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I was just thinking if I could be a mind reader, I could make a fortune. Doctors driving me crazy

Posted By: this morning. NM on 2005-08-17
In Reply to: Fast dictators - just me

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MTme ....you're a mind-reader? WOW. why are you bothering with transcription?...you could probably make much more money working at the circus.
Thank you so much, it was driving me crazy
This MD is driving me crazy!
Have you guys ever typed for a doctor who instead of saying period at the end of a sentence, he instead says "full stop".  I am about sick of hearing him say that.  I have never heard of that.  Where do these dictators get this crap from?  Please let me hurry and finish typing for this man before I have my hair pulled out!!!
MD driving me crazy

How about the ones who dictate discharge summaries and they don't have their thoughts together before they sit down to dictate and they are flipping through the patient's chart pausing, eating, and carrying on a conversation with another resident in the same room with them.  The dictation ends up being 20 minutes long but you get 400 lines out of it.  Drives me nuts!!!

my kids are driving me crazy...
cant wait til school starts again...
This doctor is driving me crazy... sm

I hear a lot of crazy crap in the background, we all do but this is the first time that I have had a doctor listening to Christmas music - in August.  She has it up so loud that I can barely hear her and every now and then, while she is flipping pages trying to get her sh*t together, she will sing along. 

Now I love Christmas and Christmas music but this is a bit early even for me.  She is driving me batty. 

Cap lock and unlock is driving me crazy

I wonder why the light above caps locked is so small.  With the constant need for capitalizing words in this industry, I am constantly backspacing to delete words mistakely capitalized or not capitalized, especially with IT.  Does anyone have a cure for this? 



Emdat foot pedal driving me CRAZY---HELP!!!
I just started with a company using Emdat, and purchased a pedal through start-stop. My complaint is this, I am used to a pedal that you hold in for play and release for pause. This pedal you tap for play and tap again for pause. It is seriously screwing me up!

Is this the only way this will work? :( Is there nothing I can do???
LOL, you read my mind. Just the company I was thinking of, too.


Power can make people crazy.
She sounds like a manager who caused me to leave my last job. She also was terrible at details too, but what a mess she turned out to be, starting all the rumors. Ridiculous.
i know this may sound crazy, but did you make sure all your connections were sm
plugged in good? mine did that one and it wasn't plugged in completely.
It would be interstate driving, he and I driving as partners so we can
drive hard. The company we are talking with will give us the sleeper truck. I am envisioning MT while he is driving. Obviously, not full-time, though. I just hate to lose my grip with the contract I have - gravy work.

How would I get the internet access? Satelite will be available across country? Can't put any permanent receivers on the truck.

I remind you, this is not MY midlife crisis. I'm trying to work things out to accommodate him.
Thinking of trying to make a change...

I've been working now for nearly a year.  Mostly I have done podiatry and clinic notes.  I'm thinking of making a change to radiology or neuro/phsyc.  Any tips on how to do this?  I know podiatry terms and rarely have to look anything up anymore, but there doesn't seem to be much work out there for the subspecialty.  Any advice would be great.  I've been applying to every ad I see, but no replies yet. 

I know a lot of new MTs go into acute care, but I'm finding I am far more productive working with one specialty rather than acute care or clinic notes. 

Any advice?  Thanks.

Oh, working in-office isn't an option because of where I live.

The changes are in the medical care area. Doctors want to make
They are cutting costs where ever they can. It makes sense to cut costs. But, human error can occur in a place where lawsuits are allowed. I think we will be a safety net for awhile, until a cap is placed on the amount of awards, anyway. I do EMR also. But, they still do dictation a little bit just so they remember who the patient is and can keep the referring physicians well informed.

I just got an account that I under bidded on. My competition one of the nationls (states with an S) but they wanted the work done close to home. Radiology.
As already said, expanders make multiple doctors easier. SM
Agree with everything said, including that you'll LOVE your Expander once you start using it. Treat yourself by starting with putting in all the stuff that especially aggravates you to type. That'll be the very last time you every do so. Like hydrochlorothiazide 25 mg p.o. b.i.d. My Keystrokes for that specific one are hyc25mpb and include a wrap code so the "25" always stays with the "mg" without my ever bothering over it again.

But the reason I chimed in was to point out that people who concentrate on building personal expander dictionaries can take their expansions to almost all employers (and woe the employer who can't accommodate the standard expanders) and apply them to thousands of dictators. They are not at the mercy of one particular employer and the availability of one particular pool of dictators, which is not a good position to be in in this very changeable world.
Doesn't it make you just about "loose" your mind? (nm)
Do you think doctors are generally arrogant and make a lot of money and so inconsiderate of us?
I had been listening to several breast onco dictations by the same female dictator who kept on yawning that it was so annoying...made me want to post a complaint to a forum of mother MDs (though I was not quite sure where I would post it) which I previously run into...

