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I use mydocsonline and have never had any trouble - sm

Posted By: Laura E. on 2007-12-13
In Reply to: I am considering idigital for call-in - dictation and mydocsonline sm

with it. My doc uses a hand-held digital recorder and they upload their files to my account on mydocsonline. I don't know if they have a call-in service. They are cheaper than Metroscript which I know does offer a call-in service. I use Metroscript at another job and so far have not had any trouble with it either.

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Anyone here use Mydocsonline ?? - sm
If you do how do you like it?  I am looking for a FTP host and so far this is the most cost effective, secure method I have found. So just wondering if anyone here uses it and if it works well for them, any problems with down time or connecting? Thanks....
Anyone using MyDocsOnline?
Looking at different options for my business and was hoping to get opinions about this service.  Thank you
I also use mydocsonline...
and love it!  I have 12 people using it and so far (knock on wood), I haven't had anybody have problems with learning it.  Worth the money. 
I also use mydocsonline with no probs! nm
mydocsonline is a lower priced (sm)
option if you only have a few clients. Price goes up the more users you add.
I use mydocsonline for the doctor to transfer - sm
their digital files. They get on the internet, log into the mydocsonline website, and use their log in then use the "download assistant" which will transfer the files from their computer to the website. Very simple, they have no problem with it and most of the ladies their are computer challenged as well. It is totally secure too. Then the site emails you that you have files waiting, which is nice so you don't have to keep checking it. Then you can retreive them the same way or set up a network/WebDAV on your computer which is also secure. Metroscript does the same thing, but is a little more expensive. Have fun.
One sends me work via Mydocsonline another - sm
just emails the sound files to me. Have access to FTP but they prefer to email it.
Call MyDocsOnline, very good support, and ask
Mydocsonline is much cheaper, about $8 a month vs. the $28 USAtasp would cost me - nm
Does anyone have trouble with TMJ?
I have an appointment with an ortho to have it looked at.  I have the clicking, bruxism, headaches, jaw fatigue and pain, loss of hearing on one side, and now neck pain and crepitus when I turn my head.  The pain radiates all the way down my back.  I'm so scared that i'm in the last stages and can only be helped with all sorts of surgery.  Has anyone here been fitted with any sort of device that reverses this effectively?  It makes my life miserable. 
Don't want to get in trouble but want to ask a ?

about our MQ accounts.

I work out of the Amherst office and so far, I have enough work.  This weekend we are a bit out of turn-around but the ladies on this account, and I, are working quickly to change that (when I'm not poking my nose on this message board).

I am wondering though, if it's just a few isolated accounts that are running out of work from the Amherst office, and it is illegal to discuss what accounts those are?  It probably is--just think it would make a lot of us feel better (especially those of us out of Amherst that are starting to worry) if we knew that it's the same few accounts that are running out of work all the time, and not ALL of the accounts.

I don't know.  This whole situation makes me sort of sick.  I'm thankful I have work, but very sad that many of you appear not to and wonder when my account is next.

all the ones I usually have trouble with
I make expansions with my incorrect spelling to the correct one.  There is just times I feel my fingers are dyslexic!
I had no trouble doing this on my last job, but cannot seem to do it now.
Different software.  I have some of the same accounts, but none of the fast-moving accounts.  This is all clinic work, but so was the last job.  A lot of demographics to enter.  The doctors give you all of these before they tell you which format this is, i.e. letter or office note, so you have to wait until you know to even start typing.   
I don't have any trouble with
the trouble is, they don't want to pay us
Anyone else have trouble with

I recently started working from home as an IC.  This is my first job as an MT.  I am really enjoying it thus far, but I am having the hardest time getting to sleep at night.  For the past two nights I have been awake until 4 a.m.  Can't seem to turn off my brain.  Since it was the weekend it wasn't that big of a deal, but tomorrow is Monday, and I have to get up early to get my son to school, and get to work.  I was just curious if anyone else ever seems to have this problem, and if so, any suggestions on how to shut off my brain?  I'm exhausted and I know my work quality will suffer if I don't get some quality sleep.



I had trouble with this too.
I save as a file and then attach the file.  There is an option towards the end to "save to rtf file".   I could not get the option to e-mail directly to work.  
He is already in trouble.

He just had his sister call me which is a direct violation of his Stay Away Order.  Tee hee.  The police officer last night told me that no matter what he tells him that he WILL do at least one of the three things to violate the order.  Ta Da, he obviously hasn't improved his listening skills in 24 hours.  He will never ever change.  He doesn't hear God knocking like I did.  I pity him in his blindness, but not very much....

