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Has anyone ever tried those multilevel marketing businesses such as Fortune Hi-Tech marketing...sm

Posted By: ? on 2006-05-25
In Reply to:

My friend wants me to sign up...she is making about $2000 a month now but working quite hard at it.  My husband claims it is like a pyramid.  I just don't know. I wondered if any of you have had personal experience with this type venture.  TIA

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I do brochures, flyers and postcards.  I mail out using a list I have.  I also have accounts in several of the large medical buildings by hospitals and I will often go from floor to floor giving out my information. I have gotten a 20 to 25% reply so it works.  Since I have been in this for 15 to 20 years now a lot more comes from word of mouth but when I started out I just sent out information about my service.

E-mail me if you want more specifics.  Patti

It is all about marketing and sales. Looks like they have your $$
Marketing Ideas
Hi, I am in the process of searching for my own accounts as well. may I ask what sort of information you put into your brochure? Also, I have built a website and have it being hosted by my ISP, but how do you go about having it searchable through Yahoo and Google? I am just curious, as I need to expand my searchability. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

thanks. Kathy
Need advice on marketing.
Got a call from a doctor. I have a questionnaire that I use to ask questions. Then I gave him the rate over the phone and included a proposal and brochure which I faxed to his office.

I did this before and nothing happened. I'm worried I gave out information prematurely. Am I doing this right?
Running out of marketing ideas. sm
I've sent letters and brochures. Is there any other way to market this business? Don't have a lot of time for cold calls. If I send the same stuff over and over, I'm afraid they'll throw it in the trash and I will not have gotten their attention. Any suggestions are appreciated.
Writer and PT marketing consultant
See message - marketing own accounts
Make up a brochure/flyer -- very simple stating what you will offer and for what price and send out or take around.  Be prepared to do tapes or digital.  Lots of info on here about that.  Be acceptable to pick up and deiver or send via FTP.  Do mass mailings to MD's, DO's chiropractors, oral surgeons, vet's, etc. or concentrate in the area where you want the account and do it every 4-6 weeks.  Network via local chapters of MT's, MA's what you have available.  But be prepared to know it can take several months to get a bite and sometimes longer.  You need to be in the right place at the right time.  If hospitals have their employee newspaper see if you can place an ad.   But it sometimes takes mass marketing to get that first account.   Good luck.
multi-level marketing nm
Isn't network marketing another name for Amway?
Any MTSO's out there willing to give marketing advice?

I have been transcribing for 6 years and want to get my own accounts.  What is the best way to do this?  Any info would be great! Thanks

Amway, Quixstar & Network Marketing
First let me tell you that there is nothing wrong with Network Marketing and that it's a wonderful business to be in.  The best advice I can give is first of all, research several companies and see what their compensation plans are.  I would NOT sign up based on someone feeding me a bunch of hype.  Also, look for a product that you can believe in.  Next, check out the company.  Just as it is done here, everyone is checking out all the companies before they get in.  Make sure that the company is founded and operated on sound ethics and business practices.  As for spending a lot of money on books, tapes and seminars.....ALL of us should be doing that on a DAILY basis.  It's called personal development and that is the best thing in the world you can do for yourself.  So to sum it up and because of limited space to write here....tell them to GO FOR IT!!!  If you have any questions go ahead and email me and I can go into much more detail to help.  Take care and have a blessed day!
I wasn't putting down Network Marketing...sm
Simply stating where the money in Quixtar comes from. Sure, you get a bonus check every month if you sell products, but the majority of the money comes from the tools. Tapes that are made from Quixtar seminars are sold and pushed on people. If you don't get on the tool program, they don't want to help you - because they won't make money if you don't buy the tools.
Harika - marketing/converting clients
is a numbers game. You just have to keep promoting your business over and over and over again. Work on promotion for 1-2 hours per day so you don't get burned out on it.

There are many tasps out there. I see them on the banners on this board all the time. Some are basically pay as you go. The one I have is less than $100 per month with unlimited uploading and downloading. All the doc needs is a recorder or you can use a tasp with a call in system. I think the call in systems are high $ though. Nobody answer my post last week why the call in rates were so high! If you go to affiliates on the left there are tasps on there.
To me the tasps really remove the need for a middle man taking a 60% cut like the big nationals.
it all started with the VR software marketing personnel. SM
This craze started about 10 years ago and kicked into full force within the past five years or less. Someone selling the software convinced the physician practices, hospital personnel that they could save a fortune on their transcription costs. Little did they know it takes a Transcriptionist to pretty much retype the report produced by VR, and then sometimes QA/editor to check it. Now that's what I call a savings people. Now the VR systems are being utilized by our ILPs, who try to correct the errors in VR when they do not have a firm grasp on the English language...We're talking double disaster here. Let the doctors and hospital administrators think they are saving bundles on their transcription costs. How very sad and ignorant on their part.
Send letters to local offices marketing yourself. sm
Watch the want ads, and offer yourself as IC backup instead of FTs. It works!