I then saw under the General Discussion board this thread:


That made me feel like reaching out to the sleepy doctor who was probably not being paid for that time she takes to dictate about her patients (she apparently let them pile up before dictating) and just let her head rest on my lap (I am a female). Maybe she did not have enough sleep, or not even enough time to enjoy her family...
Can you make good money with radiology? I'm thinking of switching
we went last May, cost us a fortune!

Our expenses were for 2 adults....

We actually did one of those timeshare tours so we could get 3 nights free at our hotel. So we paid for 4 nights = $400, there was supposed to be a shuttle going to/from the parks but that didnt work out so we had to rent a car (dont remember how much that was), Disney tickets for a 4-day park hopper pass was nearly $500, Universal 2-day tickets were about $200, cab from the airport was about $80, food was very expensive - about $100 day.

We flew JetBlue & i thought they were wonderful & reasonably priced. I want to say our flight was a total of about $400-500.

All-in-all, I'd say about $2500 for the whole trip including gift shopping & food.

Paid a fortune for mine. Never could
My mistake, I am not thinking tonight, I actually make 11.5 cpl, clinic notes. I earn my money thou
How do you fill out forms in Adobe Reader 8.
I am referring an MT to a company I work for and to get the referral bonus I have to fill out this form in Adobe Reader and E-mail it to HR.  Well, I don't know how to do that.  One friend said to copy it in Word and fill it out that way.  It won't let me do that. 
I think Reader's Digest just did an article on the top 13 foods to eat for health..sm

See if you can Google to get to their website and look for the article.

Dr. Mehmet Oz of New York City has a lot to say about food and supplements, too, and I think has a book out regarding what he considers essential for optimal health. He might even have a web site. And there's always good old Dr. Andrew Weil who's been around a long time advocating healthy eating with good health and longevity. I'm pretty sure he has a web site with recipes and info.

From what I remember of the top 13, the list includes blueberries, tomatoes/tomato sauce, spinach, walnuts, flax seed or flax seed oil, broccoli and other cruciferous veggies - sorry I can't remember the rest. Maybe oatmeal and citrus...??? Some soy and tofu are great for you, too! Meat, chicken, and fish should really be eaten sparingly and be lean cuts. Might want to search the other health/weight loss magazines/web sites (like Fitness) for advice and articles. Good luck to all of us as we strive for better health!

Wishing you much good fortune in your new career and life! :) nm
I remember in Weekly Reader the article discussing "pay TV" and how we didn't see that anyb

would ever pay money to watch TV. I always thought it would be in a coin box on top of the TV set. I couldn't imagine having enough money to do that.

Weekly Reader also predicted that one day we'd go to the store and pay with a card instead of money, that our money would be "virtual" and stay in the bank.

That was about 1960. It was actually a pretty close prediction.

Speaking of Kenny Chesney, is anyone thinking what I am thinking? see message
When I hear the words, "annulment" and "fraud" in the same sentence, I can only think of one thing.  Anybody else thinking the same thing?
Has anyone ever tried those multilevel marketing businesses such as Fortune Hi-Tech marketing...sm
My friend wants me to sign up...she is making about $2000 a month now but working quite hard at it.  My husband claims it is like a pyramid.  I just don't know. I wondered if any of you have had personal experience with this type venture.  TIA
Your mind was in the gutter up there with sauteed stool, too. Would you please take your mind out of

It's like when you are driving.
You are so used to it that it's just automatic.
Thank you ALL so much!! This has been driving me...

Must be nice! 58 and only for driving? sm

I've been wearing regular glasses for nearsightedness since 3rd grade.  Of course vanity put me into contacts many years ago and suddenly, about 3 years ago,  I began wishing for longer arms when trying to read something like the side of a Childrens' Tylenol bottle while I was wearing contacts.  I told the eye doctor they were making the print smaller and smaller.

It went downhill so fast from there that I either have to wear my regular glasses to see the computer screen or put on the magnifying dollar store glasses over my contacts. Yes I know, time for bifocals, but who can afford them? 

Truck driving
My friend and her husband drove as a "team" before he passed away.  She said it isn't as easy as it looks-- especially if you are a woman.  She said she had to back the trailers into the loading docks and all the "macho men" would just stand there and stare at her-- apparently they are too "manly" to have their jobs taken by women.  Anyway, she said the driving part was fun, but the company monitors you every second via some kind of tracking device and it isn't like I thought-- that you could stop in various parts of the country, etc.  There is a lot of technical stuff you have to know about the truck, maintenance, etc., as well.  She said she wouldn't do it again.
Dictating and driving
Can you hear me now?? I have a physician who dictates while he drives,and by the way, his dictation goes in and out so unable to get really what he is saying.
How about while driving home - sm
I used to have one who dictated while driving in his car, I could almost see him with the file on the passenger seat flipping through it while trying to drive and dictate at the same time.  I could hear the traffic and his signal light going on and off.  I am glad I moved to a different doctor before I got to hear something like him having an accident...  Do they even know that there is a person on the other end of the dictation??? 
Driving directions...
Why am I not surprised?
OH YEAH I love the whole CD while I am driving!!
Help. Can anyone tell me what the song is on the commercial on tv where the guy is driving across

the US to San Francisco for a cell phone commercial and he pulls up in front of his girlfriends house in SF and calls her on the cell phone and she comes to the door and there he sits in his car. It is the cell phone commercial for the cell phone with the bars on it. This is driving me nuts. I cannot remember the name of that oldie song.


