sure if  his show is still on, but he does have a cookbook.
Bringing topic over from 2nd page. Someone
higher rate because he/she has the CMT. I say the reality is that 90% or better don't give a toot about the CMT and are going to pay what they want anyway. And, all the RMT is going to do is cause major grief to a lot of hard working MTs, MTs who are barely making it financially. The RMT will cost MONEY along with their requirements. AAMT has caved to offshoring and is doing American MTs no favors. Frankly, I think the only worth an AAMT membership holds is the money you would be paying to put in their pocket. And, for what? To lobby on the Hill in favor of a bill that would ensure that patients’ individually identifiable health information is secure and protected; improving health care quality and reducing medical errors, and developing best practices to support and accelerate efforts to adopt, implement, and effectively use interoperable health information technology when all the while AAMT is openly embracing offshoring?

In a nutshell, your money is fodder for a worthless organization.

Oh, and Jay and anyone else from AAMT, in case you're reading here, here's a couple of suggestions for AAMTs potential name change...

Foundation for the United Council of Kooks (Formerly Modesto Mavens)
Organization Of Offshore Suckups (OOS)

I agree - can't have any convo w/o bringing..sm

the ones that can not have a discussion about current events without mentioning their fanaticism.....

Most folks have some religion/spirituality.

Most folks don't interject it into every conversation 24/7/365.......just the fanatics!

Great tips! Thanks for bringing up the

In my experience when bringing this issue to

my supervisor's attention (when I worked outside the home).  They are afraid to talk to the physicians about dictation - they don't want to bother them.  Makes no sense NOT to bother them!  Now that I work from home, I find that if I leave blanks ---- QA puts in what they THINK is right!  LMAO?  Makes no sense


bringing back the work!
In addition to doing MT, I also work as a coder at a very large teaching hospital and academic facility with 160'some clinics. Our transcription is outsourced and recently started going overseas. Guess what - our hospital is bringing it back to the States AND will not accept voice recognition! Too many errors that affect coding, AR days and, thus, reimbursement. Our dictation will continue to be outsourced but will not be allowed to go outside the US and can only be done by a real MT. Too bad it had to be the reimbursement that was the only issue that will bring the work back and not simply the fact that the quality is just not there but..at least there is something that will keep the work here in the US and keep it from being doing by VR. I just thought someone might like to know this is happening. I am hoping other hospitals get the hint.
Ask a tax guy. Since you pay rent, I would think so
MT for rent?

MTSO 1 needs MT but for some reason hasn't been able to fill the position(s) so subcontracts with MTSO 2 to use #2s employees for #1s work.  MTSO 2 goes and hires  MTs who will remain employees of MTSO 2 but do all their work through MTSO 1's server.

Anyone heard of something like this?  They do not disclose the name of MTSO 1 when asked.

Totally agree with this. The lady has some mental issues for sure. nm
Great idea. Thanks. I've had a mental block on
Bringing up Bo Bice - he is back in hospital. nm
Hey Patti and MQA and other MTSOs..bringing thread to top

Hi again,

Just to let you gals know, I got up the nerve at the last minute, partially because of the posters to my thread about starting my own business, to quickly print up a resume and cover letter along with a sample ortho report and take them to my physical therapy appointment. (They may need an at-home transcriptionist.)  The office manager was not in yesterday, but my PT gave me a little info about how the process works.  Unfortunately, we were interrupted when she was about to tell me what they dictate IN TO, but she mentioned that she thought that was going to change.  On my way out, however, when she was flipping through my chart to see when I should come in next, I asked her if they received the transcription via floppy disk or CD, and she told me, *No, paper.*  Yes, they still use *sticky paper*!  Too bad we got interrupted earlier.  I have a feeling they transmit the dictation via the internet or phone lines, then the Transcriptionist delivers the finished work to the office. 

Anyway, my PT says it is slow right now.  (Indeed, there were only 2 patients in the office at the time with 4 PTs.)  But she thought if things picked up and the sole remaining MT got overwhelmed, there might be a chance of picking up the overflow, which would be just peachy for me. 

More questions...(now, why did I, at first, capitalize the Q in question????)  I may as well start preparing as much as I can now in case I DO snag a job....

1.  Can anyone or everyone recommend a good medical spell checker that interfaces with Word?

2.  What about an Expander to work with Word? I know some use Instant Text, but at least one says she uses the Word Autocorrect feature. (I think.)  Does the Word autocorrect hold a bunch....can you put whole reports into it...large capacity?

3.  You all mentioned that the docs usually supply their letterhead and to use plain copy paper for subsequent pages.  Does the MTSO usually supply the paper or the docs?  Same question with sticky paper...that sounds expensive! 

4.  Any other inexpensive tips you gals can think of that can be gotten ready now besides the main transcriber? (Would want to wait on that to see which type the office uses.) 

Now that I have the ball rolling, I am also going to contact the two MTSOs that I know locally and ask if they have any overflow.  Might also send a sample psych report to my shrink and see if he can spread the word.  Scary stuff, but you gals really helped!  Thanks so much for all the encouragement!!  

When bringing up old documents in Extext, Ctrl S,
I think I missed a step.  I hit ctrl S, put in patient's name (in this case) and then click find, or quick find.  Then, it brings up a list of the patient's admission.  Then, what do I hit to bring up the document?  The options on the right side are statistics and close?  I tried to highlight and double click the admission but nothing.  Need some help here....Thanks
Ooop - meant the RMT- sorry. Txs for bringing to my attn.
Why? Except for the rent all the rest is the same everywhere.


Anyone here rent a computer from MQ? I have a ?...

Did you fill out paperwork before you rented the computer?  Did they immediately start deducting the cost from your pay for rental?

I've never filled out any paperwork for my computer, it was just mailed to me.  Haven't seen rental deductions either.  Did I do something wrong? 

No you didn't. You said you won't rent from him
Can you rent a car for about the same amount? sm
That way you could come and go as you pleased!