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Call MyDocsOnline, very good support, and ask

Posted By: if they have suggestions. Phone#at website. nm on 2007-12-21
In Reply to: Toll-free call-in system - Merry Christmas


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  • Toll-free call-in system - Merry Christmas
    • Call MyDocsOnline, very good support, and ask - if they have suggestions. Phone#at website. nm

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I would call tech support. They probably
Maybe call customer support? HA! sm
But if your warranty has run out, they'll charge $20 or more, and as often as not they probably don't know what they're talking about. At least that's been my experience.

Have you installed ANY new software into your laptap lately, such as a new virus protector. They can do really treacherous things to your computer software. If you have, maybe try uninstallling it and see if that helps.

Once I put in a new antivirus and it locked up by browser--years ago, but that's what came to mind.
I call mine angels and appreciate their support
back again after my 7th call to the tech support
Thanks for the warranty/technician advice...

Our initial impression too was that it was so great having this satellite internet (compared to our only other option dial-up). We first had the DW6000, and decided to upgrade because of our extreme satisfaction with the system (especially my husband who has been trying to convert to Linux and has been downloading big software files for that purpose).

I just talked to the Advanced Support personnel (that was after 25 minutes of talking to the lower support), and all he could say was that they were still trying to resolve the issue and could not give me a timeframe, that if I wanted to use the net I would just have to check from time to time.

I hate being able to work for 5-20 minutes, only to get no connection again and make the 30-minute call again, and have the internet working again for several minutes (the longest it was probably continuously working was three hours last night, when DH dl'ed 100 MB of software). I decided to just have the day off (again).

I hope that this issue would resolve very soon. I pay their service using my MT income. Now I am losing income yet I still have to pay them monthly.

I wonder if I could try to use the DW6000 (we still have the modem) and see if it will have the same issues...I will ask DH about it when he comes home...

Meantime, I will do some chores. I have lost the gumption to work today...
Give a call to their tech support.
Maybe if you delete them from one computer, they'll give you an unlock code for another upload.
CAll IT tech support direct and they will help you out.
You need to sign in as administrator, for help, call support. nm
You must install from the CD. Call IT tech support
and they can send you a new CD. The only files you can transfer are your glossaries.
Join as in moral support, call me and I will be there with my name on the line.
I have called the attorneys and given any information they may need including my name, phone, e-mail address and home address to contact me if and when I can officially become part of the lawsuit. For now, I have joined in the solidarity of supporting the original MQMTs which is better than them just standing out there alone with no support whatsoever. So if the attorneys go to them and say hey, we got a list of 1000 names who have phoned us to join in support of your efforts it's a whole lot better than no one responding the attorneys who asked MQMTs to call in their complaints.

Best to call tech support but be ready to take your brain
One person will tell you you have to have WindowsXP and don't try loading Windows XP on Windows 98.  Then somebody else will tell you that you can load WindowsXP on top of your Windows 98.  Good luck.
IT works with eScription. Call their tech support.
not good that your husband does not support you - sm
he should and doesn't so you are not in a good position to put it mildly. All I can say is either ignore it or somehow turn it back against her, so it comes off that she is the one in the wrong. But always be nice, I would never stoop to her level, deflect with a smile. I would have a talk with your husband that you would like him to support you and not the mother as you are his wife, etc. especially if you have kids and any of this control struggle involves them. Mom never learned how to let go obviously and like to crack the whip still. You need to somehow remove it from her grasp and yield it yourself. Good luck.
Anyone here use Mydocsonline ?? - sm
If you do how do you like it?  I am looking for a FTP host and so far this is the most cost effective, secure method I have found. So just wondering if anyone here uses it and if it works well for them, any problems with down time or connecting? Thanks....
Anyone using MyDocsOnline?
Looking at different options for my business and was hoping to get opinions about this service.  Thank you
I also use mydocsonline...
and love it!  I have 12 people using it and so far (knock on wood), I haven't had anybody have problems with learning it.  Worth the money. 
Good call!
and gross.
I use mydocsonline and have never had any trouble - sm
with it. My doc uses a hand-held digital recorder and they upload their files to my account on mydocsonline. I don't know if they have a call-in service. They are cheaper than Metroscript which I know does offer a call-in service. I use Metroscript at another job and so far have not had any trouble with it either.
I also use mydocsonline with no probs! nm
I am a good MT and I never get a call thanking me for anything from MQ.
Call me a good-for-nothing job hopper

If I'm constantly running out of work, the recruiter over promised, etc. etc., I'm going to hop and if the next one does the same thing, I'm going to hop again and again until someone gets it right.

