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mydocsonline is a lower priced (sm)

Posted By: Cheap option on 2006-01-04
In Reply to: Need names of good, secure, FTP sites - sm - Laura E.

option if you only have a few clients. Price goes up the more users you add.

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Does your program change lower case to upper? If so, type all in lower and
it will change the ones it is supposed to.
I wouldn't lower my rates. Should I request a lower CPL from my employer
because I use a ton of normals, templates and such to increase my line count?
Anyone here use Mydocsonline ?? - sm
If you do how do you like it?  I am looking for a FTP host and so far this is the most cost effective, secure method I have found. So just wondering if anyone here uses it and if it works well for them, any problems with down time or connecting? Thanks....
Anyone using MyDocsOnline?
Looking at different options for my business and was hoping to get opinions about this service.  Thank you
I also use mydocsonline...
and love it!  I have 12 people using it and so far (knock on wood), I haven't had anybody have problems with learning it.  Worth the money. 
I use mydocsonline and have never had any trouble - sm
with it. My doc uses a hand-held digital recorder and they upload their files to my account on mydocsonline. I don't know if they have a call-in service. They are cheaper than Metroscript which I know does offer a call-in service. I use Metroscript at another job and so far have not had any trouble with it either.
I also use mydocsonline with no probs! nm
I use mydocsonline for the doctor to transfer - sm
their digital files. They get on the internet, log into the mydocsonline website, and use their log in then use the "download assistant" which will transfer the files from their computer to the website. Very simple, they have no problem with it and most of the ladies their are computer challenged as well. It is totally secure too. Then the site emails you that you have files waiting, which is nice so you don't have to keep checking it. Then you can retreive them the same way or set up a network/WebDAV on your computer which is also secure. Metroscript does the same thing, but is a little more expensive. Have fun.
One sends me work via Mydocsonline another - sm
just emails the sound files to me. Have access to FTP but they prefer to email it.
and it's also outrageously priced! No thanks!
Call MyDocsOnline, very good support, and ask
I started with the higher priced one... sm
I didn't know about the less expensive one.  When I called to tell them I couldn't afford the internet anymore, they offered the lower priced one.  I changed to it and couldn't tell any difference!
Have any of you in the higher priced states...
Just a question, don't get mad. I moved out of Delaware many, many years ago. The wages there are below national levels (don't know if its changed) and I found I could not be a single mom and buy a decent home for my child there. I did research and ended up in Florida where there is no state tax and cost of living was a lot cheaper. Even though we moved away from family, I think it was the best decision I ever made.
Mydocsonline is much cheaper, about $8 a month vs. the $28 USAtasp would cost me - nm
we're funding the war with the higher priced gas.
Plus i've noticed on my bills, my taxes are higher, about 3-6 dollars.  Nickel and diming us there as well.
Sage advice. IT isn't priced out of the budget.
Good word expander reasonably priced??
I would like to purchase a good word Expander that is reasonably priced, but I can't afford to pay $100 - $200.  Does anyone know of one that is good, but is lower priced?
I love my Goldtouch -- can usually find them reasonably priced on eBay. nm

Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced medical spell checker?
I've seen some advertised and the prices vary, and I'm wondering which ones are good. Any info would be helpful. Thanks!
Check out the free demo of FlashType to see if it works and it's priced right.
link below
Is there a reasonably priced digital recorder with a memory card/stick out there

that works well for transcription?  I've been trying to research them and find Olympus has some, but pricey.  The Sony's are less expensive, but they have proprietary software where you have to convert all your files to a format you can use, and I'm not sue I'd know how to do that.  I just need a decent digital recorder for one doc to use and I'd like a memory card/stick so I can just stop in and swap out the cards to get the dictation.  Does anyone know of one that doesn't cost hundreds?  Or have a better suggestion for how to do just one doctor's dictation digitally?   I don't need one with all the mailboxes/authors, etc., since it's only one doctor.  Thank you!

Any suggestions where I can obtain free invoicing software, or reasonably priced. nm
Upper case is lower, lower case is upper. Using InstaText. Anyone know how to fix this?

Aargh.  It happened all day yesterday.  When I brought in text that was all caps


and had lower case on keyboard (as always do), it reverses keyboard commands.  This is driving me c-r-a-z-y.

She must. Probably gets that big lower lip from
chewing on her lip while doing ESLs.
Right lower quadrant ...
Sharp stabbing-like pain...can go away suddenly. Tenderness. Hurts if you jump off a little stool. LOL ER doc had me do that and nearly fainted. LOL
Lower NY state 2.39 and up. nm
whereabouts in lower NY
With the lower pay per line, I'd have to be able to
get 700-800 lph under that platform to make more money and there is no way to do that.  The higher uppities have even admitted it is best for the slower people, not someone fast.
I would not lower the rate. They know how
much they are paying you and have accepted it.
Don't lower your rates
Don't lower your rate! Don't feel guilty! Feel blessed. I'm envious--am on an account where it is impossible to understand them let alone make a macro but if I could I would and not feel bad at all. I have years invested in this just like the Dr's. You should be paid for your time and expertise macro or not.
Did you mean DSG and TransTech pay LOWER than 8.5??
Hey, I have never made lower than 99% on my
I'm just plain good and fast at what I do.