As you pick up your accounts and back-up accounts, just do a good job and meet expectations or better.

The only drawback about your own accounts, it leaves little time to clock out and have your own life. If you can find someone else to work the accounts while you rake in the money, that is all the better.

The whole notion of a liver detoxification is just a marketing ploy and a myth.


I agree, and O'Reilly marketing his books and novelty times
a joke and sad that old folks down in fla watch it and get brainwashed, much like old people get tricked by contractors and other things. I hope I don't lose my marbles when I get old.
Nice marketing too..a bogus statement about US MTs to discredit the competition nm
No, it looks like multilevel which is a close runner to it. nm
we went last May, cost us a fortune!

Our expenses were for 2 adults....

We actually did one of those timeshare tours so we could get 3 nights free at our hotel. So we paid for 4 nights = $400, there was supposed to be a shuttle going to/from the parks but that didnt work out so we had to rent a car (dont remember how much that was), Disney tickets for a 4-day park hopper pass was nearly $500, Universal 2-day tickets were about $200, cab from the airport was about $80, food was very expensive - about $100 day.

We flew JetBlue & i thought they were wonderful & reasonably priced. I want to say our flight was a total of about $400-500.

All-in-all, I'd say about $2500 for the whole trip including gift shopping & food.

Paid a fortune for mine. Never could
Wishing you much good fortune in your new career and life! :) nm
Your husband tech guys are not the bible. You have go give access for tech sm
support to get onto your computer. Just sit there and watch everything they do. If you still feel uncomfortable do not take the job.
I was just thinking if I could be a mind reader, I could make a fortune. Doctors driving me crazy

Agree. You could be a Surgical Tech or Respiratory Therapy or a Med. Tech. nm
I would, but they ran out all the smaller businesses here. nm
cleaning for businesses
Definitely pays more and there is less grunge to clean. You vacuum, empty trash cans and easy. Probaby depending on the size of the office, good money
friends of mine pay house cleaners once or twice a week, $75 for half a day.. the hispanics do about 2 or three hours and leave to another job.

Ummm, some MT's run their own businesses...

which was exactly the kind of advice she was asking for..

your life may be narrowed down to only MT but some of us do much, much more

They are running businesses SM
and a new MT is costly to train in the way you want.  As far as making sure EVERY report is 98% or better, I'm sorry but there is no medium or large company doing that.  As long as MTs are paid on production, errors are going to be made.  I think you probably need to focus your attention on the work you are doing, don't bother with other people's reports.  As for people working more than *they should be,* again, production is the key and the more an MT types, the better their paycheck is and the better the supervisor likes them. 
Businesses also have people to
answer to. They hire for when they need people to work. If they cannot accommodate the schedule an individual wants, then that person just needs to look elsewhere.
Did you know that not everyone can get direct deposit for their businesses? sm
There are a lot of factors, and banks will not take on a small company. They want to provide services for bigger companies that have a lot of money going through their accounts.

I deal with one of the biggest banks in the country and they will not let me do direct deposit until we deposit over $100,000 per month or it is not worth it for them.

The smaller banks in my area do not even offer it.

All I can do is get checks out on time and correctly.
Outsourcing affecting other businesses...

My husband's co-worker's wife is losing clients to cheaper labor overseas. She owns an advertising company and would charge $25,000 per client, and now they're paying $600 for the same thing, but not here. She has lost about $100,000, and they are struggling now. These people have tapped into something that is really hurting our country. I'm afraid for our kids' future and what they might not have, nevermind ours. I just thought I'd throw this out there. I know this is nothing new to hear.

? for small in-home businesses
I am looking into adding a 1-800 number to my system, DH thinks that you pay for the minutes you use, is this correct? One of my Transcriptionist travels to my house to work, which is 45 minutes away from her's.
I think it is how businesses is done. Hospitals are always looking for a better deal
Since all transcription services "GUARANTEE" turnaround time with complete accuracy a hospital will try to find the rock bottom rate they can get the work done for.  Since they don't deal directly with the Transcriptionist they are going to look to the company that will insure them quality work at the lowest price possible.  The service cannot make a profit if they keep reducing their prices to secure/keep a client so they have no choice but reduce compensation.   It is such a competitive business so if a service is willing to do it for less but still provide turnaround and quality that is the service that is awarded the account.  It just trickles down to the transcriptionist basically taking what is offered because they are not doing the negotiating.  I think the trend is keep cpl as low as  they can but making speed and quality mandatory.  If you want to be considered for employment because of this competitiveness a transcriptionist has to accept this as not a field where wages are rising...if anything they are going down.   It baffles me because all in all other health fields, salaries are going UP.   With transcription salaries are other going down or the rate is the same as it was 15-20 years ago but the quality standards are much higher...that is the difference - the standard of quality but not the pay.   It is the trend of the industry.  It is considered such an advantage to work out of your home and be afforded a flexible schedule that of course you are willing to take less plus combine that with the threat of having your job outsourced because "you make too much and others including other countries  will work for much lower wages"  it seems that lowering cpl will continue as the trend. 
I don't want the govt telling businesses how
That is MY privilege to negotiate with my employer!