I think people who make demeaning statements about others without walking a mile or so in their shoes are i-g-n-o-r-a-n-t.

Good for you. That's really all we can do is call their attention to it.
LOL and you call that good money?

mydocsonline is a lower priced (sm)
option if you only have a few clients. Price goes up the more users you add.
I use mydocsonline for the doctor to transfer - sm
their digital files. They get on the internet, log into the mydocsonline website, and use their log in then use the "download assistant" which will transfer the files from their computer to the website. Very simple, they have no problem with it and most of the ladies their are computer challenged as well. It is totally secure too. Then the site emails you that you have files waiting, which is nice so you don't have to keep checking it. Then you can retreive them the same way or set up a network/WebDAV on your computer which is also secure. Metroscript does the same thing, but is a little more expensive. Have fun.
One sends me work via Mydocsonline another - sm
just emails the sound files to me. Have access to FTP but they prefer to email it.
Call Jacy. She gives good advice,
Mydocsonline is much cheaper, about $8 a month vs. the $28 USAtasp would cost me - nm
Good point. I've never done the Cobra because it was outrageous. I also did what you call a "b
overlapsed. I liked a cheap individual policy up ($7500 deducticle) before I lost my coverage..and kept the cheap policy until the new kicked in..
With short arms, I need chair with shallow seat, good back support and high back. Want arm rests
Good. Why dont you send some our way. What office do you work for so I can call and get your work.
got the "phone call" -- get this, MQ has hired a bunch of telemarketers to call all of us to

we received our "incentive packet."  They don't even have the wherewithall to contact us personally.   These are temp-agency hired telemarketers sitting around a boiler room making sure we're reading our mail.... told him it don't pertain to me because I've been demoted from FT to SE.... He said, "yes, the letter is vague, but it does pertain to FT as well as SE...." yeah right, we'll see.

*70 will disable call waiting unless you are expecting a call and want it on (nm)
On-call requires on-call compensation by law
This field gets more disgustingly grotesque daily.
Call me, call me anytime.
I'm waiting to hear back on a job.  Call me!
Call KS and call your bank. Why ask here?
If they don't call you within 15 minutes, you should call them. There
is no excuse for leaving you sitting by a phone all day. At the very least, an e-mail explaining why the delay. If this is the way they train, how do they pay. Do you really want to work for a company who thinks so little of your time?
Thanks for your support!
I appreciate it!  and you are not "just" an MT...it is a noble profession. I am an MT, too, just have many years of experience.  I'm still proud to say that I am an MT
she needs support
you could have left the negativity OUT!!! must be you've never been in a bad situation, lucky you
Thanks for the support!
Thank you all for the support. My PCP's office called me back with the GYN appt. and I was talking to the nurse who works for him. She told me it showed ASCUS and to not worry too much about it.

Never having had anything abnormal come back before, I immediately began freaking out. It is nice to know you have the support of your online MT family to help calm your nerves. They must not be too worried about because I can't get in to the GYN for 3-1/2 weeks. I will try not to worry.