It was too much trouble for me to
strip out any header/footer information, dates, ages, etc. on individual files and also take out "doctorisms" that are not actually in Stedman spellcheck.  If you have ever gotten stopped by spellcheck and hit ignore, how can you be sure the information you enter into IT is right?
Anybody else having trouble using
I just cannot get the hang of this expander.  I am not meeting production as a result. I also continue to get not so great QA scores because of 'expander' entries that are not intended to be in the doc.
My 4 yo is having trouble.
Hi, I could use some advice here.  My daughter just started preschool a few weeks ago, we just moved to a town that offers it.  The teacher has been sending notes home that she won't listen or concentrate on the work.  They are starting word recognition and writing in preschool now.  The notes express concern for her in kindergarten next year.  My daughter has never really been interested in writing or coloring.  She likes to look at books and play with dolls right now.  The teacher tells me that her hands are "weak" and that I need to work on that.  I've spent the evening crying since she brought home the latest note.  Her father and I are separated, so I'm kind of alone on this.  He thinks she has ADHD because it "runs in his family".  I'm not sure I believe in that.  Perhaps my marriage and impending divorce have really impacted her badly, but I don't think that has anything to do with writing or drawing.  Please...I could use a stiff hug right about now.  Thanks for any advice.  Lynn
Believe it or not, I had more trouble with
time off when I worked inhouse at the hospital. That manager wouldn't bend at all. You could call in dead and she would still expect you to be there. The company I work for now is much better, as long as I am able to switch my shifts, they don't care.
The trouble is...
you'll always be sliding between financially challenged and leisure fun time challenged.  There's no easy way out of it, and I've been at this for 20+ years and it has only gotten harder to make a living and also make a life.  Soon you'll be able to make more money at Wal-mart or McDonald's than in MT so I'm glad I'm really close to retirement.
so much trouble
I used to have so much trouble with my internet service through my local electric company - every time there was a storm ,etc. . my internet was out. . I switched to windstream and I have not missed any work since. . I am very pleased with them. .
I did have trouble after that sm
I visited there as well and that same day I had a terrible time, my computer shut down and stated I had no programs installed, took me all day to get going again, don't go there!!
Trouble too
I have trouble with this too. I'm guessing certain personality types will lean this way with a stay-at-home job.

I know others who don't have any problem with it and are on the go all the time when not workig.

It would probably be good to take a class or join some sort of group so that we have scheduled time away; otherwise it's too easy to stay home even though it isn't good for us.
Anyone have this trouble?

I use lots of Expanders and create more all the time.  It's great when I do the same account or two regularly, but during spells of getting more accounts (when my main ones are low) I find I waste time fumbling to see if I have an Expander for things.

I have had to deviate from a normal expansion pattern (in a variety of ways), and as long as I am typing the same several dictators, I get used to the way they speak and my expansions and all the deviations just come automatically.  However, when I get tons of other docs saying things in so many different ways, the deviations don't come to me and I fumble.  I think I could go faster with more straight type.

I know people say to have expansions for everything, but do any of you have a good way to determine when it's better to just type it out?  - I don't think anyone could use 100% expansion (or even 90%), but does anyone have any advice or general thougths on this? 

Thanks so much! 

The only one having trouble dealing with anything is you

If your life sucks it's no one's fault but your own. Successful people take accountability for their lives and move forward instead of placing blame wherever they can and being angry at the world like you obviously are. 

The only one having trouble dealing with anything is you

If your life sucks it's no one's fault but your own. Successful people take accountability for their lives and move forward instead of placing blame wherever they can and being angry at the world like you obviously are. 

The trouble is, everything is politicized...
For every report of something horrible, there's another one disputing it.  I didn't sayh we shouldn't be custodians of the earth, but when one single country is blamed, and by its own citizens yet (especially when THEIR man is NOT in office) without taking into account the pollution that comes from places like China and India and Brazil, or Europe for that matter which doesn't even use unleaded gas (last time I heard), then I refuse to get too worked up.  We can't even have a hurricaine without somebody bringing up global warming.  Do YOUR research and you'll see that nothing unusual is happening that hasn't happened before, long before greenhouse gases were a problem.  This earth has reinvented itself more than once, and long after we're gone, it will still be here going strong.
Trouble with docqscribe
I can't log on either and I have been on hold with 888-dictate for over 45 minutes.
I guess my doc would be in trouble.
I was recently in the hospital which happens to be the same hospital I work at and we do not outsource at all. We have our own MTs. If the doc needed to get the HP, OP note and DS done that he did on me and the report had to be done by an MT that doesn't know me then he would be in trouble because all the MT knows me. LOL. I do trust my co-workers and we are all aware of HIPPA and confidentiality. We only get reminded once a month.
Interesting...some may be in trouble
I'm an independent contractor.  This was very interesting.  Hospitals, MTSO's and some MTs may be in trouble.
Anyone else having trouble getting into chat? (sm)
For some reason I can't get into chat anymore to see if anyone is there.  I've tried to resign up and it always tells me I have to use 6 letters in the password...when I've even used 9 and it still tells me I have to have more than 6 letters.  I'm about to give up.  I used to be able to get into it for for the last few weeks...not. 
trouble with hospital
Which always comes out hopsital.  I have trouble with chose versus choose, Chlamydia and guaiac.
Sorry you're having trouble ... it does get better. :-) sm