Oh, yes, I hate driving on the freeways
To think I used to do it everyday.  I do think the traffic has gotten worse though, not just at rush hour anymore, and people have gotten crazier.  DH says it's because I don't have to do it anymore everyday, but I really think it's worse.  I go out as little as possible on the freeways, and with the price of gas, I try to combine as much as I can, and stay close to home anyway.  It's hard not to become a hermit.
You think there are no responsibilities involved in driving a bus? sm
What about all the lives they are responsible for in the bus and on the ground?  Most bus drivers are considered "professional" drivers.  They must study for, pass tests (written and driving), and maintain a CDL license (commercial driver), pass regular physicals.  This also entails no drinking, etc., on time off work as they are subject to random testing.  Very insulting.  That is the pay scale in NYC, everybody there makes more money. 
not suggesting we quit driving, just think.....sm
I just think if we grew more corn, turned corn into fuel, we'd drive that way and NOT POLLUTE either.......*S*
Driving a van was actually considered "cool"
yikes ! ESL driving me nuts

Just a quick vent - for the last 45 minutes I have mostly been listening to the sound of her breathing with an occasional "continuing dittation" thrown in here and there followed by more breathing .  I even heard someone in the background say "You can push 1 to put it on pause" which she does for a split millisecond and then continues back with her breathing/"continuing dittation"  pattern.   Not having a good day today.   Beam me up Scotty, Please !

Driving to Children's Hospital with my mom - sm
who was visiting at the time, and going to my then 3-y/o's speech therapy. Also had my other daughter with us, then 18-months-old. We heard on the radio that a plane had hit one of the Twin Towers, at the time we thought it was like a Cessna or something like that, found out quite differently when we got to the hospital and watched it all unfold on the TV in the waiting room.
Sorry but truck driving is going south also
Also had hubby as truck driver, as well as done team driving --the rates there are going down as many are coming over the borders and able to drive for less.  So that profession has dropped 50% as well or at least held its own over the past ten years which is not a progression at all.  Even owner-operators are seeing a decline.  So it is hitting everywhere. 
This is trivial but driving me insane

I saw Matt Lauer named his new son Thijs.  Does anyone know how this is pronounced?  I can only think of "thigs" (rhymes with figs) and that just seems too weird to name anyone.


I will be shortly - school bus driving - sm
$60 a day for about 3 hours of work, about the same I make for MT. I will be very PT at first as I am only a substitute once I finish my training (10 hours of driving with students is all I have left to do). But eventually I will have my own route, then I will probably cut back to about 300 lines a day, or about $600 a month. Don't want to over do it.
my shortand is driving me nuts
It's running so slowly behind what I am typing that I am really messing up and have not even added that many items to it yet. I need it for a job I have that you cannot use autocorrect, which I love, but have to use shorthand.  Is there something I can adjust so it does not lag so far behind
I have to vent! ASR is driving me up the wall!
When I was started on ASR, I was told it was strictly "voluntary" and that if I did it, I would get a "mixture" of ASR reports and straight MT.  Well, not the case.  Now everyone has to learn ASR and every report I get is ASR-- even the most horrible of horrible dictators.  I keep fixing the same mistakes over and over and ASR has "learned" nothing from the corrections.  I still think it is all a ploy to put ALL the dictators on it, no matter how bad they are, just so we will make the same per line as the Indians.  My last shift, I had exactly ONE very short report that was not on ASR and all the rest were.  Just as soon as I can find another job, I am out of MT altogether.  They have totally ruined what used to be a good profession with all their "progress".  Well, they can have it! 
Supplies and driving to and from, time printing - no less than .12 cpl.
Why is it that court reports are so well respected and their pay never an issue?

I feel like I am stealing when I ask to be compensated for my knowledge, experience and reliability. It is basically the same work, one is in legal field and one in medical field. What is up with that????

Grandson driving his little jeep. Cute! nm


How much is gas where you live and have you changed your driving patterns?...sm

Gas is $2.99 here and going up 15 centstomorrow as the state is putting the gas tax back into place that they lifted temporarily after Katrina. 

I've been trying to cut down  the driving I do as much as possible.  I'm sure glad I work from home!   I was planning to go to Florida to visit relatives in October but am delaying that until the prices come down.  I'm not interested in paying $100 in gas to make that trip!