Too much interference by governments already by forcing minimum wage, etc.

You'll have businesses closing down if you put too much mandatory regulation in the mix. It's a free enterprise, you know.

I got your point. I already knew that. Fact is, most businesses sm
in other areas give benefits. We all know that holidays are given at the discretion of any business. The fact is though that most businesses do offer them off in other areas, hospitals do, and why wouldn't an MTSO want to make her employees more attracted to her service? That is my point. I understand your point. I had a point too. :)
Yes, I would be very angry. Men do not run businesses with emotions - they don't care! nm
many businesses are doing credit checks before they hire. Some of the reasons are
for example, an employee with a very bad credit rating, carrying a lot of debt might be deemed to be a greater risk for financial problems, such as embezzling. Also, if one cannot handle one's own finances, tends to show that perhaps they can't handle other responsibilities, particularly supervisory duties. Just what I've heard in the business columns...
Do you expect businesses to cease operating because the U.S. work force refuses to provide services?
What will be wanted is that the immigrants pay taxes and that there are no outlaws coming and going. This is all about taxes.


Just wondering if anyone had any info on Med-Tech in Lousiana. I didn't see any good or bad in the archives. Thanks!



Hi Bobbie,

Thanks for your input. Their schedule didn't work for me anyway-they were going to hire me without even doing an interview! I hope you had better luck in whatever you chose next.


Did you like being a vet tech? I'd like
to hear more about it, if you don't mind.
oh yes, but the tech guy did all that for me.
Can't really help you much in that way, but you can get it online, I think that's what he did.  It has junk mail files, suspected junk mail files, and then of course my "wanted" email file.  I'm not very computer "savvy" so that's why I needed help.  But it looks to me like you can just go to SpamBayes and load it. I know it has a "wizard" to load it.  Good luck because this spam thing has gotten way out of hand.  Should be a law against it!  Maybe someone else has heard of it, maybe try the technical help board if you can't get it to work.  I'm sorry that I can't help much more than that.  But yes, in answer to your question, you can set up your email as you would like.  Good luck, and hope this helps.
Hey, you tech MT's, help please.

I got a LinkSys router at Wal-Mart and with tech help, I got my Vista computer and other computer going at the same time; however, I unplugged the cable from the phone jack one night, as it was storming, and could not get both computers back on line after that.  I actually have returned the router and doing without for now.

I would like your experiences and any help that you could give me. I have used cable router before, but not for phone line -- DSL.  Thanks.

I would think the tech could do it. At my
former job they were able to switch them from Medscribe to DQS.
Must say, as former vet tech myself, that
need tech help

maybe posted this on wrong board earlier:

I have a daughter vet in another state that would like me to transcribe her work.  Is there is way to do this via digital and/or a call-in dictation system without going through an MTSO?  Any suggestions? I'd sure love to be able to do that for her!

Need tech help, anyone!
Help!  I have my expansions in Word 2003 autoaorrect, called MSO1033.acl file.  I wanted to transport this file to another computer using Word 2007.  I got it over to the other computer, have installed it in the proper directory, and have renamed the Word 2003 file so it is called MSO.acl, which is what Word 2007 calls it.  Yet, when I open Word 2007 on the destination computer, my expansions are not there.  The file is showing in the directory, verified by my last date of change before I moved it, and is more than three times the size of a normal .acl file.  Can anyone tell me what boat I'm missing here?  Thanks, appreciate it.
What about an x-ray tech? Seems like there

MT becoming RAD TECH

I have heard MTs switching over to nursing, coding/billing, but has anyone else considered training for Radiology Technology.  I was considering this but found out the course work is very intense for 2-3 years while working in the hospital as an intern.  Can't do it now but still considering it in the future.  I hear the demand is only growing in this field and can't see it being outsourced. 

Med-Tech, Mediscript in LA

Any info on these companies would be appreciate-I haven't found very much yet. Thanks!