Thanks again!
He needs to support you more.
If this is going to make things better for you in your work area, then he should stand behind you 100%. I would just go get it. I just got one last week because my hands were hurting, and it has helped tremendously. I can't say I had to go through my husband though because when I said I thought I could use one, he said you should got get one. I understand sometimes income isn't always there and other things are more important and it's always nice to feel like your husband is behind you, so I would try talking to him again and trying to make him see things from your point of view. Hope you made any sense of out this! Thanks and good luck!
another support
When I worked for a hand specialist he always recommended Comfort Cool splints for DeQuervain. I type in them every day and they are very comfortable. Good Luck!
Thank you so much for your support
It means a lot.
For many of us who are working alone all day this is a wonderful way to connect not only on a work level but on a social level.  I see no harm in supporting and helping each other in a public forum such as this. It has often helped me tremendously both with work issues and for general discussions to help make my day better !
Thank you to everyone for your support!
You guys reminded me what a great support system we have in place here. I really appreciate all of your advice and support in the matter and after talking it over with my husband I am going to pursue legal action. I worked very hard to get my Bachelor's Degree in Business Management and medical transcription provided me the income to do it. I am currently enrolled in the Master's program and with the 10 years of MT experience and owning my own service for four years, I feel as though I was qualified for the position (he must have felt the same way to give me the job in the first place). However, I disagree with the "seasoned" poster below who thinks that only someone with 25 years of experience can manage a team of MTs. I believe that to be completely untrue and unfounded and I am sorry she/he has such a narrow minded attitude on the subject that she/he feels as though they should be so argumentative with every poster. Thanks guys for giving me a boost of encouragement on a really really bad day yesterday when all I wanted to do was hide under the covers. I wrote that post after getting up at 4 a.m. and driving almost 10 hours all day. Thanks for lift.
do you support yourself
and pay your own bills? That's motivation enough for me ! Take lots of breaks or take a few days off if you need to. If you really don't need the money, then it's easier to let yourself get distracted.
Thanks for the support

Thank you both for writing back.  I have written the BBB, but as the parent company is in Canada, I also wrote theirs - along with the Attorney General internet fraud department (state and national), the Consumer Protection Agency, the FTC, the AAMT and their school accrediation director, and my mother.  I'm just in shock that they had the nerve to wipe out my grades!  But you're right - I also need to contact a lawyer so they can't do this to others.  The sad thing is that I'm a nice, quiet person, else I wouldn't have waited six weeks to throw a fit.  Anyway, thanks for responding - I need kind words and a nice glass of wine!!



Thanks for the support, all (sm)

You know what's funny, is that every time I post I end up getting one semi-uncalled-for response, and it's always from a person by the same name!

I had one lady email me saying that I "could be arrested" for writing a check knowing I didn't have money in the account. Ummm... No. That's why I have overdraft protection, like I said in my original post. I'm okay this morning, but I was a total sobbing mess last night and I think I made that pretty clear in my post.  So someone emails me after I already said that I had overdraft protection and tells me that I could get arrested?  And it's always the same person?

Geez, lady. Way to kick someone who is already down.  (And I've never heard of anyone being arrested for using their overdraft protection!)  There's at least one jerk on every message board, though, right?

But to the rest of you... THANK YOU!



Thanks for the support. ... sm
I may not be "Norma Rae", but she had the right idea. If we could put together 10 MTs who were willing to be on the front line and form some type of "committee" to go to our congressmen and such, maybe we could start the ball rolling toward better working conditions and change things. It really does come down to this: Every day you have a choice. Choice A - do nothing. Choice B - do something to change what's wrong. I'd rather go out doing something than nothing. Maybe I'm going to have to be Norma Rae after all, but I'd sure like a few extras to be there with me.

You know, the Amber Alert System was started by a little girl's mom who wouldn't stop until she got it across the USA. When she couldn't take the murder of her child, she did something about it.

Any MTs who are interested, email me and we'll put our collective intelligence together and see what we can do to improve things. Somebody's got to care enough to do something. At this point, no one else is going to bat for us; we must help ourselves.

It does take support. (sm)

My husband used to try to deter me from doing what I am doing now, but he has seen my mood drop and my countenance become sort of bitter over the last couple of years and it really worried him.  He said if it would make me happy, to do it.  It took awhile, but he is all for it now--especially on the days when I actually bring in a couple of hundred dollars from what I am doing.  It's harder on the days when I make about 25 cents. 


Thank you all for your support!
There have been so many e-mails and posts about my situation with my family and their lack of understanding that I do "work".  Only those of you here truly understand.  I don't know if there are words quite special enough to say here, but I feel so much better after having heard all the comments.  A great big thanks to all of you.  So glad you are all here!   Hugs!!!!!!!!!  I will survive!!!  Loved the post referring to Sylvia Browne!  Thank you for reminding me of her.  I so love her books.  I have almost all of them.  When I read her work I always feel better.  The post regarding what she would say -- so true.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Can't state that enough here.