I started having symptoms a couple of years ago (I'm 47 now), and finally a year ago, when the hot flashes and night sweats were getting to be just too much to handle, I broke down and saw my doctor.  I used the Evista patch and progesterone pills for a couple of months, but, to be honest, I'm just too lazy and forgetful to take medication, and I eased off of it.  I have incorporated more soy into my diet, and that seems to have helped, or maybe just time has helped -- who knows?  I'm just grateful not to have the embarrassment of sitting there, breaking out in a sweat for no apparent reason, or waking up with the sheets soaked ... ugh. 

As I said, it does get better.  I'm not trying to advertise for anyone, but I have one Revival Soy shake or bar each day and that is the equivalent of 5-6 glasses of regular soy milk, and all of the soy you are supposed to need in a day. 

Good luck to you -- you definitely have my sympathy/empathy. 

Company is obviously in big trouble. I'd SM

not be able to work under those circumstances. Just go get another job. You have a skill - put it to work where they need you.

I understand that you're afraid you'll never be paid if you don't stay working there, but my gosh. You're going in the hole every day.

They are the same, but I have trouble with finding
things on the electronic one. Also, if you buy thru regular wholesaler, you get the book and the CD for free - $89, I believe. Otherwise, the CD is expensive on its own!
Really easy to get in trouble with the law sm
They way they have laws set up now, most will come in contact with law at some point, whether it is traffic or otherwise. Your kid could raid your liquor cabinet while you are sleeping and wella the adults in the house get charged with felonies.
I read they had trouble getting it.....sm
I read that Duel had trouble getting off the ground back in '71 and that it wasn't shown to the public until 1983 but 'tis my most favorite Dennis Weaver movie!! 
Neighbor trouble
I agree with ignoring her. She is seeking sympathy and attention.
They have doctors that can help her and unless she is seeking help herself, she will just drag you down with her.
Talking with friends does not solve this problem, but a psychiatrist/psychologist might be able to help her, along with medication.
Look at what she is doing already, trying to pit you and the other neighbor against each other out of jealousy. She is smarter than you think girl!!!! enough said
husband trouble
What does this have to do with medical transcription? I thought these things weren't supposed to be on the board.
Having trouble with this site . . .

For the past few days, ever since I ran ewido antispy, when I visit MTStars I no longer have the menu selections on the left side of the screen . . . just the ones at the bottom including Top, Home, and Contact.  I am also unable to download Flashplayer.  Anybody have any idea what the problem may be or what to do about it?  Any info/advice would be appreciated. 


It's my guess this is the same one I had trouble with.
Thing is, when I quit I did tell the owner the reason. This person is in there thick so it would do no good to do anything. I can say the person is good at what she does, but her people skills literally stink. I am sure mgmt has thought it out and decided she was more beneficial to the co. In the meantime, if you don't think you can work with her, then I would leave because believe me, she is not going anyplace.

I happen to like her. I just can't work with her.
I had trouble with it too, wish it was more configurable and
That's funny; I have trouble with
ExText changing what control keys do, but CTRL W has always been what is used to change the work type once I'm in a report. But for me, CTRL X isn't working right at the moment because if I try to use that to delete text, it will tell me I'm about to lose all changes and exit the report. Another one is when I've added to the short program. Sometimes to close the program it's CTRL S, CTRL C, and other times it's CTRL S, CTRL S or something like that. I don't know why the commands change.

Sorry having trouble with mouse
What I meant is this. When a hospital is first taken over by Dictaphone for example in the beginning all work is transcribed direct. Then after analysis phrases by doctors are saved. Then when the doctor has to actually use the VR equipment and his speech is totally not recognized an Editor goes in, teaches the machine what the phrase is, and over time, even when the doctor speaks unclear, the phrases has been entered by the editor. After a while, say in radiology especially, the VR totally kicks in and there is no editing needed by a live MT.  Thus you have eliminated jobs. That is the kind of training I mean. Training the system to not need us.  Our hospital has been promised zero transcription costs and zero means NO ONE will be paid. If zero is the cost to the hospital, then there is no editor needed anymore.  Sorry if I am bitter. I have just lost a business that I gave excellent service to and 7 people are out of work due to the spiel from these companies. My transcriptionists were paid 14 to 16 cents per line. What national will pay you that?
i used bytescribe and never had trouble nm
trouble sleeping

Anyone have any suggestiongs, except for Tylemol PM or Advil PM.  I am just afraid that these can cause liver problems.  Any other suggestions would be appreciated.



trouble sleeping
Valerian is a all natural sleep aid which helps some people very much. However, be prepared for the smell open the lid and close quickly. There is NO bad taste. Hope this helps.