I don't want hourly rates or salaries. I make plenty on production.

I'm outta here on this deadhorse conversation! LOL

Never lower your rate

I would never, ever lower my rates.  Is the one doctor in the group that is complaining a constant whiner?  He may just be a tightwad that still has the first .01 he ever earned.  Think about it - we complain about the cost of gas increasing and the cost of groceries increasing, but those businesses sure aren't going to drop the price of their product due to our complaining just to keep our business.  You run a business and the point of that is to earn money.  If you or a family member had to see this particular doctor, would he drop his office visit rate because you complained about his bill?  Never!

Not only that, these are cardiologists - one of the elite money makers in the medical profession. 

Write a note stating that you understand his concerns about the cost, but state that in spite of your expenses increasing along with everything else recently, you will agree not to go up on your rate for a year instead.  Tell him while there is less expensive out there, it comes back to the old saying of, "you get what you pay for." 

Yup, and it'll most likely only go lower, right about
Maybe it's a new, CHEAP way to lower their
Could happen..........
MT profession getting lower
I would rather not work for a company that doesn't value our experience enough to pay a decent salary. Good luck. I pass.
Line Count...lower pay

I have been doing transcription for many years now.  For many of those years I was paid 9 cents/line per 70 character count with the WordPerfect 5.1 (DOS) program.  I have now been switched over to Microsoft Word and there is a variation in word/line count and a drop in my pay.  Can anyone explain this please?

Upper and lower lid blepharoplasty.

Was setting up a surveillance camera because I am a single woman who lives alone. 


 As I was programming it, I could a glimpse of myself and nearly fell off the chair!   I loook old and tired (47). 

Have been so busy and so stressed for the last six months, I haven't really taken care of myself.  I just joined gym, quit smoking, am cleaning up my act.

But, nothing is going to take the bags away from my eyes.  Am thinking of plastic surgery.  If anyone has had this done, can you tell me whether it was worth the money to you?

As you know, I am far from rich but have few bills other than the general overhead (no credit cards).

thanks!  I work very hard and it would be a gift to myself.

Big mistake to every go lower than what you currently make. Don't do it.

No, it was United that offered lower than 8 cpl. nm
Sis has had them, here in lower NY state. $60-85 every other week. nm
I just started lower carb again too
and I absolutely love carbs.  I love thick crusty bread, chips, pretzels, etc.  A few years ago hubby and I did Atkins and we both lost 20+ pounds. I had gained some of it back, and then my dad died in October and I gained about 10 more pounds since then.  I stay up late and watch tv and eat.  Hubby wanted to go back on low carb and I was really resistant, but went ahead and started on Monday with him.  We're not doing strict Atkins induction this time.  Kind of in between South Beach and Atkins.  I've really watched my carbs this week, though, even though I know I've had more than 3 cups of leafy veggies each day.  Anyway, I love carbs, but I am already to the point where I'm not missing them.  Seriously, my son had a bunch of fries left over last night and offered them to me and I turned them down...and I love fries.  The other thing I've done is I've been drinking lots of diet green tea...trying out different brands.  I swear my appetite is very down, a combination of the diet and drinking the green tea maybe?  Since Monday, my weight is down 8 pounds, and I'm kind of in my "bloated phase" of the month, too.
ooops lower case...sorry

Services are having to lower their prices, too..sm
I get routinely outbid for work by other services who are willing to do 24 hour TAT and fax or print the reports - all for 11 cents per line...So don't be too sure the services are making all the money either!
But you see, that's the problem. The lower wages go in the US, (sm)
the less any of us want to pay for things. But when you're on a limited budget and can't buy things any old time you want, one way to save money is to buy QUALITY. Then it LASTS. I may buy a couple cheap T-shirts at Ross that were made in Bangladesh, but I know they're expendable. I'll end up shrinking them the first time I wash them, and then use them as dust rags. But if I'm buying a coat, or a dress, or a CAR, then I go for quality. Even if it means waiting longer to get it, because then it will last, ultimately saving money in the long run. If I have to pay more for things (like gas, groceries, rent, etc.), then I demand a higher wage. If I don't get it, I look for an employer that will pay it. Too many people in this country (and especially offshore!)"settle" for the crappy wage just to get their foot in the door. Sometimes it's just better to go look for a different door.
2.5 mg to 5 mg Valium, lower dose by 1/2 tab a day until
you are off. You should have no problems. I went through that after major illness and surgery with no problems whatever. If you do this diligently, stick to your guns, last couple of days do same doses for 2 days rather than 1, then go to every other day, then off, you should be fine with no withdrawal
MTs like you cause lower rates for us. Co's have to make
After all the time and money spent in getting you hired and equipment ordered and sent to you and then you pull that.

It costs the companies considerably. This is passed onto the rest of us as restricted line rates.

Thanks a lot. We appreciate it.


Not the OP, but I just use the back of my lower leg. It's easy!
Before OP asks, pay lower taxes due to
"Rounding" is always calculated at .5 -- less for anything lower.
It will average itself out down the line.
I have a lower versions but I find
that when it stops expanding, somehow (I know I didn't do it) the autoreplace box got unchecked.  When I check it back, it works again.  Hope this helps.